PISA 2018 Results Released

UPDATE: Steve Sailer digs into the PISA 2018 results.

What do you think is the secret of Estonia’s success in the PISA rankings?


“It outperforms the major European economies, including the UK, in influential global education tests.

These Pisa tests measure the ability of 15-year-olds to apply their skills and knowledge to real-life problem-solving in reading, maths and science.

The OECD has run the tests since 2000, and most middle and higher income countries take part. The latest results are published on Tuesday.

In the Pisa results published in 2016, Estonia came third in science while the UK was ranked 15th, and in reading Estonia was ranked sixth – far above the UK’s 22nd place.

UK spending on education is relatively high compared to the average across larger economies, but the same is not true of this small Baltic state.

Estonia has made high quality early years education a priority. …”

Wealthy Chinese kids are outperforming the rest of the world in the PISA rankings in reading, math and science. Estonia and China have something important in common.


“CNN – Teens from some of China’s wealthiest regions are outperforming their peers in the world’s richest countries in reading, math and science, according to new results from a global education study.

The survey found that 15-year-old students from Beijing, Shanghai, and the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang ranked top for all three core subjects, achieving the highest level 4 rating.

Students from the United States were ranked level 3 for reading and science, and level 2 for math, while teens from Britain scored a level 3 ranking in all three categories.

The findings are part of the 2018 Program International Student Assessment (PISA) — a global yardstick of education systems taken every three years by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a grouping of the world’s richest economies. …”

The United States education establishment has squandered billions of dollars to try to raise its relative score and nothing has worked for the past twenty years.

New York Times:

“The performance of American teenagers in reading and math has been stagnant since 2000, according to the latest results of a rigorous international exam, despite a decades-long effort to raise standards and help students compete with peers across the globe.

And the achievement gap in reading between high and low performers is widening. Although the top quarter of American students have improved their performance on the exam since 2012, the bottom 10th percentile lost ground, according to an analysis by the National Center for Education Statistics, a federal agency.

The disappointing results from the exam, the Program for International Student Assessment, were announced on Tuesday and follow those from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, an American test that recently showed that two-thirds of children were not proficient readers. …

Low-performing students have been the focus of decades of bipartisan education overhaul efforts, costing many billions of dollars, that have resulted in a string of national programs — No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, the Common Core State Standards, the Every Student Succeeds Act — but uneven results. “

Lets dig into those results:

The American average score in reading literacy is 505. If we break that number down racially, the average White score is 531 and the average Asian score is 556 while the average black score is 448, the average Hispanic score is 481 and the average multiracial score is 501. White Americans outperform Estonians while Asian-Americans outperform the Chinese. The gap with Estonia and China is due entirely to blacks and Hispanics in the United States.

The American average score in mathematics literacy is 478. If we break that number down racially, the average White score is 503 and the average Asian score is 539 while the average black score is 419, the average Hispanic score is 452 and the average multiracial score is 474. Estonians outperform White Americans with the highest European score of 523, but the White American score is no different from Germany (500), Ireland (500) or the United Kingdom (502). The Asian score of 539 is behind China but above Japan (527) and South Korea (526). Once again, the gap is due entirely to the dismal black and Hispanic scores in the United States which make America less competitive in international rankings.

The American average score in science literacy is 502. If we break that number down racially, the average White score is 529 and the average Asian score is 551 while the average black score is 440, the average Hispanic score is 478 and the average multiracial score is 502. There is no difference between the average White American score of 529 and the average Estonian score of 530. The average Asian-American has a score of 551 which compares to Singapore which also has 551. Once again, the difference in international rankings comes down entirely to racial differences in the United States with blacks dragging down the American average.

What do you call a person who looks at the data, discerns the pattern and notices that there has been no meaningful changes over the past twenty years? You call that person a racist. You destroy that person and say he is evil for being honest and drawing rational conclusions based on empirical evidence that contradict the liberal dogma of equality.

Note: Is this “white supremacy”?

No, Whites underperformed the Chinese but we are not liars!

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  1. The jury finds multiracialism guilty of the crime of obscurantism. The court sentences blacks and hispanics repatriation to their countries of origin for the rest of their natural lives.

    Alarm clock rings. It was only a dream. Damn it!

  2. Don’t rely on the Chinese numbers, they take shanghai results and extrapolate them to the entire nation.
    Shanghai is unique, very wealthy and well educated predominate in the city.

    Be very suspect of all Asian numbers, ‘saving face’ is a very big thing in Asia, they will skew the numbers to
    Look good, be skeptical!

    • It would demonstrate more shrewdness, if the Chinese “tanked” the international scholastic aptitude tests to underestimate them.

      The truth is that East Asians teach and study for the test. They’re very good at rote recall and operations (hive mind). but lag behind Europeans in applied applications of turning data into concepts.

      • “The truth is that East Asians teach and study for the test. They’re very good at rote recall”

        You’ve been around Asians: )

    • The Chinese are cheaters so I don’t buy it fully but they also have a amazing work ethic and they are dominating because we have been deracinated and demoralized in our own countries

      Its tempting to speculate the differences and who’s better but quite frankly I think its just a massive pissing contest an none of this really matters because everything is fake and gay

  3. Big gap between PRC and Taipei, nah, something really stinks.
    Average student in Taipei is well above the average in PRC.
    NO, these numbers in the PRC have been cherry picked.

  4. Plus, keep in mind that most Asians send their kids to ‘cram school’ on the weekends, some do 10 to 12 hours on Saturday. They grind their kids to exhaustion.

    • True Chinese parents are unbelievably strict and cruel when it comes to school. My Chinese friend from junior/high school was told get b+ or else don’t bother coming home if you did. You were deemed a failure if you got bad grades and were ridiculed humiliated if you did. Also factor in that he had to go to Chinese school too in the spring through summer so summer breaks never really existed for him

      • Contrast that with (( our media)), that does everything to belittle Whites ie. nerd, Poindexter etc.

        White ppl, especially men, blondes, intelligent folks, are the butt of every joke.
        The )ew media has an endless browbeating campaign against bright normal healthy Whites. All brought to US by the crucifixion clan.

      • “Chinese parents are unbelievably strict”

        Contrast that to ((our)) culture, that has been coerced to belittle the bright high achiever.

        I am so sick of the mind warping, that the ((media)) has done to our ppl in the past 60+ yrs.

    • Many countries, particularly in Asia: S. Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan etc. cherry pick the students who take the PISA assessment. Their student samples are not representative of the entire country, just the top performers. This is the mirror image of the U.S. where the blacks/browns drastically bring down academic averages and this is presented by the lugenpresse as truly representative of the U.S.

      When broken down by race the U.S. does very well against top performers when measuring white achievement. A proxy for racial performance (which is a forbidden subject) is state PISA scores which are available. Majority white states i.e. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Indiana, and Colorado did as well as top scoring countries. Students in Massachusetts and Connecticut outscored students in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom no doubt because of the diversity in those countries.

      Once again everyone knows the truth but the left wing establishment twists itself into a pretzel to obscure the truth and keep the lie alive.


      • In fact, White kids from Massachusetts and Connecticut score better than White kids in any other place, including Estonia.

  5. Check out the Finns, they have short school days and don’t assign homework.
    Factor that into the test scores.
    For highschool graduates, I believe Finns have the highest PISA score in the world, by a serious margin.

  6. Mexico did below average on hard subjects but quite well on human aspects.

    Student well-being. Scores for 2018

    In Mexico, the average level of student’s life satisfaction is one of the highest among countries and economies participating in PISA. (8.11 PISA Index, rank 5/70 , 2018) Download Indicator

    Students in Mexico report to have one of the strongest positive feelings, compared to other PISA-participating countries and economies. (0.36 PISA Index, rank 9/69 , 2018)

    Students’ engagement, drive and self-beliefs

    Fifteen-year-old students in Mexico strongly believe in their own ability to perform, especially facing adversity, compared to other PISA-participating countries and economies. (0.36 PISA Index, rank 6/77 , 2018) Download Indicator

    Cristina note————–Mexicans are very self confident and the boys are very aggressive and sure of themselves. Central Americans have sometimes complained that Mexicans always try to assert ourselves over others in churches and schools in the USA over other Latin Americans.

    I hate it when minorities whine————-okay that was my feeble attempt at a joke

  7. In this area, like in all other things, we should strive for white supremacy. If there’s a way to bridge the gap between us and Asians in these test scores, we should do it.

  8. “What do you think is the secret of Estonia’s success in the PISA rankings?”

    1\ They don’t have migrants. 2\ Their school system may not be dominated by jews or crazy leftists who push the idea that teaching is fascist, and that having to memorize things is harmful to the children. I bet Estonian schools don’t use the whole word method to teach reading.

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