House Votes To Start Cold War 2 With China

Welcome to the 2020s.

We’re off to an early start. Cold War 2 is now officially underway.

The United States is shit stirring in Hong Kong and Xinjiang while Congress is squaring up against China. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is accusing the United States of racism. Macron doesn’t want the European Union to become the junior partner of the United States in Cold War 2. This doesn’t bode well for a renewed era of global superpower conflict!

FOX News:

“The House of Representatives on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill requiring the Trump administration to toughen its response to China’s persecution of its Muslim minority, demanding sanctions on Chinese officials and export bans.

Passing in a 407 to 1 vote, the House version of the bill amends an earlier Senate bill to place restrictions on the export of devices that could be used for surveillance of the Muslim Uighur group or restrict their communications.

It calls on President Trump to condemn the abuses against Muslims and call for the closure of mass detention camps in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, according to Reuters. …”

New York Times:

“When did Cold War II begin? Future historians will say it was in 2019. …

Yet it was not until 2019 that the Trump administration’s confrontational approach to China was effectively embraced by members of the policy elite on both sides of the partisan divide. With remarkable speed, Mr. Trump’s hostility went from foreign policy idiosyncrasy to conventional wisdom. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate, began calling for a tougher line toward Beijing. …”


“Of all the angry responses to President Trump’s decision to sign bills supporting the Hong Kong protest movement, the oddest one of all is an online campaign to label America as racist.

It’s coming straight from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the form of Lijian Zhao’s Twitter feed. Zhao is the deputy director general at the ministry’s Information Department, so this is obviously an officially sanctioned move by Beijing.

Early Thanksgiving morning, Zhao launched into a six-part tweet thread listing accusations and data about racial disparities in the U.S., with a shot at President Trump for added measure. …”

The Atlantic:

“President Donald Trump seems to think a new cold war is at hand. His national-security strategy statement identifies China as an adversary bent on dismantling a U.S.-centered global order and forging a new one in its own favor. This point of view is catching on outside the administration, too. Earlier this year, the Committee on the Present Danger relaunched once again. First organized in the late 1940s to push for a massive military buildup and revived in the 1970s to promote a more confrontational approach toward the Soviet Union, the group now seeks to mobilize Americans for an existential struggle against China. …

The Chinese today are not seeking to destroy Americans’ way of life, as the Soviets were said to be doing in the 1940s. Indeed, the Chinese accept fundamental aspects of our capitalist marketplace, and they have similar interests in halting climate change, fighting terrorists, and combatting pandemics. China should be regarded as a serious rival as well as a crucial partner. But despite recent tensions, the rivalry is entirely less dangerous than the one with the U.S.S.R. after World War II—and the potential partnership so much more important to the welfare of both nations and to the global commons. …”

Mitt Romney wants to restart the Cold War with Russia too.

Real Clear Politics:

“SEN. MITT ROMNEY: I would suggest the goal of having a collaborative co-existence with Russia is not something they are pursuing, and they have a very different intent.

We need to be clear-eyed about Russia’s intentions. Russia has no intention of halting its malign activity—activity that is not conducive to a peaceful world. We must develop a comprehensive strategy, instead of just ad hoc sanctions, that diverts Russia from its current path.

We need to have a very dramatic strategy. Go back to the George Kennen strategy in the days of the Cold War. I’m not suggesting we go back to the Cold War, but I am suggesting we develop a comprehensive strategy that diverts them from the course they are on. …”

Diversity is a weakness.

It is revealing that the United States is already trying to exploit China’s divisions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong while China has responded by trying to exploit America’s racial divisions like the Soviets. Isn’t it interesting how both sides know which button to push?

China has a lot more to work with on that front than the United States thanks to the past 70 years of liberalism. The American cultural elite which is widely loathed by much of the population has spent the last two generations undermining and destroying every pillar of national cohesion and making this country dependent on China in all kinds of ways especially in financing our government. There are 1.45 billion Chinese compared to 325 million Americans. 91% of Chinese belong to a single ethnic group while barely half of Americans are White.

Who do you think will win this conflict? Cold War 2 will end when liberalism collapses in the West like communism fell before it in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc.

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  1. Israel’s whores in Congress put Israel first. China doesn’t give a damn about the agenda of jewish supremacists. China participated in military exercises with Iran and is investing heavily in the development of the Iranian oil industry.

  2. Our Judeo-Plutocratic elite has outdone themselves with this stupidity. This crap came about mostly because of Jews still being mad over losing Russia not once but twice. The first time was when Trotsky lost to Stalin. The second time was when Khodorkovsky and the other Jew oligarchs lost to Putin.

    China and Russia will become formal allies instead of de facto allies.

  3. Tampering with foreign elections, violating nuclear weapons treaties, acts of military aggression against the Ukraine and the Middle East…Shitt Romney accuses Muh Russhuh of everything ZOG is guilty of.

    But at least Shitt served honorably in Vietnam.

  4. The sole nay vote was Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Also the sole nay Republican vote on an anti-BDS bill earlier this year. He is getting to be a new Ron Paul.

    • Something tells me that Massie will be primaried by someone with large donations. The Israel Party won’t like his recent votes.

  5. Hmmmmmmmm?????? I wonder why the US of A has been doing less and less “War” in the Middle East. Probably because all those idiots in the American Empire are focused on a War in China. That explains why the US has become buddy buddy with an actual Communist Dictator in North Korea. The US don’t care about Communism, Democracy, a Republic, Nationalism, and so on. All it cares about is War War War War War. Deo Vindice !

  6. After Uncle Sam did everything Uncle Sam could do to make sure American industry was dismantled and moved to China en-masse, Uncle Sam now tells us that China is a competitor/enemy country. After two proxy wars with China [ the Korean War and the Vietnam War ] and after 50 years of shipping American industry to China, Uncle Sam didn’t know China is a competitor/enemy country? Neither the House nor the Senate nor any politician had anything to say when Bill Clinton handed over control of the Port of Long Beach, CA. to the Chinese government. Neither the House nor the Senate tried to keep American industry in the United States, now that China has all the industry and the United States has hardly any industry left, it all went to China, now Uncle Sam is beating the war drums against China.

    And throughout the Korean War and the Vietnam War and throughout the last 50 years American industry was being shipped to China Uncle Sam fully well knew that the Chinese government was a totalitarian tyrannical government. Now that Uncle Sam gave the Chinese American industry Uncle Sam is appalled and horrified that the Chinese are totalitarian tyrants. How come Uncle Sam wasn’t appalled and horrified and morally indignant about Chinese totalitarianism when Uncle Sam was giving the Chinese American industry? Now that the Chinese have all the industry and the United States has hardly any industry, due to Uncle Sam’s policies since the end of the Vietnam War, now Uncle Sam just noticed China is a totalitarian tyrannical country?

    The Democrats wanted/want Hillary Clinton as the president. Hillary Clinton was and is all about giving this country to the Chinese. When Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State she made sure that her computer was configured to give the Chinese government access to her computer and the Chinese knew at all times the info on Hillary Clinton’s computer and were able to read her correspondence in real time. The Chinese knew what Hillary Clinton was doing at all times, and that’s the way Hillary wanted it. She set it up so the Chinese would know her every move as Secretary of State. The same politicians who want a president who sells the USA down-the-river to the Chinese want to start a cold war with China.

    The same politicians who want to start a cold war with China don’t care that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State of the United States gave the Chinese government American Top Secret information. The politicians actually like Hillary Clinton that she was such a treasonous Secretary of State. They want to start a cold war with China but they love Hillary Clinton because she gave the Chinese government American Top Secret information. She committed treason against the United States in order to help the Chinese achieve their goal of bringing the United States under Chinese control, the politicians in Washington act as if what Hillary did as Secretary of State is no big deal and nothing to get upset about, but they want to start a cold war with China also. The double-mindedness of their thinking is just amazing.

    More double-mindedness : The politicians also don’t like Russia . Hillary Clinton sold the Russians 20% of America’s uranium and the profit of that deal went into Hillary’s Clinton Foundation bank account [ I think it was around 132 million dollars in profit money ] , yet the same politicians who don’t like Russia and are constantly accusing Trump of colluding with the Russians give Hillary [ and Obama ] a free pass when it comes to colluding with the Russians. There’s no proof Trump colluded with the Russians. There’s all the proof in the world that Hillary and Obama colluded with the Russians, they get a free pass.

    They want to start a cold war with China while they hate Trump, even though Trump is trying to make things better for the United States after 50 years of Uncle Sam selling the USA down-the-river to the Chinese. They want to start a cold war with China yet they love Hillary Clinton who colluded big-time with the Chinese when she was Secretary of State and gave the Chinese everything that the Chinese wanted and committed treason in order to help the Chinese gain huge advantages over the United States while they hate Trump who is trying to improve the relationship with China and trying to balance it out so the United States doesn’t always constantly lose to the Chinese.

    The double-mindedness is amazing.

  7. I’m surprised Congress and Trump actually had the balls to do this. So many American politicians, business leaders and organizations are bought and paid for by China. Plus the Chinese are always spying on us, stealing our intellectual property, stealing our manufacturing jobs (thanks to the Bushes and Clinton)…with almost no pushback until now.

  8. “It is revealing that the United States is already trying to exploit China’s divisions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong while China has responded by trying to exploit America’s racial divisions like the Soviets. Isn’t it interesting how both sides know which button to push?”

    What Trump’s people are trying to do is isolate China from its trading partners by calling it racist. They can’t beat the lion in open combat, so they are going to suffocate it using sneaky Jew tactics.

    What I would do is what Putin said he is doing recently. Try to create a new world reserve currency, so the American economy collapses. When the USEmpire is a deadbeat bum, no one will care their Marxist political correctness any more.

  9. The morons in D.C. Have to know that both the PRC and Russia possess hypersonic anti-ship missiles that are capable of inflicting heavy damage or even sinking American aircraft carriers at ‘standoff’ distances. Russia and PRC also have stealth aircraft, drones, and RC torpedo drones.

    Zog-D.C. have driven the Russians and Chinese into each others arm to the point that both nuclear armed nations convened largest combined war games in Sino-Russian history earlier this year.

    Zog’s military is exhausted from its ongoing wars for Israel. Combine that with China having the largest army in the world along side Russia’s world’s best anti-aircraft missile (i.e., S-400), and (((NATO))) and/or USA military would be in a world of hurt should their “Cold War” ever become hot.

    Mormons and Christian zionists have to be the dumbest groups of White Gentiles. Maybe they can all die for Israel someday.

  10. The Chinese didn’t steal all those manufacturing jobs. They were deliberately sent to China by “Americans.” So was military technology (Loral in the ’90s by Clinton, for example).

    China needs to expel all American NGOs and shutter any home-grown orgs funded by foreigners. No more color revolutions. I don’t know if the National Endowment for Democracy is involved in China but they must be kept out. We can’t have meddling, right?

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