Can You Observe a Typical Universe?

Is the universe flat and infinite or spherical and closed? Are we in a typical universe or living in a typical part of the universe hospitable to life? Is there more than one universe?

We don’t really know shit about the universe with any great deal of confidence. A century ago, we didn’t even know there was a universe outside of our own galaxy. Just a few decades ago we didn’t know if there were planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy.

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  1. “We don’t really know shit about the universe”

    Very true!
    It’s good to remain humble about the validity of our supposed knowledge.
    And to be strongly skeptical of those who make a pretense to ‘know’.

  2. Who is the scientist who first proposed an expanding universe and is known as the father of Big Bang cosmology?

    Belgian Catholic priest, Georges Lemaitre.

    A wave of silence ripples through the Alt-Right crowd of Nietzscheans…..


    • And the only reason why, was because the RCC knew back then, it was already corrupt and against the Biblical Worldview of a closed, flat-planed, firmament model as the Bible tells us…. so they were hedging their bets, against being considered ‘reactionary’ and ‘out of touch’ after seeing what foolish minds made of Darwin’s shoddy ‘science.’ Fake News, 19th century style.

      Ever read Sungenis? An RC author noted for his geocentrism??


  3. LIke Darwinism, the standard model of cosmology and particle physics are going down, and with them the leftist hopes for a totalitarian world government of Jewish financiers directing a technological dictatorship over every aspect of our lives. This money-science combination has been embarrassingly revealed in the despicable Laurence Kraus’s refusal to renounce his connections with Epstein despite the revelations, so I’ve read. Like these Jewish law professors testifying before the Jewish congressional Sanhedrin looking to impeach Trump as proxy for dispossessing whites in America, who’ve been proved plain fools at last, so, too, are these Jewish mandarins of science being proved plain fools at last.

    A German physicist, Alexander Unzicker, has written a short but devasting expose of the follies of CERN and the particle physics cabal, The Higgs Fake: How Particle Physicists Fooled The Nobel Committee, which you can get the feel for in a one-hour talk on YouTube by Dr. Unzicker on the subject. His English is excellent and his modesty striking in comparison with the arrogance of Jewish particle physicists. Meanwhile billions more will be shelled out to continue the farce by the flunkies in Congress and the EU.

  4. The Big Bang is a “scientific” version of the ancient creationist myths. I believe that the universe is of infinite size and age, it has always been around in one form or another.

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