5 New Discoveries from NASA’s Parker Solar Probe

In spite of our absurd culture and politics, there are still lots of exciting things going on in science and technology which are on a different track in Clown World. We’re about to visit the surface of the Sun for the first time. Very cool.

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  1. I keep up with what’s going on in science and technology via several podcasts and blogs. Natural history, to astronomy, to paleontology, archeology, etc. it’s a refuge to some degree away from all the pozz and stupidity. However, if the Left keeps up its stupidity, we may look back from the future, thinking this was a golden age of wonders. “Diversity” and “wokeness” won’t get us to Mars.

  2. Sum of this NASA stuff is so useless but i admit the technology is cool. We can send a probe to the suns surface but we can’t answer the zog question feelsbad man

  3. It would probably be a lot smarter if that solar probe explored the sun at night or during the winter, when it’s not as hot outside. But I doubt those bureaucrats at NASA took such ideas into consideration.

  4. Astronomy is one of my very long time hobbies, so I’m paying attention to your sudden interest in the matter.

    I have recently predicted that, by the date of my 60th birthday, March 31, 2037, we will have lockdown rock solid scientific peer reviewed out the yin yang evidence of at least some primitive form of life on some exoplanet.

    I also happen to think that elite interests are getting people ready for this news, to prepare them, so that it’s not an existential shock when it’s announced. For instance, some recent curious statements from the current and previous Pope.

  5. More lies and deception from NASA to maintain their bloated budget and people continue to buy their con-game. A ‘high-tech heat shield’ is going to ‘protect the probe’ as it approaches the Sun. Riiiight!!!

    These videos are nothing but science fiction with the CGI animations and Assimovian narration! What is this ‘high-tech heat shield’ made of to be able to withstand the incomprehensible temperatures(supposedly 6,000 Celsius)at the photosphere? How will communications even be maintained under such solar radiation and turbulence?

    A couple of questions on the Sun itself:

    1- How does light have a ‘surface?’

    2- If in fact the Sun is approximately 90 million miles from our Earth, why do the Sun’s rays form an angle from their source as in the photo-link below? If it were millions of miles away, there would be no angle to the rays of light at all which means the Sun is much, much closer!


    • Ed, I think you’ve been standing out in the sun too long without your tinfoil hat on. Why don’t you go look for those golden plates Joseph Smith found in upstate New York?

      • No CuckSpahn,he is right,you mutts are delusional,and you could not even answer him with arguments,just the old shaming tactics.Hunter himself said he is tired of watching videos from social decay,and watches these videos to distract himself,that is the reason they are made,to DISTRACT,CONFUSE and DAZZLE the goyim while making millions of taxpayer dollars.We have to focus on our people and their well being or else we are no longer worthy of existing.

    • 1. The Sun isn’t made of “light”. It’s a ball of gas.
      2. The angles are due to the uneven contours and holes of the clouds that the light is coming through.

  6. Notice how dark matter and dark energy are supposed to account for galaxy stability and the expansion rate of the universe – but they can’ find it anywhere in our solar system!

    Another scam.

  7. Thanks for sharing that. Here is a popular video regarding the Double Slit Experiment regarding quantum wave-particle duality. Strange weirdness is at the subatomic core of matter. This is not pseudoscience, it has been verified in the laboratory, repeatedly.


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