MIGA: Donald Trump Addresses The 2019 Israeli American Council National Summit

This speech pretty much sums up why I am not promoting or voting for Donald Trump in the 2020 election. The understanding in 2016 was that the tax cuts, deregulation and the Zionism were part of a broader “national populist” platform. Instead, we ended up getting the tax cuts, deregulation and the Zionism and nothing else we were promised. We got the same old conservatism except now with homosexuality and an updated set of dog whistles.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed. The 2020 election cycle is underway and there is still ZERO enthusiasm for Donald Trump in this corner of the internet. I don’t see people making and sharing memes or doing deep dives into his policies or really doing anything that is reminiscent of the 2016 election. There are plenty of people who intend to vote for Trump because “the Democrats are worse,” but there is no mobilization or interest in the 2020 campaign. There was far more interest in the Groyper War against Charlie Kirk who is a Trump surrogate.

Even if you look at the people who are “pro-Trump” for optics purposes (they don’t want to be perceived as being against ordinary Trump supporters), they aren’t excited about the 2020 campaign either. They are less interested in it than in the 2018 midterms. We’re less than a year out now from the election and nationalists have no interest in this “nationalist” president. Sheldon Adelson’s Israel First agenda is what is at stake in 2020.

Note: Trump gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to this woman last year after the midterms.

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  1. Have a lil’ gelt bauble,potatus orange man. It’s your booby-prize for not giving us what we want: war with Iran, war with Russia, war with China. We’re still gonna bounce you out of office, and maybe into a cozy lil’ prison cell. Not to worry tho’, we’ll put you on “suicide watch”.

  2. I guess the SCV & UDC presenting President Trump with a Confederate battle flag might not elicit the same appreciation.


    “Make Dixie Great Again”

  3. I would feel like a genuine FAGGOT if I campaigned for Trump again. There is no way he is getting my vote. In fact I doubt I will be voting at all, since it would be nothing more than giving legitimacy to a system that I absolutely hate.

  4. I think we’ve been giving Trump too much credit as an evil genius. The story is most likely that the Republicans steamrolled him. He had no political experience or team he could trust, and is probably being blackmailed as well. The Republicans got everything they wanted from him, and left him with empty promises. Sucker.

    • another unhappy Drumpf voter, blaming everybody but

      Drumpf…and himself. No, you’re the sucker:

      you elected a Jew York liberal shabbatz goy Zionist. Same

      as he always was.

      • When you assume, you make an ass off yourself.

        I don’t vote for mainline parties. I am not that much of a dumbass.

        Look at the picture of Trump in the website banner. The only alpha in that picture is Sheldon Adelson. Trump is not the stallion he was when he ran, he is a gelding.

    • Exactly.

      My theory has long been that Trump greatly misread how fierce and committed politicians are.

      Trumps prior experience with politicians was him paying them off so he could get permits to build a new hotel/casino.

      For apolitical business ventures politicians will simply sell off permits to the highest bidder. Trump saw them as all spineless worms that could be pushed to do anything.

      But when it comes to politics there are many positions that are not for sale, and non-negotiable.

      Trying to change eg immigration is a lot different than bribing a politician to build a casino in Atlantic City.

      Trump was 100? steamrolled. The establishment actually has the best of both worlds with Trump. Because his rhetoric was so harsh in 2016 neither liberals nor maga will accept trump isn’t doing major crack downs.

      They can play him up as a white villain while at the same time he’s giving them more than most politicians would, most politicians are craftier than Trump and understand their in a constant juggling act of not exposing themselves as shills while still not falling from favor from the donors. Trump is like a pinata the cia can hit with a stick and all the goodies just keep pouring out.

  5. I’m planning on voting for Bernie in the primaries. If he’s able to become the nom (probably won’t happen) it’ll only be because dsa “activists” (glowies) were able to saddle Bernie with so much anti-white radlib bullshit his left populism will be completely suffocated.

    I would still vote for radlib Bernie is 2020 for president because he will fail miserably.

    What most right-wingers don’t get about white leftists is that many of them do not like the anti-whiteness however because theyre brainwashed by college, media etc they feel like the anti-whiteism is a needed step to build a coalition that could give them medicare for all, infrastructure spending, anti-interventionism etc

    When in reality the anti-whiteism is what is holding back the populism they want.

    You can tell people theyre wrong until your face is blue but often times people have to experience what you’re talking about for it to really resonate with them.

    Even though bernies election would be a propaganda loss for the jq (if Bernie doesn’t cuck ALL of wall street, the media etc will be against him as much or more than they were against Trump) his election will offer two great opportunities.

    Either Bernie has simply been playing the radlib game to get him through the election and he’ll go back to his left populism which would greatly help working whites. As senator he’s been one of the only senators protecting family farms, labor rights etc

    Or if he goes full radlib, which seems more likely with who he’s surrounding himself with he’ll completely discredited left populism in the eyes of millions if white men who thought cucking to non-whites would give them the coalition strength needed for structural change, but when Bernie fails to deliver on anything other than anti-whiteism many will come over to us. Diseffected white leftist very rarely move over to the gop free markets. Most will got from intersoc to natsoc.

    Bernie is also unique because he’s the furthest left politician in recent American history. When white socialists saw Obama cuck to wall street but also do the anti-white bit they could write it off in their mind “Obama isn’t a socialist, he’s a left liberal capitalists, when we get a REAL socialist in office it’ll be different”

    Bernie, if elected, and cucks out will be devastating to the college graduate school left. And will be our best possibility to attract high quality people to ourside. If Bernie gets in and cucks whites with PhD’s and masters degree’s will be going full natsoc. With an emphasis on the socialism, dont sperg out if some of their lefty tastes/takes rub you the wrong way. Leftists who move over to natsoc generally still do not like bigotry but see racial separation as a tragic necessity. They will come with a new language and attitudes but many skills right-wingers simply do not have of building communities.

    Supporting Bernie has the littlest downside and the biggest upsides. Either he’ll do things to that’ll give white working class a little bit of breathing room, or he’ll completely discredit left populism in the minds of millions of white men. Either way it’s a win.

    *reminder socialism is more popular with young people than capitalism. There are millions of whites who are either younger millennials or older zoomers who support socialism, and many of them would prefer not to be called the embodiment of evil to get basic medical care and workers protections.

  6. Regarding straightforward MAGA lies, unemployment (U3) is currently said to be 3.53% while the labor Participation Rate is currently 63.2%—a mathematical impossibility. Yet Conservatism Inc, the Republican Party, CNBC, and Fox News propagandize us with Potemkin Village fairytales about low unemployment and economic boom times 24/7. John Williams’s Shadow Government Statistics (shadowstats) recalculates unemployment using the government’s earlier methodologies, which yields a staggering rate of unemployment of 20.9%.

    • Excellent observations. You’re right, the real unemployment rate is around 20 percent, just 5 percentage points below what is considered Depression level.

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