New York Times: Trump to Sign Order Targeting Anti-Semitism on College Campuses

I’m not voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

It is clear that he has sold out to a handful of Jewish billionaires. It is also clear that both the culture war and the policy agenda will continue to be a Zionist wish list. We got a corporate tax cut and mainstreaming homosexuality out of the last election.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — President Trump plans to sign an executive order on Wednesday targeting what he sees as anti-Semitism on college campuses by threatening to withhold federal money from educational institutions that fail to combat discrimination, three administration officials said on Tuesday.

The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, to trigger a federal law penalizing colleges and universities deemed to be shirking their responsibility to foster an open climate for minority students, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the matter before the announcement.

In signing the order, Mr. Trump will use his executive power to take action where Congress has not, essentially replicating bipartisan legislation that has stalled on Capitol Hill for years. 

The executive order to be signed on Wednesday stemmed from an effort spearheaded by Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and senior adviser, who is the Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors.”

The GOP has spent the entire year “fighting anti-Semitism.” It hasn’t done anything else for its voters all year. We vote for the GOP to “stop the Democrats” and because of resentment about all sorts of other issues (abortion, immigration, guns, war, political correctness) and the result is always the same. We end up getting whatever is on Sheldon Adelson’s mind because he is buying the policy agenda and nullifying what Republican voters want.

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  1. stop making excuses, HW.

    Drumpf has been a ZOG-stooge his

    entire adult political life. Grand Marshall of the

    “I Love Israel Parade” in Jew York and (((Miami Beach)))

    multiple times. You

    and the rest of the 2016 Magapedes

    somehow failed to notice. WE WANT


  2. HW, you’re right, he’s just become a doorman for the lobby.

    Too bad he won’t use that executive power to put troops on the border, serious troops.

  3. Funny how white conservatives make fun of the niggers for being slaves on the Democrat’s welfare plantation, yet those same conservatives are apparently unaware of their own slave status vis a vis the Republican Party. What a bunch of FAGS.

  4. I love how jews like Jonathan Greenblatt are telling Trump that no matter how much jew tuchas he kisses it will never be enough. Trump is YOUR president kikes, not mine.

  5. Clown World’s court jester of the Jew World Order will use the power of the presidency to force colleges and universities to crackdown on campus BDS movements which under the zionist’s narrative fall outside Overton Window, and now must be treated as an existential threat to das juden.

    If you like wars for Israel, being attacked by anarchists neo-marxists, having your First, Second, and Fourt Amendments shrivel away, Whites dying early of deaths by despair, and a cabal of jewish billionaires dictating both foreign and domestic policies then goys and girls do I have a treat for you.

    Reelect Blumpf/Kushner 2020

    “You can’t love Israel enough”

  6. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to fight anti-Whitism. Dems and Reps each side of the same anti-White coin.

  7. We’re getting hate speech laws from cuckservatives. Nothing new, as Florida already passed something like this, but the regressives back any hate speech measure for their pet minorities. The cucks only protect the heebs. They might want to protect their voting base, but then that would mean they’re no longer letting the other side dictate what’s acceptable. The polite cucks might lose out on party invites from the cool people on the left, or speaking invitations and TV appearances might suddenly dry up! The horror, the horror!


    “The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, to trigger a federal law penalizing colleges and universities deemed to be shirking their responsibility to foster an open climate for minority students, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the matter before the announcement. ”

    This will effectively gag EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, SEMINARY, and PAROCHIAL/PRIVATE SCHOOL across the board from quoting the New Testament, the Church Fathers, and even historical figures who rightly said that the Jews were a MENACE TO ALL WESTERN SOCIETIES, from Tacitus to Ben Franklin, to Adolf Hitler, to every single ‘right-wing’ website on the ‘Net today.

    We have the same situation as the massacre of the Russian Christians, by the Bolsheviks, in 1920’s Russia. BLOOD WILL FLOW at the hands of the Deicides…
    Misericordie, Domine.

    In short, DT has become An ANTICHRIST. This Nation is DAMNED. We no longer have to obey her laws, honor her elected officials, or tolerate their mercenary police forces. They have become nothing but Rome Redivivus.
    PRAY FOR HER DESTRUCTION, and the partition of this rotting carcass of a nation, just as the early Christians prayed for Rome’s destruction, and created Christendom, thereby.

    Death to the Jew World Order, and its primary spokesgoys. Impeachment and vilification of this TRAITOR, cannot come quickly enough. And then, the members of the (((Tribe))) who have orchestrated all of this, will see what the Awakened Saxon is REALLY like…

    • Baron Trump does remind me of Damien Thorn from The Omen. And yes, it would appear that Blormp has sold his soul to agents of the Devil in exchange for temporal wealth and power.

      • If YOU are saying this, Spawn, I KNOW we are in ‘deep schist’ as Brendan Fraser said in the movie ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth.’

  9. The Kosher Sandwich always wins in the end……for now.

    But, it’s good to see anti-semitism rising. I’m throwing up a Nazi salute right now.

    Please press ‘S’ to spit on the grave of Leo Frank, the vile Jewish rapist, pedophile, murderer and ADL saint.

    Hitler was right….

    • “Any half-wit can hate the niggers. But to be jew-wise is indeed a sign of superior awareness.”

      – Alan Dershowitz

  10. The dimwit will sign bills to help the most overprotected wealthy powerful minority on earth, that attacks him and undermines him constantly, but can’t or won’t help his own base. I never thought I’d say this, the man is stupid.

    • He talks and thinks like a fifth grader. And I doubt he has ever read a single book, not even those he is credited with having written.

  11. So if you’re a college student and you say something along the lines of “It’s the Jews who want Trump impeached and it’s the Jews who want Trump run out of Washington in disgrace and it’s the Jews who are the ones who are full of animosity for Trump and it’s the Jews who want him to get assassinated” then you’re a criminal as per Trump. Can’t say anything negative about the very tribe who want to see Trump get assassinated. Even if your negative criticisms of Jews is fact-based and the objective truth, Trump considers even fact-based negative criticism of Jews as being a criminal act. In the meantime the great majority of Jews would be very very happy if Trump were to get assassinated. In fact, it’s the Jews behind all the threats against Trump and his family, yet he wants to make it illegal to point that it’s the Jews who want to assassinate him. As per Trump it’s Anti-Jewish to point out that it’s the Jews who want him impeached and it’s the Jews who want to see him get assassinated. The Jews want to destroy his presidency and even want him to get assassinated but as per Trump you can’t say that, only a Nazi would say that, and that’s the worst thing anybody can be, a Nazi.

    As per Trump, say anything negative about the Jews even if it’s fact-based, you’re an evil Nazi. Can’t even say anything negative about the Jews who are trying so hard to impeach him and run him out of Washington in disgrace and even want him to get assassinated. As per Trump we all have to pretend it’s not the Jews who want him impeached and even assassinated. As per Trump, we all have to, we all must, love the Jews — even though it’s the Jews who are trying to destroy his presidency and even want him assassinated. What a jackass Trump turned out to be.

  12. You forget THE FIRST STEP ACT and a promise of “more immigration than ever before to help our bigly economy”, Hunter. Trump also gave us this in addition to full throated pro gay rhetoric and Israeli activism……

    Oh and don’t forget the thing that EVERY Boomer and white Trump supporter chants. “THE LOWEST BLACK AND BROWN UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN HISTORY”

  13. Sheldon Adelson is the real President of the USA, Trump is just his blackmailed puppet. If we were truly woke, we’d ignore the politicians in Washington, and lobby the donors directly.

  14. Imagine this– in the “Land of the Free” the president calls on institutions to crack down on people criticizing a foreign country or suffer consequences. And it comes to pass!
    Goodbye, First Amendment. When will Trump call on schools to force schoolkids to pledge allegiance to Israel?

  15. Will that include an anti – European / anti – western order within the education system and society as a whole ???

  16. And a reminder for most people in here.

    I have warned most og you that Donald J Trump was NEVER ‘our’ guy.

    The man was and is a CENTRIST. The best he can do is push an economic/civic nationalist talking point !

    so, who ever in here expects the President to be more then what he can be, I have to call you out for what you are IMMATURE and or an IDIOT !

    The great point of the President is that he is a disruptor to the status quo and a progenitor for getting people to begin questioning their world .

    As far as that is concerned, he is a GREAT President !

  17. So many perceptive comments spoiled by intemperate language. I’m as guilty as anyone, so I’m not pointing the finger.

    This is, after all, the tactic Jewish trolls use to discredit good sites and research—poisoning the well. It will also serve as ample evidence for Conservatism Inc to justify even more intrusive surveillance.

    According to Michael Hoffman, the cryptocracy gauges the vacuity and feebleness of the opposition by such things as their desperate and intemperate language. Oderint dum metuant

    • ” intemperate language “

      It never crossed my mind, that OD, was a Victorian era Gentlemen’s club, where the appropriate language decorum was expected to be upheld……..

      I guess the ‘plebs” have not learned their lesson yet……not to worry, squire…

      I have requested my butler to get my JB top hat ready along with my governor’s cane and breast pocket watch shined and ready. I hope that’ll be fitting for you.

      • Victorian Era gentlemen’s club? I served as an FO for recon in the 4th Div, Central Highlands of Vietnam, 1969-70. You’re nasty talk from the safety of your keyboard marks you as the opposite and something less than a man.

        In the Iliad Homer writes of your kind,

        “O monster! Mixed of insolence and fear,
        Thou dog in forehead, but in heart a deer!
        When wert thou known in ambush’d fights to dare,
        Or nobly face the horrid front of war?
        ‘Tis ours, the chance of fighting fields to try;
        Thine to look on, and bid the valiant die.

        No wonder the left is winning. They correctly interpret your sorts’ empty bravado for what it is—all bark and no bite.

        • Your comment, begs the question – What would military credentials have ANYTHING to do, in a place a CIVILIAN blog post none the less that deals in social & political issues, such as this site ???

          Unless you care for a proverbial ‘pissing’ match – which I do not.

          My sarcastic comment towards you, has to do with the expectation from some persons, that we need to be cordial and manner like, in expressing our selves.

          Really ?? WHY??? Am I offending someone’s fragile sensibilities??

          If so, in Australia we have a saying, you can take to heart if you want:
          ” Have a cup of hot CEMENT and toughen up !”

          • Your telling me to toughen up, military style no less, and from the safety of your home is childish. In a difficult operation in dense jungle in the Central Highlands I worked side by side with Aussies who were young but already men, of few words and deadly. Men do not insult or even less taunt other men for good reason.

            Barking dogs don’t bite, Eksothen, which is the only reason why sites like this and comments like yours are still allowed. God help you and your generation because you obviously cannot help yourselves unless you show the enemy by your language that you’ve become men.

            Not Rambo style because the pumped-up Rambos of this world are almost always cut and run mommas’ boys under the skin, as any combat vet will tell you. It’s what’s inside that matters.

  18. This is what they do. Remember Tom Hayden, the ’60’s radical who married Jane Fonda and used her ca$h to buy himself a political career. I played on his sandlot hardball team, every Sunday, got to watch him pretty closely. He and Jane sold their soul to the Jews in ’82 when they publically declared their support for Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. He sold out to Waxman-Berman Machine (L.A. Congressional Districts) and throughout his CA State Senator he kept his mouth shut about Israel. And, in the end it was never enough and they fucked him – phased out his district, funded his opponents, reduced him to being a has been “60’s radical, he had a heart attack in his early ’70s. And died. Onetime Tom put Congressman Mel Levine in a game, couldn’t hit, couldn’t play but what the hell? At the end he had become a denatured Hillary toadie. I ran.into him he wasn’t a bad guy around this time he just looked lost. He neutered himself politically, compromised his morality for these ghouls and led him on befor.dumping him like a sack of shit

  19. Yes he’s 100% for the Donor Class which is Jews and the Super Rich. He’s making it super obvious that he don’t care about White People. The Jews and Super Rich will never support Closing the Borders, Deporting Illegal Immigrants, and a Wall. That’s never ever gonna happen. The Donor Class love working Illegal Immigrants for less than minimum wage with no benefits. The whole new NAFTA deal is nothing but pressing fast forward on the North American Union. He’s got people more brainwashed than I’ve ever seen. Most of our people only care about a Job, not paying Taxes, and not taking Welfare. Also nobody else getting Unemployment and Welfare. The base has become right wing libertarians and those people are 100% motivated by Self. Nothing but Self Self Self. You can’t do that and be for White People. We believe in the collective. We’re the definition of the collective…..White People. The definition of Identity Politics which is the only politics that matters. White Identity. The White Race will soon be a minority in this country and having all that I mentioned above isn’t gonna matter! We have a solid country based on White Identity and all those things will come natural for White People. Another problem with Trump is the Church (as a whole) has completely stopped talking about all Social Conservative issues like Abortion, Gay Marriage, Pornography, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Divorce, Race Mixing, Transgender Bathrooms, and the list goes on and on and on and on. When Trump got elected……all that talk on Moral Law stopped in the Church. However the Church still supports Trump because many Christians are self centered individuals now only focusing on the things I mentioned above. Jew Money. The Church at this point would support Trump only because he supports Israel. The Christian Conservatives don’t care about anything else but Money and Israel. Funny enough the Federal Reserve is run by a bunch of Jews who print the money. The banks are run by Jews. The Corporations are run by Jews. The media run by Jews. The list goes on and on. We live in a Jew controlled world right now and it’s Nationalists who’re fighting against it. I think people should think about that. Trump wouldn’t be in office if it wasn’t for the Jews. He’s 100% for Jewish Supremacy! Don’t vote this idiot back in office. Look forward and lets put our own Nationalists in office who will support Identity Politics and White Nationalism! Deo Vindice !

  20. As bad as he is, Trump would be better than Biden. In a Biden regime the ADL and SPLC ghouls would be elevated to Cabinet rank.

    • The old “Well, at least he’s not so-and-so” argument is weak and un-persuasive. To hell with the entire system of Merican Jew-mockracy. I want a totalitarian dictatorship and I want it now.

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