Styxhexenhammer666 Accuses Gab of Alienating Its User Base

I support Gab banning pornography.

I haven’t used my Gab account lately, but I visit Gab Trends on a daily basis. Andrew Torba is also right that libertarianism is AIDS. Porn is obscene and is not free speech.

Note: Obviously, there are various takes on religion in the Dissident Right and that is fine. Styx and Torba are naturally going to clash on that issue.

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  1. This poor excuse for a human, looks ready to enter a drag contest. He’s not a man, but a femme in male drag. Disgusting.

  2. I think it would be great to be rid of pornography but I am concerned about who gets to decide what it is or isn’t and what is the basis for that determination. Where would the line be drawn? Would characters like the late Andrea Dworkin make those decisions as she wished? would be best just to make it difficult for minors to access.

    • A better course of action might be to identify the reason that pornography is so prevalent in the first place. It is obviously supplying a need for something that many people cannot otherwise obtain.

  3. Styx is a libertarian satanic faggot. How does anybody take this shirtless freak seriously? He literally just spews the talking points of mainstream conservatard media and then claims to be alt media. There is nothing “alt” about styx, he wants to be the mainstream media instead of fox news. His takes are gay, his politics are gay and satanism is mega gay.

    • People are desperate, for just a glimmer of reality and Styx provides a few rays of illumination.

      If David Duke wasn’t so heavily suppressed, his youtube viewers would be in the millions.

  4. If my user base consists of dudes jerking off to porn on the computer, I don’t want that kind of user base either. Can’t the Dissident Right aspire to any thing higher than porn? Sheesh!

    • The Dissident Right does not have the ability to save us from the common cold, let alone racial extinction. A far more radical and militant class of activists will be needed for that.

  5. I don’t know that Handy Andy Torba has actually banned porn.

    Personally, I report/block all commercial porn, and I report/block all gross and degrading porn, but, most of the porn on GAB is of the harmless “cheesecake” variety to use an old fashioned descriptor.

    What I found disturbing is that Handy Andy, reposted a claim, by some character, that GAB has a large 9 to 13 year old audience? Let me say that I have seen better looking haircuts on darkies, than the guy making the claim about GAB’s audience. By the same token, I maybe misinterpreting the comment about GAB’s audience?

  6. The fact that this bastion of cringe developed such a large follower base is proof of both the lack of Right Wing commentary and the inherent desire for it. Think about it. A shirtless buck toothed 90 pound cosplaying Satanist in a leather jacket whom you would have felt obligated to bully in High School delivering the coldest most basic bitch Libertarian/center Right talking points…

    And STILL getting that many subscribers? COME ON. Learn to read you buffoons and visit the Occidental for your daily fill

    • “The fact that this bastion of cringe developed such a large follower base is proof of both the lack of Right Wing commentary and the inherent desire for it.”

      Totally wrong ?

      It shows the suppression of normal common sense ie. Duke, black, pierce, roper, linder etc.
      The media overlords spend vast resources to torpedo realistic commentary. Styx illustrates how desperate people are for reality. They will tolerate a weirdo looking commentator just to get a few drops of reality.

      How long would Linder last on YouTube, measured in seconds ?

    • Styx had the most precise and accurate analysis of 2016 election, his predictions were more accurate than any other commentary. His political insights are very strong and always worth consideration.

  7. I like Styx. I think he is intelligent, and most of his analysis is spot on. And he doesn’t purge my Comments. He is, however, a “libertarian”. Libertarianism is LIBERTINISM.

    • I have enjoyed Styx’s podcasts since I first discovered him back in 2015. Our friend @Spahn Ranch would probably agree that there are few that are as well versed on Charles Manson and the fraud that was “Helter Skelter”. Styx is friends with both Nikolas Shreck and Zeena LaVey.

      • Vincent Bugliosi’s claim that the Tate/Labianca murders were committed in order to set off an apocalyptic race war is absurd. The most likely reasons (IMO) were to spring Bobby Beausoleil from jail and to send a message to Dennis Wilson and Terry Melcher. But some former Family members still adhere to the Helter Skelter theory.

        I recently stayed at the former Landmark Hotel in Hollywood, right next door to the apartment complex on Franklin Avenue where Manson lived in the late 1950s running a prostitution ring. And next door to that was the apartment where, ten years later, Manson shot a black drug dealer whom he feared might have been a Black Panther That incident may have indirectly caused the Hinman, Tate and Labianca crime spree a few weeks later, because crude Black Panther messages were painted on the walls of the victims’ houses.

    • His political insights are far deeper than the obsolete media, he called the 2016 election with amazing precision. If someone had laid money on his predictions with British bookies, they’d be rich.

    • As usual madam has the most sensible take. But this Styx fellow is basically just another just “e-celeb”/attention whore.

  8. I’ve never watched porn, but I assume it is people copulating while being filmed and getting paid for it.

    So there is no need for any new laws to crack down on porn.

    The porn actors and actresses are all prostitutes. They are performing sexual acts, and getting paid to do so.

    They can and should be arrested and charged with prostitution, which is already illegal.

    And the porn producers are pimps on an industrial scale – they can and should be sent to prison for the rest of their lives for thousands of counts of being a pimp.

    All this can and should be done without any need for any new laws.

  9. But in a truly well run society, the porn would be banned, and all forms of Satanism and witchcraft, including practical kabbalah, would also be outlawed.

  10. Torba has more followers on his Twitter account than he has people using He is ill suited to running a social media site, because he gets trigged so easily, and runs to the cops whenever the heat is on. A guy like that would do better in news.

    If Styxhexenhammer666 is serious about free speech, free speech means even Nazis get to speak, he should start his own social media company. He would do far better than Torba, if he really is pro free speech and anti-authoritarian.

    Torba should stop throwing good money after bad. Gab is a failure and will continue to be a failure. It will remain a failure as long as Torba is running it. Its just sad at this point.

    • Didn’t Torba claim that Google offered to buy Gab? I wonder if that’s really true. His credibility is dubious, to say the least.

  11. I’m not with anybody here. Torba is a piece of crap, he banned people who threatened Jews and openly said that anyone who dared threaten the poor little Jews would be reported to the FBI. But when a kike on Gab threatened to kill Jeremy Corbyn for being an “anti-Semite” I reported him repeatedly to the mods and they did nothing. I left that site in disgust then and never went back.

  12. I accuse Gab of being run by a grifter who promises his subscribers a quality product but never delivers it.

  13. I think we need more shirtless pagans on the internet, not fewer. Pagan chics are hot, sometimes.

    Styx is a goofball tho. Altrightish people like him cause he’s a pagan, or pagan adjacent… not sure how satanism classifies itself. Basically they feel obligated to defend the goof because they don’t like Christians.

    This is a good example of what I mean by a negative worldview. Pagans aren’t united around a form of worship, common dieties, a common pantheon/cosmology or anything which would be necessary to form a coherent belief system with a POSITIVE worldview that is FOR something not just AGAINST something else (Christianity).

    Instead Pagans are united by hatred of Christians. So they will support this goofball because he isn’t Christian. Even though he is the definition of Cringe.

    The majority of the Dissident Right is doing the same thing with the JQ. We have no common ideology, religion or spiritual frame of reference etc. But everyone dislikes Jews so we do anything, no matter how counterproductive, to counter signal Jews.

    An ideology of Anti-anything, is self defeating and inherently destructive.

      • When I say positive I dont mean we need to be more optimistic and upbeat. Im not sure why its so hard to convey what im thinking on this.

        Let me reframe it as such. A worldview which is based on opposition to something for its own sake, is self defeating and destructive.

        Alternatively a worldview that centers around the promotion of things, especially those which are inherent and immutable, is the basis for an organic movement (a real movement in other words).

        What is an example of something we promote? Our inherent virtues, which are distinct from other peoples. Such as the culture of Chivalry and Honor that is common in all Western nations. This is a distinct European trait. Honor as a virtue.

        The high yellow asians have “Face”, but it isn’t the same. The bushido code in Japan is close, but it wasn’t cultural, so much as an idiosyncrasy of a ceratin caste in a very narrow timeframe.

        Honor, as a concept in Western culture is something that dates back unbroken to before the Greeks. It is ubiquitous also from the Scaninavian and German areas, across all of the Celtic areas (yes even the damned Irish), Slavic and the entirety of Southern Europe.

        More so than anything other than Christianity itself, it is the one consistent theme and cultural cornerstone across all groups I would call “White”.

      • I will give you something even more straightforward as an example of “Positive” vs. “Negative”.

        At Charlottesville the brilliant thought leaders of the Altright led a lynchmobesqu tiki torch march to the chant of “Jews will not replace us”. They looked and sounded nerotic, cringe and dumb as fuck. Nobody outside the miniscule echo chamber of this fringe subculture looked at that and thought anything other than…”what the fuck?” Not surprisingly all of the hip youth culture feel of those halcyon days was sucked right out the fucking airlock, and all we have left is the inescapable stench of failure and squandered potential, still following the doddering genx shekelgrubbers that shit the bed that fateful night, like a black cloud announcing to the world our shear social incompetence as a group.

        This failure is the result of being completely consumed by antisemitism to such an extent that you totally shoot yourself in the foot and make it virtually impossible to accomplish the only meaningful goal there is, which is conveniently summated by The 14 Words.

        That simple and concise mission statement, “We must secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children”, is the perfect example of a positive focused worldview.

        WE must preserve OUR people. This is aspirational, honorable and inarguably a justified reason for activism and a motivating factor for a movement.

        JEWS will not replace US, is weak, whiny and inspires nothing but a cringe reflex.

        I don’t know how to put any finer a point on this.

        If the difference isn’t glaringly obvious then idk.

  14. I don’t know what to say….

    This guy, speaks some normal and common sense words about different issues.

    As far as I can see, he is leaving a life that has demoted him to beta male status.

    Sorry “styx”, but it seems to me that you are struggling to find a strong manly example to live by!

  15. When GAB took away the “popular” posts that made a “front page” they erased their “town square” and made the site useless. Now all you can do is speak to people on your friends list, while being monitored by the feds. Never forget that Rob Monster has an anti-White jew as a board member at epik, and several people have been visited by feds for what they post on there. A man was recently ERPO’d because of GAB posts too. Turbo is fake.

    • Someone here recently opined that Gab is a dysfunctional mess on purpose. I sure as hell would never financially support it, at least not as long as Torba and Monster are in charge.

    • Santanism is just some edgy BS pretending to be rebellious. Christians need satanists to feel better about themselves and to reinforce their own false beliefs.

      • I honestly think Styx is an innocent soul. More a student rather than a practioner of the occult, his vibe is more storybook sorcerer than devil worshipper, despite his appearance.

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