2019: The Year The People Struck Back

Editor’s Note: We are extremely skeptical of Boris Johnson and the Tories, but Brexit is finally happening which was the biggest issue in British politics. Unfortunately, the Tories supported Brexit largely because they want to turn Britain into some kind of free trade utopia, which will do precisely nothing to change the circumstances of their new White working class base.

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  1. “”….We are extremely skeptical of …”””

    Well, snowball effect works. Controlled opposition will be uncontrollable very fast when the hundreds of thousands or millions jump on board.

    Training video for beginner controlled opposition operator from Russia. When you push some things to move they will move and there is nothing you can do anymore.

  2. 2019: The year the ruling class didn’t give a fuck and just doubled down anyways.
    t. Kushner, Brexit, and Macron

  3. 2019 was the year of the blackpill. To put things in the bugman’s words, it was “Empire Strikes Back” for the US alt-right. The beginning of 2019 kicked off with the border wall funding debate and Trump ultimately cucking on the wall. After that it only became more and more clear that Trump played us all, which only served to further enforce the notion that there is no political solution for us here in the states. The one thing we all learned this year, is that some sort of collapse within the next decade is our only hope.

    As for the whole BJ + brexit, thing. It’s not a total win, but it’s still a win. BJ is probably a zionist stooge, but I am pretty sure the jews really didn’t want brexit to happen. Even if brexit happens, they can still advance their agenda, but a weakened EU is something they definitely didn’t want to happen. It’s a victory for sure, and it definitely serves our goals in the long run which is a collapse of the current order and to facilitate the rise of fascism.

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