The Vikings

In this video, we continue to explore the Vikings and their religious worldview and the impact that their expansion had on Europe in the Early Middle Ages. We learn that “Hell” comes from the Norse underworld. “Nanna” was also a Norse deity. Feudalism also developed in Western Europe in response to the Viking threat.

Perhaps the first thing we notice about the actual Vikings, not to be confused with the romanticized version that has been embraced by some White Nationalists, is that they were not in the least bit interested in modern ideas about the White race. On the contrary, the Vikings (literally raiders) were a plague who for centuries menaced England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Russia and much of the rest of Europe where they enslaved the local population. The women captured in Viking raids were often sold into slavery to Muslims in exchange for silver.

It is true of course that the Anglo-Saxons used to worship the same pagan gods before their conversion to Christianity. The Britons felt the same way about the pagan Anglo-Saxons that the English and Scots later felt about the pagan Vikings. The Welsh were also subjected to Viking raids. It was the gradual conversion to the common religion that was Christianity that created a threadbare sense of solidarity between Europeans that had not previously existed before. It facilitated the emergence of larger kingdoms in the Middle Ages like England and Norway and the trade network that developed along the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

A painting shows a Viking selling a slave girl to a Persian merchant.
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  1. Well, its much easier to declare ourselves Vikings than southern, baptist,christian, anglo, celt, yankee, germanic,russian,french, brits…the history of ALL of us traces back to Vikings, they are our Forefathers much more so than Washington, Lee,Napoleon or Egbert were.

    • While the Vikings were “not the least bit interested in modern ideas of the White Race”, they did not have to be, similarily to White people in 17th,18th and 19th century Europe and America, where “raids” and wars took millions of White lives without a second thought about the survival of our people as a whole…but times are changing and the possibility of our extinction is on the table…its time for us to unite and be Vikings again(in a new kind of way) and end all this psycho babble and micro divisions..we are White men on this earth.

      • The Celts were a far older culture than the iteration of nordic culture that spawned the Viking Raiders.

        The Celts largely dissapeared with the Roman conquest of Britannia, and the slaughter of the druids, roughly 1000 years before the viking and later norman invasion.

        The Vikings weren’t the forebears of the Celts.

      • What you are calling Viking doesn’t have anything to do with ancestry. Rather, it seems to be an admonition to become more culturally viking like the people we see in the History Channel show “Vikings”.

        In this show, the titular vikings are strong, independent and unashamed of their distinctiveness and not afraid to strike out for distant shores to take what they need by force. In the show they have a more engaging and primal and spiritual relationship with their gods than what is shown in the christian kingdoms of England to be fairly sterile and shallow (im recalling from memory, and its been a while). They are tribal, patriarchal but with lots of hot shield maidens because strong women are hot.

        If that is what you mean by being vikings again, then yeah i will go along with that. Go back far enough and all our tribes looked alot like that.

        We wuz Vikangz.

        • I don’t watch TV nor do I own one. (My woman does, but she declined my Christmas gift offer to throw it in the garbage for her)By becoming Vikings again, I mean each White man doing things/daily life with a focus on OUR tribe.
          Im mostly Irish so trying to split hairs between Vikings and Celts is doing so for arguments sake, the difference is there, but so small its hardly noticeable when a Scot, Irish and Englishman sit down for a beer I said, the psycho babble and micro divisions between us needs to end.

  2. Since I’m Venetian, I have nothing to do with this people, nothing.
    Rome’s roots, for example, are Phoenician, Greek and Etruscan, also with in influx of “Indo-Europeans” from the Asiatic steppes. And certainly I’m not a Roman wannabe crackpot.

    The existence of places like Germania, Britain, Scandinavia is absolutely irrelevant to the formation of Rome and Italy
    The so called Western Civilization was created basically by Italy more than a milllenium ago, today is just a ridiculous pile of crap.
    The sooner the pile of crap burns to the ground the better.
    It’s not because this Latin alphabet, or because I have blue eyes that we have something in common.
    It’s a very different approach to life.
    Like the idea that Liberalism or Feminism is a “Western Civilization” product, we from the Northeast of the Italic peninsula have nothing ro do with this autistic nonsense.
    The better this joke of a civilization is destroyed the better.
    The rotation to the East, our roots, is already starting

  3. The idea that Viking men would sell a white girl into slavery, especially to the Mohammedans, upsets me a great deal. Niggers and jews can and should be sold as slaves but never whites. The Vikings obviously were not very racially conscious. That surely must have contributed to their ultimate demise.

    • Unfortunately, White slavery was common in the Middle Ages, and most of the White slave merchants were Jews.

      Jew Max Dimont boasted about his tribe’s role in enslaving Christian women during the Moslem conquest of Spain:

      “The Arab conquest of Spain in 711 had put an end to the forcible conversion of Jews to Christianity begun by King Recared in the sixth century. Under the subsequent 500-year rule of the Moslems emerged the Spain of three religions and ‘one bedroom’. Mohammedans, Christians, and Jews shared the same brilliant civilization, an intermingling that affected ‘bloodlines’ even more than religious affiliation.

      For some inexplicable reason the Moorish aristocrats of Spain had a penchant for blond Christian women. As blond Christian maidens fetched fancy prices in the slave markets, raids in Christian lands by Muslim private entrepreneurs became big business. Female captives were pedigreed like dogs. Their Christian antecedents,
      their genuine blondness, their virginity, and their ability to bear children were all ascertained and notarized before they were marketed.”

  4. Rome was a lot more powerful when their Pope wasnt kissing the feet of their invaders, as recently as WW2 we can see that Italy, a beautiful country, full of beautiful people is not really a force in the current equation, the descendants of Vikings are a much larger force than the descendants of Venetians, Im sure in the event of a World war, a replay of their position in WW2 would play out.

    • Another canacuck Larper.

      Pagans are the descendants of Pagans.

      White Nationalists are retarded for trying to make Christianity an Ethno conscious religion.

      Universal whites are going Islam

      Localist ones Pagans

      Retarded trash in the middle is called white Nationalist

      IOW you have no claim on the ancients whose God’s you rejected

  5. Yet it was the conversion by force of the Saxons that started the raids of christians.

    Being a christcuck you think oy vey if they joined our holy foreskin cult then all is joy.

    What if you just became a Pagan? At least you’d have weapons to worship instead of being part of least manly religion.

    • I kinda like the whole Crusader thing, it feeds my inner Viking…and I believe in a higher power(God) and…sacking Jerusalem/kicking the merchants out of the temple sounds like a great idea…so its Christianity for me!
      #ChurchMilitant #JesusKicksAss

  6. The important thing to observe/study with the Greeks, Romans, Vikings and the age of exploration of the New World/oceans by 14 century Western Europe Spain, France, Great Britain, Portages, Dutch is Ship building technology and navigation. The Russians are in the mix later and I’m sure somewhere in the so called space age!

    Or welcome to the so called space age?

    Thanks Depeche Mode!

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