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Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen is responsible for my renewed interest in the Vikings and Anglo-Saxon England.

I watched his video on the meaning of runes while traveling to Missouri for Christmas. The YouTube algorithm recommended the History Time channel which has sent me down this rabbit hole for the last week now. I actually have a lot of books on Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age England, but I haven’t engaged with the subject since around 2008.

I agree with Bjorn’s definition of freedom. It is not a “natural state” of man. Most people in this world are not fit to govern themselves or others. The foundation of freedom is intelligence, moral virtue, self sufficiency and folk tradition, not universal abstractions. The English were already the freest people in Western Europe before the Enlightenment hopelessly confused the subject by trying to justify a free society on the basis of speculative naturalistic theories like the State of Nature. Americans were already free under the colonial charters, the British Constitution and their own traditions. All groups do not have the same underlying psychology.

If Southerners completely jettisoned liberalism tomorrow, we would still be a relatively free society because we are Celtic and Germanic. The natural limits of freedom would come back without the libertarian garbage, excesses would be curbed and we would have a healthier culture.

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  1. “””…. The English were already the freest people…”””

    Well, I honestly disagree. English people were most hopelessly enslaved. This is the reason why Jews made Bank of England, not Bank of Sudan or Bank of China or Bank of Russia or Bank of Germany. Since Cromwell and continuing with Marx and Engels and Brothers Miliband, Jews moved into Anglo-sphere because Anglo’s were always most enslaved people and did not knew what the word freedom mean.


    Free people, do not need Constitution. This is the eternal problem with law abiding people. Free people blame them Jew abiding and laughing.

    There is no constitutional 1 amendment in my country or in Eastern Europe. And nobody cares. Because when genetic white liberal shows up then , then free people make sure that genetic white liberal is not the person who decides who can say what. . Every society understand that lunatics belong to lunacy asylum. No laws needed.

    This was also the reason why Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer were thrown out from Eastern Europe. Even the best Anglo’s are so hopelessly enslaved that there is no point to argue with them.

    Jew say that ball scratching society must based on 666 regulations enforced by Devil himself. Western nationalist fights back that ball scratching society must based on 1488 regulations.

    Eastern Europeans watching and scratching their heads in questioning why basic human behavior must be regulated by constitution or be the object of intellectual debate ?

    Constitution demonstrates that there was serious problems with genetic white liberals long time ago. I do not need 1 amendment to speak or I do not need the 111 amendment for breath or I do not need the 666 amendment to sleep. Free society is self regulating not frozen to Jew or liberal translated script.

    • Critics of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights asked how “rights” could be enumerated or “guaranteed “. It’s all bullshit, of course. We rely too much on laws and lawyers to interpret them. That’s why the Talmudic jew prospers in the legal profession.

      • Agree. This is the weak point of Western in general and Anglo’s in particular.

        One reason, why there is so much hysteria about Donald and Brexit, is that first time in history, Anglo’s did not reacted as predicted.

        Germans had Hitler, Russians had Stalin, all Europeans had antisemitism . This is fine. This has happened long time in the history. But when Anglo’s start questioning and demanding something that they never had, for example, democracy and free speech, this is very much “enemy behind the lines” issue. This is the real cause of current mass hysteria.

  2. I would love to have Lysander Spooner’s individualist anarchist America. But most people can’t handle, and don’t want to handle, that high degree of personal responsibility. We’re long past the point of voting ourselves other people’s money that Jefferson warned us about, so the goal of a libertarian nation is a dead issue. If you want to buck the system so completely, you have to leave it. As much as you can, anyway. Or, try to network with others that think like you. Modify the idea of a republic of independent but cooperative farmers that Jefferson so desired into what the modern version might be, just on a smaller basis. Build your own system; present a different, better idea of what society could and should be like.

  3. It maybe naïve, but I don’t think that too many OD readers suffer from being NPC consumers. We for the most part are aware of who’s on the receiving end of our shekels, so we will take care not to fill the opposition’s treasury or fall for the lie of “those who dies with the most toys wins” philosophy of life.

    • I don’t consider myself a mindless consumer but my collection of porcelain clown figurines is second to none. They’re like my children! Have you seen my latest acquisitions “Mister Pogo” and “Wee Willie Winkie” ?

      • I bet your collection pales in comparison to David French’s G.I. Joe collection he plays with when Charlie Kirk and his black boyfriend come over to visit.

      • Spahn,

        Have they come out with an “Arthur Fleck” porcelain clown yet?

        In my possession, I have my great grandfather’s creepy Emmitt Kelly depression era clown doll.

  4. makes sense. After the White hardRight wins CW2

    and along the way resolves (((certain ethnic issues))),

    we’ll do up a New Constitution….based, this time,

    on Natural Rights. Not “equality” and other

    (((lawyer noise))).

  5. I keep thinking that just off camera, a few yards away from Bjorn’s campfire, there’s a parking lot for Home Depot or a Holiday Inn.

    • No.As Denise pointed out,Anglins is an incel,because he has no “social skills”,as well as anybody who agrees with him.Remember the worsest crime that a man cam commit(acording to Denise and FedoraSpahn)is not having sex,the rest is pardonable including going full Ted Bundy or ER.Just don t stay celibate,ever.

      • “””….Anglins is an incel,because he has no “social skills”….”””

        This why he is perfect warrior. Guy with sex and social skill do not fight a war but whisper in your ears.””.. Yesbut yesbut,, you are right but I have family and career ….””

        This is one big issue what must be solved inside the western males. Since when sex become an issue ????? Sex is like drinking or high speed driving or any bad habit for testosterone filled young men what must left behind guys above 25.

        For general information, I am also not perfect, I have Alfa Romeo 147 GTA , sometimes I cross speed limit when I drive drunk and I have sex.

        But his not a value, this is problem for society.

        When exactly whoring and cucking, or” social skills” or what we here in the Eastern Europe call decadence and treason became a value ???????? .

  6. Interesting post, HW. I loved the statement in the video around 7 minutes in that: “Freedom is not the natural state of a society”. Amen. It took me years of study to break my American patriot/liberty obsession that I had picked up in late childhood.
    Most people cannot handle freedom, much less rule others benevolently. Democracy ultimately devolves to chaos. Constitutions are just words on paper. Urban societies cannot exist without a force to preserve order, while kin based agrarian societies need very little policing. Those still in love with constitutionalism and the American liberty obsession ought to check out my little book *Rethinking the Propositions*.

  7. Americans seem to think they invented individual rights and limited government which is why America is “exceptional.” To which I respond the Icelandic Althing has been in operation since 1000 AD and the Swiss government was a beacon of individual liberty and limited government long before the United States came about. In fact it is much more democratic than the U.S because the people have the right to personally vote on issues in national referendums.

  8. Like HW has already said the Daily Sewerpipe is for entertainment purposes only. Anglin is a fictional character, an over the top racist and misogynist cult leader who lives as an outlaw in the jungles of southeast Asia and wants to incite a global incel uprising. How preposterous! Any antisocial misfit who follows that punk is a fool.

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