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  1. This bill is simply about banning objections to the will of the ruling class
    Vast lies like the revisions of history, gender-bending etc are only their to see who is loyal to the ruling class i.e. who will say 2+2=5

    It’s a wonder people still lick the boot of their federal governments.

    • WASP – Germany is a unique case. Honest, hardworking to the point of lunacy, a marrow deep obsession with being “good” – this enables malicious parasites to mentally, emotionally, and thus physically control them.

      I’m a Celt. I am all those things – but when I discover betrayal – all bets are OFF. Germans need a YUUUGE dose of 1488.

  2. YES THERE IS A RULING CLASS, AND YOU ARE NOT IN IT. We are a step above chattel slavery, but worse off than a medieval serf, who had less stress and more free time. The 14th amendment made us all serfs. When your mother signs the “informant” line on your long form birth certificate, you become surety for an all capital letter corporation, and can now be sued, and are now expected to pay off the debt the federal government accrues because the fed reserve lends them money at interest.

    This is not a free country, it is actually the prison capitol of the world. The Plantation house is the White house, and their will be no infiltration of the GOP, because you cannot infiltrate the ruling class if you expect to change their agenda. How do people not see the entire history of the federal government until now as an attack on our Protestant liberties? There is no democracy, your votes don’t matter. We need to disconnect from the feds and resist them at every opportunity.

    • Excellent points – it is no wonder so many(esp White Males) are “checking out” of society in general – there is no correlation now between hard work/reward – not when hard work means you will be competing with some Mexican or Indian who will work for 1/3 or 1/2 the wage. I was a union concrete laborer 25 years ago in IL making $23/HR + benis – now that same (hard) job pays $12/HR w/no benis and no union representation.

  3. “hate speech” is

    whatever speech the Jews and their pet political class

    are hating on. The solution to the “hate speech”

    problem is to resolve

    the Jewish Problem.

  4. I wouldn’t mind living in an authoritarian society, as long as the rulers are not hostile alien parasites or race-traitors.

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