The Nordic Bronze Age

The ancestors of the Anglo-Saxons only came to Britain from northern Germany and Denmark in the 5th century. The concept of an “Anglo-Saxon” people dates back to King Alfred’s time in the 9th century during the struggle against the Vikings that created the English. What were they up to before that in the Bronze Age and even further back?

Daily Mail:

“A brutish tribe of people who lived in the Neolithic era more than 4,000 years ago is being touted as the most violent and aggressive society to ever live. 

A growing body of evidence is convincing archaeologists that the Yamnaya society ruthlessly massacred opposing societies.

It is believed the primitive society capitalised on disease, warfare and famine and unceremoniously swept through Europe, destroying entire civilisations and leaving destruction in their wake. 

DNA evidence from several prehistoric burial sites has revealed hoards of these tall, muscular and violent warriors would overwhelm other societies on horseback.

They would murder men and sire their own children so that within a few generations the presence of the previous societies is all but eradicated.  …

Once on English turf, the people went about their usual business and eradicated almost all the local inhabitants of the island.

Genetic analysis found that this movement of the Yamnaya descendants happened around 4,400 years ago and coincides with when the Britons of the time, who built Stonehenge, completely disappeared.

There is no remnants of their DNA in the genome of modern people, but more significantly, there is no proof of the original Brits even a handful or generations later. 

The Yumnaya took over and erased all genetic evidence of the land’s previous stewards.

This theory is backed up by David Reich at Harvard Medical School who is due to release a piece of research stating the Yumnaya orchestrated a systematic genocide of Neolithic men. “

Not very liberal.

BTW, this is how we got White people: Yamnaya -> Corded Ware Culture -> Battle Axe Culture -> Boat Axe Culture -> Bell Beaker Culture -> Nordic Bronze Age -> Iron Age Scandinavia -> Germanic Iron Age -> Angles and Saxons -> English -> Americans. The term “White people” refers to a certain phenotype that is more ancient than modern European nations.

This is the route of my particular branch of the family tree. Europeans all speak Indo-European languages and share some of the same DNA due to the prehistoric Yamnaya conquest.

The Celtic Britons who became the Welsh and Scots were themselves also descendants of the Yamnaya who eradicated the Britons who built Stonehenge. The Irish and English have similar amounts of Yamnaya DNA. The Scots have more than both.

The Danes who settled in England and Scotland during the Viking Age were easily absorbed because these groups shared a common ancestry and had only separated a few hundred years before. They spoke a mutually intelligible language with the Angles and Saxons. The Danes are the first cousins of the English.

I’m going to have to get Jean Manco’s books The Origins of the Anglo-Saxons: Decoding the Ancestry of the English and Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings and David W. Anthony’s The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World. This will be fun to explore in 2020.

Guess who has the most surviving Yamnaya DNA? The Yamnaya must have been an ultra Nordic looking people who spread out of the steppe and conquered the world. The Poles, Czechs and the Russians also have more Yamnaya DNA than Adolf Hitler did in Austria.

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  1. The English are relatively pure Aryans at 90% or so.

    America, Dixie are the continuation of that same expansion after the invention of good boats.

    Soon, the expansion will continue with the construction of good rockets.

    And against this folks want to put a rebellious rabbi and his lunatic followers?

    My ancestors are not dead, they live in me.

  2. So using the term Caucasian to describe white people isn’t outdated or discredited after all? This is getting a bit confusing.

    • “Aryan” and “Caucasian” from 19th century linguistics and physical anthropology were both grasping at what is described more accurately in the videos above. The Aryans were the particular branch of Indo-Europeans who went to Iran.

    • White means European caucasoid. All whites are caucasoids, not all caucasoids are white. And as you can see above, there is no such thing as a pure Aryan/Yamnaya/Indo-European people in Europe today.

  3. Don’t forget the Early Neolithic Anatolians/Levantines and the post-Ice Age hunter gatherers. We aren’t just Indo-European after all. It is this mix that makes Europeans so great. It’s similar to the story of the Greeks where you had a balance of the austere, warrior-like Dorians and the warmer, artistic Ionians/Achaeans. The peoples that are closest to pure Neolithics Anatolians/Levantines would be Sardinians and Basques. The Irish are close as well, but to a lesser degree.

  4. The most basic thing about the Yamnaya people, believed to be the last stage of Proto-Indo-Europeans, is their were taller and with a dark pigmentation, with 9 out of 10 had dark eyes.
    Out of curiosity I’d like to see what geneticist on the planet is claiming otherwise.
    When the Yamnaya entered Europe the Europeans were already light skinned

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • So your hypothesis is that some brown people rolled across Europe and butchered the pale-skins. Sounds quite plausible since it’s happened several times.

  5. ” I’m going to have to get Jean Manco’s books The Origins of the Anglo-Saxons: Decoding the Ancestry of the English and Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings and David W. Anthony’s The Horse, the Wheel, and Language: How Bronze-Age Riders from the Eurasian Steppes Shaped the Modern World. This will be fun to explore in 2020. “

    Looking forward to that.

    By the way…. Who are the Russ ??
    They are the forefathers of the Russians.

    And what genetic lineage do this crazy and formidable Europeans, carry??

    The Russ, are a mixture of Nordic & Slavic !

    And thank God we made them in to orthodox Christians, which is the very reason they were able to withstand the destruction of their culture and people by the jews from 1917.
    Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn banned book for many decades….“200 hundred years together”

    • The Rus were Vikings with origins in Sweden who colonized all down the rivers in Russia and Ukraine and mixed with the locals, giving Russia its name.

      • They mixed with the locals who where of a Slavic race.

        Russians today believe – as the Russ almost 900 years ago (300A.D) – claim straight out to anyone that listens that they are Slavs, apart from sharing a common Slavic heritage and traditions and common Slavic language they also share like most of the Slavic people, the Cyrillic dialect/writing that we Hellenes gave them as they became orthodox Christians.

        The Byzantine Empire sent two orthodox scholar monks Cyrili & Methodius ( to help the Russ populace to assist them in being able to receive an education by reading the classics and the New Testament. After their King had requested such an intervention.

        The Vikings intermingled with the Russ, as conquerors around 800 A.D – The Varangians came AFTER the Russ had already established their hold and nation in far eastern Europe, in Kiev.

        In fact Kiev is the birth place of the Russ Nation.

        Apart from the Croats, most other Slavic & Eastern Slavic peoples have their language in Cyrillic format and most are orthodox Christians.

    • I’m no anthropologist, I do think that if we go back and read the 20th & 19th century books on anthropology, we would fined something close to what you are asking.

      I do know that the origins of the Slavic peoples sub race is today’s Romania, specifically the Carpathians region.

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