Orange County Register: Naming and Reclaiming The Liberal Ideal

What has been the result of liberalism?

Why do we hate liberalism so much? What are its symptoms?

OC Register:

“On New Year’s Day, 2000, Nobel laureate James Buchanan challenged his fellow classical liberals to save the “soul” of liberalism. “People need something to yearn and struggle for,” he wrote. “If the liberal ideal is not there, there will be a vacuum and other ideas will supplant it.”

Twenty years later, Buchanan’s fears seem prescient. Contempt for liberalism is growing at both ends of the ideological spectrum—from the nationalist right and progressive left. Illiberal ideas and attitudes have seeped into the American mainstream, dismissing not only market liberalism but even more basic principles, like respect for the autonomy and dignity of the individual. At one extreme we see the resurgence of white nationalism; at the other, the renunciation of First Amendment principles.

Now is the time for any liberals left to answer Buchanan’s challenge—to save the soul of liberalism by reclaiming the liberal ideal. …”

I’ve put together a Top 10 list of reasons why liberalism has ran its course and has to be discarded for the West to survive the 21st century.

  • Deracination (loss and erasure of identity which is forced on the public by the doctrines of multiculturalism, political correctness and wokeness).
  • Atomization (fragmentation and dissolution of the natural orders which used to structure and orient our common life like families, marriages, cultures, communities, nations).
  • Cosmopolitanism (rule by an elite class of technocrat urbanites selected on the basis of their credentials and who identify with everything foreign, who lack a sense of place and who generally despise the people of their own nations).
  • Atheism (disenchantment of the world and divorce of man from God leaving behind a miserable and alienated public).
  • Hyper materialism (obsession with economic growth which is why the market is privileged above every other aspect of life).
  • Cultural degeneration (the celebration of perversion for the novelty and stimulation it provides by subverting norms which is done purely for its own sake and is labeled “progress”.)
  • Race replacement (the wholesale replacement of the peoples of the West by foreigners which is cheered on by the cosmopolitan liberal elite).
  • Death (abortion of children, no concern at all for future generations, historically low birth rates, a sterile society that lacks the will to live or perpetuate its own existence).
  • Fake morality (traditional morality has been completely discarded and replaced by an ever expanding list of -isms and -phobias which are simply made up by leftwing academics who have replaced priests under our secular order.)
  • Jewish rule (Jews have risen to the top of this awful system and every aspect of life now reflects their peculiar obsessions and interests like “supporting Israel” and “fighting anti-Semitism.”)

This short list is by no means exhaustive.

The benefits of the liberal order (things like free speech, gun rights, rule of law, the expectation of a rising standard of living, etc.) which were taken for granted for centuries are rapidly being discarded. The liberal ideal has become transsexuals serving in the military and the exclusion of White Nationalists. The system has turned against its founding population.

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  1. Orange County was a Republican fortress for generations but it voted Democrat in 2016 for the first time since FDR in 1936, 80 years gone by. The same thing happened in 2018 and will happen again next year and the next and the next etc. until the whole state collapses to the level of Guatemala and there are no more elections, running water, electricity etc. This happened for only one reason, demography, nothing else.

    All of Southern California is Third World now but it was as close to Paradise as you can get this side of the vale. Perfect weather, beautiful scenery, beaches, mountains, affordable living and all white well within memory. Greedy businessmen who wanted cheap labor for gardening and agriculture as well as allowing Asia to move in next door have ruined the place and they hate Whitey, too. The “Surf’s Up!” attitude of White people, concerned with the showiest bling was also part of the problem; materialism rots the soul.

    It turns out cheap gardening and the newest Beamer costs a lot more than advertised, it costs you your country and your children’s future. I hope it was worth it.

  2. #10: Jewish rule

    explains #’s 1-9. Not a day goes by

    that I don’t reflect on Andrew Jackson’s transcendent

    greatness. By killing the 2nd Rothschild National Bank, he

    saved America from Jewish rule for the next 80 years. Until

    WW arrived in the WH and, in 1913, chartered the 3rd Rothschild

    National Bank, a.k.a. “Federal Reserve”. Since then it’s been all downhill.

    • To me, Old Hickory was the last President worthy of the office, and the best to have served. Wilson was the demon that set us on our path to decline and possible destruction.

  3. Things to come:
    Texas will turn blue.
    China will surpass the United States as the dominant economic and military power on planet Earth
    Whites will reach minority status in the U.S.
    Sub-Saharan Africa will suffer a population explosion and will be the third most populated region on Earth behind Indian and China.
    All those excess Africans will flood into Europe and the Anglo-Sphere.
    Trump will be a passing fancy and the system will right itself and ensure that never happens again as they did when David Duke won a state election in Louisiana.
    Politics in the West will become existential.
    Why is why all red states need to secede and realign themselves as the United White Heartland of America.

    • The White peoples have kept Africa alive and reproducing through our generous aid programs. It’s thought that Lagos will soon be the largest city in the world, and that in a few decades Nigeria will double a population that has already doubled faster than usual. I forget the estimated date, but the dark continent will have 4 1/2 billion at some point, and if they can’t sustain themselves (and they’ve shown they won’t be able to without our help), they’ll go to Europe to find greener pastures. White civilization is both the standard and the prize. Our elites follow an evil plan that will destroy them, too, but they’re in for it the profits and control they can get while they can.

  4. Deracination

    We can zero in on precisely what caused this. In the 1960s, there was an all out cultural war against America, the charge being led by television and movies. In the 1960s, a 90% white America had the typical racial instincts one would expect and saw America as a country by and for white people. 30 years of massive negative stereotyping of “racists” and hagiography of non-whites finally made white people ashamed to not just express racial views, but to feel shame for even thinking racial thoughts.


    Also caused by mass media, both the content as well as the medium itself. See “Bowling Alone.” Another cause was, of course, integration and multiculturalism.

    Cultural degeneration

    No one knew what a “transgender” was until the media created transgender celebrities like the Kardashian kid and Bruce Jenner.

    Growing up in the 1990s, I remember constant, non-stop promotion of gayness in TV shows and movies. I recall a film called “In and Out” that bombed in the theaters but was immediately shown on broadcast television in prime time. I also remember TV ads for a mint called “Smints” that showed a police officer kissing a young man. Even at the time, I thought to myself, this entire ad campaign exists not to sell “Smints” but to show two guys kissing on TV. Even as recently as a decade ago, “gay marriage” was voted down every single time the people could express their democratic will; it was simply imposed everywhere by the Supreme Court (the determining vote being a White, conservative Republican.)

    In fact, we can pinpoint yet another event, the so-called “Rural Purge.”

    All of the Western and family friendly TV shows like Petticoat Junction and Mayberry were cancelled and replaced with shows like All in the Family and Mary Tyler Moore. This was done at the height of Western TV show’s popularity, so it can’t really be blamed on market forces or a liberal capitalist profit motive.

    And we have the name of the VP of CBS that instigated this purge of white TV shows: Fred Silverman.

    Television controlled the social status system since the 1960s and was instrumental in the Civil Rights movement and the demonization of the South. It’s impossible to overstate the media’s influence of social attitude.

    I don’t see how the ideology of liberalism, either economic nor social, had much to do with it. Consider how Ted Turner, a dyed in the wool liberal, was nevertheless completely forced out of CNN for creating an alternative to the NYC/Hollywood media monopoly.


    This one is a bit more complicated, but the media monopoly certainly demonized Christians. The Scientific Revolution just gave everyone a more credible metaphysics, and the mainline Protestant Church in America, during the Modernist-Fundamentalist controversy, just basically gave up. This was really when the WASP dominance of our institutions, like universities, began its decline.

    Jewish rule

    And there’s the rub. I’ve taken to using the term “Ashkenazi” because it’s more precise than “Jew” and doesn’t have all the religious baggage. The Jewish problem is not a religious problem, but an ethnic problem – pretty much like the Mafia was an ethnic problem with little to do with religion and nothing to do with the Catholic vs. Protestant divide.

    Frankly, by blaming “liberalism” one is playing into the hands of people like Peter Theil (homosexual) and Curtis Yarvin (Ashkenazi) who are seriously engaged in justifying tyrannical rule and ending democracy.

    They are literally promoting an anti-liberal authoritarian state run by, well, people like themselves. Right now, people still have the ability to vote down gay marriage and gun control, once the anti-liberal forces take over completely, that will be gone.

    I don’t see that as a better alternative.

    In the first couple of months of Trump’s administration, the prestige press were hysterical about how to stop “the normalization of Trumpism.” What they meant is that it might become socially acceptable to oppose mass immigration because Trump was “normalizing” it – and once the population can restrict immigration, the basic concept of insiders vs. outsiders – they might start having other ideas like “it’s ok to be white” or “you are just calling me a racist because I’m white.”

    The effort against “normalization” is because the status system is the most effective form of social control.

    • I don’t see how the ideology of liberalism, either economic nor social, had much to do with it. Consider how Ted Turner, a dyed in the wool liberal, was nevertheless completely forced out of CNN for creating an alternative to the NYC/Hollywood media monopoly.

      You are talking past the issue at hand. As HW says, Liberalism (as a movement) has a leveling influence and breaks down barriers. This aspect of liberalism is what assists foreigners in coopting and invading a society. Think of it as being like how birds living on remote islands sometimes lose their fear of predators or how a man with AIDs loses his ability to fight off infections.

      Liberalism = a philosophy which weakens a nation’s immune system.

      Jewish Lobby = Ethnic rivals trying to invade said nation.

    • CBS cancelled many of its most popular comedy shows (Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies, Hogan’s Heroes, etc) in order to make room for Norman Lear’s controversial new sitcoms. They don’t call it television programming for nothing!

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