Donald Trump’s Stable of Neocons Laud Assassination Of Qassem Soleimani In Iraq

I haven’t seen the neocons this happy since the salad days of 2003 when George W. Bush invaded Iraq. The whole network of Jewish-funded rats is on cloud nine:

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    • He didn’t get Trump elected. And if you think he/they did, I have a whole island completely shielded and isolated from the rest of the world and nefarious Jewish influence I’ll sell ya dirt cheap.

      • you missed the point. HW, Anglin, and most of the rest of the hardRight supported Drumpf’s election….whatever their influence. And this while Drumpf’s status as a 100% longstanding Zion-stooge was an open book for anyone to read.

        then again, maybe you didn’t miss the point: last few hours, thousands of bloodthirsty (((hasbara)))’s have been flooding the threads at every rightward site.

        • I was around when Hillary’s husband – three dollar Bill – was first running on the Democrat ticket back in 1991, and you think I’m missing the point? I think you’re out of your gord. Three-dollar Bill’s record was, at the time, perfectly available to anyone who gave a hoot, but most simply didn’t. Most never do, in point of fact, which is why the so called “universal franchise” is such an idiotic concept, only suited to an idiotic/insane people. But the main point here is that HW and Anglin (and whomever else all combined) literally had zero influence in Trump’s election, whatever their attempt to influence the election of that other-loving clown. You and basically everyone else will continue to believe that the “hard right,” the Anglins and HWs of the world combined to effect the election of Donald Trump. That idea is so utterly stupid and ridiculous, I literally do not know where to begin correcting your misconceptions. But I promise to try if I can.

          P.S. I’m not castigating anyone for making stupid mistakes based on ignorance of how the system works (or doesn’t); I’m castigating incorrigible folks incapable of learning their lessons the hard way. If you haven’t yet come to the realization that none of our votes truly count, then you’re way behind the curve on this than you ought to be, and that’s a fact, jack.

          HW & Co. had exactly zero influence in Trump’s election. Get that into your head right now; if you care to be any sort of positive influence in the Dissident movement from here on out, that is. If not, then continue on your current trajectory. No skin off my nose.

  1. The American conservatives are incapable of self analysis. The United States is in Syria illegally. It interferes in other nation’s businesses and then pretends to be shocked when others resent and attack them in self defense. Can you imagine what the United States would do if there were a significant Russian or Chinese military force in Mexico or Canada?

    The US government is like what they say about jews———-” The Jew cries out in pain as he kicks you in the head”.

    I have heard of the passive aggressive strategy. Now I see it in action. As long as the USA is in union with the children of the Devil the march to Hell will continue.

    • Can you imagine what the United States would do if there were a significant Russian or Chinese military force in Mexico or Canada?

      Yes, well,… Need we remind you that America is one of only two “exceptional” nations on the planet? And with our glorious God-like exceptionalism also naturally comes exceptional priveleges and immunities that do not apply to or not afforded other (non-exceptional) nations. We’re like Ricky Bobby – we piss excellence/exceptionalism!

  2. The jewish beast in Amerikan politics is rearing its ugly head again, expect consequences.

    It’s OK to be antisemetic

    It’s quite frightening reading comments on other platforms regarding this cowardly jewish aggression. It seems the Amerikan people have gone completely insane.

    • It seems the Amerikan people have gone completely insane.

      Any nation that normalizes sodomy and other forms of sexual degeneracy and deviant sexual behaviorisms; any nation that “tolerates” the mass murder of innocent children in the womb; any nation that celebrates single motherhood and the raising of children in fatherless homes; any nation whose long-standing policy is to replace the existing population with third-world foreign incompatibles, etc. (I could go on and on), is obviously insane. In other words, the United States crossed over into complete insanity decades ago. This event is not surprising in the least!

  3. Trump has finally given the Jews what they wanted and have always wanted. Trump has killed for the Jews. The Jews love killing.

    • It was just a matter of time. The only semi surprising thing about this event is the timing, as Mr. Wallace points out. Otherwise it is not surprising at all, as I said above.

  4. I know that it is constantly repeated, but, I’ll say it again.

    That Ben Shapiro has such a trustworthy face, and the way he always seems to be rubbing his hands. It totally sets my suspicions about him having ulterior motives at ease.

    I’m stoked that Our Greatest Ally is chocked full of people just like him!

    Jew Wars are great for the economy!

  5. The zio-cuck RETARDicans shabbos goy speak and text with the same Israeli accent. May they have to look over their cowardly shoulders the rest of their pathetic lives wondering if they are targets of a fatwa. Thus always be to tyrants.

  6. Blumpf how many millions would you say General Quassim has killed? would 6 million perhaps be the correct estimated number of those killed?

    He’s calling the head general in iran who killed ISIS with Russia while also claiming he is the number 1 terrorist while also kowtowing to Saudi arabia sheiks who sponsor the most terrorism worldwide just wow the hubris

  7. “Stable”? Please, anti-equine bigotry has got to go. Mr. Ed, Black Beauty, Secretariat, Rienzi, et al. never did us like the neocons.

  8. Does anyone here know exactly what precipitated the U.S. embassy attack in Baghdad? I’m just looking for the facts; please hold-back any speculation. Thanks.

  9. Meh. Another Moslem lunatic is gone. So what? It’s not always about pandering to Jews…just most of the time. Lol..Moslems are whackos. Anyone who dresses women as mummies and consistently represses rights is no friend. Remember that Iranian woman just got 15 years in jail for the “crime” of not wearing a headscarf? That is disgusting.

    I care more about letting more of them in. That is a far bigger problem than getting rid of terrorist camel jockey.

    Trump is going to be reelected. Anyone who thinks they have a choice in voting for a Democrat is totally fooling themselves. Trump is clearly not anti white. Every single Democrat running for president is very anti white. Thus Trump gets my one vote and some money.

  10. I guess the Donor Class is bored with the Tax Cuts and working Illegal Immigrants for $2 an hour…..yea still no Wall. Now Jew America is sparking World War III. No War For Israel! Deo Vindice !

  11. The Jews are currently killing Iranians. The sick, the frail, the young, the old, with these starvation sanctions. Worse than overt warfare. But, no one talks about it. The Jew media is silent.

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