Iraqi Parliament Vows To “Put An End To U.S. Presence” In Iraq

We will be greeted as liberators in Tehran!

BTW, we are issuing a travel warning to Americans not to travel to Iraq!

Washington Examiner:

“Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al Halbousi vowed to “put an end to U.S. presence” in Iraq after President Trump ordered airstrikes that killed top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces boss Mahdi al Muhandis in Baghdad on Thursday.

“Yesterday’s targeting of a military commander in Iraq’s armed forces near Baghdad International Airport is a flagrant breach of sovereignty and violation of international agreements,” a statement from Halbousi read.

Halbousi added that Iraq “must avoid becoming a battlefield or a side in any regional or international conflict.” …”

Meanwhile, Trump is succeeding in getting the United States kicked out of Iraq, which in the ultimate irony is about to democratically vote to get rid of all the American troops that Trump has sent to Iraq. Understandably, Iraq doesn’t wanted to be plunged into another decade of hell and everyone there except the Kurds – Sunni or Shi’ite – hates the United States.

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    • Iraq has been a ZOG-occupied country ever since the US invaded back when to shove its oil sales back onto the petrodollar . And

      will continue to be for some time…since neither Iraq nor Iran has the power to expel

      the Imperial Stormtroopers. If, in the course of the Isramerica vs. Iran War,

      the Russians get directly involved as they did in Syria, then

      we’ll see.

    • If DJT were smart he would secretly encourage such a vote in the Iraqi Parliament then, because of his immense regard for democracy, he would announce all U.S. forces are GTFO now.

      I said if he were smart and also not owned lock, stock and barrel by the likes of that hideous troll, Sheldon Adelson et al.

    • I agree. Even if the Iraqi government passes legislation requiring US forces to leave and they issue the order, they will be ignored, proving that the US is an occupier and conquerer which does not recognize Iraq’s independence and sovereignty.

  1. I’m not holding my breath that the Iraqi government will do anything. More likely is that they will argue for months and won’t unite against the occupation. Iraq doesn’t have a real government. ZOG has managed Iraqi politics since the invasion to make sure the state is weak and divided. Obviously, many senior Iraqi politicians and officials are paid ZOG agents. They will probably block any legislation to remove the occupiers. Even if some such bill passes, it will take forever and will just be ignored. ZOG will just call the Parliament illegitimate and have its agents portrayed as the “legitimate government of Iraq.”

    “Halbousi added that Iraq “must avoid becoming a battlefield or a side in any regional or international conflict.” …”

    That’s as clear of indication of capitulation that you will ever get in the Arabic language. The odds are the situation in Iraq changes little, except for more ZOG attacks people Israel doesn’t like. Arab societies can’t unite against invaders. Enough factions will support the occupiers against other Arabs that a mass uprising never occurs. You will just keep getting these sectarian civil wars where at any one time, enough factions are always supporting the invader to keep the invader in charge. That’s basically been the last thousand years of Arab history.

  2. I heard that US Marines have arrested Iraqi politicians who support the removal of ZOG mercenaries from the country. I would LOVE to see Congress try to reinstate the Draft. The results would make Chicago in the summer of ’68 or Kent State in the spring of ’70 look like a first grade field trip by comparison.

    • The U.S. military is taxed to the limit now with its deployments. Many of the shortages in MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) fields are technical in nature such as aircraft support and cyber skills, not combat arms. Conscription had the effect of driving people to enlist in rear echelon fields such as aircraft support, electronics, supply etc. to avoid the more dangerous fields such as infantry, armor, artillery, air-defense artillery etc. Without the threat of conscription guys aren’t signing up for support fields and those already in are getting out when their enlistment is up.

      From the military’s point of view conscription would immediately solve these problems for very little money. Conscription could be targeted at those with obvious skills needed by the military mitigating training costs. The threat of conscription would also cause a certain number of guys to choose their field of service rather than risk getting assigned to combat duty.

      Obviously, wealthy and well connected people’s sons would be exempt from military service. Others would have soft jobs ready for them such as John Bolton and GWB II’s spots in the National Guard, or Rush Limbaugh and DJT’s medical deferments. The burden of hard military service would fall where it always does; on Southern, Christian, White, males just like it has for decades.

      The irony of conscription now is that it’s unlikely young guys would go meekly to the slaughter, there would be massive opposition uniting (to some extent) the Left and Nationalist Right on this one issue. Also, the mask would fall from supposedly “liberal” and “conservative” opposition, they would also be united in their pro-war stance. There wouldn’t be 1/1,000 inch of daylight between them regarding a new war for “our greatest ally”.

      The U.S. Government’s propaganda dept. i.e. the MSM, big tech, etc. would have to go in to overdrive against their opponents including colored people who oppose killing other colored people. The hypocrisy would be on full display for all to enjoy and during an election season, too.

  3. Well, I don’t recall us asking their permission to go there in the first place.

    What are the Iraqi’s planning to do? Send the ambassador an eviction notice? How did that go in Syria when assad said we had to leave? Oh right, we just said fuck you and are taking their oil supply.

    This is the fact on the ground. The U.S. military is big enough, and powerful enough to go anywhere it wants.

    Yeah what about muh F35 program cost overruns? But muh patriot missles aren’t as good as teh s400’s blah blah. Muh trannies in the navy etc. So what? There is still the capability in the U.S. miltary and economy to take on basically everyone else, most of them combined.

    This thing is about to go weapons free. Folks on the dissident right here are casting their lots with the Iranians because they read RT and Russia insider too much, and believe their bullshit.

    Worst case scenario iran would be vietnam. Iran would still be utterly destroyed. We dont need to “win” to make the cost of screwing with us too high to pay.

    If you think its a good idea to publicly root for the conflict with iran to collapse the U.S. Empire, you are painting a target on your own back. You do not want to be considered an enemy sympathizer during wartime. History makes that very clear.

    Everyone on this fringe would be well off to keep their mouths shut on it. You won’t be hailing your Iranian liberators any time soon. And you still live under ZOGs influence.

    I am no fan of ZOG, but I’m getting too old to be getting caught up in these thinly veiled propaganda ops that have been targeting dissident circles for a decade now (I suspect, longer).

    I hear Tucker. I agree with everything he says. He is likely to be murdered soon, or at the very least personally destroyed. He is one guy. The entire political apparatus of the U.S. government is in lockstep with ZOGs foreign policy. We don’t get a say in it one way or the other, just like the Iraqis.

    The ONLY thing of importance to us, now in reality, is what does it mean for our day to day lives. That is where not being considered an enemy sympathizer in wartime is important. Being tarred and feathered in the public square isn’t high on my bucket list.

    How about you?

  4. The war that Bush made! How is that killing Saddam Hussein working our for you now America? He may have been an SOB but he kept Iraq in line. He was a Sunni Muslim ruling a majority Shiite nation. Commonsense ought to dictate the last thing you need to do is overthrow Hussein and allow a Shiite to rule because it is inevitable they would look towards fellow Shiite nation Iran for support. Our politicians have absolute no concept of higher politics!

  5. If the Government resorts to conscription and young men comply they risk being killed/maimed but have, at a minimum, several years of their lives taken from them. That is worth publicly protesting and what eventually got the U.S. Government to end the war in Vietnam. That is not sympathizing with Iranian enemies (who are no good bastards), it’s common sense.

    Conscription was already a fact of life for 18 year old males in 1964 when LBJ ramped up the Vietnam war and increased conscription. WWII had ended less than twenty years earlier and military service was expected then. WWII is almost beyond living memory, now military service is voluntary.

    Conscription would have to be started from scratch now, the last guy drafted was in Jan., 1973, 47 years ago. Scumbag politicians don’t have the balls to pass a bill authorizing a draft but they also don’t have the balls to defy the Israeli lobby, that is their dilemma. Fuck ’em.

    Conscription could very well be the catalyst that collapses the welfare/warfare state. There is no way there would be cooperation with Selective Service now especially since “conservative” hypocrites like DJT, Rush, John Bolton, Sean Hannity et al. either never served or got safe spots at someone else’s expense. The U.S. Empire’s Achilles’ heel is, amongst other things, the lack of competent manpower right now to fully staff the military.

    A war with Iran would increase the demands upon the military beyond what they can currently meet. Right now there are significant U.S. troops deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, Saudi, UAE, Europe, Japan, Okinawa, S. Korea, Turkey, Sub Saharan Africa and small commitments deployed to Australia, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Philippines (perhaps I missed some). The financial condition of the U.S. is also bad, just not as bad as other countries.

    Wars also have transformative effects on nations such as the Napoleonic Wars, the Boer War, WWI, WWII and Vietnam. A war with Iran could be the end of the deep state and its minions. They are not ten feet tall, they have feet of clay. They will have deep, popular opposition (including from their diverse pets) if they start conscription but they can’t fight another big war without it, thus their dilemma.

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