Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 5

Never seen anything like this before during flu outbreaks.

The media and the government lies to protect the powerful, but that is true of all countries.

I’ve stocked up on hot whiskey and honey.

28,000 reported infections which is 3.5x worse than SARS.

It’s in Wisconsin now?

3,000 new reported infections in Hubei.

We’re all crazy rightwing conspiracy theorists for not believing the bullshit about the coronavirus on television. What about the flu though?

In theory, it would have been easier to bring back jobs from China to North America by simply abandoning free trade. I don’t know though. Maybe it is easier to release a deadly virus that disrupts global supply chains than to break the neoliberal consensus in Washington.

No one thinks it is bat soup anymore.

The release of the virus in the Wuhan wet market was likely just a plausible cover story for either 1.) an op or 2.) an accident. The media would rather blame ordinary people for making jokes about Chinese eating practices than investigate why the virus actually seems to be racist. No one who is making bat soup jokes has either the capability or the motive to create a deadly virus and release it in the middle of China where it is killing Chinese people in their own country. I will just let you guess who has the capability and the motive to destabilize China.

Anglos monitoring the coronavirus with gallows humor.

Normally, the mainstream media in the West can’t stop talking about racism, but for some reason it seems to have little interest in reporting on a deadly virus that only seems to infecting and killing East Asians. Isn’t it strange how the only people who seem to be curious about why this is the case are dissident websites which the media wants to censor?

REMINDER: There isn’t much of a biological difference between mainland China (bad guys) and Hong Kong or Taiwan (good guys). How about other East Asians like South Koreans or the Japanese? It is unlikely that they can be cured by hot whiskey and honey like White people.

Did Tencent leak the real numbers by accident?

China is reporting daily numbers of the Wuhan coronavirus based on a model. These aren’t the actual total infections and deaths numbers.

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  1. Styx, of all people, has been suggesting that his listeners stock up on basic supplies; non-perishable foods, medical supplies, etc, due to shortages. Which is correct. I’m glad there will be shortages; the dimmest, laziest Murkin’s need a stark lesson in the horrors of “globalism”. And just how fragile supply chains, and Civilization itself is. I’ve noticed that the few commenters here-in who were saying this is all fake have vanished.

    We’ve been so complacent for SO long. Now the chickens….aren’t…coming home to roost. They’re all in China. We can’t get ’em.

    • Styx is a bright guy, especially on poll analysis.

      “the dimmest, laziest Murkin’s need a stark lesson in the horrors of “globalism”

      HAHAHA, you give the average person far too much credit for understanding.

      • I think Styx is a very bright fellow. He shills for Trump way too much – but the poll analysis is FLAWLESS. He states that he’s getting loads of new Subs every day, due to hits on his daily coronachan videos – and he is doing a real services by offering very sensible advice on how to handle this.

        Supply chains are already being disrupted. God help you if you need auto parts! Will Murkins ever make the connection between the absolute fraud of (((globalism))) and local, accountable manufacturing?

    • Complacent, feetsball loving, living large, watching 60 inch TV, Muricans don’t want to be disturbed by bad news, DJT has got this, no worries. DJT said the future is bright, once he gets reelected. No need to prepare for anything except the next spending binge, the guy on TV said the stock market is doing great anyway.

      The problem is the unbridled, unjustified optimism turns to panic and desperation overnight when the dim bulbs realize the wheels are coming off. The government can’t save itself and doesn’t care about the citizenry, something that is a shock to most people.

    • “I’ve noticed that the few commenters here-in who were saying this is all fake have vanished.”

      AKA Renegade Tribune morons.

  2. Have any ethnic europeans been infected ?
    If so, what has been the progression ?

    Yes, the OBSOLETE media has been scrupulous in not mentioning any racial parameters on this virus.

    The agenda is obvious, if this virus is racially selective it sinks the entire ” RACE IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT ” and all allied slogans. It opens and entirely new vista , that race may be a matter of life and death, which it is.

    • It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens as this plays out with Caucasians. The Chinese have been lying about infection and death rates. I don’t know if “our” countries will do this. They may well conceal actual data. They lie about all kinds of things.

      • I believe the western countries will be much mor transparent.
        They aren’t monolithic and don’t have tight press controls, as wi China.

        • Arian,

          Honestly, we can lose the dead weight of stupid white people. Stupid or dumb means able to learn. Whereas, ignorance is unaware or unknowing.

          • Nov,

            There’s a major flaw in that reasoning.
            Sometimes the dullest people have brilliant children that change the course of history, for the better.

            Until we have have a deep understanding of eugenics, that judgement has to be held provisional.

      • ebola-chan only wanted to kill niggers,

        but stupid White people frustrated ebola-chan.

        now corona-chan only wants to kill slants, and

        once again White people are trying to frustrate her.

        Stop being stupid, White people!

    • Worst flu evar!!!!!

      My chickens are in the freezer not in chiner.

      Non Christians shouldn’t really give a shit about flu dyin, because life is meaningless, protons and electrons wasting time until absorbed into space.

      Christian’s don’t care if they have faith in resurrection and Christ.

      If the flu gets ya, it’s your time!


    • “Workers at crematoriums in #Wuhan say that their workload has increased dramatically in recent days, constantly picking up bodies from hospitals and private homes.”

      It’s a HOLOCAUST, or is that a Harowcost? It’s dedicated burning of God’s Chosen…. oh, wait.
      It’s only chinese. What does that Talmud say? “Tob shebbe goyim harog.”

      Umm, yeah. Let’s talk about who has NO compassion….

    • I’m not upset or worried in the least. I’m here for the gallows humor.

      Has anyone noticed Twitter is becoming unreachable using Tor? Now either Twitter suddenly doesn’t want people using Tor to read them any longer, or a large number of bots have started attacking Twitter using the Tor network.

      The weird part is Twitter only started becoming harder to reach after news of the virus started to get really big. I have never had difficulties reaching them before, so it looks to me like someone with huge resources is trying to shut it down.

  3. You mention cars parts, in your commebtery, how about electronics?
    Try finding electronics not sourced in Asia, good luck ! Shenzhen is maketplace to the world in electronics.

    Here’s unforeseen consequence, the end of american fracking. China imports ~ 10mmbbl/ day. China’s consumption has dropped dramatically, flooding the world with unsold oil cargoes. Oil prices have dropped steeply. If OPEC+ can’t reduce sypply enough to control prices, oil will be so cheap that it will bankrupt most frackers.
    (Of course, if oil returns to higher prices, it will be easy to restart fracking, under new ownership.)

      • Auto parts: timing belts/chains. water pumps, thermostats, fuel pumps, alternators, voltage regulators etc. If you have and older model car you might want to get a couple of things now that will go bad later.

    • A brilliant, magisterial analysis as usual (We would have expected nothing less) but I’m sure there are all kinds of safeguards in place to prevent any apocalyptic financial meltdowns like the one(s) you have described. The global finance system constantly runs all kinds of computer generated simulations / scenarios to anticipate every conceivable crisis.

  4. I’d like to see the contortions that the Liberal media would go through to cover up a virus that burned through the Blacks like wildfire, with 100% lethality, and had no effect on other races.

    As an aside; The Soviets proposed to Nixon that they and the U.S. conduct joint nuclear strikes on China, to reduce its future power, and population. Which prompted Nixon’s overtures to, and reproach wth, China.

    • Yes, China and the USSR fought border skirmishes in 1969 that nearly resulted in nuclear war between the two countries. The Soviets had the better military but the Chinese had a small nuclear arsenal but huge numbers of troops to throw into battle. The movie Omega Man was premised upon the border skirmishes between China and the USSR leading to all out war including biological warfare resulting in the worldwide plague Charlton Heston was immune to.

  5. The Video up on Twitter showing the caravan of at lest 60 ambulances/ large transport on a deserted major highway threw Wuhan. Maybe on their way to a new makeshift Hospital? Has put this situation in perspective for me.

    The man taking the Video from a apartment high rise with his family quarantined, made we realize also this is going to be the norm in a lot of large Asian cities!

  6. Epoch Times, along with Great Game India and Zero Hedge, are doing the work (((media))) should be on this story, but aren’t. If we were stuck with the gatekeepers at the three main tv networks and the major newspapers, like we were until just a few years ago, all of us would be as vulnerable to disaster as the elites seemingly want. Accurate info is empowering.

  7. “REMINDER: There isn’t much of a biological difference between mainland China (bad guys) and Hong Kong or Taiwan (good guys). How about other East Asians like South Koreans or the Japanese? ”

    Mongols ?
    American indians ?
    Native Mayans ?
    Aztec decent ?
    Pacific Islanders ?
    Hmong ?
    Vietnamese ?

  8. There hasn’t been influenza outbreak with any historical president that quarantined tens of millions of people by blocking roads in and out of cities, or holding citizens hostage at the point of a rifle.

    Whether or not 2019 nCoV is capable of infecting non-orientals is unknown. Time will tell.

    The last situation that even came close to rivaling this was the tsunami waves that hit that nuclear power plant in Fukushima Japan and nearly caused a Chernobyl type core meltdown.

  9. “Six million Israelis have died due to 2019 nCoV.” NY Times

    Jewish survivors of 2019 nCoV are making the case for financial reparations against the CCP for themselves and their progeny. The United States ambassador to the UN vetoes the United Nations dismissal of Israel’s claim. JerUSAlem Post

  10. What if they all die and we can’t buy stuff made in China anymore? Maybe “our greatest ally” would pick up the slack and stuff their citizens in sweatshops with suicide nets so we can continue to have unfettered access to that fine Israeli surveillance technology.

  11. But wait….the MSM told me today that the stock market is rocketing upwards because coronavirus is being controlled!

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