2020 State of the Union Address

I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to catch President Donald Trump deliver the 2020 State of the Union Address when it aired on live television last night. Normally, I would have posted one of our live threads so that our readers can post their reactions to the speech as it happens.

While Trump was delivering his KAG speech to Congress, I was meeting up with a friend from our movement who happened to be in the area. We have known each other as activists since Barack Obama was president. I would say that it is probably a significant sign of the current discontent in our community that we spent most of our time tonight talking about how much worse life has gotten for people like us since Donald Trump won the 2016 election. There has been a massive spike in Antifa violence. Internet censorship has spiraled to unprecedented levels. The Department of Justice and FBI have effectively criminalized the White Nationalist movement. We have experienced the Trump era as a massive disappointment and rollback of our rights. We now feel as pessimistic and insecure in 2020 as we felt optimistic and confident in 2016. The Overton Window was supposed to widen by electing Donald Trump as president, NOT narrow on us. Now, we can’t gather in public places or speak as freely on the internet as we could before.

As I listened to the KAG speech on the way home, I didn’t hear a single word about political correctness or how much worse it has gotten since Donald Trump has been president. He didn’t have anything to say about the backlash that the Trump presidency has created or the negative impact it has had on his supporters. In the eyes of millions of Americans, Donald Trump is a symbol of “racism” and “white supremacy.” He is even called a White Nationalist by most of his Democratic rivals. From the perspective of actual White Nationalists, people like us are enduring all the costs of the Trump presidency without deriving ANY benefits from it. Instead, he boasted in his speech tonight about his record funding for HBCUs, how he has promoted one of the Tuskegee Airmen to the rank of brigadier general, how he has delivered criminal justice reform, how the black unemployment rate is at record lows, how he has created opportunity zones in Detroit, how he wants to pass a school choice plan for blacks stuck in public schools, etc.

Donald Trump wants you to know that the American economy has never been better because he signed a huge corporate tax cut, cut regulations and renegotiated and rebranded our existing free trade deals. As a result, the GDP and the stock market have gone up, 84% of which is owned by the wealthiest 10% of households. The unemployment rate is at a historic low because so many people are working in multiple part time gig economy jobs which offer no benefits or job security to make ends meet because they have no other choice. He didn’t have a word to say about the burden of student loan debt. He could have cited other statistics that tell a different story like how Millennials are committing suicide, postponing having children and buying their own homes. Life is fantastic for the first generation in history to be worse off than their parents.

The KAG speech gave Trump the opportunity to boast about his impressive foreign policy record: how he nearly plunged us into a war with Iran last month by assassinating General Qasem Soleimani, how he tried and failed to overthrow the government of Venezuela and install his puppet Juan Guaidó in power (he was present in the audience), his recent release of Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan which gives much of the West Bank to Israel or the fact that Trump actually hasn’t ended the “endless war” in Afghanistan in the fourth year of his presidency. He hasn’t pulled our troops out of Iraq either even after the Iraqi Parliament voted to kick us out. NATO is paying its fair share now like Saudi Arabia pays for our troops in the region. Trump isn’t opposed to “globalism.” He just gripes about how much the system costs. He thinks the United States shoulders too much of the burden of globalism in trade and foreign policy.

The most aggravating part of the KAG speech was about Trump’s immigration record which was the defining issue of his 2016 campaign. The wall has been reduced to refurbishing sections of the George W. Bush era fence. He has built all of three new miles of fence in the entire time that he has been in office. It’s true that border crossings have declined since last May after illegal immigration DOUBLED in FY 2019. Illegal immigration is back down to 2015 levels after soaring under Trump and he calls that a huge victory. He also touted Jared Kushner’s plan to reform legal immigration by INCREASING immigration and changing the composition of it by switching to a merit based system that brings in more high skilled workers and fewer peons. He lamented the fact that Americans like Kate Steinle whose killer walked free are still dying from illegal aliens committing crimes in sanctuary cities after he failed to do anything about it. Far from cutting legal immigration or deporting millions of illegal aliens, there are several million more of them here now. He has also promised to sign a DACA amnesty for the DREAMers.

Infrastructure? Never went anywhere. Health care? As unaffordable as ever. Entitlements? He promises to save those after vowing to slash them in all of his budgets. Donald Trump and the GOP Congress never got around to addressing lots of these issues in 2019 after spending the whole year on the fight against anti-Semitism which culminated in Trump’s executive order which banned anti-Semitism on college campuses in December. To be fair, there was never really a chance that anything would pass Congress in 2019 anyway because Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda was so unpopular it cost the GOP the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms.

The KAG speech was a conservative speech. It was not a populist speech. The Donald Trump of the 2016 campaign who railed against a rigged system and who painted a picture of an American dystopia and who struck themes and used tropes which resonated with the Alt-Right is ancient history. Happy days are here again. America is great now. We have a Republican president who has pushed the standard conservative policy agenda in office. Evil socialists like Bernie and AOC are threatening to destroy our glorious economy and impose communism on the Boomers.

After watching this speech, I wish that I would have clapped for Jeb. We got the worst of both worlds in the 2016 election: the liability of the being caught at the forefront of the backlash against Donald Trump’s rhetoric and all for the sake of Jeb’s dismal policy agenda. At least if Jeb had won the 2016 election, we wouldn’t be dealing with most of the shit we are now.

I agree with the majority of Bernie’s response.

Of course, I could never vote for Bernie because of his radical position on immigration, but I now look at Donald Trump with different eyes in the 2020 election. I look at him and think that I am only voting for a senile Boomer Twitter personality. I am not voting for a nationalist or a populist president. I am voting for the Mike Pence presidency and a government run by conservatives which isn’t much of a choice at all and which I rejected in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.

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  1. “e also touted Jared Kushner’s plan to reform legal immigration by INCREASING immigration and changing the composition of it by switching to a merit based system that brings in more high skilled workers and fewer peons. ”

    The Silicon Valley crowd are among the most anti-White people in the country and it is they that have been censoring us off the Internet. Wouldn’t it feel good to see these people tipped out of their offices into the filthy streets of San Francisco by low paid Pajeets?

    If you destroy the White middle classes comfy way of life. they too will radicalize. Since Bernie is cancelled, does that make midldle class wrecker Trump, the aCceLeRAtIoNISt candidate?

  2. Pelosi ripping up that dirty speech was the best part of the night. She’s no prize, but that was the ultimate act of resistance. It’s all anyone is talking about. Conservative Inc is whining about her ripping up a speech that recognized a Tuskegee airman and a black guy who got off crack and got a job. Maybe democrats are the real racists.

    • Well said, V. The Trumpfags are apoplectic over Pelosi’s hilarious stunt. Too bad she didn’t tear up that dumb speech and sprinkle the pieces on top of Trump’s ridiculous looking comb-over.

      • Pelosi was a woman scorned, after Blompf ignored her offer of a hand shake prior to delivering his load of BS SOTU address.

        This what clownworld looks like on the big stage.

    • Purity spiraling is awesome bro! We’re the most edgy and furthest right person there is and that’s what matters most. Coalitions and elections and convincing people who lean your direction and moving the Overton window and retaking institutions and building consensus within your own people and buying time are for weaklings

      It’s either full on 1488 right away or just lets all just live in a gay bathhouse staffed by intersectional mullattos forever. There’s literally no middle ground.

    • Madam, please pray to your Celtic gods that this horrid man will be ZOG’s last president. I know those gods hear your prayers.

  3. I did like the lawsuit bill against sanctuary cities and states that Trump mentioned. A bill being pushed by Senator Tillis, I believe,that calls for such lawsuits by individuals or family members for those killed or injured by illegals. That is another example of moving the ball forward. Bush, Mccain, Romney, Rubio and on and on would never push such things. For sure no Democrat would.

    The black and brown butt kissing thing during the speech is done for the obvious- votes. It’s not 1950, 1970 or even 1990 any longer. The nation is extremely diverse now, far more than those years just mentioned. An increase of a few percent in the black vote and say, 30% of the Hispanic vote instead of 25% last time makes a Trump win extremely likely. It’s just that simple.

    To see the Democrat female monsters all dressed in white with their forever bitch faces was disgusting.

    The obvious drug addict, Nancy Pelosi, could not even applaud Rush Limbaugh, a man with stage 4 cancer. She was muttering the whole time like the evil drug addict she is. The pretend cat lick who pretends she prays could not even applaud attempts to stop late term abortions because she and the rest of those resting bitch faces are murderers for sure. They love killing unborn babies or promoting it. So many unhappy Democrat females in the room watching Trump yesterday.

    Trump is a wildcard. When he gets in again he does not have to run again. No more drumming up cash for another reelection. Thus I do think there is a better than slim chance a good amount of that wall is up by the end of the year and for sure all of it put up in his second term. I have hopes the heat is turned up regarding the whole censorship issue among other things.

    One thing is for sure: you will never, ever get any hope or results voting Democrat. No way. Heck, they will even end the deal we have with Mexico intercepting invaders from Central America. Democrats are now a majority non white party trying to turn us into Guatemala. No thanks!

    • Why are you still shilling for that insufferable buffoon? Have you had your T levels checked lately?

      • You begging for them Bernie Gibs? I guess you just love that anti white party Democrats, huh? Bernie is with his trainer Al Sharpton and the black and Latin Communist Caucus now. Bark Bernie Bark!

  4. Boiiinie the Trotskyite Isrealite has no way to pay for his trve commvnist vision because he, like Trump and all the rest, won’t cut the military budget and refocus on national defense because that would essentially mean denying his party an underclass to vote for it AND denying his people’s racial state the US military support that Izrull depends on. At least if Bernie was elected we could point out that an Eskimo is Eskimowing, whereas Trump puts the tenuous white majority to sleep.

    • Imagine being enough of a boomer retard to unironically believe his policies are communist.

      Bernie sanders is a centrist on economics. His views are in line with the most of the general public, including working-class Trump supporters. Of course none of it will actually be implemented anymore than Trump is going to build a wall, but even if they were, succdem centrism isn’t the answer. We can’t “save capitalism from itself” and there is no “peace” or “compromise” between the classes.

      • I can’t believe anyone believes Bernie is a centrist on anything. Do you really imagine that Bernie the Commie Jew is going to be “centrist” if he gains power?

        He had a very nice career in White on White Vermont. I’ve urged Hunter, repeatedly, in the past, to visit Whitelandia Vermont. Spend time in the off-season. Feb and March are PERFECT times to see how the place really works. Jews hold the levers of power, and they have a docile, hardworking, clueless White Helot class that accepts their fate and knows NOTHING else, to do all the actual work. You’d think Jews would be happy in this “perfect world” – but no. Nation Wrecking is what they DO.

        Bernie, as POTUS, over the whole of Murka wil be a totally different story. The Commie Crazy will go full on. If you want accelerationism – Bernie’s your Jew.

      • Yet another well-articulated and reasoned argument, Tovarich. Too bad it shall mostly fall on deaf ears.

      • Dang, man. I’m not a boomer or a retard. I’m not mad about, but I definitely didn’t expect that reaction. I was just making a joke about Bernie’s “communism” like we do with the GOP’s “nationalism.” That was intended to be signified by the Vs instead of Us. It’s a meme. Just like Bernie being a communist or Trump being literally Hitler is a meme.

        • Uh OK I didn’t get that you were being sarcastic. This isn’t 4chan or gayly stormer after all.

          Anyways Bernie Sanders is about where Adolf Hitler was economically. A welfare capitalist. In other words, a centrist.

    • All the mind-boggling ignorant and/or CRAZY Bernie supporters deserve to have Bernie win.Let them find out about “free healthcare”, “free college” and 24/7 Jewing in real time.

      I won’t vote for him, or Trumpberstein – but it’s likely thar Bernie will wind up as a nominee. The obvious swindle in IA is really cheesing off the most complacent Dems. There will be a revolt if the Dems try this again and again. Which they will do.

      A Bernie/Don the ZioCon match off will be insane beyond belief. I really wish a meteorite would just hit DC – and Israel.

      • Pray to Tuatha Dedanann, madam! He shall reward your faith with an asteroid strike on Washingcoon and Jewrusalem!

  5. The task before us now is to create our own counter-culture and our own counter-society. That’s the only way we’ll be able to weather the coming storm.

  6. We who voted for Trump must admit this: we got duped. Thankfully, I learn from my mistakes, and I will not be voting for him again.

  7. What a whiney little bitch session I just read. Thank God we have someone steering this ship who loves his country. You’d rather have Hillary…obama? Grow a pair and make your life better instead of acting like a spoiled snowflake.

    • Yes.

      When Obama was president, we had exactly the same level of legal and illegal immigration. The trade deficit was lower. We weren’t stuck up Israel’s ass. Look how much more excitement and energy there was in 2015 and 2016 when Obama was president compared to what it is like now under Donald Trump.

      • I agree HW, the old “would you rather have Hitlery or Obummer?” argument is a pathetically weak defense of Trump and his FAILED presidency.

    • I don’t understand it, either. If we had a parliamentary system then I could understand not voting for Trump and going with a nationalist party because votes over 5% get represented in government. In America it’s winner take all so Trump is the sane choice.

      The obsession with Bernie gibs or voting for him would accelerate civil war 2 or something is shady at best. He will simply stop any wall construction, massively increase the number of refugees, make illegals legal, cut back on ice, reparations for blacks. The list never ends.

      With the choices offered as “alternatives” to Trump, it’s truly insane. Bernie or Biden? Seriously now? Or Bloomberg the dictator who literally stole a third term despite a two term limit and who wants tons more immigration because he feels they are superior to Americans? Mr. Anti second amendment, except for himself?

      Trump is far and away the only. true American running. Sometimes you can’t have the whole cake. But with Trump we are getting part of it. With the Democrat freak show. you won’t even get the crumbs.

      • Are you telling us that “You can’t always get what you want”? We already know that, because Trump always plays that song at the end of his rallies.

        And so what if I want them Bernie gibs? Why not? The coloreds and wetbacks receive a shit-ton of govt benefits, so why not us honkies too ? Hell, we paid for ’em!

  8. Trump is on the wrong end of the Establishment Coup D’Etat because his core policies, however inartfully expressed and executed, have a modest impact on wages, which the oligarchs in control cannot accept, lest the wage slaves discover hope for freedom. They fear Bernie will bring about a similar uptick in wages, with its accompanying decline in profits. Both parties work for the already wealthy, and make false promises to their voters: Republicans claim to fight for tradition, while Democrats claim to fight for affirmative action for each of their coalition partners. These promises are lies, as freedom to be depraved cannot be revoked once experienced, and the people who use affirmative action successfully are the 1% of those groups who play to win, not the nice normies who think competition is fair.

    All life is Darwinian, and the best equipped by their genetics to win under whatever the rules of the game are-feudalism, capitalism, collectivism, tradition, anarchy, or whatever-will do so. Some go all out, most settle. The inevitable result is hierarchy, not equality. Unless the bottom 99% set aside their felt differences and fight as One against the wealthy Few, the Few always win. And since history has proven the Many always refuse to sacrifice anything to win, and protect themselves and no one else, the Oligarchy will triumph in the end. Based on interaction with people on all sides of life, here and elsewhere, I have no doubt this will remain reality. Humans are not equipped to survive in all out combat with apex predators. Mexico proves the point. America is a genteel Mexico, nothing more. The American Spirit of integrity and self control is dead forever.

  9. As regards evolution nature knows only one gauge for superiority…that which is superior is that which survives! By that token the Chinese are the world’s master race.We are on a sinking ship and the captain quarter’s is locked and we cannot turn it around. Regardless of who is elected needed reforms will not be enacted. We all dance in front of Vesuvius until she blows sky high. You are dealing with a 18th century governmental structure that is not capable of performing in 21st century reality. Our people need realize this and to radicalize and racialize if we are to have any future at all.Its time to think in term of post-American (or at least post-United States) reality because this system is terminal. Pay heed to the Great Philosopher (OS) because he got it right! To the incurable one should not try to be a physician! (FN)

  10. Mike Enoch reports on Tuesday’s Strike & Mike that 276,000 immigrants from the supposedly banned Muslim countries have entered the US during the past three years. Mike didn’t give his source, but I suspect he’s correct. The “ban” was never more than a series of somewhat higher hurdles, or rather, more bureaucratic steps, a wannabe immigrant from those countries had to go through to get here. Also, the immigration bureaucracy has simply refused to implement whatever parts of the ban might have actually blocked a significant number of Muslim immigrants from entry.

    There is no political solution with the present system. It must be replaced.

  11. “As regards evolution nature knows only one gauge for superiority…that which is superior is that which survives!”

    I don’t buy that for a second.
    There are many chances and misfortunes that can cause retrograde in the progression of species.

      • Is the ugly, common shitskin superior to the attractive and intelligent Nordic it kills off and replaces in Scandinavia?

  12. Ted Cruz would have been better than Jeb tbh.

    With Ted, you would have less cringe liberalism than with Trump since Cruz would be sucking up to the conservative establishment/elite which even now is unbelievably no where as cringe as Trump is .

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