VICE News: The FBI Just Put White Nationalists On The Same Level As ISIS

Promises made. Promises kept!

Your favorite president just keeps on winning!

He endorses the best people like Mitt Romney and Christopher Wray!

VICE News:

“The FBI has elevated racially-motivated violent extremism to a “national threat priority,” in yet another sign that the U.S. government has finally woken up to the threat posed by white nationalists and neo-Nazis at home and abroad.

In a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray outlined several concrete steps the agency had taken to combat violent far-right extremists, explaining that the “national threat priority” designation puts those groups or individuals on the same footing as ISIS” in terms of the resources the FBI will devote to it. …

Citing Justice Department sources, CBS reports that more federal arrests targeting neo-Nazi or white nationalists are coming down the pike, including people with ties to networks in Europe, Ukraine, and Russia. …”

CBS News:

“Wray also said he’s instructed the FBI’s more than 200 Joint Terrorism Task Forces, which work with state and local law enforcement around the country, “to have domestic terrorism squarely in their sights.”

Speaking last November, Wray said the FBI netted about 107 domestic terrorism arrests in fiscal year 2019, on par with the number of international terrorism arrests. On Wednesday, Wray said Joint Terrorism Task Forces have arrested eight suspected members of “The Base,” which the FBI has called a neo-Nazi group, in four states, and foiled synagogue bombing plots in Nevada and Colorado.

Justice Department sources have told Pegues to expect more federal arrests targeting white supremacists, including those with ties to “nationalist” organizations in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.”

Donald Trump said he would be the “law and order” president.

By “law and order,” he meant that Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Julian Assange would all go to prison, black criminals would be let out of prison by criminal justice reform, White Nationalists who have ties to “nationalist” organizations in Europe would take their place and Antifa would also have a free hand to attack his “extremist” supporters in the streets!

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  1. Any white man who still Trusts the Plan deserves to get clonked on the head by Antifa. Say what you will about that group, but unlike the Blight Wing at least they are organized, motivated and action-oriented.

    • Yeah antifa are funded motivated and organized only because they are bankrolled globally by very wealthy heebs and shabbos goys not to mention backed by governments and their immoral justice systems anytime they are in a jam. True about qtards and blumpf dick riders tho truly a disgusting bunch clinging onto any sense of false hope

    • Apparently, no extremism is too extreme for the FBI if it emanates on the Left, seeks the marginalization of Christians as domestic terrorists per se, and in general works toward the annihilation of Western Civilization. Literal calls for exterminating “whiteness” in the msm and academia, as a thinly veiled call for genociding white Americans, including children, is apparently no problem for the FBI—possibly because they own much of it. Antifa street violence, no problem.

      Implanting false memories and recall—exposed by Elizabeth Loftus regarding feminist therapists’ intentionally implanting false memories and recall in preschool children in the ‘80s—segued right into the putative school shootings as the rationale for normalizing lockdowns and implanting learned helplessness in our children, now of all ages.

      Today, advances in deep state psychological manipulation have persuaded countless numbers of our emotionally vulnerable children—the ones you’d think are most deserving of the FBI’s care and protection—that they’re of the opposite sex, who’re then chemically and surgically turned into sexual chimeras against their parents’ will. This is straightforward, horrific child abuse yet the only ones who need fear the FBI, apparently, are those opposed.

    • ” ‘Any White Christian Man’…who still Trusts the Plan, deserves to get clonked on the head.”
      There. Fixed it for ya.

      Clearly, the FEDGOV has become an Antichrist. Every single pastor, priest, bishop, minister and layman who call themselves Sons of the Most High God, should pray imprecatory prayers AGAINST THIS GODLESS STATE, as she has become a ‘habitation of demons, wherein dwelleth no good thing.’


      Arise O God, and SMITE THIS LAND, but save Thy faithful people. Grant us a Pella. Amen.

    • The dweeb HAS TO say that kind of BS. It’s called politics. No one’s coming for us. They KNOW we’re a joke and don’t DO anything but vote then bitch. Also, they see how fast we’ll organize if they come after amendments 1 & 2 : ie., see Virginia !

  2. All the more reason why I’m standing down in November. Trump and his cheerleaders don’t speak out for my rights, so why should I support them? Fearmongering about “muh Demonrats” isn’t persuasive when Trump and his minions are doing the very thing that Komrade Sanders supposedly has planned for us.

    • B-b-b-but Bernie said he would declare white nationalists terrorists.

      Trump just took away one amnats/trump apologists biggest copes, sad!

  3. Actually they did sent weapons to the “white nationalist” Azov Battallion, which is basically the Ukrainian ISIS.

  4. All this virtue signalling how anti-white he is, yet White Nationalist Trump will still get hammered at the next election. Sob!

    And where is Juri to explain to us poor dumb country rubes, why we must support White Nationalist Trump. “If Trump doesn’t win re-election, the Commies will take over the USSA, and there will be a totalitarian boot stamping on white faces forever.”

    Support White Nationalist Trump! He’s the white man’s friend!

  5. Only and animal persecutes and torments the weak and the innocent. What was Christs’ crime? Tell me again?

    • The United States was founded by White Nationalists, and, calling the founders White Nationalists is putting it mildly.

      The Neo-Nazis are LARPERS, or into make believe, mostly Catholics, but not all Catholics, from what I’ve seen, and, they live or have lived in city neighborhoods that have been ruined by non-Whites. Do they have a legitimate gripe about non-Whites destroying their neighborhoods & property values?

      • If you were to meet with Jefferson or Adams and describe them as “white nationalists” they wouldn’t know what the fuck you were talking about. Aaron Burr would probably challenge you to a duel.

        “White nationalist”, “Neo Nazi” and “LARPER” are tired, worn-out phrases that only the reactionary right / Ricky Vaughn types still enjoy using in an un-ironic fashion. Are you one of them?

        • What kind of a nitwit has a moniker that alludes to Charles Manson…SpahanRanch1969? Have you carved a swastika in your forehead?

          If I were Brad, I would have had you pick a new moniker years ago, or have charged you cash every quarter for using it.

          Anyway, if anyone here is a wannabe FBI agent my guess is, it’s you.

  6. That’s good the only difference is ISIS is better organized, and actually accomplishes shit whereas the WN haven’t ever accomplished shit. WN needs to go away.

    • I’ll assume this isn’t a (((troll))), still it’s a pathetic take. The only difference, huh? ISIS is an Israel-CIA gay op. Pretty obvious now that the USA not only hasn’t persecuted them, they have protected them in Syria (remember that ISIS has murdered Americans within their own nation) and attacked Assad for their merchant masters. WN – that is, ALL race-conscious whites (that means even those who give a sh*t for their children’s futures) – are on the hit list. But I’m wasting my time.

    • Kevin,

      It sounds like you’re a fanboy of ISIS. That doesn’t surprise me because they’re a Mossad and CIA creation. The deep state needs boogeymen including the nonexistent threat posed by “White Nationalists ” and so-called “White Supremacists.” It’s known as “The Big Lie.” You may have heard about this kosher op, as it was exposed by an early twentieth century Austrian painter.

    • That’s a good point. WN’s never do anything that works. Other than being the anti-White’s favorite whipping boy they serve little or no useful purpose.

      • ” WN’s never do anything that works.”

        No, because when they do , the kjews mass all their guns to sink it. Like the White Scholarship Fund, the kjews brought all pressure possible to stop that.

  7. Trump’s donors DOJ includes both Thomas Cillen and Christopher Wray. Blompf has made pro-Whites enemies of the state.

  8. This makes me hope Antifa goes into overdrive this election season. Something tells me that they’ve dialed it down because the negative impression was beginning to take hold in the public mind. I guess, if they have the Feds to do their bidding, then why go through all the trouble? Either way, honest, decent, hard working White Men are being scrutinized, investigated, interrogated, arrested and convicted by sad, watered down, weak excuses for white men. They are the Janissaries of our time; indoctrinated, trained and utilized to oppress and fleece their own people for the enjoyment and benefit of their (((overlords))).

    Tucker Carlson had a segment on his program last night addressing the issue of Men falling behind Women in education and the workforce. While Women have been over-represented in college admissions and scholarships awarded since the 1970’s and are displacing Men in the upper echelons of the business world, they are still treated as though they are being discriminated against. The glaringly obvious reality is that Women have never conquered a territory, never instituted a government, never built a city, and have never repelled an invader. White Men decided that Women should have a vote. White Men decided that Women should be able to attend college and pursue careers. And, it is the Feminist voices that have turned white men into the sycophantic, apologetic, simpering, homosexuals and race traitors represented by our politicians and law enforcement personnel today.

    I read a quote many years ago, and I wish I knew who to attribute it to… “If you are magnanimous to women and minorities, you will be rewarded with insolence.”

    • There have been a few extraordinary aryan women in history, such as Joan of Arc, Boudicca, Hypatia of Alexandria and Dr. Hanna Reitsch, to name but a few. Needless to say we must always honor their memory. But this feminism crap is elitist and classist. They have nothing but the meanest contempt for blue collar occupations and make no effort whatsoever to get more more women to work as plumbers, electricians, truckers, welders, etc. Unlike business administrators and marketing executives those are IMPORTANT jobs.

    • Women are being promoted because they are weak.
      When it is time to snap the trap, they will easily be swept aside.

      • @Arian – exactly. Fro the nth time- WHY did White men allow jews to take over EVERY institution we have? And AGAIN – jews were collecting “tithes” on (((Church))) steps in the Middle Ages? WHY did Whites tolerate this?

        Women hold the same position as Negroes, in JewWorld. Mere helots. When they cease to be useful – onto the garbage pile!

    • @Cowtown Rebel The FBI is the real terror organization along with the ADL, Antifa, and the SPLC. I had two FBI agents show up at my home last summer wanting to “talk with me” about a group I’ve done work with over in Europe going back since the late 2000’s. I told them to get the fuck off my property and called the Sheriff’s office who sent out several deputies. Surprisingly the Lieutenant for the sheriff’s office told the FBI agents unless they had a search warrant, arrest warrant, or probable cause to believe I had committed a crime then they needed to leave my property immediately. They left and have not seen or heard from them since June of last year.

      • I commend you for the masterful way you dealt with those Fed agents. They use the public’s fear of the Government as an intimidation tactic.

        • @Spahnranch1969 Thanks and yeah we must use their own system against them. Local police and the sheriff’s office can be helpful depending on where you live. I dont want people to get the wrong idea, I’m not saying the NYPD or LAPD are your friends but I am saying in certain parts of the country particularly rural areas law enforcement officers still actually believe we as white people do have rights(most LE’s in my county are white with the few token blacks who are diversity hires) and some federal agent from DC or the state capital can’t just harass us for no reason. The best part was when the Lieutenant had the FBI agents speechless and said they need to leave or him and the three other deputies would escort them off the property lol.

          • CROAT0517,

            I know some coppers that always advise to NEVER EVER talk to the Feds with or without legal counsel. They’ve seen their friends jammed up by the federal bureau of intimidation on many occasions.

            Congratulations on handling America’s shin bet perfectly.

        • @Denise Thanks yeah I along with 99% of White people am law abiding and have never broken the law. Never had a speeding ticket. The Sheriff of my county basically told the Feds to stay out of his county and not to harass his citizens unless they have a warrant or they are going after an illegal immigrant.

          @November Thanks and yes I know several local cops that have been railroaded by the Feds particularly the FBI. One actually arrested an FBI agent for DUI(he was 2 times the legal limit and fought with the arresting officer). The FBI agent and his fellow ZOG agents then harassed and targeted the officer and his family. The Feds even attack the local LEO’s so I definitely view local authorities differently than the Feds. It’s something everyone should keep in mind.

  9. Jews don’t like Whites, but the Jews will go to plastic surgeons and go thru all kinds of surgery in order to look as White as possible. Jew Donald Trump’s Jew daughter Ivanka is one of those Jews. She had all kinds of plastic surgery to make her look like a White “beauty”. Before her surgery she looked as much as a Jew as Barbara Streisand.

    The Jews hate Whites but want to look like us Whites. I don’t understand wanting to look like the people you hate. If I hated any group of people I would not want to look like them — and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to mistake me for someone in that group of people I hate. But the Jews for some reason like to get surgery to make themselves look like the people they hate, Whites. Jews hate everyone who is NOT a Jew, but Whites they hate the most — but they will go thru all kinds of plastic surgery in order to look White. I don’t understand it, but I’m not a Jew. The Jew Trump family are the type of Jews who do everything they can to make everyone think they’re “NOT” Jews, to make everyone think they’re “really” Whites, yet they couldn’t care less about us Whites ; and as the Trumps are Chabad Lubavitch Jews and Chabad Lubavitch Jews hate Whites, the Trump family hates Whites.

    During the campaign Trump left everyone with the impression he cared about White Americans. That’s a major reason why the Left hates him, the Left thinks he cares about White Americans. What a joke that is.

    I voted for Trump. I will not be voting for him in November.

    I knew Trump liked Jews when I voted for him ; I thought he also liked Whites. That’s why I voted for him. I see now he ONLY likes Jews [ as he pretends to like blacks and browns in order to try to win their votes, like he pretended to like Whites in the 2016 presidential campaign.] He ONLY cares about Jews, that is obvious now after his 3 years in office.

    We live in a culture deeply deeply ANTI-White, Trump has NOTHING to day about that. Silence equals Consent. Again, Chabad Lubavitchers hate Whites and Trump and his whole Jew family are Chabad Lubavitchers, including his Jew daughter Ivanka who got all kinds of plastic surgery in order to not look Jewish, in order to look White, yet she and her whole family hates Whites.

    EVERYTHING that Hitler said about the Jews was RIGHT. Hitler was NOT wrong about anything he said about the Jews. EVERYTHING Hitler said about the Jews turns out to be TRUE.

    • Joe – I read about an experiment done, in China, years ago, where-in Chinese children, who NEVER saw a no-Chinese person ever, were asked to choose the “most beautiful women”. The vast majority of the kids chose White women, especially blondes. It was a reworking of the Brown vs Board of Education scam. I have been tryin to find a link; things are vanishing down the Jew Hole. Anyway the reason the Chinese children, who never experienced “discrimination” picked European blondes because there is a geometry to beauty. It’s called “The Golden Ratio”

      Great beauties, women and men have facial structures that meet the “mathematical” points. As far as coloring – Asian kids would only see, day in day out, sallow skin, black eyes, and black straight hair. White People ARE the READL People of color. We exhibit a dazzling array of eye, hair, and skin tones. The reason those kids picked blondes – it’s about the way the Human brain perceives light. Pale skinned luminescent light eyed blondes REFLECT light. There are reasons why angels were traditionally depicted as blondes. Dark looks and kinky hair signify “primitive”.

      There are beautiful, pretty, ordinary and ugly people in all Races – but no “beauty” in any Race is as beautiful as Whites are. And EVERY-ONE knows it. The preference for “light looks” reaches instinctively to the deepest reaches of our limbic systems.

      THAT’S why Jews try to look White. Because we ARE the most Beautiful People. They steal everything we make, do, and are? Why not our looks?

  10. “If you are magnanimous to women and minorities, you will be rewarded with insolence.”

    More correctly:

    “If you are magnanimous to women and minorities, you will be rewarded with DESTRUCTION.”

    • Having a Trotskyite like US Senator Bernie Sanders as a leading Democratic Party candidate is just bizarre, and having the other leading Democratic candidate and Mayor of Notre Dame Buttigieg, a full blown left wing homosexual is just as bizarre. Gives a whole new meaning to what you are saying.

  11. I am 100% voting for Trump again because the Democrats offer dog feces but I must say Trump has made some terrible hires. Whites are not popular on the political grandstanding level because they are usually never cohesive with exceptions. This is why the government jumps up and down for blacks, Jews, browns, etc. because they are well organized and get out on the streets and often multiple race groups are involved.

    No matter the views here, the pro second amendment demonstration in Virginia was a success. Zero arrests and some Democrat politicians listened and suddenly are not going with the program the governor and far left wants.

    Compare it to Charlottesville where the first night was a success. Then one can get into the debate of it all but the guys hung around too long the following day and the stuff with the car, the girl getting hit or having a heart attack. The police standing down. The point is pro white things- which the pro second amendment demonstration is- can be a success.

    Also let’s be honest. If you keep every person who is not white out of something, it’s not going to be viewed positively. For example, if you have a pro border enforcement rally, just it’s very nature it will be overwhelming white. But they are not going to keep out an Allen West type or Thomas So well type. You can make fun of the so called alt light whom you would probably agree with on 90% of things but they have more success than the alt right or white nationalists because the very nature of America is diverse. Whites should always be the majority but blowing off individual non whites who may side with you on many things is a losing issue.

    The fact Trump is now using the public charge rule for immigrants and now punishing the vile Democrats of New York after they did this illegal alien drivers license thing along with forcing Mexico to intercept Central American invaders, well, tell me what breathing Democrat politician would remotely even do one of the above, nevermind three of them? Winner take all is a horrible political system but Trump is the only choice in it.

    I have hope for his second term where he will not owe people or have to raise money for president. He has also been better than Obama, Bush 1 and 2 and Clinton combined. We are still recovering from Clinton and Obama judges most of whom are insidious.

    If Obama would have gotten his way we would have had four liberal to communist Jews on the court. As it is Jews make up 33% of the Supreme Court. Notice diversity Jews say nothing about huge Jewish over representation on the court? At least Trump put in a Wasp and Irish Catholic and is pushing on 200 other judges appointed to various courts. Imagine if they were Clinton and Obama judges?

  12. Unlike the abjectly corrupt FBI, white nationalists don’t shoot at an unarmed woman while she’s holding a baby I.e. Ruby Ridge. Unlike these Jackbooted thugs, we don’t set a place on fire murdering women and children I.e. Waco. It is they who are the domestic terrorists! They are the most corrupt law enforcement agency in America and they have no moral high ground to target WN’s. The majority of us are law-abiding citizens that wish to make a peaceful legal change in regard to the current anti-white status quo. Alas, they have become the Stasi of the Jewish Supremacist power structure. And yet the embers smolder throughout the night but the night shall not last forever. A new dawn is coming….

    • Michael – yes. The FBI are wholly corrupt and deeply evil. As are the CIA. They are absolute monsters. We need to do everything we can to protect ourselves from the Alphabet Gangsters.

  13. ZOG honeytrap group “The Base” is connected to Azov Battalion, the jewish funded, CIA armed “national socialists” who have been encouraging white nationalists from Western countries to join them. There is a pattern: people who get involved with Ukrainian “national socialists” and who get involved with those who have travelled to Ukraine get arrested on bogus “terror” charges. It’s almost like the jewish funded Azov is setting up white nationalists. Imagine that.

  14. Mr. Bond is alive and well in my heart and soul. The Alt-Right and Dissident Right are increasingly irrelevant.

    Nazi is the Move……..

  15. So are we talking about actual crimes by “White Nationalists” or just “Hate Speech?” How many of these “violent crimes” are nicked in the bud right in the nick of time by the FBI before they occurred? If that be the case we have to ask if the entire plan for violent activity in this or that group was in reality proposed by a Federal agent? Does anybody remember Gary Thomas Rowe? Or the Kathy Ainsworth killing? So the FBI is now Anti-fa’s enforcement agency?

  16. Where was the fbi when Jeffrey Epstein was running his Mossad sexual blackmail op using underage girls to entrap and extort wealthy and powerful men inside US territory? Who gave them the order to look the other way?

    Why wasn’t Ghislaine Maxwell arrested? Why did the Feds allow her to escape to a “safe house” in Israel?

    Thank goodness that the fbi is an affirmation action mandated and compliant organization. We all know how well run those are.

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