The WEAK British Right


  • Yoram Hazony’s National Conference conference has been accused of racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism by The Guardian and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
  • The Tories caved and condemned Daniel Kawczynski, a Conservative MP, for attending the conference. He was forced to apologize.
  • Daniel Kawczynski is a Polish immigrant who divorced his wife and is now married in a civil union to his Brazilian partner Fernando.
  • The National Conservatism conference was organized by Hazony who is head of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and everyone who attended the conference was carefully vetted to exclude White Nationalists, anti-Semites and anyone who questions Zionism.
  • Prominent rightwing homosexuals were given a platform.
  • The whole thing collapsed into accusations of anti-Semitism with spineless conservatives folding as usual under pressure from the Jewish Left.

What a joke!

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  1. I believe it’s something all “good” conservatards must do…it’s called CUCKING, mate! It’s the Achilles’ Heel of liberalism.

  2. All this kvetching and gay controlled ops is just giving me a migraine at this point. Most brits that i have talked to unfortunately have positive view of their big nosed masters. Their revisionist history of WW2 is laughable to say the least, basically nazis = bad guys and jews = good guys

  3. Yep. The British right is weak, cucked, and pathetic, but as long as they’re still speaking English, all is well. Haha.

    • You ain’t kidding, brother.

      I’d argue Britain (and the “Anglosphere”) was cucked going all the way back to Cromwell and the “English” civil war.

      UK = United Ku¢kdum

      US = United $laves

        • With all do respect, your comment is absolutely ridiculous.

          The German states, whether in the Holy Roman Empire ; the Deutscher/Norddeutscher Bund; the Kaiserreich of Bismarck & the Hohenzollerns; and of course the Third Reich, were always the most outstanding stewards of their folk (of ALL THE EUROPEAN countries), and always cared what was in the best interests of their people (ex. – Volksgemeinschaft = People’s Community)

          Contrast that to Britain, whom since the days of Cromwell, was, and STILL is (like the U$), the attack dog of finance crapitalism and globali$m.

          The “Anglo$phere” = Kings of the golem Ku¢ks

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