Donald Trump Predicts Coronavirus Will Fade In Warm Weather

The Dope-In-Chief obviously hasn’t checked the weather in Singapore where the virus is spreading locally and infecting other countries.

Regardless of whether the coronavirus becomes a global pandemic, what is the impact of it going to be on the global economy? The Chinese economy can’t simply go into hiberation without having a massive ripple effect on global supply chains.

New York Times:

“Workers are stuck in their hometowns. Officials want detailed health plans before factories or offices can reopen. Assembly lines that make General Motors cars and Apple iPhones are standing silent.

More than two weeks after China locked down a major city to stop a dangerous viral outbreak, one of the world’s largest economies remains largely idle. Much of the country was supposed to have reopened by now, but its empty streets, quiet factories and legions of inactive workers suggest that weeks or months could pass before this vital motor of global growth is humming again.

Global growth could suffer the longer China stays in low gear. It has been hampered by both the outbreak and its own containment efforts, a process that has cut off workers from their jobs and factories from their raw materials. The result is a slowdown that is already slashing traffic along the world’s shipping lines and leading to forecasts of a sharp fall in production of everything from cars to smartphones. …”

It remains to be seen how easily the virus can spread among or how lethal it will be to non-East Asians. Even among East Asians, 4 out of 5 people who contract the virus only experience mild symptoms. It is spreading fast on the Diamond Princess cruise ship and it is reasonable to assume that most of the people who are on that ship aren’t East Asians.

If the virus has already hobbled China, what impact will it have on the rest of East Asia? How about the liberal West which balks at the extreme measures that China has already taken to stop the spread of the virus? How about the Third World? Suppose it takes root in India where it is airborne and spreads through fecal matter. What happens to the world economy then?


  1. At least Singapore is moving fast to try to contain a dangerous situation. They’re responding with action in a crisis, not merely observation, which is all Cheeto Pinhead can seemingly manage in any situation. One would think the Moshiach (as various rabbis have told Drimpf he is) would have more power, ability and foresight than this.

    • I wonder how many residents of Wuhan visited Singapore prior to the CCP quarantine?

      Chinese international students are lying to Customs Inspectors as to their whereabouts and bragging about it on social media.

      My guess is if the 2019-nCoV begins to spread in the USA, college campuses will be the epicenters.

  2. That fat orange nigger is too retarded and too senile to even care about the growing threat of Corona-chan, can’t look out for Americans but can certainly look out for Jews in Israel.

    • James – the KungFlu is in Israel. Several Hebes have contracted the virus. Jews are Asiatic/Negroid mongrels. They’ve picked up DNA from everywhere. It’s going to be interesting to see if CoronaChan takes any of them out.

  3. Hot weather doesn’t generally destroy unpredictable viruses like this. Ebola wasnt more contained in Africa usual hot weather but this is blumpfs hilarious boomer logic kicking in

    • Viruses and bacteria are actually weak. Small changes can kill them.

      Warm weather and more food and vitamines makes human organism stronger, sunlight kills viruses, also summer time people open their windows and stay outdoor and removing enclosed spaces removes the virus comfort zone. All those methods together put end epdemics.

      In the peace time, summer can put end even plague

      War time is different, then there is hunger and lot of people together in low hygiene environment and extreme workload, fear and stress, weakening human organism and immunity system.

      This is with ” normal” viruses and bacteria. Now we have strong clues that this thing may be engineered to survive all known epidemics ending methods.

  4. It will fade … along with the economy … but them BOOM $$$$.
    Meanwhile what are “WE” actually “DOING” other than vote and bitch ? Nothing.

  5. Didn’t the deadly flu epidemic of 1918 kick into high gear during the summer of that year? Yes, it did. And it killed tens of thousands on the Western Front. It’s quite possible that the Germans’ summer offensive, known as Operation Michael, failed in part because of that epidemic.

    • Yes indeed. Woodrow Wilson got the Spanish Flu in 1919 at the Versailles Peace Conference, it may have contributed to his stroke later. He was ill for the last half of the conference and came back home to recuperate. By all accounts he was never the same and not really able to carry out the duties of President.

      His second wife and a few of his advisers restricted access and became the de facto presidential power after his stroke in October, 1919.

  6. My oh my! I have been following the Styx updates on Coronachan. His takes have been very good. He offers excellent advice on dealing with the coming shortages. . In today’s update for the first time that I’ve heard, good old Libertarian (Libertine) ex Satanist Styx suggests that it’s a good time to even have a gun @ the 7:10 mark.

    Hahaha! This is AWESOME! The rubber’s hitting the road, for REAL.

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