Donald Trump: Mini Mike Is a TOTAL RACIST!

I briefly turned on the television and caught some of the KAG rally in New Hampshire last night. Blompf was boasting about his tax cuts, criminal justice reform and how he moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I turned it off in disgust after about five minutes.

New York Post:

“President Trump ripped 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg as a “total racist” after audio released Tuesday from a 2015 speech showed the former mayor unapologetically defending his controversial “stop-and-frisk” policy, which targeted young men of color.

“WOW, BLOOMBERG IS A TOTAL RACIST!” the commander-in-chief tweeted early Tuesday along with a link to the audio clip.

Within minutes, the tweet had been taken down.

In leaked audio of Bloomberg’s speech, the Democrat sounded defiant in his acknowledgment of how the policy targeted minority kids in minority neighborhoods, arguing that they were targeted “because that’s where all the crime is.” …”

This morning he called Michael Bloomberg a TOTAL RACIST on Twitter for continuing Rudy Giuliani’s stop-and-frisk policy in New York City.

Some of you might recall how Donald Trump called for a nationwide stop and frisk policy to reduce urban crime in the 2016 campaign. It was a bait-and-switch like the rest of the MAGA agenda: the Deportation Force, the Wall, pulling out of NATO, new relationship with Russia, etc.

Note: Hey look, the chumps were right again about how Donald Trump has moved the Overton Window. Homosexuality is now mainstream in the GOP. White Nationalism is on par with ISIS. The GOP is boasting about criminal justice reform and condemning stop-and-frisk as racism! The Trump position on DACA is now amnesty for the DREAMers!

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  1. WTF does chosen mean, as in Gods chosen people? If not racially superior by virtue of Gods will them what? All Jews by their very religious beliefs regard themselves as racially superior to non-Jews. And these sick Jew bastards still think so, even after they killed Gods only son.

    • Torah does not preach racial superiority, but Talmud and definitely Kabbalah do. Modern Judaism seems mostly based on Talmud/Kabbalah.

  2. Yes orange cheeto fuck face mini Mike is very racist but he’s racist against people of White European descent not negroids or the various other shit skins.

  3. I don’t know which New York billionaire is the bigger asshole, Zion Don or Mike Jewberg. I think I’ll spend Election Day looking for missing socks underneath the dryer or re-painting the garage floor……Anything that doesn’t involve voting.

  4. All Trump is doing is using Democrat lack of logic to take down Bloomberg. These two guys hate each other so Trump is using the warped Democrat values to take down a guy who is looking to spend 1billion dollars to destroy Trump.

    Trump is also trying to get more of the black vote and is playing the race card because he knows that’s all most blacks care about. He is also trying to make Bloomberg an utter buffoon to the point he wants Bloomberg’s commercials to literally have zero effects. These two guys loathe each other. If Trump gets 12 or 13% of the black vote, he will be reelected easily.

    • Get it though your thick heads Republicans:

      There Is No Black Vote!

      When elections are not close blacks vote like anyone else. When elections are close, the Democrats pull out the Black List. This is a list of the people who own the black vote. Blacks vote for who ever their owners tell them to vote for. They have never ignored the call of the Black List.

      “If Trump gets 12 or 13% of the black vote, he will be reelected easily.”

      Republicans have been trying and failing to get the black vote for 50 years and more. When an insect hits an immovable object it goes around it, while a Republican keeps trying to walk through it. Therefore insects are more intelligent than Republicans.

      Trump has turned off far more White voters, by ignoring Whites and sucking up to minorities, than he will ever gain from the non existant black vote.

  5. Mike Bloomberg is 100% right! The hard truth is black males commit the majority of violent crimes. For the record, there have been 8 confirmed murders so far in Democrat-controlled Columbus, Georgia, and black males are responsible for over 90% of the murder rate. This isn’t racist to state the obvious as it’s an undeniable fact. Also, despite over 600 registered sex offenders living in the People’s Republic of Columbus, Georgia none of them are banned under Terry vs. Hamrick case law. Perhaps the Democrats who rule Columbus, Georgia don’t want to ban a part of their voter base. I rest my case.

  6. If the vote were on which billionaire boomer should be stuffed into the gas chamber first, the Jew or the one who may as well be a Jew, it would be a tough one.

    But it’s not so I just won’t vote.

  7. if no one gets the first ballot nomination at the demcon, it’s within the realm of possibility

    that the Jew Bloomberg can flat-out buy it. (((He))) would be an excellent accelerant, but

    I ‘spose his chances against Drumpf aren’t too good. 4 more years of Drumpf

    will just about finish off Whites in ‘Murka.

  8. Every time Communism fails Communists are famous for saying , ‘They didn’t do it right. Next time will be different.’

    So the same ‘tards who promoted Trump in 2016, are now shilling for Bernie…

    “The only problem with democracy is they didn’t do it right. Next time will be different.”

  9. About 40% of white Americans, at least 40% of white Americans, are very liberal and always vote for the most liberal candidates. If those 40% of whites voted for the best interests of white Americans then the black vote wouldn’t matter so much. But add up those 40% of whites and the blacks and together the two groups make a formidable voting demographic. As the 40% of whites always vote the same way the blacks vote. I have to say, the blacks are smarter when it comes to voting. They always vote their racial interests and never against their racial interests. The 40% of whites, they always vote AGAINST their racial interests, always.

  10. But don’t you know (sob, sob) Democrats are the real racists!. Mark Levine said yesterday a White Supremacist killed Abraham Lincoln! And Democrats are the party of slaveholders, Jim Crow, the Dixiecrats, and opposition to Civil Rights whereas MLK was a Republican and a righteous man-the best that America has ever produced- and by-god if he was here today he would be front and center for Trump. And thus do I call them the Retarded Right! Absolutely no concept of they political have they!

  11. Kudos to the 1972 Nixon campaign for trying to drive a wedge between Negro voters and the Democrat party by encouraging the coloreds to support Shirley Chisholm for president. I think Fr. John suggested the idea to H.R. Haldeman during their infamous meeting at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

  12. Everyone posting here misses the point. The demonrats are headed to a managed convention. The superdelegates, 20%, mostly Jews, will pick the nominee. It can be anyone. They will pick a winner, because they choke on the prospect of Trump replacing (((Ginsburg))), and (((Kagan))). Terry MacAulliffe, a good goy and Clinton money man, the butcher of Charlottesville, is a possible nominee.

  13. I guess Trump is wedge issuing them, but to be fair, it’s pretty absurd to see him contort the one issue that Bloomberg gets correct.

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