Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 11

Globalism will bring the virus here and spread it all over the country before terrorists are able to operationalize it.

I would be less worried about a fed honeypot like The Base than the IRGC acquiring the coronavirus and using it to enact “severe revenge” on the United States for assassinating Soleimani.

What is stopping any Islamic terrorist who wants to harm the United States from getting infected with the coronavirus and coming here and spreading the virus in New York City and Washington, DC? Even if it didn’t originate as a bioweapon, it could still be used as one.

Sen. Cotton is worried.

Dr. Leung isn’t optimistic:

“Prof Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University, said the overriding question was to figure out the size and shape of the iceberg. Most experts thought that each person infected would go on to transmit the virus to about 2.5 other people. That gave an “attack rate” of 60-80%.

“Sixty per cent of the world’s population is an awfully big number,” Leung told the Guardian in London, en route to an expert meeting at the WHO in Geneva on Tuesday. …

Even if the general fatality rate is as low as 1%, which Leung thinks is possible once milder cases are taken into account, the death toll would be massive. …

Leung – one of the world’s experts on coronavirus epidemics, who played a major role in the Sars outbreak in 2002-03 – works closely with other leading scientists such as counterparts at Imperial College London and Oxford University.”

Curtis Yarvin is watching Dr. Leung:

“When Dr. Leung turns optimistic, you can chillax. If he dies, stock up on ammo. Anything that sounds like Dr. Markel can be ignored.”

Confirmed to be dead.

China changes the definition of “confirmed cases” of coronavirus

What is more likely? Bat soup or bioweapon?

The Road So Far (Confirmed Cases)

Where did travelers in Wuhan go before the lockdown?

Blacks can get the virus.


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  1. “the IRGC acquiring the coronavirus and using it to enact “severe revenge”

    You have far more to fear from the average Chinese touist spitting and snotting around America. The most trained Iranian super spreader couldn’t compete with the average Chinese .

    “What is more likely? Bat soup or bioweapon?”

    China has a long history of plagues that become global pandemics.
    Bet on the bat.

  2. Have you folks ever considered the reasons for our ancestors passing the
    The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 ?
    Aside from the fact they were bigotted, xenophobic, petty racissssssst.

    • yeah, you are the only person on any “pro-white” website i’ve seen make the connection with CV and wuhan being a testing center city for 5g tech.
      Are {{{TPTB }}} even human?

  3. This is a global Black Swan. Any one who is denying this is LYING to themselves.

    The Normies I know, who don’t pay attention to ANYTHING, are paying attention to THIS, and are pretty well educated on this subject thus far. A cable techie that came to my house to fix something this AM was VERY well versed on these matters, and infection and disease in general. Americans are NOT stupid – we are simply too busy trying to keep our heads above water. Even Normie ladies I know who only care about their kids, food, and shopping are paying attention. I keep telling people to boot your immunity as much as you can. A neighbor lady who hates politics asked me “how”. And every-one is PISSED TO THE MAX over the fact that just about every medicine comes from China. And no one I’ve spoken to – the White Christian Nicey-Nice folks I know don’t give a FLYING F about “racism” over this, The men I’ve spoken to laugh knowingly about racial reality when I address the racial aspects of this. The Nice White Church Ladies, who know me but have kept me at arm’s length for years because “Racism just isn’t NICE” are going full Nazi. BEYOND NAZI. Waaaaay beyond Nazi. As in MENTAL. “GET THEM OUT!!! ALL OF THEM!!!! GET THEM OUT!!!” is the general consensus. Not just Chinese. Every invader. Get out and DIE. It’s kinda funny. When the rubber hits the road, things get….interesting.

    This is for real. If we to take down (((globalism))) – the Hour Cometh.

    I am certain I don’t need to re-iterate White To Do to the regulars on this site. Ya’ll better be DOING it, is all .


    • The best way to boost immunity is by removing plant oils , sugar and green plants/veggies from your diet and consuming raw milk and eating (high quality-obviously) meat / animal fats.

  4. German virologists in Ghana try to understand what viruses bats can transfer to humans and animals humans consume, while backward Ghanians eat bat and other “bush meats” from their versions of “wet markets.”

    Don’t forget goyim, we are all the same.

    BTW, dibs on the brown eyed blonde haired German researcher.

  5. “What is stopping any Islamic terrorist who wants to harm the United States from getting infected with the coronavirus and coming here and spreading the virus in New York City ”

    That would be as redundant as throwing water into the sea.

  6. “When the rubber hits the road, things get….interesting.”

    PPl only care about their own a5535.

    When n1gg3r5 beat the hell out of your kid, ” he probably deserved it”.

    When n1gg3r5 beat the hell out of their kid, ” OMG , we gotta sell the house, move to the country, out of state, you know anyone who wants to buy our house, quick ? “.

  7. 12 monkeys was a pretty good film, I actually think it was one of brad pitts best roles as the weird eco cultist and bruce willis’s since die hard in all honesty

    • Tom,

      I agree. 12 Monkeys the movie not the NBA teams was a really good film very Phillip K. Dick and Richard Mathesen like.

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