Donald Trump Dumps E-Verify

Mandatory E-Verify?

It was one of those things that we voted for in the 2016 election that was so based like a Trump Deportation Force or a nationwide stop and frisk policy which was never heard about again after the election was over. See also the promises about guest worker programs.

Washington Times:

“President Trump’s new budget retreats on his campaign promise to require all U.S. businesses to use E-Verify to check their new hires, signaling the White House’s surrender on one of the best tools to shut down the jobs magnet that spurs illegal immigration.

In the budget, released Monday, Mr. Trump says he backs the current mostly voluntary version of E-Verify. …

Mandatory E-Verify had been part of Mr. Trump’s immigration policy dating back to the campaign. It was Priority No. 9 on his 10-point immigration plan released in August 2016, and was part of his immigration plans in 2017.

Trump budgets released in 2018 and 2019 both called for mandatory nationwide E-Verify. …

But the president himself suddenly had misgivings.

In an interview with Fox News in May 2019 he said his business tried to use E-Verify when it was building the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, but it made it too tough to hire people.

“We would go through 28 people — 29, 30 people before we found one that qualified,” he told Fox.

“So it’s a very tough thing to ask a farmer to go through that. So in a certain way, I speak against myself, but you also have to have a world of some practicality,” Mr. Trump said.”


“Jared Kushner has been quietly trying to resurrect discussions to overhaul the U.S. immigration system, multiple people familiar with the conversations have told NPR.

President Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law has been meeting with business leaders, immigration hard-liners and other interest groups important to Republicans with the goal of rolling out a new immigration plan once Trump’s impeachment trial ended.

The effort responds to a lobbying push by business groups, which have sought to use the booming economy — a core part of Trump’s 2020 campaign message — to make their case for more workers to fill critical job openings. …

The new plan would boost the number of legal immigrants by increasing visas for high-skilled workers — something Trump has argued is needed for the tech industry and manufacturers to expand in America.  …

The plan would increase the number of federal departments and agencies required to use E-Verify, a database that helps check the immigration status of employees, but would not make E-Verify mandatory for all businesses to use. …

But there have been some shifts in his position on legal immigration.
During his State of the Union address this year, Trump alluded to Kushner’s efforts to bring in more legal workers to help fuel the U.S. economy. “To build on these historic gains, we are working on legislation to replace our outdated and randomized immigration system with one based on merit, welcoming those who follow the rules, contribute to our economy, support themselves financially and uphold our values,” Trump said. …

Trump addressed skepticism about that shift during a recent interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, who reminded Trump that he ran for office with a message that he would not allow foreign labor to replace American workers.

Trump pushed back, arguing that U.S. companies, particularly tech companies, were running out of workers. “We have to allow smart people to stay in our country,” Trump said. “We don’t have enough of them. And we have to be competitive with the rest of the world too.”

Do you remember Donald Trump’s 10 Point Plan on immigration?

1. Build the wall
2. End “catch and release.”
3. Create a deportation task force and focus on criminals in the country illegally
4. Defund sanctuary cities
5. Cancel President Obama’s executive actions
6. Extreme vetting. Block immigration from some nations
7. Force other countries to take back those whom the U.S. wants to deport
8. Get biometric visa tracking system fully in place
9. Strengthen E-Verify, block jobs for the undocumented
10. Limit legal immigration, lower it to “historic norms,” and set new caps

It sounded good.

It got him across the finish line in 2016.

He has also walked back virtually every single bit of it. The chumps say that in every election we have no choice but to vote for the GOP because of immigration and changing racial demographics. We take these “positions” and “plans” at face value and go out and vote on that basis AND THEN once in office the “positions” on immigration are scrapped and nothing changes and INSTEAD we get the policies the donor class bought which were never even brought up during election season.

In the 2018 midterms, do you remember the GOP campaigning on spending all of 2019 on “fighting anti-Semitism” and trying to pass anti-BDS legislation? How about overthrowing the governments of Venezuela? How about assassinating Qasem Soleimani or a state crackdown on White Nationalism? “National Populism” is more like National Plutocracy in practice.


Note: In the 2020 election, the chumps don’t even have the luxury of PRETENDING that Donald Trump is an immigration restrictionist. The official Jared Kushner plan is to INCREASE legal immigration because Big Tech needs more high skilled workers! M.A.G.A. stands for Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon!

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  1. It’s possible that the orange nigger will win reelection in a blowout after squeaking past Madame Iron Pants in 2016. After all, a similar phenomenon happened with Richard Nixon! But I think Blimpf has disappointed so many of his formerly enthusiastic supporters that his reelection victory this time around will be another squeaker. LOL, “squeaker”.

    I just heard that Zion Don has brought that smirking SLUT Hope Hicks back into the Dark House. Yet another example of Blimpf’s outstanding managerial skills.

    • Blumpf winning will only be because either ex democrat boomers vote for him or cause dnc will screw over bernie sanders again and the dnc will have to force meme support for pete buttplug

  2. The whites in South Africa are being hunted down and killed, they’re being persecuted. There’s lots of very intelligent and industrious white South Africans. It would be a definite benefit to have them in the United States. They would help build the economy. They are not the type of immigrants to go on welfare and be a burden. I bet Trump is not allowing them into the U.S.. If jews were being hunted down and kiled anywhere in the world Trump would have the U.S. military in that part of the world and the persecuted jews would be allowed into the USA, that’s for sure. But it’s whites being persecuted in South Africa, so Trump doesn’t care. And that the whites in South Africa are intelligent and industrious, that means NOTHING to Trump — or to anyone else in Washington. In the meantime they let in lots and lots of useless third worlders who go on welfare and are a burden and a drain on the USA.

    Whites in South Africa are being persecuted, hunted down and killed, and Trump couldn’t care less. I’m not voting for him in November. I won’t be voting in November. Trump is full of sh*t, “Q” is full of sh*t, Jordan Sather is full of sh*t.

      • @ Mr. Hunter Wallace :

        Yes, I did see Trump’s tweet about South Africa last year. Nothing came from it [ as you know ] . Helping the white South Africans would get the blacks here angry, angry angry angry! And of course Trump wants their votes, so can’t help the white South Africans and can’t let the white South Africans immigrate to the United States, because that would get the blacks angry, angry angry angry! And then the blacks won’t turn out in huge numbers to vote for Trump. He did everything he could to help the rapper A$AP Rocky when A$AP got arrested in Sweden. That means nothing to the blacks. It doesn’t even mean anything to A$AP Rocky. Even black A$AP Rocky doesn’t like Trump. Trump thinks the blacks are going to vote for him in huge numbers. Trump turned out to be a real jackass.

    • This is a very good post. It’s not only aggravating Trump requested a study on South African whites and has yet to do anything about it that I know of but also what about the entire Republican establishment?

      Gee, stupid party, wouldn’t it be radically easier to be elected from millions of White South Africans in America compared to groveling for black votes and Guatemalans and Mexicans who will never, ever give you the majority of their votes?

      The vile Amy Klobuchar wants at least 10 times the refugees Trump is allowing in now. Why? Because she knows most will not be white and will vote Democrat to the tune of 80% or so. That simple. She is an evil sellout pissing on the nation for her short time power if this skank ever got elected president. But she- like nearly all Democrats- promotes people and cultures who will vote Democrat.

      The coward and lazy Republicans do nothing to promote white people to come here. Allowing in millions of White South Africans would be a homerun in terms of votes for Republicans. Yet, they can’t even get this right. They would rather pretend that ” one day” blacks will see the error of their ways and vote Republican. Good luck with that. You have a better chance of sitting next to a leprechaun and Bigfoot at a ballgame.

      • Republicans aren’t stupid, lazy or cowardly.

        They’re simply horrible people.

        Unfortunately they know the public better than themselves.

        People say republicans wont win blacks & latinos, , , sure with its current image, policies and rhetoric. But who says the republican party has to keep representing conservativism as you define it?

        Do you consider yourself a conservative? Is homosexuality compatible with homosexuality? In the 80’s and 90’s EVERY mainstream conservative would’ve laughed at the notion. Then it was ok to be gay, but no gay marriage and then gay marriage.

        Conservativism has radically shifted in my lifetime and it didn’t lead to whites or even Christians leaving the GOP to form their own party.

        So obviously the gop leadership was right, they make the pivot and every TRUCON followed along with them

        In 2028 conservatives will be running on a fiscally conservative reparations

      • As you well know, White people do not control the Republican party. The jews are working to eliminate Whites and their homelands, so the idea of importing any Whites into America, when they want all Whites dead, ain’t gonna’ happen. Too bad stupid ass rank and file Whites can’t see the forest for the trees.

  3. Big business, Big AG, the banks, the speculators, AIPAC and other Israeli lobbying groups – they run the GOP. The business of the GOP is business and Israel-first. The shit they run on at election time is “boob-bait for bubba.” Neoliberalism and Israel-first is what you get and all you all ever get from them. If something is perceived to hurt investors or banks or Israel then it doesn’t get done – EVER.

    Donald Trump was going to be a different Republican, a populist but it was all smoke and mirrors. Trump’s chumps can spend the next nine months telling us how we have no choice but to vote GOP and we can laugh right in their faces. I want nothing to do with a bunch of losers who have no self-respect and no self-worth. I will be voting for my families economic interests. I will not pay attention to any of these boob-bait issues that the GOP runs on or that its shills try to bait everyone with. I will only care about healthcare, entitlements (SS and Medicare) and populist economics.

    BTW, this entire retreat was seen years ago – before the midterms. Did any of Trump’s chumps ever actually read Trump’s speeches he would give to growers and Big AG? If they had and were serious people (they aren’t) they would have easily concluded that Trump was full of it. When away from the gaze of his adoring cult, he would tell growers not to panic and not to worry about his immigration rhetoric with a wink and a nod.

    • If you still believe in the fairy tale that voting changes anything, you have not learned a thing from 2016.

      Voting politics is just there to keep the middle brain normies believing that they are part of the process, so they don’t rebel against a system that was created to farm them.

      The only people that benefit from voting politics, are the competing branches of the oligarchy. You my friend are just a crop that they harvest between elections.

    • All the alt right chumps are disingenuous who were at best clout chasing hypebeasts and worse gop operatives.

      None of the trump chumps in the alt right would ever react to countervailing information.

      I remember I called into heel turn when trumps DOE BDS on college campuses. Striker sounded so bummed and deflated and then immediately changed the subject.

      This was in the summer of 18 during the Kavanaugh confirmation (which I never gave a fuck about) and because Kavanaugh is white TRS was still in full shill mode for Trump. TRS had endless hours on Kavanaugh but no airtime to cover trump allowing students to be sued in college for anti-semitism. The original BDS organizers were being sued for 14 million dollars, obama’s DOE & DOJ shut the lawsuits down on 1st amendment grounds and as soon as trumps DOE brought back the anti BDS in the summer of 18 so to did the lawsuit.

  4. Closing borders was President Trump’s principal campaign point in 2016.

    Whenever I get into a conversation with those many in my area who are still giddy over President Trump, I point out that, living in the centre of a 300 year old historick Southern town, I am surrounded by Chinamen, Arabs, Africans, East Indians, and every stripe of Latin.

    That shuts the conversation right down – because that is eyewitness-based information, not reports of the border, the latter being something which leaves anyone to believe what they want.

    Sadly, Senator Sanders is dead on about President Trump – our chief executive has an exceedingly casual relationship with the truth.

  5. in 2016, no one thought Drumpf would win.

    and now, everybody thinks he’s in like flint.

    we’ll see. Just keep this in mind:

    everytime you vote,

    you are validating the (((system)))

    that is destroying us.

  6. Sanders the crazy Commie honestly would not be any worse than the Kosher Krony Kushner Admin. I won’t vote for either – but Kushner must GO.

  7. His promises to you are worthless.

    His promises to Israel/jews are sacrosanct.

    That’s why you can bet on further action against Iran.

    That’s why he has lost my vote.

  8. a strictly enforced e-verify would’ve always been more impactful than a wall.

    Trump would pass the 1st percent step act, if CEO’s were going jail for hiring illegals.

  9. Here is my $.002 worth.

    Do NOT sit out this election!

    Register as Democrats and vote for Bernie Sanders in the Democrat Primary. He is the ONLY Democrat who is carrying a populist banner. He is probably as much a liar and backstabber as Zion Don the Con turned out to be, but as long as we go into that with eyes wide open and holding our noses, we can USE the SOB to send a message to the oligarchy.

    I would also recommend that any of you who are into “street theater” attend Sanders rallies to swell their ranks to make it clear to Trump that he is on shaky ground with his former supporters.

    For all his bluster about wanting to run against Sanders, Trump is more afraid of Sanders than any of the other Democrats. If Sanders gets the Democrat nomination, Trump will feel more pressured to keep some of his campaign promises before the election.

    If Sanders wins the Democrat nominations, the oligarchs Trump is courting may be frightened enough to go along with OUR nationalist program because they are so scared of the socialists grabbing their money and property. Sanders and OAC are the guns we need to point at their temples.

    THEN, if you cannot stomach voting for Sanders OR Trump, for that matter, VOTE for ANOTHER PARTY.

    Remember, you WANT to be counted. You WANT to vote, just for NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  10. The President is a business leader. He’s for Corporate America. He’s not a typical politician. He’s a man of the people that runs his mouth. He’s all about bullying the news reporters / liberals. He’s the Messiah. All praise Trump and his policies. He’s the God of Conservatives. Praise Him Praise Him! He can do no wrong! Said the brainwashed idiots who still support him. What he campaigned on was all fake. He’s run this country like a typical Neocon. The only difference is he’s a bigger liar than any President ever. He’s even turned his back on this campaign promise. He’s doing this because Corporate America / Republicans are all for working Illegal Immigrants for $2 an hour. They don’t care if this country is Brown in a few years. It’s all about that green Jew money! I’d hope people would stop being stupid and realize this guy has done nothing for White People. He’s a fake 10,000%. The guy is even supports Gay Marriage. He even said he would vote for a Gay running for President…..of course if it’s a Republican…..yea what a joke. He’s a joke. The mainstream sheeple / conservatives should stop believing him……do something that matters and get involved in Nationalist organizations and help save the White Race. Deo Vindice !

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