Star Trek: Picard Doesn’t Have a Pulse

I was willing to give Star Trek: Picard a chance.

I thought it was great that some of the old characters were coming back. I had hoped that CBS and the producers would have learned their lesson from Star Trek: Discovery. Above all else, it was a relief to finally be done with the Dawson’s Creek Trek movies and to be back in the Prime timeline after almost twenty years of prequels which should have ended with Enterprise.

I wasn’t really bothered by the plot of Picard even though Patrick Stewart was doing interviews about how the new show was a response to BREXIT and Trump. The destruction of Romulus in the Prime timeline was established by the J.J. Abrams movie in 2009. The death of Data and the introduction of B-4 was established in Nemesis. Bruce Maddox wanting to use Data to create androids was established in TNG. Star Trek has also always had progressive storylines. Voyager had episodes about interspecies miscegenation. The final two episodes of Enterprise were about how the Terra Prime isolationist movement on Earth which had to be defeated to create the Federation. Captain Janeway in Voyager was virtually a parody of a Yankee school marm in space.

I’ve also seen plenty of bad Star Trek episodes. There were whole seasons of classic Star Trek series which were unwatchable garbage. There is also nothing new about terrible Star Trek characters. TNG famously had Wil Wheaton’s character Wesley Crusher. Voyager had Harry Kim and B’Elanna Torres. Enterprise had Travis Mayweather. Star Trek has always created affirmative action roles for women and minorities. Tuvok in Voyager was introduced as a black Vulcan because obviously the most rational man on the ship had to be black in order to challenge racist stereotypes. Chakotay in Voyager had some of the most cringe episodes in the history of Star Trek which were about exploring his Native American heritage in the Delta Quadrant. Captain Janeway once met her heroine Amelia Earhart on the other side of the galaxy. It will suffice to say that I expected a certain amount of this nonsense to be baked into Picard.

After watching the first four episodes of Picard, the biggest problem with this show is Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. I feel like I am watching the Joe Biden campaign in space. It is true that Picard has changed since we last saw him in Nemesis. The lead character in the show is nearly 80-years-old now and is out of gas and should have remained retired on his château. I’m not sure where Picard goes from here or how it can recover. It just lacks a pulse.

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  1. Outer space is no place for affirmative action / equal opportunity horseshit. In a harsh, dangerous environment like that only SS Aryan supermen will survive.

    • I wished they could survive those pesky Van Allen Belts,

      Is a SS Aryan Superman covertly behind the wheel of that personal Nazi Tesla electric sports care lunched by Elon Musk?

        • What concerns me November, is the lack of spacecraft that has gone beyond the Van Allen belts with life in space vessels.The Apollo missions are it?

          The Soviets, never have gone beyond these belts with maned space craft, they maintained a space station maned in low orbit.

          The States use to have the Shuttle Program, to get humans/life in to low safe orbit.

          Now we still need the Russian space/program rockets to do this with Soviet 1970’s technology.

          The USA space shuttle was revealed in the Late 1970’s
          Also in the Late 70s the Imperial Star Wars Shuttle was designed.

          Mr Span now that’s a beautiful design of a Aryan space craft.

          I’m not a sci-fi geek, however the design of that space ship is to cool.

          I have a small model of it on my book cases next to a volume of Romantic 19 century English poets.

          • Sunburn,

            After the United States won the race to the moon, the manned space programs in both the USA and USSR lost their mojo. Just boring orbital flights and lame space stations parked 250 miles overhead. Yawn.

            Had the Third Reich been left alone by ZOG’s henchmen, I am pretty confident that Aryan men and women would be skiing on the slopes of Olympus Mons on the red planet and scuba diving in Europa’s ocean.

  2. The U.S. space program is as dead as a doornail and not coming back, just like the country. The U.S. Government relies on Russian launch vehicles to put people into space now, the U.S. capability to do that has lapsed. The U.S. can launch robotic spacecraft to explore mars and do other things with robots occasionally but the decline of the U.S. space program has mirrored the decline of the U.S. itself,both are terminal.

    It’s hard to imagine that even if the money, vision and national willpower were available that the current chaotic clusterfuck of a declining country could agree on manned missions or even staffing for NASA. There would be howls of anger from the colored folks, lawsuits from the usual suspects and finally staff who looked like the bar scene in Star Wars with angry, stupid, black, 400 Lb. lesbians in charge. “Hidden Figures” would screw up everything they touched as rockets went out of control deep into space, burned up in the atmosphere or blew up on the launch pad. Even though whites were not involved, we would get the blame as racism strikes again.

    Whatever President Kennedy’s faults he did show vision and perseverance with his wildly ambitious program to land a man on the moon by 1970, then beating that deadline. Using 1940’s – 1960’s technology regarded as a joke today the white men of President Kennedy’s era invented new solutions to new problems and accomplished great things non-whites are incapable of doing or even imagining. This was only possible because NASA/JPL wasn’t crippled by affirmative action and hired the best people to accomplish its goals while the country was still overwhelmingly white.

    The Republicans of the late 1950’s through mid 1960’s were mostly opposed or at best indifferent to the Apollo program because of money. To his credit, President Johnson pushed forward the space program instead of abandoning it after President Kennedy’s assassination. It was probably the only good thing he did during his miserable presidency.

    Trump’s boasts about going back to the moon then mars are just typical Trump bullshit, everyone knows, especially Trump none of it will ever happen. The money is gone, the country is fractured, minorities are idiots who aren’t capable of conceiving or doing great things and they will be driving the political process after 2024. The Republicans and conservatives will eat up the money because with their little greedy minds all they can think of is money, they don’t have greatness in them either.

    • 1945-70 represented America’s zenith or high noon. It’s all been downhill since then. Of course a robotic mission to Mars that could scoop up and then return some Martian rock and soil samples to Earth, or a high-orbiting permanent space station, or a small permanent lunar base would all have been worthwhile projects. They would have generated tens of thousands of great STEM jobs, restored national pride and inspired millions of schoolkids to reach for the stars. But no, maybe it’s better if we just continue to allow millions of useless, violent brown people to swarm in here and deplete our resources while we fight endless wars for Zionist world domination.

    • 12AX7,

      You left the most important name in the American space program: Werner von Braun.

      As you obviously know, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo astronauts were the coolest and most in demand heroes during the 1960s. The bigger than life astronauts felt the same way about Dr. Von Braun.

      • Also, Arthur Rudolph, brought to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip, developed the Saturn V booster and solved many guidance problems for a variety of other rockets. He was a genius without whom NASA would have never met its Apollo deadline. He was as important to the space program as Werner von Braun.

        In 1979 a special group in the (so called) “Justice Department” began the process of stripping Arthur Rudolph of U.S. citizenship because of his past membership in the Nazi Party during WWII and his work at the Mittelwerk V-2 assembly plant. The usual suspects jerked the leash and the U.S. Government jumped. Arthur Rudolph’s past service to the U.S. in the middle of the Cold War counted for nothing against the demands of a tiny group with perpetual grievances against everybody.

        • 12AX7,

          I knew that I was leaving another very important rocket scientist out.

          Retardicans followed the (((Office of Special Investigations))) of the DOJ, and deported Arthur Rudolph back to Germany because of his work at Mittlewerk as you cited.

          There is absolutely no shame in the zionist regime’s talmudic game.

          America doesn’t deserve to have a viable manned space program.

  3. I never liked the character Picard even on TNG. He’d always wait for the Enterprise-D to take several hits, before he’d go to “Red Alert.” Picard was the epitome of an egalitarian and libertarian. Who did he share his most intimate and important decision processing thoughts with? None other than the negress “Guinan” who once told Commander Riker (my fave from TNG) that she and Picard were “more than friends.” Ewwww!

    HW, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the ridiculous notion of a face tattooed injun being the first officer on a starship was an embarrassing genuflection to inclusiveness and diversity. The same could be said of the black Vulcan “Touvok.”

    Picard, Ibelieve is most representative of Gene Rodenbury himself.

    • Good lord….I had blotted Guinan out of memory! I quit watching Trek after the TNG stuff was over with. DS9 and the following shows were just filled with bad actors, bad acting, bad writing, and bad production.

      • Yeah, Deep Suck Nine was awful. Enterprise was terrible, and it’s rock ballad theme song the worst intro ever. Voyager was hit or miss. Of course, once “Seven of Nine ” became a regular cast member…

  4. There were two overriding themes in science fiction regarding the future back in the 1950’s – 1980’s; one was super optimistic (Star Trek), prophesying space travel, the end of disease and technological marvels unlimited while the other was dystopian (Omega Man) with decline and destruction in the future. I guess we now know which theme is most likely to come true.

  5. “It lacks a pulse.” The grim, bald crank has an artificial heart.

    Appropriately, Peter ‘Robocop’ Weir, as the Earth isolationist leader in Enterprise, was a historian a bit like BG.

  6. Old trek is still entertaining and fun but this new picard series looks uninspired and boring. Didn’t think they could out shit themselves after the disaster star trek discovery bu here we are

  7. Thanks HW for your old format!

    I can reply back!

    What’s the most scientific move by NASA now since 2018.

    The Mission to study the Sun!

    The existential issue before rocket technology was to break gravity from the Sun’s pull on this planet ( ((( Soviet Sputnik/German, rocket scientist, and Anglo 1960s white American patriots )))to go back to the sun’s gravity pool??????

    That’s where at November where all racists for exploitation of space!

    Get the theme pagans!

    No he’ll or heaven

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