President Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus


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President Trump declares a national emergency over coronavirus:

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  1. It’s interesting the Stock Market dropped like it did and now picked right back up. I’m sure the Jews are dumping money in the Stock Market propping it up. However that’s not gonna help because everything is closing and entertainment and sporting events has been cancelled for weeks or months. This is getting real bad for sure…Deo Vindice !

    • We need to DEMAND race and sexual perversion for EVERY case of this, as it appears in the USA, to determine if non-whites, and sexual perverts (sodomites) are the ‘recipients’ of this Chink Plague.
      Because if they are, it will LESSEN fears among the straight and white populace, and hopefully avert panic.

      As someone noted, this is reminiscent of the early AIDS scourge. They tried SO HARD to make us believe it was not just a ‘gay plague’ – but that’s what it was, is, and only sickos who ‘switch’ can catch it.
      REmember the phrase, ‘Heterosexual Monogamy is the best prevention for AIDS’?

      Well the same thing applies here. MULTICULTURALISM CANNOT BE USED AS A FRONT for a RACE-SPECIFIC scourge.


        “The only reason for being white…” Oh, there are SO MANY MORE, you silly old boomer.

        But yes, Vitamin D supplementation, and (for Whites) going out and getting as much sun exposure as possible when it warms, to help prevent ‘both bacterial and viral respiratory infections’ -along with Vitamin C and Selenium (think, Brazil nuts) as I noted in quoting other articles.

        This clearly is (again) a RACE-SPECIFIC PLAGUE – which has now infected all of the ‘MULTICULTURAL DIVERSITY’ in every White Land, and therefore, has infected U.S.!!!

        Had we merely kept ourselves WHITE, we would not have brought this divine judgment on ourselves.
        Conversely, it is because of our sins, that we ARE cursed with this plague. Either way, there you are.

        • And wait until you head about (((Big Pharma’s))) role in biowarfare. However, keep in mind that there are plenty of Goy that are involved, too.

          I’m telling you these hybrids are out of control 🙂

  2. As this pathogen takes it’s course, ask yourself a question….
    Drive around LA, DC, Baltimore, Chicago, Philly, etc. and look at all the “diversity” that has filled our urban centers. Then, look at old photos of the 1930s Great Depression soup lines and breadlines.

    Now ask yourself this: Will all these diverse races and cultures that populate our cities, patiently wait in bread and soup lines for a meager ration of food when the economy collapses and unemployment is 40%????

    Do you see that happening in 2020? In today’s “diverse America?”

    Or do you see a Darwinian struggle of the fittest? A contest of the strongest? The ones who have the biggest armed gang? Honestly, it’s not 1930 anymore. We are not 98% white and protestant.

    Corona Virus may unleash the most lethal pathogen of all: Diversity.

    • It appears that such ‘die-versity’ is RACE-specific, as more and more are figuring out.
      Oh, and note this hopeful sentence:

      “(Indeed, could this be true of Jews generally? Covid-19 reportedly broke out in New Rochelle, the U.S. city where a “containment area” has been set up, at a modern Orthodox synagogue, many of whose members are now infected; Westchester County, where New Rochelle is located, was reportedly 17 percent Jewish in 2011 [Jewish community caught inside coronavirus ‘containment zone,’ by Aiden Pink, The Forward, March 10, 2020. No less than 29 cases have just been confirmed at one nearby Jewish school, at a time when fewer than 1,000 cases were known in the entire U.S. [New York Jewish school says 29 students, staff diagnosed with virus, by Ben Harris, The Times Of Israel, March 11, 2020]).

      The differences in the frequency of Hp 1 are small within Europe, but its frequency is among the lowest in Italy, where it is 36%. It is 40% in Scotland, the highest in Europe. “

  3. “Italy reports 250 new deaths and 2,547 new cases, raising total to 1,266 dead and 17,660 cases”

    Ah for the good old days, of multiculturalist happy talk …

    (“In Milan, Chinese finger food is becoming such a trend that its Chinatown is reportedly the country’s fastest growing real estate area. This zesty neighborhood is an example of the collaboration between China and Italy.”)

      • Talk about moral hazard. She’d make a fine monarch so long as she kept her financial ignorance to herself. The people she’s rightfully concerned about already live on free stuff.

      • She’s right. Fund it with Friedman’s helicopter money, that is, quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve until September, paid to all employees and employers (salaries and profits). That way you don’t either have to raise taxes or Incure more debt via sale of Treasury bonds. A temporary solution to a Black Swan event.

        • Why not keep UBI in the budget, JRC? Even if we permanently incorporate the cost for UBI into the current already-out-of-control federal budget, I believe that gov’t spending as a GDP percentage will simply rise to the level of the Netherlands or Germany. Instead of bailing out the already-haves, let us support the long-suffering peasantry for a change. For some hypocritical reason, QE is fine for bailing out the financier class, but the commentariat and most politicos get the vapors if it’s for the hoi polloi.

          • Absolutely, Boomer X, as the enemy as said numerous times, never let a crisis go to waste. Specifically, let corna-chan be the trigger mechanism to Congress passing, and Trump signing, a bill directing the Federal Reserve to electronically fund the Treasury’s account with whatever amount it takes to purchase a 50 percent share of all for-profit businesses, then immeduately institute the JRC Social Security for All UBI proposed here in the past. Citizens get a socially-funded yearly insurance policy and businesses can use the Federal funds used to purchase the 50 percent share to invest in business expansion when the wage-no-longer slaves spend the UBI, providing both with security in wages and profits. Win-win.

  4. In a certain sense, 3-11 is the culmination of 9-11 and events have come full circle! What has occurred in between the two dates has been the preparation and establishment of all the laws, policies, and organizational capability justified through the phony War on Terror in order to go live and ‘unleash the Kraken’ on the world populations if you will.

    Everything from the initial Patriot Act I of October of 2001, the destruction of Posse Comitatus Act in 2006 the National Defense Authorization Act in 2014, and even the ‘minor’ recent delay in declaring Covid-19 a ‘pandemic’ are just a few examples of many measures to secure and make conditions ripe for martial law to go live. As of today we are in a quasi-martial law state as it is!

    Dan Dicks of Press For Truth does a good job of demarcating all the possibilities that might loom on the horizon for us under the cover of this manufactured crisis in the video below. One strong point he brings up is that there is no ‘going back’ anymore to where we were pre-Corona. Many are assuming that we will just wait things out for a few weeks and then our social situation will return to some kind of homeostatic equilibrium after the interlude. A caesura or rupture of unknown proportions has occurred!

  5. Can’t say I’m surprised about Andrew Gillum. Those in high positions of governmental power are not necessarily qualified, they are compromised. Apparently the man in the hotel room with him is a male escort, a white guy. Both degenerates.

    • Yep. Communists understand that loyalty matters, not optics or positions. They do not have intellectuals or optics but they have power.

      Where are our corrupt drug addicted degenerates who never lose and never cuck and who enforcing pro white agenda with iron fist.?

    • Yep, they had an article at Gateway Pundit that showed the bald, musclebound, white guy in his underwear and it reminded me of that really creepy 90s video MTV kept playing called “I’m too sexy” by some dude called “right said Fred.” The whole video was some musclebound bald dude in his underwear swiveling away and even though I didn’t have that good of gaydar yet back then, this video really creeped me out. I remember there was just one dude back in the dorms who was “into” that song, later when he was drunk we found out as a teenager when his dad was assigned to Mexico City, he and his friends went out and punked out rent boys peddling their ass on the Street in Mexico City because “they are a tenth the price of female hookers.” He claimed “It’s OK in Latin Culture as long as your not the receiver, only the dudes taking the feminine role are considered “gay.”‘ No wonder he liked “right said Fred” and that creepy video so much.

      • Psychological warfare at it`s best. Your ears hear the good sound, your eyes see cultmarx propaganda. Your brain get confused and don,t know anymore what to think.

        In aviation this is known as spatial disorientation. Pilot senses tell one, displays show another, pilot get confused and plane crashes.

        They do this even now. If you don,t understand German and don,t watch video, Kerstin Ott is very good in the car with good stereo and no police highway. I use this song to teach young people about liberal modus operandi. Kerstin is not known in my country, so I give young nationalists only the music and let them hear. After they listened this song week or so, I show the video and explain that they just spread liberal propaganda entire week without knowing.


      • Lmao nightowl. I laughed very loudly reading your post regarding the right said Fred video from the 90s. Can picture it loud and clear now. That was a freaky song and video. You called it exactly for Andrew Gollums white boy toy. Leftists are total degenerates. This is why they win too much. They permit a totally permissive culture catering to the worst in humanity. Gollum wanted a twinkie stuck in his dung hole.

  6. In my city, supermarkets are stripped of toilet paper, pasta, bacon, eggs, most meat, canned beans/veggies/meat, but when I went out earlier today to do some topping up (extra dog food, juice, food for weekend dinners) the (diverse) crowds were friendly, calm and courteous. Just matter-of-fact, no panicking. But I think a lot of people here have been prepping for some time now.

  7. Too little too late. Blompf has American blood on his hands. We live in an anti-white state that is willing to potentially sacrifice millions of our lives to protect the profits of financiers. I don’t even think it is down to incompetence in this case. The Trump admin made the conscious decision weeks ago to allow this virus to run through the American population unhindered. In less nihilistic times, something like that would be impetus for revolution.

  8. It is only a matter of time before people start killing each other…..for toilet paper. Moshiach is coming. He is on his way.

    • NO=ot for a bloody roll of two of toilet paper. Think more like the Avenging Angel of Death at Passover.

      OUR COLLECTIVE GUILT is the reason for this. We stood by while Brown v. Board, Loving v. Virginia, Roe v. Wade, Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Nixon, Carter et al. degenerated to Clinton, Obamanation, and now Julian/Trump the Apostate/Forrest Gump have allowed Obergefell, and all the rest. GLOBOHOMOSCHLOMO is an affront to Jesus Christ, God’s Law, and the Elect of God, who are the willing recipients of His wrath. A global pandemic? Black rain in Japan, reminiscent of the same contaminants they saw after Hiroshima/ (Yes, particulate matter from the burning of bodies in China, being wafted to Japan on the air currents)

      THe quote from Isaiah above is the most apt thing upon which to dwell at the present time. We haven’t even begun to see the damage this will cause. We have transgressed the ‘bounds of our habitation’ and sought to ‘build a tower to heaven,’ and are reaping the whirlwind.

      • Cry and complain about the New World Order and the Transhumanism the religion of the New World Order but never never never, never question the ontological foundation of the New World Order, Heliocentrism. The religious ontological foundation of the NWO, Heliocentrism, is Sacred to those of us who are ANTI-NWO.

        Question everything about the New World Order — EXCEPT never question the religion of the New World Order, Heliocentrism. It doesn’t make sense to be opposed to the NWO yet not question the very basis, the very ontological foundation, of the New World Order. It’s like being opposed to the Soviet Union while simultaneously being opposed to questioning the ontological foundation of the Soviet Union, Communism.

        In the alternative media, at many websites where the webmasters claim to be ANTI-NWO, they won’t allow any questioning of Heliocentrism. Yet the NWO is built upon Heliocentrism, so I don’t see why Heliocentrism can’t be questioned and scrutinized. We’re told Heliocentrism is “Science” , then we’re told we can’t question it. But Science is ALL about asking questions and scrutinizing and examining. If someone tells you something is “Science” then they tell you you can’t question it, then it’s NOT Science, then it comes under the category of “Religion”.

        Isaiah was a Flat Earth Geocentric. Isaiah was NOT a heliocentric. Good for him, that means he was INTELLIGENT, he was SMART, NOT stupid, NOT brainwashed, NOT into the religion of the abomination of desolation Babylon and the religion of the Jews’ Qabalah. For that’s where Heliocentrism comes from, it comes from abomination of desolation Babylon and the Jews’ Qabalah. Heliocentrism has NEVER been scientifically proven. It remains a theory, a theory from Babylon and the Jews’ Qabalah.

        Search Term : “Malcolm Bowden + The Academic Mafia And The Corruption of Science”

        The Academic-Science MAFIA Malcolm Bowden speaks of is a MAFIA owned-and-controlled by Heliocentrics.

        Fr. John, thank you for quoting Isaiah, a Flat Earth Geocentric. We always appreciate hearing what Flat Earth Geocentrics have to tell us, 🙂

        • Using NASAs own lies you can defeat their heliocentric deception.
          8″ per mil squared proves that there is no curvature….

          The truth is that the Earth is not a “planet”; it is a plane.
          Other than the heights and depths of mountains and valleys the Earth has no curvature or convexity and is for all intents and purposes flat.

          Just as it appears, the Sun, Moon and stars (fixed and wandering) all revolve around the flat Earth which is the stationary, immovable center of the universe.

          The magnetic North Pole is the center of the Earth and the universe.

          Polaris, the North Pole star remains always significantly situated atop the dome of the heavens, while the Sun, Moon, and stars revolve in circular cycles around us.

          The truth is that all standing wateris always flat, the horizon is always flat, and all canals, tunnels and railways are built without regard for the supposed curvature or convexity of the Earth.

          The light from lighthouses can be seen at incredible distances only possible on a flat surface.

          The truth is pilots do not make constant nose declinations or compensation acceleration to account for the supposed curvature and rotation of the ball-Earth.

          The truth is sailors do not use spherical calculations, but plane trigonometry when navigating.

          I’ve been removed from every “pro-white” website for speaking about this topic.

          • “…they won’t allow any questioning of Heliocentrism. Yet the NWO is built upon Helio-centrism, so I don’t see why Heliocentrism can’t be questioned and scrutinized. We’re told Heliocentrism is “Science” , then we’re told we can’t question it. But Science is ALL about asking questions and scrutinizing and examining. If someone tells you something is “Science” then they tell you you can’t question it, then it’s NOT Science, then it comes under the category of “Religion”. ”

            Isn’t that the kick in the pants? You are asked to ‘Question Everything’ by every liberal ass out there, especially the clearly obvious- race, gender, disease…. everything, that is, EXCEPT for the FAIRY TALE of a spinning ball hurtling through space, revolving around a star on the edge of an arm of a fairly insignificant galaxy. Which event can NEVER be demonstrably proven, because we can never get past our own atmosphere! Hmmm. Wonder why?

            BECAUSE IT’S BULLSH*T. Pure Cow Dung. And no, we did NOT go to the Moon. NASA lieth with forked tongue.

            God’s word is clear- even accounting for the ‘pre-scientific’ worldview of the ancient Israelites.
            The earth is a plane, the world has ‘corners’ and the firmament is a solid fixture ‘like beaten brass’ that is much like the world of The Truman Show. So when world puppets like the Obamanation said on national TV, ‘We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society,’ Y’all should have woken up and taken notice- they are so sure of their hegemony, they were TAUNTING us with the reality that THEY KNOW what WE KNOW, and they think they are SOOOOO smart to keep this ‘under wraps.’ Until, (that is) someone like Rob Skiba or Mark Sargent merely QUESTION the simple things- like Operation Fishbowl, why both the USA and the USSR were exploding NUCLEAR WARHEADS at the firmament in the 1950’s, then suddenly stopped?! Why great explorers such as Admiral Byrd talked about oddities in the Antarctic, and then, suddenly, it became ‘off limits’ around the same time, and a united cohort of mutually antagonistic countries makes ANY private investigation of the interior of that ‘continent’ – or ice RING, off limits?

            Yeah. Like the old rock song, ‘makes me wonder….’

          • You people need to go away. Most likely disinformation agents for the purpose of making people concerned about white survival look like lunatics.

          • is your ‘faith’ in the modern RELIGION of ‘Scientism’ being shaken, widdle Powell?

            In case you haven’t been paying attention with the COVID situation, GOVERNMENTS LIE- even our ‘great and marvelous’ US of A. What makes you think that they weren’t lying back in the 1950’s, and only started doing so, after JFK’s PLANNED ELIMINATION!??

            WAKE UP – you too, Brad. LOL, indeed.

          • Silly me!: I thought all of this “flat-earther” dipshittery was a parody of, well, flat-earther dipshittery, and therefore laughed it off as such.

            “Governments lie.” Well, sure they do, and the U.S. government is perhaps the biggest liar of them all. But you don’t have to yell it at us, ding dong, as if to say that putting it in all caps drives the point home when nothing else will. This is like (no, strike that, it is) throwing good dipshittery after bad dipshittery.

            Have you ever owned, or otherwise taken the time to learn how to properly use an equatorial telescope, Fr. John? Don’t bother answering because I already know the answer. Get yourself one. Learn to use it properly. Then come back here and act like you have the damn (learned) sense God gave a goose by nature alone.

          • Your dumbfuckery doesn’t “shake” me in the least, Father Dipshit. Hunter put it best…you are laughable. I also wonder why you are disparaging the discoveries and great accomplishments of some White Men, while espousing the scribblings of some primitive desert rat people?

          • “I’ve been removed from every “pro-white” website for speaking about this topic.”

            In a straightjacket?

  9. IF the country shuts off and we are forced to quarantine…what does a Jubilee look like?

    I don’t want a low (((interest))) loan. I don’t want a tax cut for the amazons and apples of the world.

    a state income tax cut and federal? its a start. all my bills for as long as I’m forced out of my earning zone gets forgiven? even my giant hedonistic purchases like designer shoes and big assed bass boat payments?!

  10. Those people on the podium with Orange Fail are in it for th’ Stax…COVID-19 testing? WE will pay…THEY will profit. But Coronachan don’t care about th’ Stax…and who knows? Could be that we’re looking at Dead Folks Walking. With the shutdown of almost all public events as well as School closings, We may see the beginning of some very interesting times. The public interest has always been Dead Last.

    • This nation has devolved into a ‘debt engine’.
      It is fueled by a continuously increasing level of debt. Wuflu just broke the fuel line.

      • Hmmm…could be. Time will tell, like a matter of days or weeks. My bet on the Floogaloo’s impact on FUSA will be like Italy, on steroids.

        • Someone (FTN) called the impending Corona quarantine, ‘spending money in the Prison Commissary.’ We need a complete overhaul of EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN.

    • Look for major war and because all our rights are gone and martial law implemented there will be no ability to dissent.

      • The Idiots might try for a war with Iran, which is in something of a weakened state now. But after all they are Idiots(awa: Dead Folks Walking). All those “teens” on the street now should make for spicy times. Should make Personal Defense a priority.

        • Iran is angrily calling out China for this coronavirus disaster so the enemy of my enemy is my friend so to speak…

          • Iran is the enemy of the whores and Israel-firsters who control the US. It is not the necessary enemy of “true” America.

  11. Does anybody know someone personally that has this virus?

    They are already suspending constitutional rights over this shit and still haven’t even sealed the borders. Very strange.

    • I don’t know any-one. The FACT that travel from Europe has been stopped, but NO OTHER COUNTY, give one the impression that this a yet ANOTHER (((SCAM)))

      • Las Vegas is almost a ghost town, madam. All the shows have been cancelled and I estimate the crowds and traffic are down about 60% from where they should normally be!

    • My God, you ALREADY have lost all but EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ‘constitutional rights’ for the last ten years (since even before Obama) and NOW you are concerned that a “Martial Law” situation, with curfews, and mandatory quarantine (of feral nigs, queers, and Jews) to stop a worldwide pandemic, is somehow a ‘breach of our rights’? I would PRAY that we have a government that cared more for her citizenry, than the Corporate Yid Class. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

      Wake up, idiot. Israel has already closed HER doors. Why can’t we do the same?

      • Do you really think feral niggers, spics, fags and Jews are going obey rules, genius?

        Trump could have used this to seal the borders indefinitely.

        My God, if you really think the tyranny we live under now is at max you are truly a genius.

        Whites will be the only ones obeying any quarantine or martial law if it comes to that, then we’ll by sitting ducks like the south Africans.

        My God, you really are a genius for trusting this gov and then lambasting them for catering to foreign invaders.

        Grow up child John.


        • @Patton Odinson The depressing reality is people are far too mentally weak, riddled with pathological issues & brainwashed in various ways to realize they’re being played. I’m especially disappointed in Hunter Wallace swallowing this coronavirus claptrap because he’s lost perspective, i.e. it’s a “virus” packaged & sold by China, the WHO (led by an Ethiopian Marxist), the Jewish mainstream media & all the elites which control parliaments & corporations passing the laws/restrictions/bans which are actually damaging the economic welfare of Europeans & Americans (i.e. coronavirus doesn’t make policy, whereas the people in charge do).

          It’s not the 2% at the top who suffer in downturn, no, it’s the normal working classes, business owners & private sector who get trashed. All usual targets of Judeo Bolshevik hatred. What we’re witnessing throughout the west as I type is a literal assault on western peoples, industry, wealth & civilization on a grand scale, i.e. using the “coronavirus” as a weaponized means to destroy the livelihood of millions of white folk.

          If someone pretends a virus with an unverified & unconfirmed 3.5% fatality rate (which affects the elderly the most) is worth destroying our nations over by plunging us all into economic catastrophe, they’re traitors.

          • I have a relative who came down with severe viral pneumonia in late January. She is a 30 year old non-smoker in perfect health. She tested negative for the flu and had to be put on oxygen at the hospital. Doctors couldn’t explain it at the time. Guess what it was with the benefit of hindsight

          • @HW

            You’re kidding ?
            What area of the country was she in?
            Did she travel or have contact wi travellers to Asia ?

        • Patton,

          This is a great example of right-wing thinking that is credulous to the point of superstition.

        • My God, you really are a genius for trusting this gov and then lambasting them for catering to foreign invaders.

          Many right-wingers are essentially schizophrenic.

        • PADDY- Do you not understand the very definition of ‘martial law’?

          “Do you really think feral niggers, spics, fags and Jews are going obey rules, genius?”
          They will, at the point of a gun, idiot (right back at ya).

          Or would you prefer this scenario, instead?

          It’s your choice, Mick.

          I personally trust NO ONE, save Jesus Christ. But if we give up ALL authority, and that IN THE FACE OF A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC, I’d rather be living in an authoritarian state like Russia, than some free-for-all, ‘America, hell, yeah’ BS Mad Max fantasy. Governments exist to RESTRAIN lawlessness, even the point of lawlessness you sound like you are advocating.

          When the gov’t goes BEYOND that point, THEN it can be resisted. But do you really think that we can have Civil War II, or some idiotic fantasy game console ‘pretend war,’ in the midst of a killing virus? If that’s your vision of AmeriKa, count me out.

          “Many right-wingers are essentially schizophrenic.” Try congenitally.

          • Or to put it in light of Biblical, revealed Truth:

            “St. Gregory the Theologian writes:
            The three most ancient opinions concerning God are Anarchia, Polyarchia, and Monarchia. The first two are the sport of the children of Hellas, and may they continue to be so. For Anarchy is a thing without order; and the Rule of Many is factious, and thus anarchical, and thus disorderly. For both these tend to the same thing, namely disorder; and this to dissolution, for disorder is the first step to dissolution. But Monarchy is that which we hold in honour.”

            Martial Law is the King/Emperor/President working to maintain ORDER, and SAFETY. Any misuse of that power, renders it (and reverence to the king/president) NULL.

            Ever hear of Romans 13? Or Martin Luther?
            “Paul reminds his readers that they should honour and obey the secular authorities. Reformer Martin Luther suggested that “he includes this, not because it makes people virtuous in the sight of God, but because it does insure that the virtuous have outward peace and protection and that the wicked cannot do evil without fear and in undisturbed peace”…

      • Fr. John, you should come out here to the ruins of the Barker Ranch in Death Valley to welcome the Apocalypse.

        • Spawn, my good man. the Apocalypse already happened, with the destruction of the ‘world’ of the apostate Jews, and Jerusalem, in AD 70.

          The last 2000 years was to have been merely a ‘mopping up’ operation, but the tribal nature of the sons of the Twelve Tribes in the lands of Christendom, could never work together against a common foe- which resulted in the rise of Islam, the East/West Schism, the English/Irish situation, the Civil War in the USA. At every point in time when we should have worked TOGETHER against our COMMON ENEMY, we fought ourselves instead, and the same (((interests))) profited, over and over and over again.

          God is now merely wiping some of the slate clean. The articles saying that the Chink Flu is the death of Multicuturalism, are more aware of the realities of life, than the supposed Evan-jelly-goo minds saturated with the Devil’s Lies that ‘diversity is our whatever.’

          • “”And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).

        • Spahn – I would come and and meet you there. My hubby is freaking out over this, I’m essentially under house arrest. If we go outside WE WILL DIE!!! AAAAERRGGHHHH.

    • They are already suspending constitutional rights over this shit and still haven’t even sealed the borders. Very strange.

      Just like the borders “should have” been sealed after 9/11… right Patton???

      Instead, we got the Patriotard Act, and a major loss of civil liberties.

      And right-wingers cheered it all on.

  12. You People suck.
    You censor everyone including those who agree with you …but don’t have the money you fucks have.

    # thisIsAJewSiteMadeToLookLikeItsNot

    • I get the feeling, especially with this coronavirus coverage, that this site is indeed compromised. Something like dailystormer.

      And some of these commentors are definitely not serious people.

  13. HW, have you had any problems so far in your prepping? Toilet paper and disinfecting wipes are now almost a fading memory in my area.

    The Black Death was a bubonic plague pandemic, which reached England in June 1348. It was the first and most severe manifestation of the Second Pandemic, caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria. The term “Black Death” was not used until the late 17th century.

    ORIGINATING IN CHINA, it spread west along the trade routes across Europe and arrived on the British Isles from the English province of Gascony. The plague seems to have been spread by flea-infected rats, as well as individuals who had been infected on the continent. Rats were the reservoir hosts of the Y. pestis bacteria and the Oriental rat flea was the primary vector.

    The first known case in England was a seaman who arrived at Weymouth, Dorset, from Gascony in June 1348. By autumn, the plague had reached London, and by summer 1349 it covered the entire country, before dying down by December. Low estimates of MORTALITY in the early twentieth century have been revised upwards due to re-examination of data and new information, and a figure of 40-60 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION is widely accepted…
    — Wikipedia: “Black Death in England”

    PANDEMICS seem to be the best cure for globalism … they must be racist …

    PANDEMIC …… 1
    GLOBALISM …. 0

  14. We need an emergency order to get all our masks back from the shady Chinese immigrants who raided every store in the US around January 20th and bought every single mask in stock to scalp like event tickets like some greedy Ferengi on Star Trek. There are videos of the Ferengi bastards at Home Depots in January with 300 cases of masks filling three shopping carts, and the moron staff let them just walk out the door without limiting quantities. I’d locate them all and make them give them back or arrest them under scalping laws. I really, really hate mainland Chinese from personal experience, I’ve found them to be pathologically greedy exactly like the Ferengi on Star Trek, I’m convinced the screen writers were relating personal experience with Chinese on that show thinly veiled as “Ferengi.” They have no real passion in life except money, we have a self important blowhard in town who scammed his way into this country getting a PHD in Physics. Generally Physics Major and Business Guru are as opposite as you get on the personality scale, one is Sheldon and the crew on Big Bang Theory, the other is Quark and Brunt on Deep Space Nine. Yet did this guy take up Physics? Nope, he only wanted an impressive title to go into business. A Computer Store, a Home Decor Store, a Chinese Restaurant, he was going to be “The Henry Ford of iPod Cases” then CCTV equipment, then “The Steve Jobs of NVRs” then “The Guru of Home Automation.” Even a black guy like Niel DeGrasse Tyson is genuinely interested in science and didn’t start peddling everything under the sun like at Quark’s bar in Deep Space Nine. As I said, I really hate the Chinese. Getting involved with these people has cost us our Ash Trees, all our factories, and now threatens to kill 1/6th of our elders. There isn’t a hell hot enough for the globalists.

    • “Ferengi.” have big noses and are very short and operate as an extended clan.
      I don’t think they are modelled on Chinese.
      Try another ethnic group.

      • Yup. THAT was obvious from the very first episode…. The Ferengi are the ST version of, ‘I can get it for you, wholesale!’ But the Chinks are little better. Except for the americanized version of their cuisine…. I’m not talking bat soup, you understand.

    • It’s like I said Wuhan should have been nuked from orbit. Then the Chink population in Europe and America should have been massacred. No joke. These motherfuckers fled to Italy and infected central and Southern Europe as a result. Let God sort them out.

    • The Chinese are the jews of the Orient. Extremely ethno-centric, they became the parasitical upper class of a few other SE Asian nations.

  15. 2 to 8 more weeks of panic before people realize that this is just like the flu except not as bad.

    The greatest self inflicted wound in the of the Enemy: going after China and Trump but destroying themselves!

    1) shut down government: schools meetings military etc

    2) destroy the economy: they were going to do this anyway to blame Trump but now he can blame the panic of his enemies when this all blows over

    3) shut down Hollywood the NBA and computer game conferences: people will be forced to unplug from the anti human system

    4) discredit the panic producing media who went all in promoting this with false data

    I’m loving it!

    And to think that a couple billion dollars of simple home made masks made out of t shirt sections and string would have stopped this cold – we now are facing trillions of dollars of damage to the global economy!


  16. I work at a Power Plant in South East Alabama, the Corporate personnel in Birmingham have ordered ALL non-essential personnel to work from home until further notice. Only essential personnel are allowed at the plant. Skeleton crews for the most part. If operators(the guys in the control room)also get sick, I think the Plant will be shut down. So not to scare anyone but black outs are a possibility and you may need to add to your list of preps for possible off grid supplies. Beans, bullets and Band-Aids.

    • What about nuke plants?

      What happens to the nuke plants if the operators are sick? This is a serious question here and around the world. I haven’t read anything about keeping nuke plants operating as corona gets into high gear. If the operators just walked away the plants would probably shut themselves down in response to an eventual breakdown of equipment because of lack of maintenance but that is a huge chance to take.

      • Like I said, Martial Law, curfews, shoot to kill outside of normal traffic hours, but if the FEDGOV oversteps its boundaries, then all bets are off… but Paddy Paganson don’t get it. Doofus.

      • “If the operators just walked away the plants would probably shut themselves down”

        They will auto shutdown, in such an emergency.
        The operators are more dangerous.

        At TMI the operators overrode the automatic shutdown and caused the reactor to melt.

        Jews were the plant managers of TMI , when the meltdown occurred.

        • I forgot about TMI and the overrides, just like Chernobyl when the operators did some half-assed experiment that ended in meltdown. Thanks for the reminder. I think you are correct, the operators are more dangerous than the automatic systems especially when the operators get some “good ideas”.

  17. Coomers are declaring a National Emergency because the degenerate (redundant) jew that produces/finances the “Blacked” miscegenation porn series has shutdown production of any new video.

    CoronaChan has done what pro-White advocates couldn’t get accomplished.

    • Many “men” are also freaking out about not getting their sportsball fix. It would be great if football got cancelled this year, too.

      • “Many “men” are also freaking out about not getting their sportsball fix”

        Oh, that’s so traumatic, my heart is breaking, I just can’t hold back my tears, How can life go on?

  18. @Captain John,

    The PLA navy has submarines capable of launching ICBMs at Europe and the United States. So even if we hit the with a first strike, they would be able to retaliate to some degree. I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the Cold War, but MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) was and still is in effect between China, Russia, USA, France, UK, and probably Israel.

    • Israel has the “Samson Option”, named after Samson bringing down the Temple (Judges 16:28) on his own head to destroy his enemies.

      Israel has threatened to use nuclear weapons against not only Arab enemies if they are in danger of overrunning Israel but also against European countries which are also considered enemies. If Israel were doomed they would lash out against the whole world as they suffered defeat. This is blackmail deigned to force Europe and the U.S. to come to Israel’s aid during wartime.

      Israel already blackmailed President Nixon in 1973 when Israel was losing the Yom Kippur War. They threatened to use nukes against Arab countries unless President Nixon ordered an immediate resupply of Israel from U.S. military stocks. Nixon complied with Israel’s blackmail, even stripping U.S. Army units in (then) West Germany of TOW missiles which might have been needed to stop Soviet tanks. None of the cowards in Congress protested of course. Greatest ally indeed.

      • I’m sure Henry Kissinger pressured Nixon into bailing out Kikestan at the last minute. The Zionist scum almost lost the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

        • Kissinger was controlling Nixon.
          Occasionally Nixon would growl , but Kissinger would snap his chain and Nixon would heel.

          Kissinger is the one who empowered China with US recognition.

      • “Israel has threatened to use nuclear weapons against not only Arab enemies if they are in danger of overrunning Israel but also against European countries which are also considered enemies.”

        Which proves this psychotic and paranoid people are NOT the heirs of the Biblical Israelites, who trusted in God for their deliverance.” Vengeance is mine, says the Lord” is a verse the Yids conveniently don’t acknowledge. Just like they don’t acknowledge their one and only forever King…

        • Oh, you mean the tribe of rats who supposedly massacred every other people who stood in their way because their demon-god told them to? They sound like the same exact people to me.

          • Powell – The jews of today are genetically linked to the jews of the bible. They’ve picked up a lot of DNA, from Humans, on their gypsy’s tour of the world – but they still carry the same genetics.

            There is a lot of slippery nonsense about Ashkenazi “European Jews” vs. Middle Easter ones. This is more deception. The premise is that European women founded the Ashkenazis. Via marrying an breeding with Middle Eastern jew males. The doctrine of Judaism is matrilineal. Whatever. But this dismisses actual genetics. Children inherit genes from both parents – not merely their mothers.

            Read up, if you haven’t, on the kohen and levite jews. The kohens were the priestly class, forbidden to marry “outsiders”. The must be racially “pure”, in order to be clean and
            (((godly)) enough for perform the rituals in the temples. Even though it’s all a bunch of ideological hogwash – the they carry the same strains now, as they did 200 years ago.

            This is a fun read:

            Get to the last paragraphs. Actual scientific data, and all. And if you want to dip into the madness of Jew on Jew infighting – read the comments. Jews LOVE using Negroes as bioweapons against Whites – but boy oh boy do they ever want ot make sure they don’t have any Sambo in ’em!


            Fr John, is alas, completely deluding himself, in order to justify his beliefs.

      • 12ax7

        It goes beyond that,

        They diverted shipments of arms and ammunition from the troops in Vietnam to supply israhell. Our troops died because ammunition was sent to Israhell.
        Gen geo brown was furious about that (AF head of joint chiefs). He was forced to resign, had his pension reduced.

        • Un-fucking-believable, but if fits the pattern, get rid of the truly patriotic officers first then never let a crisis go to waste according to Rahm “bathhouse” Emmanuel”, BHO’s good friend whose brother Ezekial wants to snuff out millions of lives because “they aren’t worth living”.

    • Bullet point 7. ” . . . Governments and the private sector should assign a greater priority to developing methods to combat mis- and disinformation prior to the next pandemic response.”

      The no-good bastards are loving it, what an excuse for: censorship, then even worse, more intense indoctrination, then a direct attack on the 2A before trying to seize power directly.

      The ruling, hostile elites are up against a force of Nature, they cannot control it, the arrogant pricks. Corona is going to collapse the NWO whether they like it or not and it’s also going to show that only white people have what it takes to keep civilization up and running long term, especially when things get sporty.

  19. Under Cover Of Coronavirus Congress Introduces Bill That Allows Gov To Control All Internet Content

  20. Ed in SLC,

    That was a part of the agenda put forth at the Event 201 meeting last September. The powers that be in conjunction with big tech platforms would be the only permitted outlets for information, and CoronaChan gave them the opening they needed to push this vision over the finish line.

    • Yes indeed November! ‘Amazing Polly’ did another great video precisely related to your comment!

      Malevolent fascism was on full display as well as some of the ‘giants’ of the corp-world who’ve created this problem were present during Trump’s press conference to make the sheeple feel safe and to know that they are coming to the rescue: Google, Target, CVS, CDC, NIAID, Wal-Mart(Mart-laW), Walgreens, Roche, and Quest Diagnostics.

      I feel much better now that CEO Doug McMillon is making Walmart parking lots available for testing. LOL! That press conference could’ve been written by the great Rod Serling himself!

  21. Virtus,

    Of course, I do not wish economic or health related hardships on our folk. What the article you linked seems to be advocating for is the survival of the jew world order through (((economic nationalism))).

    If this pandemic can stir up more resentment, mistrust, and revolutionary conditions, then perhaps CoronaChan will at the least cause clownworld and ZOG a sucking chest wound.


    Say goodbye to Christina. She is not going to be commenting on OD anymore but only reading it from now on due to paternal restraints

  22. I don’t know if this is a local or national order, but all schools, restaurants, and taverns will be closed for the next two weeks starting tomorrow in my state.

    • It’s not national yet, but were headed there fast! Park City here in Utah just today announced the closure of all bars and restaurants! They are still open in Salt Lake, but I see the rest of the state following this week. I also see city transit systems as the next on the ‘chopping block’ if you will.

      They are going to bring this global economy to a grinding halt! And it is just a matter of weeks before the pain starts to set in where people cannot pay their mortgage/rent, car payment, etc. and we start to see pockets of resistance form across the world. When the bottom falls out, its a terrifying ride!

  23. Well, the Orange Clown got his wish. The Fed thieves have dropped interest rates to near zero. Not the problem and not the solution. Will we soon have to start paying the bank to hold our money? Maybe our ledgers will simply be wiped clean before it’s all over. The Market is a mess, cash pays nothing. What the hell are you supposed to do?

  24. “Norwegian university urges students to return home from the U.S., cites ‘poorly developed health services’”

    Too funny…..
    ……..welcome to the hotel tijuanamerica…
    You can check out any time you like,
    But you can never leave!

  25. Powell,

    You’re correct, of course. I don’t even both debating scientific discoveries with Fr. John anymore. His epic take on why there couldn’t be any intelligent extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe let alone our galaxy washed it for me.

    Whites should be extremely proud of our prowess in science and technology, and certainly not dismiss this excellence as a hoax.

    As a savings grace of sorts, at least he’s pro-White. There are intelligent but deracinated Whites who are of the Frankfurt School of “race us a social construct,” until it can be used to bludgeon Whites.

    • “I don’t even both debating scientific discoveries with Fr. John anymore. His epic take on why there couldn’t be any intelligent extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe let alone our galaxy washed it for me.”

      You pompous ASS, you effing COWARD. Because I point out that the Government lies, and has lied for over half a century, you are going to ignore, and NOT INVESTIGATE?!? Your God is SCIENCE, and you are scared to death that your ‘god’ won’t save you- even now as the CORONA plague kills off the world’s population. And, because of that, WE will have to re-think everything,including the lie that Science can save us. When your own eyes show you the world is fixed, the sun traverses the Firmament, the stars make a CIRCLE above the Earth in the Firmament with time-lapse photography, and the Antarctic Ice sheet is sometimes 300 feet High- in short, a WALL to keep in the circular sea! And when the earth DOES shake, it is unnatural. Why don’t you, won’t you look into the Coriolis effect, the Michelson-Morley effect, or any other SINGLE aberration of the Science Establishment, just to be sure?

      What of scientists who *(under duress) admit that BOTH systems (either geocentric or heliocentric) can be held, based on the data we CAN see? *See the following quotes.

      “I have come to believe that the motion of the Earth cannot be detected by any optical experiment.” – Albert Einstein [Speech entitled, ‘How I created the Theory of Relativity,” Kyoto University, Japan, 12/14/22, cited in Physics Today, 8/82.]

      “This conclusion directly contradicts the explanation… which presupposes that the Earth moves.” Albert Michelson [American Journal of Science, Vol. 22, 8/1881]

      “The data [of Michelson-Morley] were almost unbelievable…THere was only one other possible conclusion to draw- that the Earth was at rest.” Bernard Jaffe, physicist, [Michelson and the Speed of Light, 1960, p. 76.]

      “Thus, even now, three and a half centuries after Galileo…it is still remarkably difficult to say categorically whether the earth moves…” Julian B. Barbour, physicist, [Absolute or Relative Motion, Cambridge University Press, 1989, 226.]

      “There is no planetary observation by which we on Earth can proves that the Earth is moving in an orbit around the sun.” J. Bernard Cohen, Physicist, [Birth of a New Physics, rev. and updated, 1985, 78.]

      “So, which is real, the Ptolemaic or Copernican system? Although it is not uncommon for people to say that Copernicus proved Ptolemy wrong, that is not true… one can use either picture as a model of the Universe, for our observations of the heavens can be explained by assuming EITHER the Earth OR the sun to be at rest.” Stephen Hawking, [The Grand Design, Hawking and Mlodinow, NY, Bantam, 2010, 41.]

      These are quotes from JUST ONE BOOK- Sungenis’ “Geocentrism 101,” 2013.

      Why NOT investigate this theory? Because FEAR is the operative word. You folks who ridicule God, the Bible, and the Witness of our WHITE EUROPEAN HISTORY cannot believe that people like Newton and others may have been involved in SPIRITUAL FRAUD in their ‘science.’ along with, and possibly to corroborate, their RELIGIOUS ABERRATIONS! Try reading E. Michael Jones’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit,” to learn who has corrupted the West, for over a millennium! Look at Michael Hoffman’s “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome, espeically, on this front! Try reading ANY Orthodox Christian Author, to understand why they consider the West to be hopelessly adrift in their own miasma of Error.

      Try looking at the books and websites out there. Look at Edward Hendrie’s “The Greatest Lie on Earth,” [2016] for example.

      I used to believe as you did. I used to think the West was the ultimate Good in the universe. Then Vatican II almost destroyed my world. Then, Vietnam. Then, Stonewall. Then, Women’s Lib. Then, Nixon, Then Roe v. Wade, then Carter, then Reagan, and each decade brought us further and further from our WHITE, ABSOLUTELY STELLAR ROOTS, Culture, Music, Architecture, and a disgusting UGLINESS began to replace it all… and Suddenly you begin to see “the man behind the Curtain,” and it’s everywhere.

      I challenge you to seriously think outside the box. Because, if you don’t, YOU are worse than a MAGA-tard. And the West deserves the end it has manufactured for itself.

      • Thinking outside the box does not equate to thinking like a child. I hope you live by your words and do not go to the hospital if you get CV, due to the fact that the Earth is flat and science will not save you.

  26. @ Hunter Wallace

    Your little anecdote about a “relative” who caught coronavirus is exactly what I meant by “lost perspective”. The bigger picture doesn’t cater to people’s personal experiences. For every one white man with a connection to someone with the virus, there are hundreds more who aren’t affected by it. The economic sanctity of the majority matters more because that’s what keeps people alive. Some might not like hearing the “needs of the many > the few” rule, but it should always be the number one priority in all normal matters of the state (in our case “matters of the people”, because we don’t have nation states of our own anymore).

    Our race is getting economically massacred right now & placed under a neo dictatorial situation with the worst scum on the planet (western regimes/elites) imposing measures which would make the Soviet Union blush. Does coronavirus justify any of this harm? No. As I said, the ones at the top are the policy makers, they’ll be fine. But our people won’t be.

    • Our race is getting economically massacred right now & placed under a neo dictatorial situation with the worst scum on the planet (western regimes/elites) imposing measures which would make the Soviet Union blush. Does coronavirus justify any of this harm? No. As I said, the ones at the top are the policy makers, they’ll be fine. But our people won’t be.


      Fantastic points, Max.

      Again, like I said before, much, nay, virtually all right-wing thinking, stretches credulity to the utter breaking point, where it starts to become superstition — who, instead of calmly and rationally examining the actual facts and evidence — instead opts in an emotional & very maladaptive way to cope with the kabbalistic lies, sorcery and trickery.

      This is the main, principal weapon of what is behind all this (((media-generated))) ¢orona viru$ panic, and, as you said, of what will ultimately be the economic devastation and ruin of many of our race.. all psychotically cheered on by many right-wingers because they (very foolishly) think “muh borders” might be closed (…don’t get me wrong, I fckn hope they would/will, buts that’s very unlikely, since the (((promoters))) of the viru$ pani¢ also wish to keep the borders open).

      Just like “the borders” “should have” “been closed” with 9/11 — instead, all White America got out of it was the Patriotard Act, and going on 20 years now of endless wars in the Middle East — all because of that lie and hoax (that many foolish tightie-righties still believe in, at least to large degrees).

      • All very true. People are jumping head first into a communist dictatorship. Anyone who squeals “but ZOG is losing moneys over this!” hasn’t understood the actual NKVD character of the enemy. They don’t give a damn if a bunch of capitalists lose some money, i.e. their political power always superseded financial imperatives (& the devil is in the detail, i.e. when we look at the stock market it’s the automobile industry & other European companies who’re getting absolutely annihilated, not Goldman Sachs & co). It’ll be like post 1929 USA when Roosevelt became de-facto America’s first left wing dictator & the “great depression” merely served the interests of the globalist cabal at the time.

        I get that “normies” are brainwashed automatons, but when I see those to the right & especially those who previously claimed they understood issues such as Jewry’s role in shaping the anti-white world we endure today (& the Holocaust magic numbers) actually cheering as white man’s businesses collapse, rights are violated/stolen & we’re all forced into a state dictatorship “for our own good” (in truest Bolshevik style), I want to vomit.

        “They” aka the “deep state elites” (what AH labelled “international Juden”) have simply pushed the right button which would make 2020 westerners self destruct. In 1914 & 1939 it was “bomb the German aggressors!” which appealed to the chauvinistic malpractices of the Allied European states & caused the destruction of Europe, today it’s “you’re all going to die of a new virus unless you accept full state control” which appeals to the snowflake, hypochondriac, unhealthy, pill popping generation of med addicts who swallow everything the media says hook line & sinker.

        • Very sober analysis, Max. When this kinda stuff happens and all our talking heads buy it hook, line and sinker I too want to vomit.

          There is not one voice that I know of in the white nationalist/pro-white circles not calling people questioning the msm narrative retards.

          Very divisive.

          I hope they’re just on the bandwagon, but it almost seems some sort of facade is cracked.

          • @ Patton

            The massive onslaught of insults, labels & overall attempts at shaming (i.e. calling people “idiots, retards” etc.) from #teamcoronavirus is something I’ve also noticed as well.

            We naturally question issues which affect our lives in a serious negative manner, yet we’re treated to an A-Typical unimaginative infantile slur in the form of a “ur a RETARD” response. We get those same responses when we mention racial differences or question issues like the Holocaust/Climate Change… but those insults come from the left, controlled right & all the brainwashed anti-whites.

            I certainly don’t expect to read those sorts of attacks on critical thinkers in racial nationalist circles. That’s new… & very disappointing (SF has the same issue right now).

    • As I said earlier, one of the youngest and healthiest members of my own family has already nearly died from the virus when it wasn’t being taken seriously in January. I come back after taking a few days off and the comment section is full of people posting flat earth nonsense.

      • A homosexual agent of the Rothschilds (Macron) just placed white Frenchmen under house arrest in France. This is no joke, this is no “flat earth conspiracy”. We in Europe haven’t endured this sort of aggression against our interests since the Soviets rolled through eastern Germany in WW2. Businesses are going under, white peoples interests are getting destroyed.

        You place your own little bubble over the affairs of our entire racial wellbeing. That’s the part I don’t get. It’s like one man had a relative who died at Stalingrad & starts hysterically screaming “end the war!”.

        No Sir, our fate is bigger than your own little picture. The needs of the many > the few. The needs of white civilization > one virus with a (at worst) 3.8% fatality rate. A virus won’t destroy our race, whereas the people currently implementing tyrannical Bolshevik measures & destroying our economic wellbeing will.

        You can pretend we’re nutters all you want, yet in doing so, you simply lose all the credibility which you built up over years via telling the truth about Trump. You’re on the wrong side of this extremely important moment.

  27. While I do worry about my own parents, it’s a hell of a thing to shut down the planet because a few grasping oldsters want to squeeze a few more yeaes out of a world they spiritually pozzed for decades. In public they said it was just flu, but in private they all retreated to their private islands, team of young pre-screened nurses and said “keep consuming”. The investigative journalism is going to be fascinating. Old men on yachts with several nurses in their early twenties…dodging corona.

    • Yes. The Oldies. That;’s hyperbole, for the TV Murkins. Most Americans, of all ages and races, ONLY know what TalmudVision tells them. If every-one is shut up in their homes, excepting when they scurry out of the last roll of toilet paper, fearful of what they may catch – well that’s a population that is very easy to frighten and control. For awhile….meanwhile – ZOG can wreak all kinds of havoc. What will the fearful find when they emerge? If ZOG and their Golem really care about the Oldies – they wouldn’t have done everything possible to destroy Western Civilization.

      The old men on yachts? Sooner or later, it’s just like the fearful cowering in their homes. Sooner or later you must emerge. Sooner pr later you must approach land, for fuel and supplies. Or you must deal with those that supply them. Old men on yachts, with a bevy of young women – oooohhhh….I give it all about 6 months. The young nurses will grow very weary of catering to some old man, waiting for their 6 minutes alone with their “benefactor”. Menstrual cycles sync up when women are confined in enclosed spaces, and we all know that women can be monsters when surfing the crimson tide. Weeks at sea will make the mores of society on land seem VERY far away…and meaningless And they’ll see and deal with the fit, vigorous young men, delivering the fuel and supplies. Whether holed up on a yacht, or private island – the old rich men aren’t going to last very long. THEY need civilization to support their fetishes more than anyone.

  28. I thought of you when I saw a recent photo of Francis blessing an an empty St. Peter’s Square for his personal photographer. Italy has over 2100 deaths from coved-19 so far, and this LARPing, as if he has some magical powers to make CoronaChan go away. Shouldn’t he be risking his own life giving last rites to the dying of his faith? Fu*king poseur.

  29. Will there be more frequent and comprehensive content on the site any time soon? I mean a mainstream news / video link every three or four+ days sans owner comment isn’t really going to accomplish much is it? Just asking.

  30. Covid-19 Same Scam Different Year SARS, Ebola, HIV, All Fake Globalists UN Agenda 2030 Plan

    • Ed, you would think more intelligent White folks would notice a fcuking pattern here:

      2002 – West Nile “virus”

      2004 – SARS “virus”

      2005 – Bird Flu

      2008 – Avian Flu

      2009 – Swine Flu (“H1N1”)

      2012 – MERS

      2014 – Ebola

      2016 – Zika

      2018 – Ebola (encore)

      2020 – Corona (the “¢rown viru$”)


      2020 (& beyond) – Der goyim never learn

      • Virtus,

        I finished weight training at my gym this morning when a guy struck up a conversation with me about the CV in the locker room. Little did he know, he was asking the wrong guy! After I made a couple of points to him about how I felt the ‘pandemic’ was nothing but a cover for something much more sinister, I noticed him visibly getting confused and annoyed at me. You would’ve thought I was speaking Bantu Swahili to him!

        He made some banal point about how he didn’t see how I could see things the way I did. He asked me, “how was Trump going to benefit in the election from shutting everything down?” In his world- Trump is running things! As has been the case countless times in my life, I see I was wasting my time because I started getting the ol’ ‘deer in the headlights’ look.

        Anyhow, I told him that I felt the whole political process was a fraud and that Trump was not the one in charge and that those who are were the ones behind the manufactured pandemic. Well, in a flash, he grabbed his gym-bag and stormed out of the locker-room like a teenage girl. Another lost battle! I walked out of the gym and thought of Bukowski’s poem ‘The Genius of the Crowd’

        • Any fan of Charles Bukowski is someone whom I would love to buy a beer. But wait, you ‘re in Salt Lake City! That’s the last place you’d ever find Henry Chinaski!

  31. This is a fragile movement.

    We agree on most issues, but along comes corona and here we are name calling, and fighting over one issue.

    I am not innocent tho I did not fire first shot.

    The Enemy is light-years ahead of us in their choesion, coordination and messaging.

    Fear is a powerful weapon friends.

    Our movement needs to put out one message about this and then shut up until we know for sure what is going on.

    The message, “close the borders indefinitely, and calm down,” might sound overly simplistic, but it is unified.

  32. Canada has a massive Chinese population. I would like to see rates of infection in that regard.
    Since the right of assembly is included in first amendment protections I wonder how this will play out? Or are we to take the position we only follow the Constitution when things are going well? Of course, the reality is the Constitution can be-and has been -violated with impunity and there appears to be no penalty for doing so.But a nation ought to be based on a firm ethnic foundation not on nebulous egalitarian Enlightenment ideology manifested in a document concerned with the intricate workings or government and checks and balances. This is all well and good but reality has taught us we must also include racially specific language in the Constitution of whatever comes after the United States because as the Great Philosopher taught us nothing last forever! At least this late in the game history has afforded us a golden opportunity to discern what toxins are destroying-and will destroy-the United States so that said toxins are not allowed to take root and replicate in whatever comes after the United States.

  33. I’m just wonerin….if ZOG imposes draconian measures that prevent Americans from going to work and earning a living does that mean we don’t have to pay our bills, taxes and rent until they declare the emergency is officially over?

  34. Las Vegas Blvd this evening was almost deserted. Even the Flamingo’s big, flashy marquee was turned OFF.

      • You should write an article about how boomers with no alt-right tendencies at all have infested alt-right spaces. Imagine coming to a radical dissident website to tell everyone that Rush Limbaugh said it’s just a cold. We spend a lot of time talking about the civnats and irony bros, but I’m not seeing those people in our spaces. They have their own spaces. I’m seeing these racist boomer blump loyalist types. It’s infuriating to have people who a few years ago, were FOX news watching sheep, telling people who have been nationalists for decades that we are wrong for not following the Hannity/Limbaugh line. It’s bizarre to have people in alt-right spaces who are AGAINST the “conspiracy” and survivalist mentality of caution and vigilance. The boomerization of the alt-right since blump is a huge story.

  35. The Virus will subside. The economic fallout will likely be irreversible for many. Death is final, there’s no denying it. And, it would appear that death from this particular microbe is particularly agonizing. But, a slow death from homelessness, starvation, and the disease, or some other affliction, that you were so intent on avoiding is far worse. Perhaps, you would rather die of tuberculosis or some flesh eating bacteria? Will you be any safer under government quarantine? How many health care workers have already been infected? Government employees? Military personnel? It would seem that the very people that you are expecting to care for you are more likely to infect you than protect you.

    Are we willing to allow everyone’s financial future to hang in the balance in order to avoid a few tragic illnesses? We will be better off when 75% of the population is destitute or interred in FEMA camps? Even if this threat is legitimate, I’m still not convinced it’s worth the trade off. And, given that the source of panic is emanating from people that we would, at any other time, be likely to distrust, makes me ever more suspicious of the motives behind these measures. When the voices cry in unison, both right and left, as they did with Syria and Venezuela, (and, as they usually do in regards to Israel), then I begin to question what the real agenda is.

    In addition, as I’ve posted previously. Lysol kills coronavirus (Covid19). It says so on the label. If it’s a new contagion, how did it end up listed on the label of a product that I bought back in November of 2019? How come the Chinese didn’t know that Lysol kills Corona? They probably manufacture it, but they don’t know what it’s used for? Why isn’t this being discussed on mainstream television news?

    Here is an article in the USA Today that names the household disinfectants and hand sanitizers that are effective against Coronavirus (Covid19).

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