The Storm Is Coming

Alabama has fallen.

Alabama has made the final three:

47 out of 50 states infected:

Justin Trudeau’s wife has coronavirus:

Mass graves in Iran seen from space:

Justin Trudeau quarantined (Canada):

Boris Johnson addresses the nation (Britain):

Jair Bolsonaro addresses the nation (Brazil):

Emmanuel Macron addresses the nation (France):


About those tests:

The Department of Monitoring has been activated:

Press F for Europe:

First hand accounts from Italy:

First hand account from a man who was infected in Cartersville, GA:

Lindsey Graham and Rick Scott quarantined:

46 out of 50 states infected:

The Trump Crash:

The normies have heard about coronavirus:



Peak Prosperity:

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        • Yes, panic, run in circles while alternately screaming and crying followed by irrational actions……..have a nice day 🙂

      • They have money and travel a lot. This seems to be hitting the elites first, only the “priviledged” kids at my high school got to do things like “spend a year studying abroad in Switzerland” the rest of us were lucky if we got a 200 mile trip up to Wisconsin Dells in the summer with our families.

    • The coverage of the epidemic in Iran really makes it hard to believe these people didn’t seed the virus there. Zionism is the real plague.

      • No one is that evil !

        No group of people could scheme such a dastardly act, not even if they had 6,000,000 years to think about it.

  1. The corona virus is the Andrew Yang of microbiology: promising initially “get that bag” because of “the math” but months later endorsing Biden because “the math” didn’t add up.

    This is the ultimate case of people getting the government they deserve

    • Whats the bet there won’t be another election? As the army welds the people into their apartment blocks, Trump will be declared God King ZOG Emperor for life – until he can figure out what the hell is going on.

  2. “Kobe was the code and signal that the end game and take over event was all about to kick off”

    The malignant evil in man manifests what humanity is capable of and the archeology of the Kobe-Corona esoteric connection has only just begun to be excavated by those hidden subterranean miners that are pickin’ away in the realm of Ezekiel’s Valley of Dry Bones.

    In the present business that is our Corona-hysteria, more Mamba-like revelations appear to be awaiting us on the horizon. How much is contained in the alphanumeric codes that originate from that Babylonian system? Which cipher is chosen?

    The ‘kick-off’ to the madness was Wednesday 3-11! Trump’s speech ended at 9:11! Covid into Hebrew equals Kobe! Where exactly is the Mamba buried? We are told it was a ‘private’ funeral!

    • I take that back about Hanks Toy story, forest gump and Big were pretty good nostalgic films for me alot of his other films i don’t care for tho

      • Arian,

        Yeah. The Jews put that theory out there when the virus hit. They change history as frequent as the setting of the sun.

      • actually, it was early Judeo-Christianity +

        universal funnymoney (coins made out of dried mud instead of silver) and

        no borders.

        which also sounds (((familiar))).

        • Keep seething, pagan LARPer.
          Christian empires, including British, Spanish and Russian were larger than Rome or any other pagan nation ever was.

          Reminder your Thor worshiping buddies never even wrote down their tales until Christian monks did it for them.

          Christianity won, your religion lost. Get over it and stop being a plague on our race by insisting on some heathen white super-god that never existed or claimed to be as such.

    • Not Rome, but the rebirth of the Eastern Empire in the 6th century in Constantinople under Justinian was destroyed by a plague that they still don’t know exactly which pathogen it was?

  3. When its all going down I certainly hope no niggers will shoot every jew on sight, we know they didnt do anything.

  4. And these numbers being given for new cases are only a fraction of the real cases, since testing is not even widely available. But I’m sure the free market will step up to the plate soon and fill that demand.

  5. It’s official…a public health emergency has been declared in my state by governor tony “red scarecrow” evers…national guard activated…state department of health empowered to distribute vague, unavailable medications…cripes on a crutch!

  6. I’m attending the Gold Cup in Cheltenham the mood is blyth. The skirts are short. Spring has begun.

  7. Brad, I feel terrible, and I’m running a temperature. The kick in the balls is that I got the heavy duty flu shot this year and my pneumonia shot is up to date.

  8. The comments on boomer conservatives sites are crazy. They are in total denial. Doesn’t a single boomer know what SARS is.

    The media fucked up by not just calling this disease “SARS 2.” That’s basically what the scientists who study this virus are calling it.

    • Some of my older relatives are doing the “heh stupid media overblowing everything, it’ll be no big deal” cope. WRONG!

      • actually, it wouldnt be a big deal save for (((media))) hype. Perception is everything, regardless of reality.
        Of course, the reality is that this is brought to us by the jew, but that bit of info will never hit the msm. Thyre too busy playin the goy like a giddle and laughing at the hysterics.

  9. This is the type of event that could very well permit government chipping under the guise of “mandated vaccinations” for the masses.

    • Virtus,

      Precisely! I’m glad someone here has their head about them!

      Let’s just assume for the sake of argument that those numbers were accurate in 2009. There were an estimated 12-18,000 deaths from H1N1 in the U.S. and over 200,000 worldwide and yet there wasn’t this insane rush to shut down everything and ‘quarantine oneself’ and live in constant fear. A quasi-pandemic at best and only 10 years ago and yet most don’t even know it happened!

      Fast forward to 2020 and we see how much damage these media conglomerates can do! Even those who consciously recognize that the media is agenda-driven and not about reporting truthful information will STILL succumb to its manipulation. This is one giant agenda that has nothing to do with public health!

      It was shoved in our face back on October 18th, 2019 with ‘Event 201’ that was a ‘simulation of a pandemic’ of the corona virus which was sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and John Hopkins Center for Health and Security. How many are even aware of this premeditated event? How obvious does it need to get?

      Adam Curry and John Dvorak discuss ‘Event 201’ beginning at the 21:00 mark here:

      And ‘Amazing Polly’ does a great video on ‘Event 201’ here:

      • You’re welcome Ed, and thank you for your level-headed thinking as well in times like this!

        As I said to you in another comment, right-wingers are some of the most credulous, almost superstitious, people on the planet, especially American right-wingers.

        This article, which I previously posted, explains much of the psychological underpinnings of what makes so many such lemmings for these kabbalistic lies and tricks — again, ESPECIALLY, the American “tightie-righties”

        REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn – OffGuardian

  10. I can definitely confirm that things on the ground are getting real. One family member traveling abroad was forced to return to the US. Me and my woman had a concert planned for tonight which was canceled and not really that big a deal. But, a bigger deal is the grocery store I went to last night with bare shelves and barely any toilet paper left.

    The media is definitely contributing to the mass hysteria and panic but I’m not sure that’s a terrible thing. Yes, it is harming Zlimps economy but it might possibly save lives.

    The people at risk are the elderly above 65, those with heart disease, diabetes, other diseases, and compromised immune systems.

    We need to protect our parents, grandparents, and the sick in our families.

    Hopefully, Mother Nature provides us with a miracle but until then a little panic is a good thing.

    • “people at risk are the elderly above 65, those with heart disease, diabetes, other diseases, and compromised immune systems.”

      Principally true, but Italy is showing more and more deaths of healthy 30 and 40 yr olds. It might be that the virus takes out the old and infirm first and then diffuses into the general population.

  11. Last I saw the equity markets have recovered yesterday’s more or less 10% drop. Nothing like a fake pandemic to cover an orchestrated “sell, sell, sell” market dump triggering liquidations of equities straight into insiders’ hands. Some of the big gainers today are such b.s. as to guarantee a play by insiders. The explanation that markets reflect “animal instincts” or the collective buying and selling decisions of innumerable investors responding to events in the market is for morons who deserve to lose their shirt. The stories on the business news justifying this or that market move are uncannily identical and so absurd as to guarantee they’re coordinated cover stories for insider trading. At this point, any guesses whether there’s a follow-up take-down in the works?

    • This is typical for an exhausted bull market , coming off extreme highs of 24 times earnings. Ray Dalio has openly been talking about this, he bought 1.5 billion in puts 4 months ago.
      Wuflu is a accelerator of normal trends.

      • correct. Monday will be interesting though. Even the Rothschild Third National Bank, alias the “Federal Reserve”, can’t keep vomiting liquidity forever. Eventually the (((debtbuck))) itself will collapse, and then….

        • They’re headed to negative interest rates ???
          What sort of insanity ?
          Who wants to pay a borrower ?
          We’re falling through the looking glass.
          Tell the hatter and the rabbit , i want OUT !

          • Negative interest rates have been here for a while. Our whole reality is a dark comedy and the laughs on are us. If we even notice.

  12. @KW,

    The papist coronavirus tracked you down. Now do 10 “Hail Marys,” take two aspirin and get some rest.

  13. Arian,

    Has it been verified that there are indeed two strains of COVID-19 (one less virulent and one more virulent)?

    • There’s argument on that point.
      Chinese scientists are saying yes, western virologist are saying it is unjustified inferential reasoning.

      I dunno.
      Something is happening in Italy and iran.

    • Constantine? Yes, I know, crossbearers are a cross to bear for some on the dissident right. We forgive you for your heresy, and are truly sorry that you’ll be forever roasting on the Eternal Rotisserie. Try to keep the screaming down while we’re trying to enjoy some of Bach’s new compositions in the higher place, willya?

      • Wrong. Boomer. WE will be with our Gods and our worthy ancestors, and our beloved pets, feasting and dancing and singing and making love in Valhalla. There will be beautiful flowers and trees and green things, and clear flowing waters, and bright blue skies.

        YOU will be trapped in a city made of metal, in the middle of a desert, worshipping a Hebe volcano demon, with EVERY orc on Earth, for all time. No food. Nothing green. No wonderful animals. No water. No skies.No sleep. No rest. 24/7. Forever.

        Good luck! Enjoy!

        • Is November a pagan? BTW, I had no idea the Creator of the universe was actually a demon limited to a volcano, or that heebs were ever into volcano worship. The things one can learn here! It also reads like you’re sentencing us to live in Dubai for eternity. Not too bad. At least it’s not Liberia, or (shudder) Detroit.

          • Boomer X,

            Despite your Powers Boothe imitation against me last month due to my semi departure I am glad that you are taking up for Christianity. I wish you would have been easier on November of course.

            Yes, I know. You were defending the faith etc. I am just extraordinarily fond of November. I take the soft approach with him on religion.

          • I was merely joking with November. I usually like his commentary, if you must know. He obviously is bright and perceptive. However, I see the battles over faith (or lack thereof) here as pointless. They only serve to divide us, which is suicidal stupidity in an already small group. We don’t need the European nationalist version of 50,000 Protestant denominations. We’ll end up with one-member congregations all over the place, to extend the metaphor. So, I’ll have a little fun with what I see as ultimately silly.

            Against you? What a drama queen! As I believe I pointed out, if you (or I) stop commenting here, what does it matter? The main reason to come here is to read HW’s writing. Many of the commenters here are very intelligent, and provide excellent observations and info, which I truly appreciate. But the impetus behind the participation is HW’s essays. Our participation is not required or even necessary, as far as I’m concerned.

            Finally: If you want to be assured of respectful treatment on the internet, Christina, start your own blog and banish those not willing to behave as you demand.

          • Boomer,

            The first paragraph was interesting. The last two paragraphs? You already said that before. If it is just worthless drama and unnecessary then you would not have responded as you did.

          • Christina, you have a substantial ego, don’t you? Since you don’t seem to understand what I thought was thoroughly explained: You ascribe much more importance to yourself than is warranted. The End.

          • Boomer – do your ever read your Bible? I describe YOUR “Heaven” as written. In addition – study the real sources and beliefs of your Judeo spawn. Your Jew God is, in fact, a demon.

            The rest of what you’ve written on this thread – bless you. Dagda smiles upon you!

          • Boomer,

            Look who is talking. You are acting like my younger sisters. You were stung when I defended myself. And we both know it. You dish it out but cannot take it. You are not even a man. I have taken a lot on this website but you are upset when someone defends themselves even mildly. Yet you say none of this matters.

            So I tell you what you told me—-none of these comments are necessary. They do not matter. If you do not like what someone says then start your own blog Boomer. Or grin and bear it.

            PS. I wonder when Denise will butt in?

          • Boomie,

            You said the end up above. Cannot resist talking to me? The boys at school all talk to me as well including the Anglo boys.

            We both know you were not laughing. And there is nothing funny about this unless you are sick in the head.

            I am a teenager. How old are you?

          • Boomer – have you ever met an alleged teenaged Mestiza who cares about White Nationalism, and all sorts of other things, excepting the regular nonsense that 80 point IQ teenagers spend their time on? No, Neither have I.

        • The demon YHWH, worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims, was originally a Kenite fertility goddess. She was transformed into a homosexual god by ancient Jews and later adopted as a pedophile God (who violated a 12 year old Mary) by Christian slaves in the Roman empire.

    • So, Krafty, you’ve examined the music, art, architecture, philosophy, law, mathematics, logic, ethics, and morals endowed by the Catholic Church to Western Civilization and found it wanting? We’re it not for the conceptual language of science developed by the Catholic Scholastics of the late Middle Ages and nowhere else, science as we know it would have remained as still born as it had been in Greek, Roman, and Chinese antiquity. Yet, I’m sure you just somehow know that were it not for the Catholic Church man would have landed on the moon a thousand years ago, right, Krafty?

      • Anonymous,

        Good answer. It will not change him since he is just playing a game. But you did give it a try.

      • Has your (((pope))) been seen since he appeared in public and began infecting Italian babies?

        FYI The ancients did brilliant work with math, science, and engineering. I lament what the cathokikes DESTROYED.

        • Indeed Denise, the Catholic Dark Ages were the most miserable period of European history, an era of widespread poverty, ignorance, filth and vice. Medieval Europe was much poorer than many Asian countries. It was after the Reformation Europe once again began to prosper.

          The so-called Catholic art and architecture Papists speak about are vastly inferior to Classical and even Islamic architecture. There is a reason why people admire Neoclassical and Indo-Saracenic buildings and not neo-Gothic monstrosities.

          As for Catholic “morals”, suffice to say that Catholic convents and monasteries in Middle ages were literally brothels where priests and nuns indulged in pederasty and prostitution.

          • Thank you, Wavell. Thank you for your comment, and infinitely more importantly – thank you for knowing FACTUAL history.

            I’m written dreadful things, in outrage, against the Chinese. Their treatment of animals, and general filthiness, disgusts me. But I feel sorry for them. I do. They had their own culture, and their own world. The Hebes, under the aegis of that moronic cow (((Victoria))) began messing with them for REAL close to 200 years ago. The Opium Disaster was perpetrated by the “English” Jews. The GOD DAMMED English military was sent to China to ENFORCE grotesque drug addiction on the Chinese population, when the Ruling Class tried to stop it. All for Jew profits. The kikes installed Mao, in the 20th Century – and the Chinese are still suffering. Kikes destroyed Europe, and now America. Our manufacturing has been gutted, and sent to China. Wherein Chinese are literal factory slaves. They didn’t EARN the industries bestowed upon them – and now their traditional social order and lives have been EVISCERATED. Der ewige Demon Jude has done to China in less than 200 years what it took centuries to do to Europeans. And now, the Best and Brightest Europeans are beginning to remember, in our sacred blood, the Old Ways.

            The vile Abrahamic evils must GO. Cathokikism is one emanation of the evil and madness. Humans aren’t perfect, and will never be. but life could be so much better, infinitely better, for Humanity with out the jew scourge.

          • “Indeed”? You’re a pompous ass, Wavell, who knows nothing—who’d disappear up his own rear end in a debate on history with me. Read God’s Philosophers by a non-Catholic regarding the leaps made in reasoning to correct conclusions, logic, and the many actual inventions like reading glasses you owe to Catholic Europe and have the audacity to take for granted.

            The Renaissance revival of classical forms you undoubtedly know almost nothing about was artistically and intellectually a regression. Catholics do not denigrate the art of antiquity or of Mohammedism as you do the Catholic. Nor do they go around boasting that, but for Catholic Europe, the rest of the world, including China and the Mohammedans, would be wallowing in that “poverty, ignorance, filth, and vice” as you put it, and today, not back in the Middle Ages.

            Pray Catholics don’t agree with you in your lifetime and do you the honor of doing unto you what you would to them if you had the power, you miserable little ungrateful loser. Your lack of high-school level writing skills gives you away, by the way.

        • Denise, I certainly agree that Abrahamic cults are curse upon humanity and civilization, and that Popery is the most dreadful of the Abrahamic scourge.

          As regards the “Opium Wars”, it’s important to remember opium was at that time a common and a perfectly legal pharmacutical sold globally. The war not really due to Opium but because of the internal powerplay between the Han and Manchu, using the British as pawn. In the words of Prof. Oliver,

          “The difficulty began because the Chinese, evidently through some racial
          weakness, possibly exacerbated by a feeling of frustration under Manchu
          rule, became addicted to opium in large numbers. The Manchu government,
          unable to prevent its subjects from buying, sought to prohibit British and
          other merchants from selling the desired commodity. The Manchus seem to
          have been sincere in that purpose, although they also wished to save for their economy the money that was spent on opium, and certainly were glad of a plausible pretext to intensify their harassment of the hated White men.

          It is a matter of record, diligently concealed by purveyors of moralistic sucker-bait, that the British were sympathetic to the Chinese and that in 1839 Sir Charles Elliot, who, as a naval commander, had supervisory authority over
          British traders in China, forced the British merchants to hand over to the Chinese authorities their entire stock of more than twenty thousand chests of opium, worth more than $10,000,000 (in real money) and to pledge
          themselves that they would bring no more of that commodity to China. The mandarins claimed they destroyed all twenty thousand chests; it was rumored, however, that some of the chests served to make some enterprising
          Chinese wealthy.

          Had the Chinese been content with that settlement, there doubtless would
          have been nothing more to chronicle, but, as other races invariably do when
          they confront Aryans, a race incomprehensible to their minds, the Chinese mistook generosity for weakness. They used their “victory” over the cowardly “White devils” to make demands so outrageous that no self-respecting nation
          could accept them, and they fired on vessels sailing under the British flag. In those days Aryans, although infected with Christianity and plagued with do-gooders, were still men, not the stinking little twerps they have now become,
          and Great Britain took appropriate action, which can be rationally deprecated
          only as being too mild.

          It is unnecessary to trace the hostilities, repeatedly terminated by treaties the
          Chinese did not observe, and renewed several times until the British (with French allies) lost patience and sent an armed force to Peking, where the Chinese government, facing the warlike “White devils” in its own capital,
          finally yielded. (An apologist for the Manchus can truthfully allege that the inconsistency of policy in Peking may have been partly caused by the T’ai-p’ing revolt of Hung Siu-ts’an, which enlisted the sympathies of many British
          and Americans.)

          The important point to remember is that opium was not the cause of the “Opium Wars,” which began after the English had agreed not to offer that commodity for sale in China, and that, as a matter of fact, throughout those “wars” the British did not demand the right to sell opium in China until they dictated the terms of peace in Peking, where they were determined to end forever a specious pretext for harassment of, and violence against, British merchants.”

          • Wavell,

            Thank you for your erudite and fascinating summary of the Opium Wars. Ahhh, yeas; history is rather complicated, isn’t it?

            My knowledge of the Opium Wars is very shallow. I’ll have to read up on this subject to a greater depth. Your brief description of Chinese actions makes sense.

            Thanks, again!

        • Hey Denise, what i notice is a “nonwhite” teenaged girl who is into white nationalism but slams any white person that disagrees with her basic-like, childish talking points.
          I wonder (((who else))) do we know that does this?

          I also noticed the orcs ugly outlook/comments about animals and nature.
          Anyone who doesn’t have respect for animals and thinks they are “soulless creatures” to be abused by anyone, is subhuman scum,

          • Bless you Irate. Oh – I’ve noticed. And so many of the “pro-White” commentors detest me for doing so.

            I think it’s a fat old jew, too. I am aghast out how easily so many WN can be so easily suckered.

            I think we Celts may be the Last Whites Standing. Perhaps some Slavs, too. The Italians need to breed more than the rest of us; there are so many Italians deaths, in Italy, because they are the oldest population in Europe. This is tragic! Re: us, though – the (((Devil Freud))) observed that we are “are immune to (((their))) psychology”. HA!

            By the by – I am beginning to think that “Hispanic” is another name for “Jew”


      • You’re an asinine swine, Anonymous, and I can make your vacous head meet your mr. backside in any debate, historical or otherwise. Read The True Story of the Roman Catholic Church, 50 Years In The Church of Rome, Popery as It Was and as It Is and many other works by Catholic priests themselves. You may get some hint of the extent to which Catholic Church retarded the artistic, intellectual, moral progress of the European civilization during the Middle Ages. The Popish pretensions to art and architecture is demolished by the excellent book The Artistic Sterility Of The Church.

        As for the appalling crime, filth, vice, poverty in Catholic Europe, read the accounts written by Catholic monks, bishops and “saints” themselves. The economy of Catholic Europe was smaller than that of many Asiatic nations. It was after the Reformation broke the power of the Romism, and French Revolution and Napoleon put the final nail in its coffin, major scientific advancements and innovations were made. It was to my heroic Protestant forbears who defeated Popery I owe everything, not to miserable medieval Popish scum.

        I don’t care what little Papist rodents like you think of me. You can’t to anything to me or other Protestants, so stop making laughable online threats. Instead of preaching Papism to Protestants, try to save what’s left of Popery from your holy Poope Jorge Bergoglio.

  14. Fuzzy numbers:

    At the current growth rate of fatalities, the number of deaths will be over 1000 per day in less than two weeks, globally.

  15. There was a confirmed case of coronachan less than a half mile from my dwelling last week. Thanks RETARDicans. “It’s only like the flu.” Well, some of the ‘swamp’ will know firsthand that coronachan isn’t the flu because ivanka has been a super spreader in D.C.

    • November,

      What are you doing to protect yourself from all of this?

      My grandmother is pushing 90. When we come home from school it is wash our hands thoroughly. She is going to stay in one of our very rural homes with some of our family who have graduated from high school until the situation is more clear. Or she might go to Mexico.

      I was puzzled by the Pat Benatar comment. I looked her up. She was a very well known singer of the 1980’s. I will have to listen to more of her songs to decide if she was merely okay or a wonder.

  16. Boomer X,

    Whichever Roman Emperor saw an image of a cross on the sun. That’s the loony that forced at penalty of death the conversion of the empire to judaic inspired monotheism.

    C’mon Boomer X. Pat Benatar told us “Hell is for Children.”

    • St. Augustine wrote “City of God.” Constantine was the cynical looney tune.

      Benatar received operatic voice training. She’ll be able to hit those high notes with the heavenly choir. Shame you’ll never be able to hear any of it. Oh well. Hell will never be for children, at least not in the afterlife. There’s plenty of hell here on Earth for kids, though, which is what the song was about.

  17. Make the most of the coming “plague” … Isaac Newton did during the spread of the bubonic plague of 1665-6

    Newton’s enormously productive time at Woolsthorpe is often called the Annus Mirabilis, or the “Year of Wonders’. Read about this period of intellectual endeavour, with extracts taken from the new Woolsthorpe guidebook by Patricia Fara.

    Between the summer of 1665 and the spring of 1667, Isaac Newton made two long visits to Woolsthorpe in order to escape the plague affecting Cambridge. The bubonic plague of 1665–6 rapidly spread throughout the country. Many town-dwellers, like Newton, retreated to the relative safety of the countryside.

    In later life, Newton stressed that these enforced absences were the most intellectually fruitful of his whole life:

    “For in those days I was in the prime of my age for invention & minded Mathematics & Philosophy more than at any time since.”
    – Isaac Newton

    These were intense periods of intellectual endeavour at Woolsthorpe. Freed from the restrictions of the limited curriculum and rigours of university life, Newton had the time and space to develop his theories on calculus, optics and the laws of motion and gravity.

    — — Year of Wonders 1665-1667

  18. Here is some information and cohencidence for some of the conspiracy analysts amongst to rifle through.

    Last September in NYC, Bill Gates Foundation in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Health Security ran an international novel coronavirus pandemic exercise. Among those at the “pandemic exercise ” was China’s Director of the CCP CDC.

    Check it out. Stranger than fiction.

  19. Yea this is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I still can’t wrap my head around what’s going on. Seeing the shelves empty at Wal-Mart is something else. Entertainment and Sports being cancelled. Schools closing. It’s really interesting and I think everybody is a Prepper now. I would also recommend everyone join Nationalist organizations and or Militias. You don’t have one in your area? Follow the advice of Louis Beam on Cells and Leaderless Resistance and form small local Militias that represent We The People. Deo Vindice !

  20. @Boomer X,

    No offense taken. But no, I am not a pagan. I fiddled around with Wicca for a few years. It’s rituals are actually quite pleasant. I really enjoyed the nature-centric aspect of Wicca. Of course, there was a lot of LARPing by some practitioners in some of the “circles ” that I attended for the monthly observances of holidays. What eventually washed it for me was the amount of open homosexuals, but the final nail in the coffin was being approached for recruitment by a jewess that led a Wiccan coven with a Kabbalah twist to it. That left me headed for the exit.

    Oh, and by the way for the Christian readers, Wicca is not satanic or devil worship. They do not believe in heaven or hell like the Abrahamic religions do. It is more spiritual than theological.

    If I were to declare some place on the believer spectrum, I’d have to go with agnostic because being an atheist is just too arrogant. Though I am open to possibilities of a multiverse and simulation hypothesis too.

    Also, I’ve worn the Christian shoes so to speak. My mother was from a Lutheran family, and my father was from an old school Catholic family. They compromised and raised in the Episcopalian church.

    • If you don’t believe, I can’t imagine why you would’ve taken offense. But I’m glad you weren’t offended. (Although getting unhinged rants in response can be incredibly funny to me, unfortunately.) I appreciate your being open about yourself. I found the Catholicism my parents sort-of raised me in to be extremely unsatisfying and boring, although the idea of priesthood appealed to me — until puberty hit. I actually began my spiritual journey with Taoist philosophy, explored Perennialism, and went onward from there. What a long, strange trip it has been. I wouldn’t be a Christian now if certain, almost-unbelievable experiences happened to me. But they did, so I followed the path set before me.

      The simulation idea seems overly mechanistic at first, but it fits with the esoteric Christian idea that God views Creation through our eyes. In that sense, we could all be seen as little creatures made to provide Him with different varieties and types of experiences, as if we were in a massive, never-ending character creation game. As matter isn’t really solid, and our free will is already so limited (we don’t choose where we’re born — or most of our life’s circumstances — our genetics, etc.), it can seem as if we’re being manipulated in some odd, ethereal scenario in which we have no control.

      To me, the most logical explanation of “alien visits” (from space, not Mexico) is the “travel through multiple dimensions” theory of Jacques Vallee, which meshes with a multiverse idea. We could be in a funhouse maze of ceaseless alternative dimensions and universes. Why not? What we materially see is a poor reflection of what the appearances truly look like. Much of our ideas about the world come out of shared perception. If those perceptions are wrong, maybe everything isn’t as it really seems. Ooh, Very scary, boys and girls, very scary!

  21. Christian mobs are thought to be the arsonists behind the burning of the Library of Alexandria. They had to destroy all that pagan knowledge don’t ya know. That probably set European civilization back a millennium or so give or take a century.

    • “Christian mobs are thought to be the arsonists behind the burning of the Library of Alexandria.”

      Roll that over , in your mind.
      (Who) often faults Christians for (their) actions ?
      Alexandria was one of the largest ewjish cities of ancient times.

  22. @Christina,

    Thank you for your concern.

    As per usual, I am close to the ‘belly of the beast.’ I won’t fret about it, as I’ve worn several different hats per verbally professionally that were wrought with their own intrinsic hazards. I’m just wondering when the trucks will be going down my street spraying that white mist they were using in China. But hey, how about that low black and Hispanic unemployment! Woo hoo!

    While it’s good to wash your hands frequently whether in a pandemic or not, it isn’t enough to keep one free of possible infection by CoronaChan. The virus can get on our clothes, and we forget that they may have been contaminated. As far as the N95 respirator masks are concerned, I’ve heard two different reasons for their usage. 1. To prevent the infected individuals from spreading their Covid-19 through the air. 2. For non-infected individuals to remember not to touch their nose or face.

    What angers me the most about this historic pandemic is the complete lack of competency anywhere, with the possible exceptions of South Korea and Russia. Having Trump in charge of something that is so far above his minute talent this dangerous and complicated is maddening to the point of gallows humor.

    I hope your 90 grandmother eludes the Kung Flu. Being in a remote location is an excellent precaution, but it also puts her at a distance of urgent medical assistance and treatment should the situation arise. Ultraviolent light from the sun can kill some viruses exposed to it, and we all know how sunny Mexico is.

    Your school hasn’t closed yet?

    I’m not sure if Pat Benatar will resonate with you or not. Like Boomer X wrote, she was classically trained vocalist. I enjoy some of her songs, and they invoke a time and a place for me because I am a Generation Xer.

    • November,

      Thank you for leaving a nice detailed letter. I not only share a bedroom with my older sister but we share a computer. For the last couple of months she has been in charge of monitoring/guiding me on this website. Well she ratted me out. The conditions for my continued limited participation here were that I could not reply to anyone but an internet friend. Nor could I get involved in an argument no matter what the cause/provocation etc.

      Well, I have violated that condition on several occasions. So I have been yanked probably for good from this website. My father looked and supported what I wrote but it still violated his conditions and that was that.

      My father’s reasoning was that no young lady should be subject to continued abuse. He also did not understand my formerly pro Anglo outlook. My Mexican-American grandmother was strongly pro Anglo until recently. (My Mexican grandmother in contrast has/had no such sympathies). She was born in the States in the 1930’s and has good memories. They rubbed off on me for awhile.

      I might comment here and there on Blackpilled. Many videos by Blackpilled are more universal in appeal in most ways than a hardcore white nationalist website. Political Cesspool is very mild. Somewhat interesting to read. My full name is revealed when I comment on YouTube. It is very similar to this one. Perhaps I will see some of your comments there.

      Yes, Russia and evidently Korea did act promptly. I read that Mexico was thinking of closing it’s border with the USA over coronavirus. That would be interesting from all angles. I think grandmother would be safer in Durango than the USA.

      If you respond to this I might be allowed one further response to you and then that is it. My family probably goes to Mexico for Easter Break. The school I go to celebrates Holy Week not some Spring Break nonsense.

      I have now listened to several songs by Pat Benatar. She has a very good voice.

          • Marcus – no. I don’t really follow tennis. Nadal and his family are doing their thing; they aren’t attempting to invade America. scam and parasite off of “Anglos”, and sneer and insult their Host while doing so. They are simply living their Spanish lives, and I wish them well.

            From a racial standpoint – Spain is very geographically to Africa. You can see all kinds of genetic strains in Rafael. Negroes and Jews were all over, Espana, of course. Rafael looks like a well tanned Dutch Negro/ He’s a very handsome, athletic fellow, and seems to be a very decent person. As does the rest of his family. Yes – “Parera” is a converso name – but Rafael denies it.

            The name Nadal is actually Arabic in origin. There is very little genetic daylight, however, between Mizrahis and Arabs, is there? So the “Sephard” in dear Rafael wouldn’t be much a a surprise. I see a lot of “Dutch” in his facial plains, though.

            His family is interesting, because many of the members don’t look very much alike, do they? Toni looks more like Perry Como than he resembles his brother Miguel. Miguel looks like a Roman General, IMHO.

            Miguel projects a RAW, COMMANDING masculinity. His swarthy looks are not really my type – but I must be truthful and admit that Miguel is the really hot ticket in that Fam. He was and still is one yummy, yummy specimen.

        • “she” is probably a fat, old jewish man..

          I always thought it to be odd that so many people on this forum would be okay with some orc insulting whites left and right in such an arrogant and condescending nature.

          Its pretty pathetic ,to be honest…

          Plenty of hate on this forum towards the Irish, Italians and other “niggers” of the white race.
          I cannot lie, i do enjoy most of what HW writes and what is on the comment section most of the time.

          I like many people on this site but its hard to go back and forth with comments..Hope you and your family stay safe and comfy during the jewplague.

      • Christina, i particularly enjoyed the part of the one time i spoke to you where you told me how i was a “cartoonish hollywood caricature” because i stated the FACT that hispanics are largely involved with and commit “mass shootings” nonstop!
        You predictably claimed that this truth was false and how beaners ain’t never deed nuffinz.

        I guess the 90,000 (mostly white) people OD’ing and dying on fentanyl annual for about 8 -10 yrs now all directly purchased it from the Chink labs ….yeah, its not being trafficked to our once sane and white nation by YOUR “virtuously unflawed” race.
        Pffff..we should never notice this..its racist, right?

        I lived in SoCal for years, and i witnessed the useless savagery of your people first hand!

        Your people slaughter each other like niggers do nonstop over niggerish nonsense like drugs and “whatchoo lookins at”..

        So ,imagine that, your tribe in “anti anglo” -as i knew from the start when i saw you on this forum yrs ago.

        Nonwhites are encouraged to be tribal (no matter where they live) and Europeans are not permitted to to do so, even in our own countries.

        Vamos, madam…cant say i’ll miss all the white knighting and drooling over your comments by the woke folks in the comment section.

  23. @Boomer X,

    Your going to get tired of harp music all the time for eternity. While I will be jamming to Black Sabbath. Haha

    • We get all the lame rockers: Pat Boone, the guy that left America (the band, not the country), and Kansas (the band, not the state). It would be awesome to hear, say, Hendrix backed up by the Entwistle/Moon rhythm section, but instead I’ll probably get Boone doing a big-band version of “Carry On Wayward Son.” That, and nonstop Gregorian chants.

  24. @ Cristina Romana Alva. H.

    Tell your dad he’s an oppressive tyrannical ogre, for not allowing you to post to the finest WN site on the internet.

    If he doesn’t relent , he’ll get coronavirus and his wobjoblets will fall off.

    Take care 🙂

    • Arian,

      I am not supposed to respond to anyone but November for a 1 shot response. But your comment was so funny I laughed. I showed it to my father and he laughed. Thank you for such a comment!

        • Arian – how do you know what it is? I have known all kinds of people, and I have yet to encounter non-White teenaged females, especially females, interested in these topics.. Also – this creature routinely cites it’s “German grandfather” – but no other genetic lines. Mexicans are NOT White. They are mongrels. All kinds of things in the Mexican Mestizo mess. (((All kinds of things))). If it stated it’s a Brazilian, or an Argentinian, I’d be more inclined to believe it.

          Mexico does not collect data on actual genetics. Everything is a guestimate This makes actual demographics impossible to know, unless you see the creatures yourself. The Wiki page estimates the Castizo population at 47%

          “47% light skinned-mexican or white-mexicans (“castizo”mostly european or “white”european descendent)”

          The CIA World book, however, states:

          “mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish) 62%, predominantly Amerindian 21%, Amerindian 7%, other 10% (mostly European) (2012 est.)
          note: Mexico does not collect census data on ethnicity”

          Note the slippery verbiage on both sites. “Descriptions” that mean NOTHING.

          Awhile ago, there was a discussion of the actor Marion Morrison’s repulsive predilection for mongrel females. Morrison’s Mexican “White” wife was named Esperanza Bauer. Look her up. Tell me how White she looks to you. While you are at it, lookup the other 2. Especially the Peruvian one, before the skin lighteners and nose job.

          FYI – a lot of the White Latin Americans are (((White Latin Americans))). Race traitor weirdo Fred Reed’s wife is a (((Mexican))). Do your research.

          Now answer MY question, por favor – WHY are you ok with a hostile, obnoxious ORC popping onto the site, and routinely insulting. lecturing, and trashing actual Whites?ALL it’s grotesque ethny does is abuse Americans. Have you forgotten that it threatened the Host? (I don’t think it has any power to do so – but it’s barbaric mindset was on full display when it CHIMPED OUT). Especially an Orc that states it’s from a DUMP like MeHEEco. The ORIGINAL shithole South of the Once Border. MeHEECo has been a shithole from the BEGINNING. A cursed land.

          • You’re right Denise, we don’t know what it is. I remember that creature initially saying “she” was a Mestiza and was gloating that “her people” are taking over the South at the same time claiming to be “pro-White”. Later, it changed the story, claimed to be White but said it hates WN because the commenters here are mean.

            I don’t know who’s more pathetic: the creature itself or the people here who take that seriously and take time to respond to it.

          • Madam: I have it on good authority (the old colored guy at the bus station) that the precocious castiza Christina Romulan Alvarez is really Special Agent Stephanie Morales from the FBI’s field office in Phoenix.

    • “Mexico does not collect data on actual genetics”

      Nejther does america.
      The ones that are collected are so damn corrupted by SJW bias as to be totally deceptive.

      Some parts of mexico are absolutely gorgeous.
      Id move their in a second if they had a 2nd amendment.
      As it is, I’d just be another gringo burrito, after being minced.

      • There are parts of mexico city that look like a Bavarian village, because the residents are all Germans by blood, just as there arein Brazil , Chile and Argentina.

        There are German, Mormon and Mennonite colonies around mexico, even in Belize.

        Ive seen a few mexicans that could pass as northern Europeans.

    • “FYI – a lot of the White Latin Americans are (((White Latin Americans))).”

      Well, DUH !
      I thought they all lived in jewruslum and wore shtreimels.

      Next you can teach me to add 2+2 .

  25. Christina,

    If you are indeed not going to be commenting here anymore, but will be leaving comments under Blackpilled videos, I watch his videos on Bitchute and comment under a different pseudonym. But if you use a similar name, I am sure that I would be able to recognize it.

    You should think about posting comments on some of the Telegram channels. Comments appear instantly and there are a myriad of topics that I am sure your would find appeals to you. As far as name calling and insults are concerned, yeah, they occur on Telegram too. You can post memes, videos, and photos also. Think about it. If you’re interested, I’ll give you a list of the chats that I am post on.

    BTW, before I deleted my account with the Identity Dixie chat, they had a conversation about women. They didn’t like East Asian females because they are built like boys, but do they ever love themselves some Latinas. Lol.

  26. November,

    I am not very familiar with Bitchute. When I post rarely a comment on Youtube my real name comes up. It is almost the same as the name here. I saw no real reason to disguise my name a whole lot since the government monitoring this site knows everyone and I believe in obeying the law and do not support insurrection.

    I do not know what Telegram is. I suppose I could look it up. I was too polite here. Many White nationalists have no manners. Being polite and ladylike only works on a site with decent people. The future me will look like the exchange with the Boomer. In defense only however.

    You can give me a list of the chats you are on and your name. If it is not sensitive, is there a reason you are no longer on a chat called Identity Chat?

    My interest in all of this is because I get real news and beliefs from such pro white sites. There are no other major causes that are a threat to the status quo. I also of course look at Catholic websites usually very conservative or Traditional. Yahoo news is a joke. So is CNN/Fox etc.
    So despite having serious concerns about WN and your ultimate goals you people are all there is when it comes to being against modern USA. Other groups are small and/or religious only.

    It is true that under normal conditions I would not be on a site like this. Why should I? But the USA dominates the world in culture, thought, economy, etc. Therefore what Americans do is everyone’s business and concern. Every other major group believes in modern America or would make it worse. My family is convinced that WN’s are insane. Your embedded nuts and/or agents have convinced them of that.

    I have been here for months however and have a higher opinion of most of you than that. I believe I am correct in such a belief.

    I do not have the time or inclination to be on a lot of chats or websites. A year ago I posted a few comments on Political Cesspool. It is southern nationalist and I am obviously not one. But then I am not a White nationalist either. I am Pro-White however since I am white by anyone’s standards. You WN’s should clean up your image however.

    It is slightly possible I may be allowed to post here in the future. My father thought well of my comments but was only angry because i disobeyed him by engaging.

    Anyway, I am still allowed to browse this site but this is my last comment forever/a while?

    • You’re beating your head against the wall trying to tell the commentators here to clean up their image. They refuse to listen to other WNs regarding this issue. The nastiness directed at you isn’t anything personal because keep in mind, most of the people that comment on these websites and are currently aware of white advocacy have had some of the worst experiences with non-whites. White Americans are also saturated with mestizo gloating about how America is turning brown. This leads to a lot of resentment. This doesn’t excuse their stupid behavior and I say stupid because that it is what it is besides just down-right paranoid reactions. That all being said white southerners have been oppressed by other whites and non-whites for a very longtime. There is a reason why they have a chip on their shoulder.

      • K for KIKE – no REAL commentor here is doing anything wrong NO ONE has to “clean up their act”: WHO the FUCK are YOU to to babble about anything.? Tell the SHITSKINS to literally clean up their filthy world, first.

        • Thanks for giving a great demonstration of the behavior I was referring too, Denise. Acting paranoid and lashing out at anybody giving criticism for neurotic and self-defeating behavior is not helping white advocacy. There is a time and a place for aggressiveness. You come off insane to most whites. Mindlessly accusing anybody having a criticism of being a Jew.

    • Farewell, Christina. I always enjoyed reading your comments, although you and I did not engage very frequently. Hopefully you will be permitted to return in the future.

    • Self-preservation…continued existence of our people…not wanting to live in 3rd World conditions…these are not signs of insanity, miss.

      • “not wanting to live in 3rd World conditions”

        You’re Goin to get em, real soon.
        This economic horse has been ridden to exhaustion.

  27. @Christina,

    Nevermind my suggestion of chatting on Telegram. On the channels that I’ve joined, just overnight, there were over 150 new messages due to others being in time zones around the world. Therefore, it would be quite difficult to catch your comment (s) on several different channels, and I sometimes only peruse them quickly became like Twitter, they can become a huge time sink.

    Bitchute is pretty much like jewtube, except it hasn’t (as of yet) bowed down to jewish demands for censorship. The search engine needs to improve, but you can always find the video content creators you seek by using a general search engine like DuckDuckGo.

    As to my reason for leaving the identity Dixie chat room channel. Well, to put it bluntly, many of the “Southern Nationalists ” that post/comment there suffer from a chauvinistic myopia to sum it up in a nutshell; “To hell with every other White European. We just care about our southern brothers and sisters.” That was the unanimous response to my position of Pan-European Unity in the face of common foes. I know you prefer gentle language, but they have a very selfish jagoff point of view in my opinion. Basically, they don’t care what befalls their Northern or European cousins, but only what’s good for muh Dixie Republic.

    Also, they possess a lot of the clichè views that they in common, such as, “I hate Nazis and Hitler. My grandpappy was the enemy of them.” Asinine and stereotypical Anglo-first mentality that unfortunately remains.

    Anglos as a tribe still believe that they’re at the top of the heap of European ethnicities. Perhaps this hallucination is perpetuated by the close adjacency to jewish power in finance, foreign policy, law and order, et cetera. To illustrate this point of Anglo-Zionist intersectionality, one need to look no further than the so-called “Five Eyes” of intelligence sharing amongst USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But lo and behold, there is now a ‘sixth eye’ in Israel as bibi netanyahu proudly crows about to his Likud party.The Eternal Anglos insufferable arrogance hinders our ability to counter our powerful and underhanded adversaries with one voice.

    Another thing that pisses me off to their “Yankee this and Yankee that” is their own role in keeping down Nationalists in Europe and around the globe with their overwhelming US military participation. Imagine Europe without the combat boots of southerner ZOG janissaries on their collective throats. The grandfathers of these assholes murdered and raped innocent German civilians and surrendered military personnel in Eisenhower’s post-war death camps, and then at gun point, forced a Anglo-zionist constitution on the defeated Germany that hampers them to this current moment. So excuse me, if I don’t shed a tear for their Yankee occupation, until they get the f*ck out of Europe and European internal affairs.

    • In fact, it was a southerner Woodrow Wilson and his Jewish advisors who barked Americans into a holy war in Europe, “to make the world safe for democracy” from the evil Germans.

    • Great post, November. I think whites everywhere would have been better off if the American nation had simply been allowed to break up into its more natural pieces.

  28. @K,

    Quite right. The post-WWII world, especially after the 1960s has been R-rated in language and culture.

    To be the ‘above it all gentleman or proper lady’ only makes one look weak af in today’s society. In a place of our own without jewish and other alien influences, perhaps we can return to less coarse behavior and rhetoric, but that day has not arrived.

  29. @Christina,

    Like Tom Metzger of, I am a pro-White advocate that also supports for logical and rational reasons White separatist positions. I suppose that is what some call White Nationalism 1.0 or 2.0 depending on what movement/struggle you set as the beginning.

    You may be of the opinion that many WNs lack manners, and this might be true to a certain extent, but compared to blacks and mestizos in the US, they are prim and proper citizens of the zionist occupied USA.

    The vulgarities that illegal immigrant Mexicans, “Mexico-Americans,” and blacks use frequently without thought or consequences are legion compared to the sometimes trashy behavior and language of Whites.

    As far as your family thinking that WNs are “insane,” well, believing in and worshipping an invisible entity that more than likely doesn’t exist isn’t exactly the baseline for sanity no matter your manners or education.

  30. @ denise

    I didnt see any of the neg posts by her, I’ve only seen positive even tempered ones. You’ve been on this board longer than i and have seen more.

    There are some very White mexicans, few, fair skinned green eyed blondes, not all mexicans are mayan gargoyles, just most. There’s a lot of european blood in mexico, of varying degrees of admixture.THIS IS THE GREAT DANGER IN RACE MIXING !

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt, she was civil , so i was . she was polite, so i responded in like manner.

    • Arian,

      Okay. I am breaking radio silence. On this site I have been called a whore more times than I can remember, a transvestite twice, I have been told by Denise that I should sexually service donkeys in Tijuana, two people said that I should be violated, my religion and ethnic group has been insulted beyond belief non stop. So, yes once in a while I have kicked back. So what? As I quite clearly wrote—when I am calm which is most of the time I do not believe in the invasion of the usa or any other country.

      My so called barbaric threats to the host consisted of saying that I can influence some people with school editorials and personal checks to Mexican American groups. Big deal. I can hurt and help WN’s a little.

      I have shown anglos and latins comments by Denise. They are think she is sick in the head. One anglo boy who is a latent WN was interested in coming on here but changed his mind when I showed him her comments.

      Either way this site prefers a maniac compared to me. So be it. I will monitor for a little while this thread but I have risked my father’s displeasure by even replying. I have taken it up all four of my cheeks beyond belief on OD.

      Denise is the face of white nationalism whether you people admit or not. Live with it. I am finished with you people.

      So even if my father allowed it. There is no way in hell I would come back here. By the way I am pure white and have never claimed otherwise. I have only expressed normal doubts. That is all. Naturally I am not sure 100%. Can Americans be sure?

      However, if Denise is your cup of tea then….good luck.

      • This reminds me of Mark Twain’s comment on quitting smoking: “It’s easy. Why, I’ve done it hundreds of times!”

      • Denise is no more the face WN than you are…whether you admit it or not.
        Methinks your trying to smear all of us with that brush gives the necessary insight to your mindset…

  31. We are going into a great depression.
    We will see how the false structures of ‘EQUALITY OF RACES’ holds under the stresses of reality.

    Cruelly, many Whites will be dragged under in the undertow.

  32. @ Cristina Romana Alva. H.

    The anonymity and isolation of ppl on boards often draws out the worst of their character. Combined with no personal contact, trolls of dissension, a few social freaks, the chaos of misunderstanding and teenagers seeking the cheap thrill of an arguement, make it a poor means of communication.

    The incendiary subject of WN is no place for a teenage girl to find a welcoming community. All of the above faults are amplified many times.

    Good luck in your schooling.

  33. Arian,

    I write you a final comment and then I am forbidden to even be on this site. I am a teenager but I do not like arguments or dissent. I like accord and happiness. I agree with a lot of WN belief. Make no mistake on that. In fact I support your beliefs more than I disagree with them. It is just that many of your people are as you described.

    I even wrote passionately before on why I was against the racial slur called Gringo. I have taken up for you people again and again only to be insulted by WN’s and many Mexicans wonder why I support you.

    Thank you for your final sentence. If you people were smart you would be friendly with someone like me for like it or not my people are the future in the southwest. I also get along quite well with my anglo school mates who support me.

    I might add that I come from a good family and i will have some influence in the future. Mexicans are very class conscious and there is a huge difference between me and the average invader. I have brown hair and the blue veins. I am not an illegal.

    Either way, if you or anyone else writes in response I will not be able to see it. I have pushed my papa far enough. I might put out some comments on the mild site called Political cesspool or Blackpilled –Bitchute.


    Cristina Romana Alvarez Horn

    Why Horn? My mostly Germanic grandfather of course. I am 18 3/4 % German and the rest is Spanish Mexican style. My German grandfather is 3/4th German. They have been in Mexico since the 19th century. He taught me to play chess. He was born in Sonora the whitest state in Mexico I believe.

    • Cristina,

      You use an abnormally excessive amounts of first-person singular pronouns in your posts: “My people”, my religion”, “my family”, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,…………

      This is a symptom of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It can be quite dangerous in a woman, if left untreated.

      It’s strongly advised that you consult a good psychotherapist at once, for your sake as well as those around you.


  34. This isn’t the forum for a teenage girl, it’s too coarse.
    It’s a place for ppl who can dismiss derogatory remarks with callous disregard.

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