Nature: The Natural Origin of Coronavirus

Where did coronavirus come from?

The SARS virus jumped from horseshoe bats to humans via civets in China in 2003. The MERS virus jumped from bats to humans via camels in Saudi Arabia in 2012. H1N1 or swine flu jumped from pigs to humans in Mexico in 2009. What if the new coronavirus is just the latest example of this? Wouldn’t a natural origin of coronavirus make the most sense in light of recent outbreaks?


“Malayan pangolins (Manis javanica) illegally imported into Guangdong province contain coronaviruses similar to SARS-CoV-221. Although the RaTG13 bat virus remains the closest to SARS-CoV-2 across the genome1, some pangolin coronaviruses exhibit strong similarity to SARS-CoV-2 in the RBD, including all six key RBD residues21 (Fig. 1). This clearly shows that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein optimized for binding to human-like ACE2 is the result of natural selection. …

All SARS-CoV-2 genomes sequenced so far have the genomic features described above and are thus derived from a common ancestor that had them too. The presence in pangolins of an RBD very similar to that of SARS-CoV-2 means that we can infer this was also probably in the virus that jumped to humans. This leaves the insertion of polybasic cleavage site to occur during human-to-human transmission. …”


Somewhere in November, a Chinese person in Wuhan met up with the wrong illegally trafficked pangolin and this is the result.

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  1. Wtf those sacks full of little Angolins what’s wrong with the Chinese seeing that as food

  2. Well, my city was just shutdown. Only one person has died in the entire state. Everyone is basically laid off now unless you work in an “essential” workplace. I don’t think this will play out too well in Las Vegas for more than two weeks max.

  3. For those talking about how corona-chan is merely another form of flu: 34,200 people died during the 2018-2019 flu season in the US, out of an estimated 35.5 million infected (CDC numbers). That’s a 0.096 death rate. Under a tenth of a percent. So far, out of 6496 in the US infected with corona, 114 have died (Johns Hopkins). That’s a death rate of 1.75%, which makes it eighteen times deadlier than the seasonal flu. Yes, it’s early, but that’s definitely not a good sign.

    Will you die if you’re not elderly or don’t have an immune deficiency? Most likely not. The reports of continuing respiratory problems and fatigue in survivors aren’t exactly joyful, though. Why push your luck, or that of the people you come into contact with?

    • To get the denominator you have to test randomly and determine the number of silent carriers. This years flu + Corona virus is a mild season.

      This is all hysteria based on

      1) the power of the media

      2) the spiritual weakness of humanity

      3) math illiteracy

      • Random testing won’t be done. It also isn’t done for seasonal flu. So I have no idea why you mentioned that. Whenever people actually get sick is when they’re counted, as can be shown through medical appts. and missed workdays, etc. Testing for corona is being done when the symptoms appear, as per standard medical practice. So far, as very few tests per capita have been available, the haves are the ones that have been tested. Once the majority of the population has access to testing (based on having symptoms, of course), then the numbers of the infected will geometrically rise.

        Since I wrote my last comments, the official numbers (different from actual, which are always higher) have gone up to 10,755 infected, 154 deaths. The good news is that represents an overall drop in the death rate to 1.43%. The bad news is that it’s incredibly early in the process. Blompf ignored the outbreak for two months, which is why we’re having to go through this quarantine bs now. Earlier action on his part would’ve made for much less of a current impact.

        Viruses evolve as they spread. As many researchers have now confirmed, this virus is SARS with MERS and HIV added for extra kick. So early containment was essential, but muh GDP. The point is, pooh-poohing the virus is irresponsibility of the highest order. In other parts of the world, as there is no developed vaccine for this, HIV and Ebola drugs have successfully been used to treat this virus. What does that tell you? Yes, most will survive this outbreak. But it’s not the common flu. Most people getting over the flu don’t have to worry about respiratory damage or long-lasting fatigue.

        Don’t go apeshit over this pandemic, but don’t minimize potential damage, either. Be realistic. Be careful.

    • Boomer X writes:

      “The reports of continuing respiratory problems and fatigue in survivors aren’t exactly joyful, though.“

      J Ryan responds:

      I have the same respiratory and fatigue problems when I encounter Chicago miseducated women like Hillary.

      Fortunately , I fled Chicago and I m having a good time on the Western Cape in South Africa.

  4. F*cked by negligent Chinese and our incompetent elites. Let’s just hope people will take deeper lessons from this beyond the “Red team vs. Blue team” charade.

  5. How many is 4 million people? It’s more Americans than have died all at once from anything, ever. It’s the population of Los Angeles. It’s 4 times the number of Americans who died in the Civil War…on both sides combined. It’s two-thirds as many people as died in the Holocaust.

    What was this guy’s name again, Jeremy Youngstein? Is it pronounced Steen or Stine, Jeremy? LOL

    Four times the number of Americans who died in the WBTS, eh? Not proportionately it isn’t. If you take into account that around half the “Yankees” who died in the war weren’t really Americans, but foreign mercenaries canvassed from all over Europe, you’re still way off by a longshot.

    Not to make light of a dangerous virus nor the projected numbers of dead or anything, but what proportion of the entire American population is 70 or above? The “8-15% of all Americans over 70” really isn’t telling us much. Don’t be shy about it, give us the actual numbers. You do realize, do you not, that (as I mentioned yesterday elsewhere) any person who is over seventy is living on borrowed time?

    Well, anyway,…

    I said yesterday at Z-Man’s blog that “I’m pretty sure my whole family had this virus two months ago.” I almost never get sick, but this thing – whatever it was – got me (and my whole family) and it got me hard. Worst flu any of us has ever had by far. And lo and behold if I don’t read this morning an interview with a doctor who claims China knew about it in November, and US officials knew about it in January. So, yeah, pretty sure my whole family has already had it. Federal, State and local authorities in the US are, per the usual, ‘a day late, and a dollar short.’ Now there’s a shocker!

    • ““I’m pretty sure my whole family had this virus two months ago.” I almost never get sick, but this thing – whatever it was – got me (and my whole family) and it got me hard”

      I was thinking the same thing. My parents got the flu then I felt I was on the verge of coming down with something for a week, but my immune system fought it off.

      It was not cold or flu season in my part of the world it was unseasonably warm, yet this thing whatever it was, was going around the community. Perhaps there are different strains of this thing, some mild, some strong, and we got the weaker one.

    • hopefully your family has now got the herd immunization and all your future respiratory ailments are mild ones.
      nobody cares if it kills the other guy, only matters if it kills you. if it didnt kill me or my family “its just the kung-flu biches!”

    • Nah, the worst strains of flu virus have been coming out of China for many, many years. It s because of their poor hygiene processing bird and fish .

      David Cole my current favorite Jewish writer has noticed this “Chinks in the armor.

      That said, I m always ready willing and able to use the most effective, most devious tactics of the enemies of our people/civilization. I m definitely up for changing sir names changing countries as often as the most devious Jews like George Soros or Leon Trotsky/ Lev Bronstein.

      In the case of this Coronavirus Kung Flu, who really cares how it started, it’s here, let’s use it. Let’s locate the worst most evil old Jews like Henry Kissinger or the Neo Conservative Zionists at National Review or Sheldon Adelson, have em exchange body fluids with Fresh off the boat Chinks from that Wahuh Chi Com province.

      People used to call the Spanish Flu the “Old People’s friend” – let s just tweet it a bit to make it the “friend of old , evil Jewish people”

      J Ryan
      Enjoying the Western Cape of South Africa

    • Fr. John,

      The last three viruses – SARS, H1N1 and MERS- all had a natural origin. There is nothing surprising about this coronavirus outbreak. Lots of experts on infectious diseases had been warning that something like this was bound to happen for years. It is a disaster scenario like the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting, a tsunami hitting Seattle or a the Big One hitting Los Angeles. This was a well known disaster scenario and not in the least something that is unexpected.

  6. Dirty chinese !

    Unsanitary conditions.
    Cages stacked on cages, filth and excrement of one animal pouring down
    to the next 6 to 12 cages deep.
    Eating animals that shouldn’t even be touched.
    (Bats are notorious for zoonotic diseases .)

    The many wonders of communism, hunger, starvation, death and epidemics.
    Which then devolves to the worst of black market profiteering.

  7. Most likely it is these filthy, medieval Chinese meat markets with so many exotic live animals all caged on top of each other that lets distant viruses cross over between species and find some animal in between bats and primates to modify the virus into something that can affect us. If the conspiracy weirdos are wrong, as I think, and this isn’t from a Lab, which Xi would know. I’d expect dictatorial Xi’s first priority to be a cleanup on these meat markets if they CCP privately knew they were the actual source because I bet he’s really, really pissed at the economic cost and loss of face for China from this mess and doubt the upper echelons in China have any fondness for peasant lifestyle crap like this that caused this mess.

  8. Did the Chinese lie about their casualties or did they shut everything down?

  9. So I was very surprised when in Australia, in the restrooms in Cairns and Brisbane, I saw pictures with text in Chinese explaining to these disgusting barbarians what is the right way to use the toilet! You draw your conclusions! China commies must pay dearly for this!

  10. Yes, nature is evil and we should spray it with chemicals to btfo it.

    In fact life itself is the cause of this virus and the only solution is upload our conscious into quantum computers and the nuke nature into oblivion.

  11. The only reason that chinx don’t eat pandas too is because of western pressure to preserve them from going extinct. The Orientals themselves don’t give a damn about saving endangered species. They will eat anything, even that strange, armadillo-looking critter.

  12. My view on China is inverse of my view in America.

    China: dislike Chinese people, admire the Chinese state

    America: like American people, hate the American state

  13. “It’s two-thirds as many people as died in the Holocaust.”

    Wait.. what’s two-thirds of zero again?

  14. This is one of the biggest / worst things that ever happened. It’s on the same charts as giant flu deaths of the past, the Black Death, World War I & II, and many other things that have happened in human history. I personally believe it was created in a lab for use as a Biological Weapon. We have less and less troops in the Middle East. Trump has been talking trash about China for years. He got his USMCA and now he’s going after China. I think the US Government released it on the Chinese at that open meat market. However it backfiree 100% and not only spread into other nations but the US as well. If so this is one of the worst terrorist acts done by a Government in human history. I think the US did it because of the War on Free Trade. It’s obvious our World is much different now and people are becoming more and more extreme. It’s only natural that governments would look at Biological Warfare. The People have less and less support for War now…if anything Biological Warfare is more secret and even more evil than ordinary War. Deo Vindice !

    • Not a deliberate release, but arrogant sloppy Chinese scientists playing God and f**king up…like their business counterparts at Enron, Countrywide and Petrobras. Stupid humans building their Towers of Babel.

    • Trumps regime is riddled with spies, no way could he pull anything like this. Trump is an egotist, not a mass murderer, no way would he do something like this. I don’t even believe the “deep state” is that crazy. Bio weapons are stuff that are not super contagious like that anthrax aerosol meant to be sprayed on troops, but it didn’t get all the health care workers sick when we had that attack 18 years ago. We have level four labs, but they aren’t engineering such crap, they are studying deadly stuff like Marburg, Lhassa Fever, and Ebola. The rational explanation is the meat market, and they aren’t “so poor they eat bats” this stuff is exotic and eaten for kicks for a high price, they believe in sympathetic magic, that’s the source of the psychological urge to eat that strange stuff. It’s the millionaire eating the tiger penis, not a starving peasant.

  15. How long have the Chinese been eating pangolins? 5,000 years? How come this never happened before? Nature magazine is running cover for the CCP.

  16. funny that are bets in Chinese sites on what celebrities will die of the virus, I put some money on the deaths of anti-pope Francis, George Soros, Tom Hanks, Lady GaGa, the Holocaust singer Barbra Streisand, Steven
    Seagal, Petro Poroshenko, and the Aryan Suptemacist Chechar

  17. This is the wages of diversity, multiculturalism, equality and the triumph of the globohomo shopping mall. It has turned out that cheap shit from China is the most expensive cheap shit in history. Knowing no bounds the greedy businessmen and their pets in Congress, whom they have bought and paid for don’t care in the slightest. They are waiting for their bailout$ from the Government then back to business as usual, the country be damned.

    • “has turned out that cheap shit from China is the most expensive cheap shit in history”


      There is no such thing a ‘cheap labor’s, someone pays.

    • I agree. Our anti-White overlords are loathe to let anything halt the progress of White Genocide.

  18. I made the comment in an earlier post (here, I think) that all cases of Corona-Chan should have the RACE of the ill person included with their recognition of getting/transmitting this plague.

    So, today, I read this astounding piece of news, which should have been made clear in the beginning:
    In a Washington Post article, entitled ‘Coronavirus confirmed in all 50 states and D.C., after WV confirms first case’ at the end of the article, there is this tidbit: “The novel coronavirus has infected more than 5,500 people and killed more than 100 in the United States since January, WHEN THE FIRST CONFIRMED CASE was reported in a WASHINGTON man **** who had traveled to WUHAN, CHINA to VISIT FAMILY.’****

    So, an ALIEN CHINK was the reason Washington State is now suffering from a disease brought back by a “XENOS.”

    As a WN, this is merely corroboration of the thesis that elected Trump in 2016- THEY ALL HAVE TO GO BACK.

  19. Yellow fever has so effected Hunter Wallace’s mind that he is now embracing ChiCom talking points! Yang Gang has warped his fragile little mind! Sad!

  20. I just watched a woman on the Tucker Carlson show, describing her illness with CoronaChan. I had the Type A flu in January. What I had was WORSE than what she has endured.

  21. save the Pangolins,

    kill the Wogs. Also, be aware that

    if a Chink moves next door to you, and

    you have a beloved pet cat or dog, the Chink

    will covet it as a meal: the Chink

    might grab, kill, and eat it. And the Jew

    will say you have to accept this because rayy’cisssm.

  22. If you didn’t need anymore evidence that Tom Hanks is involved in this scam, just look at his tweet from yesterday. So he just so happened to travel to Australia with his old 20-25lbs ‘Corona’ typewriter which he was allowed to use while in quarantine- just amazing! Also, he leads his wife Rita by ‘201’ points in a game of Rummy! Naaah!!! That’s not a reference to ‘Event 201’ at all now is it?

    Though Bryan of Highimpactvlog’s libertarianism gets on my nerves regularly, he is spot on about what Rubio and the rest of the DC crooks are up to. I still remember when former Treasury Sec. Hank Paulson and Congress demanded ‘swift action’ back in 2008 in order to avert financial disaster. They are doing the same thing now with the CV scam and it couldn’t be more obvious!

  23. Greetings from the Western Cape South Africa!

    This ridiculous Chi Com Kung Flu is closing all kinds of businesses, schools. Fortunately the most important social institution is still open :

    The brothel

    With the exchange rate an awesome 16 South African Rand to 1 US $ dollar I m really getting great bang for the $ buck!

    And no race mixing – escorts are beautiful hard working White European gals !

    Life is rather good for me here / I might not ever go back to Chicago – Shitcago where the Soros funded Blackliesmatter DA Kim Foxx just wonderful her Dem primary re election .

  24. Why in the hell would you want to kill and eat such a cute unique exotic creature like the pangolin? Seriously only the chinese man what in the hell is wrong with these people Can’t you be happy enough with eating Beef, Chicken, Pork and Turkey?

  25. The Democrats are truly infuriating on this. All these nutcases care about is Trump calling it a Wuhan Chinese virus including Biden’s top people. Joe Dementia would have not even cutoff travel from China. Get as pissy at Trump all you want but in Biden you have an incredibly sleazy swamp creature who continually trashes white people for dark votes and his brain freeze is really not a joking matter. He is very dangerous at this point. The Democrat candidate for president should be fishing and treating his brain symptoms instead of incredibly getting this far in politics.

    This virus may be truly a chance at changing things. Be it a universal basic income, creating things at home instead of letting China make it for us and more help actually sealing the damn border. Nothing like sickness and death to wake people up!

  26. Hunter,

    You have an excellent blog, one that I look forward to reading every day, as well as exchanging ideas with the wonderful commentariat … Please, no matter how you may be personally feeling about things, please keep the blog going by letting people regularly comment without having to wait days to see their comments appear (either turn off comment moderation, or regularly check the comments and post them). It’s blogs like yours that is all we have for The Remnant to actively communicate with one another.

    For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

  27. Odds are the Wuhan virus has already been here for some time already. My wife was very sick in early February. Her doctor said it was probably bronchitis, but she wasn’t tested for the Wuhan virus as it was still thought to be just in China at the time. I’ve spoken with numerous people that have heard of or had a similar experience.

    All of this paranoia is media/government driven. This is a social experiment to see how far the American people can be pushed, how easily they will buy into propaganda, and how easy it is to literally make us give up our freedoms and take away our jobs.

    The Chinese are an uncouth filthy people. But I’m guessing this is a man made virus.

  28. ‘Chinese virus’ is a very apt term which logically describes the origin of this global pandemic. Chinese third world eating habits almost certainly led to this animal to human viral transmission.

    None of that absolves our neoliberal capitalist system or our nihilistic and sociopathological ruling establishment of their crimes in not keeping it out of this Am-economic zone.

    I just took a cursory look at some of my clothes and other items and saw plenty of ‘Made in China’ labels. We all know now how actually bad it has become with many of our vital and necessary pharmaceutical and medical products being made overseas as well.

    With that being said, I think Trump is becoming the leader we need at this time. I definitely don’t agree that Hillary Clinton would be doing a better job.

    On a personal level, I’ve been temporarily forced out of work by the State subject to possible recall next week due to a special exemption for my line of work. I think the shutdown and lockdown are great ideas so long as the unemployed are paid benefits and receive cash from the Feds.

    Social distancing is vital as is taking care of the elderly in our families and communities while protecting them from infection. The often maligned incel class definitely has an advantage at this time. I’m quarantining and getting cozy with my woman.


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