The China Virus

I’m fine.

I haven’t gone anywhere.

The coronavirus, however, has severely disrupted my life like it no doubt has for many, if not most, of our readers. I have my family at home now 24/7 and it is more difficult for me to collect my thoughts and write with so much more noise in the house. I have also been glued to Twitter and the television watching this unfolding national trainwreck which is accelerating by the minute.

When I last wrote an article on Occidental Dissent on March 18, there were 51 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Alabama. As of this morning, there are 644 confirmed cases of coronavirus here and 4 deaths. The virus has spread to 53 out of 67 counties in Alabama. It has arrived on my doorstep in the Alabama Black Belt and local clusters are in the process of forming. In the span of just a week, it has spread all over the state. The data we have now is also anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks out of date.

I saw this monster coming on January 24. In late January/early February, I started closely following the epidemic in China. Soon afterwards, I found and started sharing videos from Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity, Max Howroute and Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding on Twitter. The videos that were coming out of Wuhan clearly showed how serious the situation was in China. I will never forget Super Bowl weekend. The mainstream media was downplaying the coronavirus as “just the flu” at the time. USA Today was more interested in the Puppy Bowl. I was so shocked by it that I embedded tweets from the USA Today Twitter feed to show our readers how lightly the situation was being taken in the United States. By the beginning of March, I was so alarmed by the spread of the virus that I dropped everything I was doing to stock up and make arrangements to shelter my own family from the storm. As I write this, there are now 116,050 confirmed cases in the United States and 1,937 deaths. The United States has by far the most infections of any country on earth. We will have a third more confirmed cases than China by the day is over. We should have a million confirmed cases by April 6th.

The thing that finally triggered me to resume writing was this article “The Trump 2020 Strategy” on Identity Dixie. The article makes the case that Donald Trump should just blame it all on China in order to to “deflect attention from the fact that he talked about a lot of this stuff in 2016 but didn’t do anything about it.” This demagogue took us for a ride the first time. Even though we know better after three years of experience, we should learn nothing from it. Instead, we should just blame everything on China, lie to the public and vote for the GOP in order to “buy us time.”

Is the coronavirus really China’s fault though? Undoubtedly, China shares a lot of the blame. The most plausible scientific explanation for why the whole world has been plunged into this pandemic is the persistence of wet markets, “trophy meals,” Chinese folkways that favor “fresh food” and the international trafficking of pangolins which is the world’s most hunted mammal. There is a market for exotic bushmeat in China. It most likely the backwards side of China that the Chinese Communist Party has tolerated after the SARS epidemic that has given us the virus. Alternatively, the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan which is many times worse although that explanation seems increasingly less likely. China also stumbled in its own initial response to the virus in December and wasn’t completely transparent about the threat it posed to the world. While China’s response to the virus wasn’t an “A,” it certainly wasn’t an “F.” Once the Chinese state swung into action, it was highly competent in suppressing the virus.

The world knew how bad this virus was in late January. American intelligence agencies certainly knew how bad it was and briefed Donald Trump and Congress about the issue. Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan knew and took the virus seriously and responded to the threat it posed and quelled their local outbreaks. We watched China swiftly lockdown Wuhan and Hubei province when it only had a cluster of 500 or so confirmed cases. We watched over half of China shutdown to quell the outbreak by the middle of February. The idea that the Chinese Communist Party would shutdown half of their country and quarantine Wuhan to stop a virus that is “just the flu” is preposterous.

How did Donald Trump react to the virus? As the president of the United States, he ignored the threat, dismissed and downplayed the virus in spite of having access to better intelligence about it than internet bloggers, anonymous Twitter accounts and YouTube channels. He spent the whole month of February cheerleading the stock market and the GDP until it suffered the worst crash since the Great Depression. He said the virus was going to just go away like a miracle. It was completely contained. America was “airtight” and couldn’t be penetrated by the virus even though we weren’t even bothering to test for it until community transmission of the virus was confirmed in Washington State. The only action he took was to impose a flimsy travel ban on Chinese citizens. There was nothing to stop Chinese Americans from returning to the United States after the Lunar New Year. Even as the virus spread to South Korea, Iran and Italy, Donald Trump downplayed it until the markets crashed in the second week of March.

Because of the swift response of the Chinese government, China only had one Wuhan and the overwhelming majority of cases of coronavirus were confined to Hubei province. Doctors from all over China were able to fly into Wuhan and provide care for patients at the epicenter before it spread like wildfire across the entire county. Contrast Xi Jinping’s response to Donald Trump and the GOP’s response. Instead of having one Wuhan, the virus has been allowed to establish itself and metastasize in nearly every county in the country in just under two weeks. Even as we approach April with over 100,000 cases, conservatives have returned to their mantra that “this virus is, in essence, nothing more than a hyped-up flu. They are following their leader and have chosen a fatal course of action.

Here are a few things that ARE NOT China’s fault:

  • America’s lack of national cohesion and social capital
  • America’s conservative pundit class
  • The decline of Christianity in America which has left the public ignorant of how God has repeatedly sent plagues throughout history
  • Telling Americans that the virus is a hyped-up flu
  • Downplaying the virus as less lethal than the flu
  • Prioritizing the markets over public health
  • Telling Americans that racism and xenophobia are the real virus
  • Telling Americans that the virus is “completely contained” and nothing to worry about in February
  • The proliferation of conspiracy theories that the virus is a Deep State plot to thwart Donald Trump’s reelection
  • Unwillingness of Americans to listen to public health experts
  • Everything Donald Trump has told his followers about the virus on social media and at press conferences
  • The inability of the United States to test for the virus until March
  • The unwillingness of the United States to contain the virus through contact tracing like Singapore
  • Telling Americans not to wear masks because of our peculiar severe supply shortage due to outsourcing
  • The severe shortages of PPE at our hospitals
  • Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military instead of on our health care system when pandemics are a greater threat to the public than wars
  • The unwillingness of the United States to close its borders and in particular international flights from hot zones until it was possible to screen for the virus
  • The choice to ignore the virus until March because doing so would “spook the markets”
  • Sending people back to work during a pandemic in April
  • Unwillingness to quarantine New York City and other hot zones and suspend interstate travel
  • The current state of the American health care system particularly in rural areas
  • Outsourcing the medical supply chain to China and India
  • The fact that Donald Trump has done nothing as president to relocate the medical supply chain to the United States
  • The unwillingness of Donald Trump to lead a unified national response to the virus as president and his preference to devolve that responsibility onto the governors which ensures the virus will be able to find refuge in areas which currently aren’t as impacted in the future
  • The precarious state of the American economy which even before this happened was grossly unhealthy due to the size of the financial sector

Future historians will pour over all of this for years.

No, China isn’t completely blameless in the coronavirus pandemic, but our response to the virus as a nation and as a movement and our preparedness for a pandemic is TOTALLY ON US. The United States is so mired in liberalism that it has been left paralyzed and defenseless in the face of this threat.

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  1. It’s not even the flu, but yes, the only one talking about infectious disease Oct Nov will be Trump; the Enemy burned themselves too badly and will memory hole this: instead of intentionally crashing the economy and blaming it on Trump, they gave him not only an excuse for the crash in the Common Cold Panic, but also passed a massive stimulus that will make the numbers look good in Q3 – a bailout they NEVER would have given him otherwise!

    “Record post corona highs” on the stock market. “Record low post corona black unemployment!” You heard it here first.

    Back to Oct Nov: it will be flu season and unlike this manufactured crisis, people will be dying by the hundreds every day: will we shut down society over the flu season? Honest question, not mere rhetoric.

      • Five times the amount of people have died from the seasonal flu than from the “pandemic” flu this year worldwide.

          • But getting the infection is virtually harmless to 99% of the population. This is the most kind-hearted plague ever. It only kills those already on death’s door. This is hysteria and those who gave in to it can never be taken seriously as leaders in the future.

          • I think Trump has already fired himself and doesn’t even know it. So has Borris Johnson. I did find the Martensen videos very grim, but everything he has predicted has come true. I think a lot of governments are going to fall across the West based on how well the leaders responded to the Pandemic. The people who took it seriously will be voted in. Trump did seem to come around after the Tucker Carlson visit to Maralago but he seems to have pivoted back to listening to the Chamber of Commerce thinking the election in Nov will be about the stock market. Really, listening to fatso Limbaugh spend the first part of March describing this whole thing as a liberal hoax reminds me of the scene in HBOs And the Band Played On where the gays voted to keep the bath houses open despite the obvious. Total denial and the credibility of the pundits who spewed this line will be completely discredited when this thing is over. This denial is no different than Xi who was rightly concerned about the economic damage and did wait way too long hoping the bad news would go away. (A common way of thinking amongst the Chinese I’ve known.) The numbers in China though are lies, reports of 45,000 urns in Wuhan City alone probably gives a better understanding of the deaths in line to what is unfolding in Italy and Spain. Sweden in particular also seems to be particularly stubborn in refusing to take any steps to stop this. The Czechs on the other hand are reported to be one of the few European Countries with their act together mandating masks. Bannon seems to make a lot of sense and is taking this thing very seriously, if Trump had kept this Road to Damascus pivot he appeared to take in March and followed the Bannon approach the public would probably forgive him for mistakes in February, but the pivoting back to the Chamber of Commerce, his childish bickering about Governors who don’t like him at the press conferences, I think he’s toast in Nov if the democrats ditch senile old Joe and run in Cuomo.

        • The death rate versus number of infections for corona is exponentially higher than it is for the flu. Also,we have mitigated the flu somewhat and it is no threat to overload our health system.

          • Maybe the lie was telling us to get our flu shots every year because , “thousands of people die from the flu every year”. Maybe THAT was the lie. They were crying wolf to promote their vaccines [which themselves probably cause people to get and die of “the flu”].

    • If the Chinese were lying, as I suspect they were, it means the thing is EVEN WORSE AND MORE DANGEROUS than was reported.

      • Lol another muttard crying about ebil chinese gubirnment,these last threads in this website were all about complaining about chinese government.communisn,chinese racism or whatever,no diferent than all the antifa soyboys crying about white nationalism,racism or whatever.

  2. Glad to see you are whole and still doing ok. The yankee you left in charge did aight.

    Anywho, “The decline of Christianity in America which has left the public ignorant of how God has repeatedly sent plagues throughout history” i agree completely.

    Also nb4 the the pagan larpers arrive and begin their usual nonsense.

    • Nonsense? I’m no “pagan”, but plagues don’t come from some mischievious, invisible demon in the sky. Believing so puts you on the same level as a caveman. The dangerous thing is that humans have become so comfortable and detached from nature that we think we are above its consequences….until it slaps us in the face.

    • And right on cue, the brain-dead (and soul-dead) idiots scream, ‘THERE IS NO GOD- THERE IS NO GOD’ while their consciences accuse them of their perfidy.

      Ironic- how ironic your comment was… and how timely.
      Glad to have you back, HW>

  3. Great essay. I agree with all of it. The Chinese government deserves blame for tolerating wet markets. They need to crack down on it and stamp it out for good. China was a third world nation in the 1980’s and 90’s. Due to our elite selling us out to get rich by outsourcing our manufacturing base, it grew faster than many of its people did and many of them still maintain their third-world quirks & habits. That is the price of taking a third-world nation and bringing it up to first-world economic status in 20 years so our ruling class could get rich.

    However, their response to the virus was pretty damn good and was genius compared to the Trump admin. As a matter of fact it was China shutting down Wuhan that first made me take it serious and I began to quietly prepare. I knew a people as greedy as the Chinese would never shut down cities over the flu. That is why I am sitting pretty right now supplied for months with no need to panic buy. If I was a typical normie who lived my life and only paid attention to mainstream media and the Trump admin I would be totally caught off guard. Conservative media was even worse calling the virus a Democrat hoax. Rush Limbaugh told millions of his older audience who are most at risk that it was the common cold. Conservatives have let their partisanship and cult-like mentality towards this president put us all in danger of this virus.

    Encouraging Trump to lie to Americans in order to secure a worthless second term and that these people would cheer him on in the big lie is beyond contempt and shows them for the cult of personality they are. People who should know better and go along with the big lie should be completely shunned by our circles. I am done with anyone who shills for this president in the current year. They will be complicit in lying for this scam president.

    “Buying us time” is a lame old meme that should be put out to pasture. It’s also a scam. Claiming that Trump bought us time is ridiculous. The truth is that these people are conservatives and that is why they shill for the GOP every election cycle. Until they shed that worthless ideology they are wasting everyone’s time.

  4. I understand your reaction with a young family at the mercy of unknown forces, but blaming DJT personally is misplaced.

    There is no reason for believing the probability has gone down that this is an engineered, weaponized virus. It’s persistence not only suggests otherwise, but as former CIA Philip Giraldi (no conservative) believes may be the case, the explanation may be controlled release of the pathogen. Recurrence blamed on mutation would be a red flag. Given the US and British governments’ rolling over after Israel’s mass murders of their citizens on 9/11 and 7/7, there is every reason to disbelieve official narratives, including this latest.

    As a general word of caution, where there is no reason for assigning different probabilities to reasoned disagreements among expert epidemiologists, the principle of insufficient reason requires assigning equal probability to all. The msm’s one-sided cherry picking, selection bias, and assigning certainty to changing narratives is proof of their lying and untrustworthiness, Fox News no less than CNN.

    We are all desperate to impose rational order on the cascade of bad news used to scare our children half to death as they did with Greta Thunberg. But in what amounts to a human catastrophe of biblical proportions we turn to the same Jewish mainstream and social media whose elaborate efforts at 9/11 concealment provide powerful circumstantial evidence of conspiracy against the nations they now claim to help and of their collective guilt. In fact Fox News is a de facto propaganda arm of Israel’s Likud Party and its American fifth column, which is one reason, I’m sure, that Dr. Giraldi suspects treasonous complicity.

    The scientific method, furthermore, requires that there be a correlation between the empirical observation of data and its extrapolation to actionable predictions. Instead there’s been the wildest, most insane, maniacal, non-stop fear porn in recent history. It may turn out the pandemic is very bad, but not on the say-so of proved liars.

  5. LOL blackpillers are such fags. I literally cannot imagine being this out of touch and useless right now.,

  6. The Kushner Administration is obviously trying to create as much chaos, and kill off as many Americans as possible. That said, I agree with everything you’ve written re:American responsibility for our own predicament. Nature is red in tooth and claw. We’ve ignored Nature – Natural Law – for EVERY demented ideology and delusion that your average ‘Murkin idiot can concoct. I’m referring to every variety imaginable. Every strata of Murika. Well – here we go. Darwinian Nature has swept back in, and we must deal with the collapse of America as best we can.

    PS – The virus was bio-engineered. I think the sloppy, dirty, greedy Chinks let it get out my accident. But pray to Jeebuz, Kristards! See if Jeebuz answers the phone.

    • Endemic petty corruption in China could very well account for the corona virus getting loose from their Biohazard Level IV lab in Wuhan. There have been persistent stories that Chinese workers (low level) were selling stolen dead animals in the “wet” markets 300 yards away after they had been used for experiments. This would account for the appearance of the disease in the “wet” markets and also their unnatural gene sequences.

      Until authoritative genetic analysis is available on the genetic composition of the virus this explanation will remain speculative. What is not speculative is that the virus originated in Wuhan, the U.S. response was bungled and the financial system/economy have taken a beating. The financial system/economy will probably also be added to the body count when this thing is all over.

      The scientists supposedly splicing in HIV gene sequences may have been doing their Frankenstein experiments just because they could, not because they were trying to develop bio-weapons. Biological weapons aren’t very good weapons, they tend to have unpredictable effects and rebound on those who released them similar to the use of poison gas in WWI.

    • Denise;

      Where is President Jared, his ugly face hasn’t graced TV sets in quite a while, seriously? I assume Donald took Jared’s malicious advice back in December/January with the predictable bad results. Co-President Jared is probably hiding now in a well stocked and guarded bunker with positive pressure, UV sterilized and filtered air/water and all the food and entertainment he wants, courtesy of the taxpayer.

      He is probably off the grid in remote parts of the Mountain West or New England waiting for the storm to pass then he will be back buying up real estate on the cheap with daddy-in-law’s bailout money. No doubt he is an all white area where everyone owns firearms, that way he knows he is safe.

  7. I don’t what sickens me more. The blind man in a dark room responses from the governments to this pandemic or the endless tweets, blogs and vlogs from the boomers/millennial Cons telling me that letting old people live longer is not a moral action when it impacts their portfolio negatively.

  8. Hey Brad, one thing you might want to research is the number of days a coronavirus patient is spending on a ventilator—it’s claimed that 30 to 40 days on a ventilator is not uncommon.

    I’m feeling a lot better myself, but, I’m still not 100%.

  9. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, really I’m not, but this article sounds like it could have been written by my leftist loons brother and sister.

    • It is already clear that ignorance, quackery and retarded conspiracy theories will prove to be the downfall of the Right. A virus that has spread across the whole world and which we have had the chance to observe at a distance for a month and a half isn’t about Donald Trump’s reelection.

      • The behavior you describe has already been the downfall of the right. There isn’t a right to speak of anymore.

        In this era of easy media access, and rampant decadence, it has become all too easy for people in the dissident right to accept whatever carefully tailored echochamber best fits their own confirmation bias.

        This iteration of organic dissidence started out a few years ago in the run up to the election of Potatus, as movement based on hard data, demonstrable truth, common sense and appeal to the wisdom of natural law.

        We held the high ground then only because we pursued the truth.

        The truth no longer matters, only everybody’s pet axes they want to grind to the exclusion of any meaningful progress:

        Orange Man bad, the JQ, The Federal Reserve (for the still far too many libertarians), Christianity as the sole solution to the problems we face, Christianity being the sole cause of every problem we face (pagan Larpers, of whom even one is too many given the toxic downstream effects we suffer from their total lack of historical basis for their autism), fags, Womyn/AntiFeminism, Incel culture and the list unfortunately goes on and on.

        All of these tangents represent a path of least resistance, which leads us always away from the truth.

        We are the problem.

        Unless we do the hard work, and stop settling for the lazy answer to every problem by just plugging in your choice of boogieman, (ie. Jews, Fags, Womyn, Christians, Bankers, I dont think anybody takes pagans seriously to think they are anything other than a pain in the ass that has never helped anything or presented a solution to anything, just cause infighting, Feds, Yankee’s… etc) we are doomed to continue to be irrelevant.

        The longer we cling to failed ideas that dont have explanatory force, the more isolated we become individually and the less chance we have of doing anything meaningful.

        I exist in the real world, and have alot invested in my career, family my property. Nothing in this thing has risen to a level which warrants my risk of any of that.

        Some of you I’m sure are in a similar position. Too many of you I am also sure have nothing to offer at all, many more of you are just malefactors sewing discord by acting in bad faith. Some, I can tell by your argumentation are just dumb.

        This is as accurate a description I can give for where we are.

        Those of us with money and resources aren’t likely to beg for your acceptance into these meaningless subcultural cul de sacs, we will just not participate. Until a few days ago, I had posted anything online anywhere, or even visited forum, listened to podcasts of our stuff or even read boomer news.

        I felt better, even with the virus issue.

        There’s a reason nobody in this thing is getting donations anymore.

        All the value is negative in the form of risk. Risk of loss of braincells reading this inane drivel from commenters. Loss of sanity arguing against ahistorical circular worldviews with no basis in reality. Loss of good will from family who have to deal with the real loss of perspective you sufder when you take the Red Pill.

        The greatest risk, is the loss of time, because none of this is meaningful, or has real world impact outside the above negatives.

        Hunter, your site has been one of the few bright spots in this darkness. You continue to pursue the truth, even if I dont agree that everything is orange man’s fault. You at least I am confident are still trying to get it right.

        Thank you for that.

        I think the comment section is counterproductive and should be closed indefinitely.

        There are too many stupid people in here.

        I wont be using it anymore,

        Take care of your family, someday we will meet on greener pastures.

        God Willing.

        • If you believe that discussing issues has no point, why are you here? If the comments bother you so much, don’t read them and don’t participate. Nonstop bitching here and in other threads that others aren’t more like you is pointless. Do your comments have an effect on the greater world, either?

          Your objections are, to be frank, silly. People often use the comments section to vent. How valid those expressed thoughts are is in the eye of the beholder. All you do through your extensive complaining is make a larger imaginary molehill out of a smaller fictional one.

        • Your are always whining about something or other. Didn’t you say you left this blog for good, like, six months ago? Why are you here moaning now?

        • Opening your mind and not accepting the mainstream narrative is never wrong, Ironic. But you did a very good job of listing all the bizarre issues that have come up and destroyed the pro-White online alliance of the 90’s; woman haters, homosexuals, anti-Christians, Anglin, regional bigotry — don’t forget the Zionist Alt-Right as the number one cause. And I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about Pagans.ha You put that into words very well.

          Just thought it was interesting that you listed all the reasons I left it quite a while ago. Happy to see it wasn’t just my imagination.

      • A year from now anyone who put down the “this is all a liberal hoax” “it’s no worse than the flu” as public record leading up to this will be completely discredited and no one will listen to them anymore. People who predicted the actual outcome will be listed to with much more credence. The pathetic UK response will almost certainly see an election called with Borris Johnson getting fired. South Korea on the other hand will be looked upon with complete respect for their competent handling of the situation should the trends continue as they are headed. Chris Martensen has been prophetic about what would happen, I expect him to be listened to as well. Steve Bannon is also taking this thing very seriously, the self proclaimed “El Rushbo” (which sounds like a farcical mask and caped Mexican Wrestler) on the other hand, should he not kick the bucket from this thing or the lung cancer will have soured his reputation with his “liberal hoax” line.

  10. Mike Pence speech, Oct 2018:
    “But I come before you today because the American people deserve to know… as we speak, Beijing is employing a whole-of-government approach, using political, economic, and military tools, as well as propaganda, to advance its influence and benefit its interests in the United States.

    China is also applying this power in more proactive ways than ever before, to exert influence and interfere in the domestic policy and politics of our country.”

    Now you know why Liberals love China.

    • The video IS online. Search, “Vice President Mike Pence’s Remarks on the Administration’s Policy Towards China” on Youtube.

    • Pence is a neocon lunatic. Why should any Whites be upset if China is undermining ZOG? We should welcome it.

          • Those who care more about the (((stock market))) than the lives of our own People – well – they are outing themselves, aren’t they?

            The Jew Wealth Extraction from the Productive is not the economy. WE are the economy. Everything we’ve built can be rebuilt.

          • I can’t believe you’ve been so conned by the Jew media. ???
            And you’re angry and emotional like liberals too.

          • Conservatives love China too Ken just for different reasons, both political parties pay lip service to them to satisfy the GDP gods.

            Blumpf talks a big game ands lies about jobs in America then kowtows to china and accepts all these foreign products and, immigrants, workers from there. Since the virus hes bringing out the we can’t depend on China anymore shtick.

            New hashtag on twitter from Qtard/blumpf crew is NoMatterWhat meaning vote for Trump NoMatterWhat, just unbelievable as usual

        • We will. NY will probably get hit the hardest. Like Italy and Spain, they have a huge Chinese population — the biggest outside of China. It’s an overcrowded city with many unhygienic ghettos. It’s a shame Trump went back on his threat to close off their borders. When things get worse, NY’ers will want to bolt. I lived in NY. One of the most likely places they’ll go is Florida. Their huge Jewish community goes straight to Florida like clockwork for retirement. Those retirees are the immune-compromised.

          But COVID might not be any worse in NY than the season flu still. I think the problem is people didn’t realize how many people die each year from the seasonal flu — because the media never talked about it. And the media counted on people knowing that. But the media panic on this should certainly register with those of us who know who controls the media. It’ll end up that you’ll probably think you were right because the media and the Deep State will do anything to make it seem like it’s a pandemic, but then your country’s economy will be damaged.

    • China is now rolling out a propaganda campaign to rerun a new version of the KGB’s “The CIA created Aids” blaming the Coronavirus on a CIA lab. It is intended for an anti-American audience who wants to hear this and will play out well in Latin America, Africa, and idiots in the West.

        • Dont worry dart,these guys who are whinning about “chinese propraganda”,are the same ones who think the old ZOGUSA sabed the world from Hitler,there is no need for propaganda for the africans soutj americans(my case) or “idiots in the west”,these people are anti american because they can think,that is all.

  11. Corona-chan can be attributed to “The persistence of wet markets?” Your sourcing for this dubious. Getting science news from Scientific American is like getting your political reporting from Time. You’ll be reading info that will only confirm the official narrative. As far as I know, viruses combining SARS, MERS and HIV aren’t found in nature.

    • You’re assuming viruses don’t share any commonalities, Aids isn’t the only virus to use Protease, it is common in RNA viruses which is why Aids drugs are being tried with this epidemic. A specific drug will have to be created to target this virus if we want similar efficacy to the cocktail the poofs take, but maybe the experience in learning how to create such medicines wasn’t entirely the “wasted $ on the queers and junkies” people thought it was?

      • I had read that HIV and Ebola drugs had been successfully used against corona. Makes me wonder why Blompf is pushing Zithromax and zinc. As far as fighting enveloped viruses with natural supplements go, I’ve read that selenium works better against them than anything else.

        I’m not saying viruses don’t have anything in common, but that this particular combo is not a natural development.

        • Trump was trying to give hope and optimism to people by talking up chloroquine and Zpak but by talking it up the way he did he may have cause more harm by lunatic democratic governors in Nevada and Michigan banning it’s use just because they hate Trump. Don’t know if they are “plotting with Cuomo” to PR him into replacing Senile Old Joe on the ticket, but one thing Cuomo is doing right is not stooping into Trump Derangement Syndrome like some other Governors. The smart people probably know that while this riles up the base, the Trump Derangement Syndrome really turns off the independent voters that they would need in places like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania to win. I’ll call it but if an election was held today between Trump and Cuomo, Cuomo would take MI, WI, PA, FL, possibly OH and NC and maybe even TX is in play? Of course the actual election is in November and a lot can happen. Trump may get the epidemic under control, Sleepy Joe is still the presumed nominee, and Cuomo’s record as a liberal democrat could become known as the virus recedes into the past. However, I really don’t see this going away that easily short of a vaccine or it catastrophically burns through 80% of the population very quickly which would be very ugly.

  12. It looks like another 9-11 false flag. The government’s failure to contain the virus borders on complicity. Even worse is that Canada and other nations appear to be following suit in letting the virus spread and not urging/requiring citizens to wear masks and reduce the rate of community infection.

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