Mongolia Has Defeated Coronavirus

I continue to be impressed by Mongolia’s response to the virus. Mongolia debunks both the conspiritards on the Right trying to shift the blame from Trump and illustrates that a rigid ideological commitment to liberalism and capitalism is why the virus has devastated the West.

In response to the coronavirus, Mongolia closed its borders with Russia and China. They also suspended all international flights and passenger trains entering Mongolia until April 30. Mongolian citizens are prohibited from traveling to infected countries and all schools and public events are closed. Every traveler entering Mongolia is quarantined for 14 days. As a result of obvious thinking and taking practical precautions, there are only 16 cases and 0 deaths in Mongolia from coronavirus.

In contrast, Americans have come up with elaborate conspiracy theories to explain why the United States has been hit harder than any country on earth by the coronavirus. The coronavirus is “just the flu” or “the common cold.” It is all “a Deep State plot.” Deaths are being reclassified! It is all a hoax! I’ve got a constitutional right to infect everyone in my community with coronavirus! It is everything but a stubborn unwillingness to learn from experience and just be prudent and flexible in a crisis!

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  1. It’s like the guy at the gas station who splutters and sneezes into the fridge as he picks up the coke. Arrogant, uncouth and now… Malevolent.

  2. Mongolia doesn’t have a chink flu problem for the same reason Wyoming doesn’t – because no one lives there.

    • Mongolia does have it.

      The difference is Mongolia controls its borders and takes the threat seriously. This is also just one example. There are other countries which have done the same thing.

      • It strikes me that the threat from a lethal virus is much like the lethal threat from an intruder in your home.

        The intruder that is inside your living room at 3 AM is not there to collect for the Red Cross. Those who survive intruders and home invasions are the ones who employ lethal, and decisive force against the threat. Those in the home who are injured or killed, are usually the ones who either 1. ignore the threat, 2. downplay the threat, or 3. “talk to the threat” asking the intruder why he is in the home at 3 AM and begging the intruder for mercy.

        Dictatorships and authoritarian states have a decisive advantage over liberal states who elect “leaders” like Trump and Merkel. Just like the homeowner who shoots and kills the intruder, authoritarian states are not interested in having a “discussion” about the threat: they employ all the power and force of the state to protect the population. (Like a homeowner protecting his family.)

        • How bout you Schlomo? Where does your loyalty lie? Gotta save that big line and strike those Chi comms hu?

      • Brad you are something else and really showed your true colors. Everybody who disagrees with you is a right wing conspiracy nut. There are several posts in your blog comments pointing to the fact we’ve all been duped, especially you posting articles from the NY Times. How many times have they been caught lying over the years or even decades? You haves weeks of blog posts only on the covid19 hoax, nothing else.

        Brad serious question, are you being paid by organizations to promote the fear you’ve been instilling? It sure seems that way. You’re not looking at the big picture, this lockdown will kill more by suicide, drug/alcohol, murder, robberies and just the fall out of many not working who lost their jobs who longer can’t afford their homes and feed their children. You are the only right wing website promoting this while others find many flaws in it. You’re very suspect Brad and that isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact.

          • Brad you can’t even answer a simple question. Are you getting paid to be a ‘trusted voice’ as said in the ‘Event 201’ to be a trusted voice in this plandemic?

            I know you have a family, a house, a popular right wing website and just the hillbilly life we would like to have. Just answer the question or does your freemason oath forbid it? Very suspect Brad…

          • I just got hit with a brick. They’re going to dismiss the Charlottesville lawsuit if you promoted this nonsense covid19? If this doesn’t get published, I knew my instincts were right.

          • I’m afraid you are right.

            I don’t believe in your retarded conspiracy theories. Therefore, I am part of the conspiracy, as is every hospital and county coroner in the United States.

          • They are now having to bury the dead in NYC in mass graves, I can only think that the right wing dingbats who are convinced it’s government trying to control us are 1. ignorant of history and the impact plagues have had on nations 2. scared shitless and try to convince themselves that there’s really no nasty epidemic going on 3. totally selfish and disregardful of the possibility of infecting other people. And yes, I slouched back here after a long hiatus.

        • The ‘only’ right wing site? That’s funny. The only people pushing your garbage are Charlie Kirk and his brother Schlomo.

      • Kickbacks from the CDC?

        This is so stupid it’s “not even wrong,” because “wrong” would still have some relationship to observable reality. .

        How the fuck does the CDC benefit from trying to control a plague?

        Kickbacks from Big Pharma? What, trying to make LESS people sic by stopping the spread is somehow going to pay off more for Big Pharma, because LESS medicines are used? Do you even know how businesses make profits?

        “We’re a car-maker, let’s sell less cars, that’ll really boost our bottom line!”

        What on Earth are you even talking about? Your statements are illogical even on their own terms.

      • And as a side note.

        Maybe you and other pant-hooters chimping out about “Muh Hoaxes” are the people who are actually in the pay of Big Pharma, “Father”?

        Who stands to benefit from a giant medical disaster after a plague is let loose on the country….? Big Pharma, of course.

        Strange how that sprang to mind with you — just like a jew, accusing others of what you’re doing.

        (((Fr. John+))) cries out in pain as he sells you down the river to Big Pharma.

        “Cui bono” points to jews and Big Pharma as the ones who would benefit most from a plague catastrophe following a “it’s not real, let it loose” response. Big Pharma selling drugs, the jews buying up stuff cheap after the stupid goyim die off from the plague.

        So, how much did you sell out to the jews for, you stinking, American-hating traitor?

      • This is a result of people voting with their feet. The crowd has a wisdom.

  3. Also compare the population density per kilometer and compare it to the United States. 5 people per kilometer in Mongolia and a little over 3 million total population. Compare that with its total land mass.Much easier to social distance.

    • As the majority of Mongolians now live in modern western-style urban centres, Heartland, I do not know if your analogy is appllcable.

  4. Pfff, Stacy Styxenhammer and NanCpaul……..Don’t worry girls, I’ll replace the office water jug for you.

    • Spahn – lulz – Styxx has been pretty consistent with advice on dealing with CoronaChan, in a reasonable and practical manner I cannot ABIDE the Jew Ramsey, so I will not listen to the exchange.

    • An interesting phenomenon we’ve all observed:

      In mainstream conservatism, when pundits get a donor, the donor thereafter tends to more or less call the shots; or at the very least, the pundits tailor their content to satisfy their donor and not ruffle the donor’s feathers.

      Who knows if that pertains to this case or not. But in the final analysis, it’s one of the problems with any version of the Right, dissident or not:

      In politics, even as its outermost fringe, it’s hard to trust anyone — anyone — with a Patreon, or who asks for donations, because that person will inevitably be influenced if not controlled by his donors.

      It’s true at the Presidential level. But is it any less the case with the smallest of fry?

      I doubt it.

  5. With 3 million+ Mongolians in Mongolia and approximately 10,000 non-Mongolians, there is a clarity that that is no longer in The West : ——— Mongolia for sake, benefit, and posterity of Mongolians – not just as individuals, but, as a tribe.

    Classical Orthodox Humanity on display, and flourishing in the early 21st century.

    • And while Western governments tell their people to feel guilty for everything they have ever done (real or imagined) in history, Mongolia builds statues of Genghis Khan, a warlord who wiped out something like 5% of the global population.

  6. Wait if international flights etc spread this, why isnt Texas devastated? When we review NY 2020 vs NY 2019 death certificates the fraud will be inescapable.

    Thanks to the panic we are faced with real devastation to the working class: let them eat UBI?

    Let them eat 1200$?

    Let them eat unemployment?

    • We are being prepped to eat bugs – mealworms, etc – as farmers dump tons of food. In approx 2 months I expect to see the whole-hearted support of mealworm consumption on this site, by certain elements.

    • In that case make a list of the big wigs who did the hoax and file suit and cock your automatic.

    • “What about the working class?”

      Have the government pay the bills. PAY THEM TO STAY AT HOME

      I love how middle class people sitting at home are pining about working class people and contractors “needing to go back to work!” when in fact working class people would be happy to get paid to stay at home. Some working class people (grocery store clerks) are out there risking their lives for pennies and yet somehow people think “The working class wants to go back to work!”

      The middle class deserves what it gets.

  7. If USA had blocked travel, the whole thing could have been avoided. Didn’t want to “spook the markets” though.

    • True, when this really got bad in January my first thought was we have to stop all travel into our country period, even Canada. But of course I realized they’d never do that. Problem is that guy had already brought it to Seattle and it was already spreading. Seems though that the West Coast seems to have gotten the epidemic under control, but in the east the blacks are not following the rules and it is predictably spreading like wildfire in the ‘hood. One of the black guys at work is using his extended holiday to leave the fairly safe small corn belt city I live in and go 150 miles north to party and screw hood chicks in the West Side of Chicago where he grew up. This is what they tell you NOT to do and in one of the hottest epidemic zones in the entire state. His IQ is seriously about 75 when I talk to the guy, even for blacks he’s pretty dumb.

  8. Israel granted Genie Energy the right to explore inside the Golan Heights in Syria back in 2013 or so—and Genie granted rights to Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothschild.

    These greedy people who pull Trump’s strings certainly are not ‘pro-life’ and he shows that he is not either, not if it isn’t a life that makes him look ‘successful’.

    A big f u has been given to nurses, docs, scientists, and ‘common laborers’ by not protecting them….so now they issue statements of support, all of a sudden calling them the ‘real heroes’ because they’re terrified that they’ll all say, ‘if you won’t protect me I will walk out on this’, and right now that would actually matter.

    For the first time in a long time, the system is afraid of the people it considers it’s ‘peons’ walking out on the whole mess. They need them now.

    When they don’t need you, you see who they really are.

    They had every intention to do offshore drilling in Syria this summer, and there’s no way in hell they’d be losing this kind of money, or helping the ‘little people’ with life saving medical care, if they didn’t HAVE to.

    And Trump has made it clear he’d be okay with sacrificing some of you, because ‘the cure can’t be worse than the disease’.

    You are an expendable thing compared to the economy. He can’t be seen wearing a mask behind his glorious desk, that’d look beta. #wtf

    • Emily – all the “little people” ARE the economy. This is THE BIGGEST SCAM the kikes have ever pulled off, even more so than the HollowHoax,because America is being obliterated. And every one is holed up in their holes, quivering and shivering while the food supply and everything else is being destroyed. ZOG is still all in with the Gooks.

    • I have a little list,
      A very short list,
      Of countries that,
      Will not be missed!
      One starts with the letter “C”,
      The other with the letter “I”.

    • That’s poor leadership by him refusing to wear a mask as he has to set an example for the public because by wearing masks we can resume some normalcy like Taiwan. I agree on pulling the plug on schools, movie theaters, bars, sporting arenas, but most of us have to get back to work. Having “everyone” stay home is not an indefinite thing, it was supposed to be for 3 weeks or so for the infections to stop multiplying exponentially and the sick then would come down with it and remain quarantines and the healthy would emerge able to return to work. We would then need more specific attention to the clusters and keep them down. Hot spots like NYC NO Detroit, etc would probably need to remain locked down longer, but I’d say Peoria can resume a cautious life. Problem is that you have to stop new inbound infections as rule one and no effort is being made to stop travel out of these hot zones. There is no reason for someone in NYC to be allowed to go down to the beach in Florida right now, they need to stay put.

  9. I take your overall side , HW, where the WuFlu is concerned. I’m not against a heavy handed criticism of libertarianism up to a point.

    But…there is only one city in Mongolia with a population over 1 million. The next 2 large cities are less than 100k, with every other “populous” city less than 50k.
    Mongolia is not a small country, geographically. Much off its population is rural people who still burn dry horse and cow shit to fuel their homes and stoves.

    How many people annually travel to Mongolia in a normal year? Sure, it borders China and I’m sure there are Chinese tourists. But the Wikipedia on Mongolian tourism says this:

    “A vivid example of the successful reform of the legal framework is the progressive increase of the number of visitors – the number reaching 450,000 in 2010 – tripling the 2000 estimate”

    Wow lol. I mean seriously, I literally laughed out loud at that. I’ll be generous and assume that 2019 was higher than 450k, but at some point there is bound to be a plateau of people who pine to visit the Mongolian tundra. (Many of whom are probably academics and scientists anyway).

    It’s politically pretty easy to lock down a country that has such little economic benefit from tourism and global capitalism anyway. I’m sure nobody blinked an eye when their soviet-era airports with dirt runways were shut down.

    I’m not trying to minimize your overall argument, I just think Mongolia’s apparent insulation from the WuFlu can be better explained by its normal dreary state of existence than by any counter measures they implemented.

    • HW is vindicated. Politics, socioeconomics, culture, geography, technology, transportation, and population density serve as barriers/filters – some good, some not so good. All contribute toward preventing the coronavirus from gaining a foothold.

  10. Note:

    I see there was another commenter who argued that most of Mongolia’s population is urban. I found a graph that states that roughly 3/4 of the population is urban. So, “on paper”, that argument is true. And being that the largest city is over 1 million, one would conclude that probably half of the population of Mongolia is in that city and in the towns dotting the greater metropolitan area surrounding it.

    However, the vast majority of the country, geographically, is rural. The other half the population either lives in rural isolation, or in remote “quasi-urbanized” areas of 10-20k people that are somewhat densely populated, but still very isolated due to 3rd world infrastructure. When you take 2 million people or so and spread them out into a countryside that is twice the size of Texas, you have built-in social distancing, even if part of that population tends to cluster into “towns”.

    • You’re correct. Only 1/3 of Mongolia’s population is urban and yes, “social distancing” is “built in” to the rural environment. Politics, culture, socioeconomics, population density, geography, technology, and transportation modes – all serve as barriers/filters delimiting the spread of the coronavirus.

    • @SR – 70% of Mongolia’s population lives in built up urban centres. In this country it is 80%.

      Surely the difference between the infection rate of this country and Mongolia is policy, not scattered tents over the steppes.

      President Trump has done a good job since Tucker Calrson went to Mar-a-Lago, BUT, in January & February he was trying to act like there was no Wuhan virus, so that it did not impinge upon the economy, and, hence, his reelection chances.

    • Russ Winter indeed has a great site

      A while back, Russ struck me as being rather like Hunter Wallace tho a quarter-century older … down home heritage American with generations of roots, Russ from the lower-middle of the 48 states, a lot of similar cultural values

      And Russ himself acknowledges that at Hunter’s age, he didn’t believe in ‘conspiracies’ either

      For those who haven’t seen it, the classic meme with the History Channel guy –
      ‘I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy … But it’s a conspiracy!’

  11. What about Texas?
    What about California?
    What about Oklahoma?
    What about South Carolina?

    1. Low per capita testing, logjams of pending tests in those states.
    2. Population density west of the Big Muddy is less than it is to the east, especially along the Atlantic seaboard.
    3. Populations west of Big Muddy are more reliant on automobiles, less reliant on public transportation.
    4. Governor Nuisance and Califrutopia got serious about containing the virus long before Governor Cuomo and New York Shitty.

    “Texas, which has a per capita testing rate of just 124 people out of every 100,000, ran out of coronavirus tests Tuesday at one state health lab. Any further testing of people in that part of Texas must be done elsewhere unless the public lab gets more testing materials, said Tom Banning, CEO at the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

    “A spokesperson for the Texas Department of Health Services told POLITICO late Tuesday that while one public health lab in the southern part of the state is currently unable to conduct coronavirus tests, samples are being shipped to a lab in Austin to be tested.”

    New York is out front, with more than 230,000 people tested, and it’s also way ahead on a per capita basis, too, testing more than 1,200 per 100,000 people. So is Louisiana, at more than 51,000 total tests, or nearly 1,100 per 100,000 people. That’s as New Orleans’ case numbers are some of the fastest rising in the country, doubling every 1.4 days, according to Evercore ISI.

    Third is Washington state, home of the first COVID-19 case detected in the U.S., at more than 1,000 test results per 100,000.

    Lagging on the testing front: Texas, South Carolina, California and Oklahoma. While Texas has tested more than 50,000 people, according to data from the COVID Tracking Project, that’s only 174 per 100,000 of its residents.

  12. You may not die from COVID-19, but, I hope you enjoy the misery of it at home, or your time spent in the hospital.

    • Kike Inc is CREATING food shortages. They’ve released THOUSANDS of hard core criminals – that means niggers and spics – all over the country – whilst the badge fags arrest White fathers, playing a game with their family – in empty parks. Ever see those “Hunger Games” flicks? They make movies to tell us what they’re gonna do. We are about to enter that movie. It’s beginning NOW.

      FYI – you said you have been really sick. Did you have the Chinese virus? Are you dead yet?

      It seems like there is a dedicated faction who believes they will get the WuFlu bag. Nigs will. Because they RIOT. Will you?

    • As a rule I don’t wish sickness on anyone. Even on irresponsible people. Most of the dumb bastards crowing about the hoax are holed up too. Riding it out posturing with bravado.

  13. Input the search term “Virus theory” and what you get is either the current controversy around Coronavirus, or HIV. I don’t have to speculate if Coronavirus was created in a lab, because it was created in a lab, here are just two of the many patents.
    “SARS virus nucleotide and amino acid sequences and uses thereof”
    “Coronavirus isolated from humans”

    You don’t have to take my word for it. Browse through this patent classification search on Google Patents – (C07K14/005). Recombinant viruses, RNA, “gain-of-function” studies. Gain of function studies really are the smoking gun, they epitomize laboratory modification of a bacteria or virus.

    Even if the Stormer is a satire site with shady characters like Weev behind the scenes, they’re generally right to mock this civilization.

    Fauci actually predicted millions infected and hundreds of thousands dead.

    Feel free to mock the grammar and syntax of this comment. But at least give me some plausible explanation as to why governments have biological weapons research facilities, or psychological warfare units, and why they wouldn’t use them.

    • Lycurgus – I wouldn’t mock you. Because everything in your comment is correct. I know about the patents. This is all about the Microchipped vaccines. Population control. Utterly mad evil

  14. Why did you get banned from Twitter again?

    The US didn’t react worse than western Europe, and its a gargantuan, diverse, and federal country. France, in particular, is just horrific. The issue is that liberal democracy prohibited a rapid, optimal response. Show me a western leader who did better than Trump.

  15. Retard America: 0
    Competent Mongolia: 1

    Or should it be

    Mongolia: 0
    Retard America: 16,000 and counting.

  16. 17 million USA burgers filed for unemployment already, topping previous weekly records 10x

    Over 1000 people jobless for every one, mostly elderly or sick person, maybe dying a few months earlier associated with coronavirus

    Tennessee having more suicides than Covid-19 deaths

    Millions of destroyed lives and homes and families and many suicides to come

    And as with military veterans – suicides and service-related illnesses to be killing many more over the years than died from harm in combat

    ‘All worth it’ say some … the ‘brice of freedumb’

    Just like in Vietnam when that US army officer declared, ‘We had to destory the village in order to save it’

    The generation now being born, after the Gen Z Zoomers, are apparently now the ‘coronials’

    Wouldn’t have guessed that this is the hill Hunter Wallace would pick to die on

    Tho the accelerationists maybe have their dream of an unstoppable shitestorm come true

    • This is the quintessential conservative mindset:

      the durrr acceleracists might get durrrr shite storm….

      Brah, the shite storm was always coming for white people. There was never any avoiding it. There was never an out. If it wasn’t this, it would be something else.

      There is no “W” for white people in the current system.

  17. Minnesota senator who is a primary care physician has been sent letters from the Minnesota Dept. of Health vis-a-vis the CDC to attribute Covid-19 as the ’cause of death’ even when the said patient was NOT EVEN TESTED for the CV! Even the local media was willing to follow-up on this fraudulent practice!

  18. Here is Dr. Fauci saying that those who state that the death numbers are being inflated for Covid-19 are ‘conspiracy theorists’ when the above video I linked completely proves otherwise along with the below letter from the Director of the National Center for Vital Statistics:


    • Fauci is a total monster. He is deeply intertwined with Gates, and the WHO. Gates is the second biggest funder of the WHO. It’s all about “creating markets” for VERY lucrative vaccines.Who needs America? They have fast breeding Chinese Borg.

    • Ed,

      “Tiny Tony” just happens to be a prominent member of the Gates Foundation…


  19. Their ancestors murdered and raped more white people than anyone else in history. Of course they can defeat a little virus.

  20. I’m still waiting to see conclusive refutation of either Ramzpaul or John Ward (who has been posting some interesting pieces over at The Slog). Hunter, I’d like to see you look at Ward’s last 2 posts and tell us your thoughts.

    • Hey Jannie! As much time as I spend researching, I wasn’t aware of ‘The Slog’ site. Well done! Thx!

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