Coronavirus: 4/9


U.S.: 3.6%

Canada: 2.3%

Brazil: 5.10%

UK: 12.13%

France: 10.3%

Spain: 10%

Italy: 12.7%

Germany: 2.12%

Netherlands: 11%

Sweden: 8.7%

Denmark: 4.06%

Norway: 1.75%


9/11: 2,996 dead

Afghanistan War: 2,216 dead

Iraq War: 4,497 dead

Estimated Total Cost: $2.5 trillion

The Flu (March 3, 2019 to April 9, 2019): 2,450 dead

George W. Bush is no longer America’s dumbest president.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 4/9

MS: 2,260 cases, 76 deaths

AL: 2,838 cases, 78 deaths

SC: 2,792 cases, 67 deaths

GA: 10,885 cases, 412 deaths

TX: 11,426 cases, 222 deaths

FL: 16,826 cases, 371 deaths

LA: 18,283 cases, 702 deaths

AR: 1,146 cases, 21 deaths

KY: 1,452 cases, 79 deaths

OK: 1,684 cases, 80 deaths

WV: 523 cases, 5 deaths

VA: 4,042 cases, 109 deaths

MO: 3,539 cases, 91 deaths

NC: 3,823 cases, 75 deaths

TN: 4,634 cases, 94 deaths

U.S. cases:

3/1: 89

3/8: 564

3/9: 728

3/10: 1,000

3/11: 1,267

3/12: 1,645

3/13: 2,204

3/14: 2,826

3/15: 3,505

3/16: 4,466

3/17: 6,135

3/18: 8,760

3/19: 13,159

3/20: 18,563

3/21: 26,138

3/22: 33,276

3/23: 46,371

3/24: 55,041

3/25: 68,203

3/26: 85,873

3/27: 104,671

3/28: 123,578

3/29: 142,070

3/30: 164,248

3/31: 188,530

4/1: 215,003

4/2: 244,877

4/3: 277,161

4/4: 311,357

4/5: 336,673

4/6: 367,004

4/7: 400,355

4/8: 434,927

4/9: 468,566 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

2/29: 1

3/2: 5

3/3: 3

3/4: 2

3/5: 1

3/6: 3

3/7: 4

3/8: 3

3/9: 4

3/10: 4

3/11: 8

3/12: 3

3/13: 8

3/14: 8

3/15: 11

3/16: 18

3/17: 23

3/18: 41

3/19: 57

3/20: 49

3/21: 46

3/22: 111

3/23: 140

3/24: 225

3/25: 247

3/26: 268

3/27: 411

3/28: 525

3/29: 363

3/30: 573

3/31: 912

4/1: 1,049

4/2: 968

4/3: 1,321

4/4: 1,331

4/5: 1,165 

4/6: 1,255

4/7: 1,970

4/8: 1,940

4/9: 1,900 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 16,691 dead

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    • It would be LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME if Cali seceded from the Union.Then other states would follow suit and that would be the end of ZOG USA.

      • By saying he’s a sovereign ‘nation-state,’ he already has. The South was considered an enemy of the North, for little more….

    • Gavin Newsom Declares California a ‘Nation-State’

      How long before the Mexican government appears to reclaim its northernmost state?

  1. I’ve personally see critical care techs try and drop a line on elderly people in the E.R., their veins are the diameter of fishing line. Those are the bulk of your medical responses as a firefighter. Either chronically ill elderly people or chronically ill people in general.

    Just be honest about who’s getting this laboratory modified flu. Be honest about the limitations of the testing procedure.

    Here it is:

    SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit (CD019RT)
    Regulatory status: For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures

    *** Principles of Testing ***
    This product is a dual-color multiplex fluorescent probe-based Taqman® RT-qPCR assay system. The Taqman fluorescent probe is a specific oligonucleotide based on a reporter-quencher mechanism. For each probe, the 5′-end is labeled with a fluorophore, while the 3′-end was labeled with a quencher. When the probe is intact, the fluorescence emitted by the fluorophore is absorbed by the quencher, and no fluorescent signal is detected. However, during amplification of the template, the probe will be degraded due to the 5′-3′ exonuclease activity of Taq DNA polymerase, and the fluorescent reporter and the quencher are cleaved and separated, then a fluorescent signal can be detected. The generation of each molecular amplicon is accompanied by the generation of a fluorescent signal. Real-time monitoring of the entire PCR process can be assessed by monitoring the accumulation of fluorescent signals.
    This product provides dual-detections of two independent genes of 2019-nCoV in a single tube. Specific primers and probes were designed for the detection of conserved region of 2019-nCoV’s ORF1ab gene and N gene, respectively, avoiding non-specific interference of SARS2003 and BatSARS-like virus strains.

    You think there aren’t going to be translation errors when trying to isolate viral RNA and translate it into a DNA sequence using PCR to amplify an exosomal fluid sample?

  2. Another record POST-CORONA high on the stock market!

    Boris Johnson makes a “miraculous” recovery!

    What awaits us Sunday?

    I’m ready either way.

  3. Yesssss!!! Even Laura Ingraham had the courage to bring the CDC’s faulty CV numbers scam to a national audience. That being said, they still do not draw the full scope of conclusions they should. This isn’t some epiphenomenon, it is central to this whole ‘pandemic’ farce both politically and financially!

  4. in other news the German ship Alan Kurdi just dumped around 150 Africans in Italy.
    Why those swine Nazi scum continue doing that?
    “It’s because they have been brainwashed by the Americans and Jews!!;”

    • Because Italy’s economy runs on debts from Germany. Wops need krauts to prop them up, just like in WWII. They are both swine that deserve each other.

  5. Thank you, Brad. I always thought that Andrew Anglin was going too far in saying that your paymaster, and hence you as their payee, were compromised fed outfits. Your relentless and aggressive shilling for this hoax has convinced me that he was right. I know you’re desperate for funds and obviously being paid by (((Mike Enoch))) to be their stalking horse was an offer you couldn’t refuse. But now you’ve lost all credibility. I recommend you retire as you’ll never be taken seriously again in the Dissident Right/Alt-Right/WN community again.

    • Thank you for explaining to me how a man with merely a bachelor’s degree, and wife and child, could stay on his computer almost daily, churning out article after article, while the rest of us have to work for a living.

      I knew that Anglin was being financed- He asked for ‘shekels’ years ago. But “HW” never said a word….
      Now I understand what was behind the last nine months of increasingly ‘aberrant to the foundational premise of his site’ behavior that he has been exhibiting, is. He’s a paid shill, much like the J-Left Media. Only question was, who was paying him?

      But his relevance as an independent source of information and direction for the Founding Stock American has finally reached bottom, with this manufactured crisis. NO WONDER why he attacked Anglin in print last year…. he was/is competition!!

  6. Typhoid Mary: Mary Mallon (September 23, 1869 – November 11, 1938), also known as Typhoid Mary, was an Irish cook believed to have infected 51 people, three of whom died, with typhoid fever, and the first person in the United States identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the disease. Because she persisted in working as a cook, by which she exposed others to the disease, she was twice forcibly isolated by authorities, and died after a total of nearly three decades in isolation

  7. O/T: Are you ready to get behind the New McSpencer/NPI/RADIX Paywall? If they produce Content…will You come, $10 in hand?

    • I want to hear all about McSpencer’s favorite James Bond movie. Was Ursula Andress, Jill St. John or Honor Blackman the best Bond villainess of all time? There’s only one way to find out – get behind the paywall, goyim!

      • Ursula Andress wasn’t a villainess. She was Honey Rider, the prototype bond girl. Sexiest Bond girl of all time goes to Claudine Auger.

        Domino from Thunderball, mmm.

  8. This whole thing is a Jewish hoax. Top Jews are talking about keeping us in our homes indefinitely. They are going to try and do mandatory vaccines maybe even end cash. We will see. Time to admit you were wrong Hunter.

  9. Fucking retard. You bought this hoax like a good little goy. You deserve this to be the end of your career.

  10. I will say this for Nancy. On her Siriusly Sinatra channel, she picks unusual, and beautiful songs to listen to, when I’m in the mood to hear Ol’ Blue Eyes….

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