Vietnam Has Defeated Coronavirus

I laughed about this one for 20 solid minutes:

My sides.

This is the best one of all:

The conspiracies are getting more complex.

If you don’t believe in the conspiracy, then you must be part of the conspiracy. All of these conspiracies are just ass covering from people who didn’t take the virus seriously until it was too late.

In reality, there is a highly infectious, moderately lethal novel coronavirus that jumped from a bat to a pangolin to a human in China that has developed into a global pandemic, which every country in the world is dealing with at the moment. It produces a SARS-like disease that destroys the respiratory system. This event has been expected to happen for nearly 20 years now. It has been simulated half a dozen times by the U.S. military and at least three times (SPARS Pandemic, Clade X, Crimson Contagion) since Donald Trump became president. This was a known threat like a hurricane or earthquake.

As I pointed out yesterday, Mongolia has defeated the coronavirus by closing its borders, shutting down international flights and rail traffic, closing schools and public events and through mandatory quarantines of anyone entering the country. Taiwan has also defeated the coronavirus. It warned the WHO about human-to-human transmission of the virus in Wuhan in December. Taiwan screened passengers of incoming flights from China and defeated the virus with quarantines and testing. North Korea has no confirmed cases of coronavirus after closing its borders.

Vietnam is the most instructive case of all: 257 cases, 154 recovered, 0 deaths. The first confirmed case of coronavirus was reported in Vietnam on January 23. The first confirmed case in the United States was on January 20. Unlike the United States under Donald Trump, Vietnam took the coronavirus seriously from the beginning of the outbreak and defeated the virus through a similar combination of quarantines, lockdowns, school closures and testing. Vietnam suspended inbound international flights and has entered into a period of national isolation. Americans are STILL free to return to the United States from hot zones. 430,000 people traveled to the United States from China since the coronavirus surfaced including 40,000 Americans who returned to the United States AFTER Trump’s travel ban.

In the United States, Americans were free to travel abroad to hot zones like China, Italy and Iran, hop on a plane and fly back home. In New York, a woman who had traveled to Iran brought the virus back and became the first confirmed case there on March 1. No one even bothered to do basic contact tracing of the people she had contact with on the flight and at the airport. Foreigners from Asia were astounded in February that there was minimal screening for the virus at American airports.

It doesn’t take a conspiracy to explain why 469,464 Americans have been infected with coronavirus and 16,711 Americans have died of the disease since the beginning of March while only 257 people have been infected and 0 people have died in Vietnam. This devastating result is solely the product of fatal arrogance, stupidity, complacency and incompetence and could have been prevented with simple, common sense measures like shutting down international flights or at least quarantining passengers until testing could be developed for the virus. It would have “spooked the markets” though to do this.

Donald Trump sided with the conservatives in his administration in February who advised him to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu.” Their plan was to just let x number of people die and write it off as the flu rather than to take the slightest precautions. Contrast the response of American conservatives on FOX News with what was airing on North Korean state television in February.

I’m ready for the conspiracy theorists in the comments to explain how Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan all managed to contain and defeat the virus. South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore have also managed to contain their outbreaks. How does this fit into the HOAX? Why is the American political class trying to look so incompetent on the world stage?

New York: 161,504 cases, 7,844 deaths

China: 81,907 cases, 3,336 deaths

North Korea: 0 cases, 0 deaths

South Korea: 10,450 cases, 208 deaths

Mongolia: 16 cases, 0 deaths

Japan: 5,530 cases, 99 deaths

Vietnam: 257 cases, 0 deaths

Singapore: 2,108 cases, 7 deaths

Malaysia: 4,356 cases, 70 deaths

Indonesia: 3,512 cases, 306 deaths

Thailand: 2,473 cases, 33 deaths

Philippines: 4,195 cases, 221 deaths

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  1. Oh, I do so tire of people, of any age, race, class, or persuasion, who think everyone with worldviews that do not line up 99.89% with theirs is either a ‘willing dupe’ or a treacherous front who has ‘lost all credibilty’.

    If people like this could see themselves as those who are not daemon-possessed, and or mentally addled, see them, they would really be embarrassed for themselves.

    Yet, alas, they cannot – so on we go with the endless recriminations by those who think they perfectly well understand every player & event in the world!

  2. I ve always respected the more successful East Asian countries like Taiwan , Japan, South Korea and especially Singapore .

    These countries aren t Communist dictatorships but they aren t anything goes American liberal/libertarian nonsense.

    The main difference is in immigration , crime and media control (Jews and the most hostile Blacks) .

    None of these well run Asian countries would consider having 30 million illegal aliens , offering these aliens full citizenship or letting Islsmic extremists slaughter the locals, do sexual grooming etc.

    Burma handles bad Muslims just fine thank you.

  3. Since Trump and the GOP seriously f**ked this up, the narrative going into November will be that Biden and the Dems would have been, and can be, our saviors if only given the chance. I highly doubt that.

    This catastrophic plague that has came upon us is not due to one man or one party, the sickness, the incompetence runs deep within us. I believe the problem is “democracy” itself and our capitalist masters that fund both parties.

    Think about it. Would any average person be friends with Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Pelosi, etc.?

    This people are the bottom of the barrel in terms of IQ, honesty, loyalty to America, etc. So why do they rise to the top in US elections? Who are putting these people in power?

    We can have a new POTUS, a new congress, a new senate, etc. in November but it won’t make any difference. The rot runs deep within “The People.” We were “unprepared” for this lethal virus because we cannot, or will not elect men and women of high intellect and high moral fiber.

    In 2020, EVERY US politician is a “Reality TV Star.”

    The song, “Revolution Calling” by Queensryche is relevant to our situation.

    For a price I’d do about anything
    Except pull the trigger
    For that I’d need a pretty good cause
    Then I heard of Dr. X
    The man with the cure
    Just watch the television
    Yeah, you’ll see there’s something going on
    Got no love for politicians
    Or that crazy scene in D.C.
    It’s just a power mad town
    But the time is ripe for changes
    There’s a growing feeling
    That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due
    I used to trust the media
    To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
    But now I’ve seen the payoffs
    Everywhere I look
    Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling you
    There’s a revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Gotta make a change
    Gotta push, gotta push it on through
    Well, I’m tired of all this bullshit
    They keep selling me on T.V.
    About the communist plan
    And all the shady preachers
    Begging for my cash
    Swiss bank accounts while giving their secretaries the slam
    They’re all in Penthouse now
    Or Playboy magazine, million dollar stories to tell
    I guess Warhol wasn’t wrong
    Fame fifteen minutes long
    Everyone’s using everybody, making the sale
    I used to think
    That only America’s way, way was right
    But now the holy dollar rules everybody’s lives
    Gotta make a million, doesn’t matter who dies
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling you
    There’s a revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Gotta make a change
    Gotta push, gotta push it on through
    I used to trust the media
    To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
    But now I’ve seen the payoffs
    Everywhere I look
    Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling you
    There’s a revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Gotta make a change
    Gotta push, gotta push it on through
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Revolution calling you
    There’s a revolution calling
    Revolution calling
    Gotta make a change
    Gotta push, gotta push it on through
    There’s something going on
    There’s a revolution, there’s a revolution, there’s a revolution

    • This is a slightly better version of the song performed live in Seattle in 2007 complete with lots of George W. Bush references. Again, I believe that music like this speaks to the time we live in.

      • I ragged on you in a previous post comments thread, Mr. Kohl, but any person who likes Queensryche is a friend of mine. Consider this an apology.

    • It’s not merely incompetence on the part of American elites. It’s a difference of priorities. They thought they could get away with allowing everyone here to get infected and die while maintaining the RECORD HIGH BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT AND STOCK MARKET. But that didn’t work out because it turns out a lot of Americans don’t want to kill their family and friends for their 401k (only Q cultists and ramz paul). If they thought they could get away with it without creating civil unrest, they would have stuck with the “herd immunity” plan. So the biggest difference is that western liberal elites view themselves in opposition to the people they rule, whereas easterners view the state as a natural extension of society.

    • A good part of the problem lies in the fact that few decent people are allowed to enter politics. First there are the financial barriers that need to be met, and I imagine it would be very hard for someone who actually did have America’s best interests at heart to get any kind of support. Even if the person was fabulously wealthy and would be paying for the entire project on their own, the smear campaign against him or her would begin instantly. If there were no skeletons in the closet, well, some would be manufactured, and it’s a sad statement on human thought processes that most people are eager to be the most scurrilous things about another person, especially if they disagree with them politically. This is the reason why democracies and republics always self immolate: those in power will do anything to maintain it. I’ve always believed in a monarchical system, actually, the people in power don’t have to scramble, backstab, and otherwise disgrace their humanity. Anyway, if a king proved too odious, he would generally be removed and a whole new government might come about under a new king. Now, regardless with our system, the beat goes on whoever is in power.

  4. I was on a conference call last night with a very important Congressman. No one made any of the kook comments like we are seeing on OD denying the Coronavirus.

  5. We can debate how real or how deadly this chink flu is but in the meantime tens of millions have suddenly been thrown out of work and forced to live like recluses inside their homes – which in many cases they may no longer be able to afford to live in. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been shuttered, the economy has been wrecked, the niggers are getting ready to riot as soon as the weather improves….Anyone starting to get worried yet? Angry, perhaps? Or have we become too tranquilized for any kind of normal human responses like that?

    • Hunter doesn’t care, He wants you dead and starving chained in your house while he fishes with friends…

      He can’t wait to get his vaccine and immunity card that will allow him to travel even more freely while the rest of the serfs are executed as threats to public safety.

  6. Brad , we all know you’re on the secret payroll of the CCP
    and that you have a tunnel from your house to the Wuhan institute
    Of virology to smuggle bats through, but my lead lined room prevents
    your thought rays from controlling my infinitely superior intellect.

  7. Whenever I’ve gotten commenters on my blog that I don’t want, I always question myself and what I write. Why is it my writing attracts such people?

    For me, the worst has always been religious fruitcakes with thousand year conspiracies about Jews. I can’t write a Kevin MacDonald level analysis of Jewish culture, nor fact-based reporting of Israeli covert actions, without some nutjob Catholic type talking about the “Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy.”

    I figure if you are going to take on the powerful, you are going to attract both nuts as well as purposeful trouble-makers.

    I always try to keep in mind the example of Hal Turner, as well. A real life admitted “fed shill” that was the leader of the “WN movement” for years, all the while cashing a paycheck from the FBI.

    Your blog attracts people like “Father John Plus” and people who hate Jews and Negroes. That is your audience.

    • Negroes are destructive, low-IQ savages who don’t belong in our countries.

      Jews are hostile genetic rivals who will do anything they can to ruin us, instinctively, without the need for grand conspiracies (though there have been a few of those, too, see for example Wall Street Jews funding the Jews who ran the Red Revolution in Russia and tried to get it going all over Europe, eg (((Bela Kun))) in Hungary or (((Rosa Luxemburg))) in Germany, among tens of thousand of others.

      And yet, I believe that this bat SARS, or COVID-19, is real, dangerous, and came out of the Chinese wet markets.

      Just like I believe 9/11 was in fact done by a group of Arabs directed by Osama bin Laden.

      Both events are stunning condemnations of globalism, culture-blindness, and race-blindness, among other things, nevertheless.

      So don’t confine your worldview to the (((Leftist))) talking point that anyone who notices racial differences and natural racial incompatibility or hostility is an ignoramus.

      And stop trying your “guilt by association” manipulation. We’re wise to these tricks.

      • @Ironsides

        There is a world of difference between fact-based discussion of both the Negro problem and the Jewish problem and unhinged hate-rants. There’s nothing (((leftist))) about it – yet OD’s comments are more often than not people engaged in hostile trolling, classic SPLC-style “hate speech” – so much so I’d come up with my own conspiracy theory, frankly, that it’s sometimes done on purpose to drive away people who aren’t freaks.

        I write something about Israeli espionage, or the Ghislaine Maxwell blackmail ring, and some fruit-loop will claim that the Jews are behind 5G cell phones causing fake viruses.

        Just like I believe 9/11 was in fact done by a group of Arabs directed by Osama bin Laden.

        That’s a retarded conspiracy theory. Not even the FBI, nor the Bush administration, ever claimed that Osama Bin Laden “directed” the 9/11 attacks. Only a handful of Jewish neo-cons peddled that line, along with the “Iraqi WMD” conspiracy theories.

        I sympathize with HW – I get tired of these conspiracy cranks too.

        But as a writer, well, you get the audience that you do.

        • “I sympathize with HW – I get tired of these conspiracy cranks too.”

          Meanwhile back in the real world… BannedHipster is pushing the conspiracy theory on his blog, that the Corna Virus is a hoax, and the entire world’s medical establishment from the surgeon general down to the lowly hospital janitors and grave diggers are in on it!

          Hipster also claims that the hospitals are empty patients, and the coffins they are burying are also empty.


      • @Ironsides

        “Just like I believe 9/11 was in fact done by a group of Arabs directed by Osama bin Laden.”

        The only conspiracy, if you can call it that, that I see is the possibility that they had inside help. Or else the government was criminally negligent and/or incompetent in failing to detect or foil the plot.

    • In my opinion — and giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a concern troll, which would be a reasonable assumption — if you are sincere in what you wrote, then that’s an unsound thought process.

      “If crazies show up in my comments, that’s my fault for what I’ve written.”


      It is just as plausible, if not more plausible, if someone has written serious and important dissident content (e.g., historical revisionism), that a tactic by those seeking to discredit said content would be to flood said serious writer’s comment section (if he has one) with mindless nonsense, to tar him with the brush of lunacy by association. (“Historical revision is the same as flat-earth claims.”)

      I’m not saying that this is or isn’t applicable to OD or to your blog or any specific blog, but like I said, it strikes me as a sounder approach than, “Well, I must censor myself so as not to attract the kooks.”

      • @karsten

        a tactic by those seeking to discredit said content would be to flood said serious writer’s comment section (if he has one) with mindless nonsense, to tar him with the brush of lunacy by association.

        Hence, I mentioned Hal Turner and “purposeful trouble-makers.”

        So, thanks for your concern.

    • What’s wrong with hating Hebes and Nigs? If the vast majority of White people did, and acted accordingly – then 99.9% of our problems would VANISH. How has “tolerance” worked our for Whites? Are things going well?

      • @Denise

        What’s wrong with hating Hebes and Nigs?

        Maybe if we all “hate” the Covid-19 virus hard enough, it will go away? Perhaps it will fill of comment boxes with screeds about how big the Covid-19 protein spikes are, that will cure it?

        When you can’t tell the difference between your own rhetoric and the rhetoric of SPLC employees and antifa types trying to frame you as “hateful” – perhaps that’s a time to rethink your “strategy.”

        Blind hate-screeds never solved any problem. Solving the Jewish and Negro problems require a seriousness of purpose. Stupid kike-and-nigger jokes have failed for the last 50 years since that idiot George Lincoln Rockwell – and his Jewish speechwriter Dan Burros – collaborated with the Jew media to defame serious Southern segregationists.

        • Yes, by all means let’s have some more gentlemanly debates and scholarly conferences about preserving our European heritage, while the niggers are looting and rioting in the streets. Hitler, Rockwell, James Mason, Dr. Oliver, Tom Metzger and many other “idiots” like them warned us about how worthless you conservatives really are.

          Lemme ax you a queschun: how many brown grandkeeds you got?

          • Rockwell, the man who read a script written for him by Dan Burros, a Jew, while play-acting for the Jew media – when he wasn’t informing to the FBI?

            No wonder you people have lost 100% of the time for 50+ years. You aren’t serious, more interesting in posturing and dressing up in costumes and getting on the Tee-Vee. Thank god I’m not a conservative, nor a right-winger.

        • Yuck yuck yuck – Oh You Silly Not a Hipster and Never Was – I’m White. The Heebs and their idiotic and violent pet bio weapon Orcs want to destroy and replace Whites. Period. It’s a Race War. Period.

          The vast majority of Whites have been lulled into the Tolerance of Diversity scam for decades. Most Whites, for decades, have been wholly oblivious to the FACT that a Race War of extermination OF Whites – because life has been pretty comfy and untroubled, on a day to day basis, FOR decades. But in the past decade. and especially the past few years, the White Herd is beginning to lose the cozy status, as a Mud Tide is washing up on their very doorsteps. And with this lockdown – the facades of social politesse are being stripped off with the acid of stark racial reality.

          Reality is not nice nor polite at all Haven’t you read about how the smug leftards in the Vibrant Urban Centers are arming up? Why? Why do they – the Urbanite Smart Asses, who trash the “White Redneck Hillbillies” day in and day out for DECADES, feel the need to arm up? Why? They won’t admit it yet. They won’t SAY it yet. But I know why, and so does every one who comments or lurks here Orin any other ProWhite site.

          Well they have to SAY it.

          We “haters” – we Speakers of Hatred – we are simply WAY ahead of the curve. And we are honest and BRAVE enough to refuse to conform to Jew imposed Marxist speech codes and behavior. We endure suffering and persecution for Speaking Out in Defense of HATING that which seeks to destroy us. Every living thing has an innate RIGHT to defend from attack. The problem is NOT We Haters – it’s the Vast Complacent White Herd, hypnotized and boggled by the greatest brain washing tool ever created – TalmudVision – that it the problem. They’ve gone along to get along, and now everyone is paying the price – literally paying the price for those thrown out of jobs. Millions of Whites are going to be gob smacked by hardcore racial reality. Looting and Burning season, in the Swarthy Demographic, begins when the weather warms up. Jews have been looting everything they can grab, well for ever – and they have really ramped it up during the Covid scam. And We Hates are supposed to “change our ways” Ha! Go piss down tour leg, old fool

          So the Hebes have been calling the Racial Coal Mine Canaries bad names for decades? So what? The White Herd never had to deal with racial politics for ages. Now they do. We Canaries need to sing the joys – and hard core real world BENEFITS of HATING violent, predatory, malicious, ruthless destroyers LOUD and CLEAR. Louder and clearer than EVER.

          So get lost. All you care about is your jew porn. You are a depraved old git. You are a relic of Jew Hefner’s Bunny Mansion. Is anything still left in that tacky dump? Run along and find out .Git.

      • “What’s wrong with hating Hebes”

        BannedHipster said on his old blog Aryan Skynet, that he has Jewish ancestry.

        I also saw someone claim about five years ago, that RamZPaul is a cop and HipsterRacist AKA BannedHipster is a RamZPaul sock puppet.

        I don’t know about that, but Hipster is certainly is willing to defend “I love Jewish nationalism and hate White Nationalism” RamZPaul to the death.

        • Hhhmmm…..fascinating….genes will out, won’t they? If this is true it explain the Banned Degenerate’s obsession with hebe porn.

          Ramsey is a flat out kike. His mommy’s a Heeb. I don’t know if they are one in the same. If true – then Ramsey is a very busy little Nation Wrecker. Ramsey used to troll SF as “Galen”.SF these days is riddled with Heebs. Styxx is hooking up with Ramsey. Why I cannot imagine, unless there are loads of shekels involved.

          Oh well.

  8. HW, I’d be suspicious of all the numbers coming from Vietnam, n Korea, China.
    All of those have gov/party controlled medicine and press. Quote their numbers with qualifiers.

    The more open countries are probably reliable, s Korea, Taiwan, Singapore.

    If US just copied Taiwan , 20 million and only 5 deaths.
    Scaling that to the US, we’d only have 80 deaths, by proportion.

    We are obviously not lead by competent ppl.
    (70 years of increasing race mixing ‘integration’ make that obvious.)

      • Perhaps it’s because Viet Nam, like Japan, are genetically homogenous, and have much smaller populations, and the political sphere is infinitely more accountable, not crawling with Hebes – and the virus is not nearly as deadly as International ZOG sez?

      • Wait, isn’t Vietnam one of them soshulist countries, HW? According to all the “conservative patriots” soshulism never did anything right.

      • “Vietnam has been very open in its response to the virus and international observers have been in the country.”

        Yeh, and dozens of international inspectors toured and thoroughly inspected the Israeli reactor at Dimona, showing that it was just research reactor and had no intention or ability to produce nuclear weapons.

        The international community is not that hard to fool.

        Remember history, how in the 1930s the USSR was sooooo prosperous and everyone was well fed, NYT and all the jewspapers said so.

  9. For a long while, I thought that Anglin was merely a jerk who was wrong on a lot and right on a few things.

    Now, with his response to COVID-19, I’m beginning to think HE might be the federal asset. Associating pro-White politics with this type of caved-in-head reality denial — “there’s no plague, cough cough” — is an excellent method for discrediting it.

    He’s either stupider than I thought, or deliberately trying to associate the right of White people to have their own homelands with the most imbecilic, patently insane conspiritard drivel possible.

  10. Hunter – I don’t think you are a Fed. I don’t think you are getting paid by, or shilling for TRS/Pienovich. (FYI – if you are – that’s hilarious!) I just think you have just gone temporarily insane, like my Hubster. I hope you both snap out of it, soon.


    • I’m doing fine.

      We spent the whole day yesterday drinking and fishing with friends. My son caught a huge catfish. I’m not sure why you are locked up inside your house. I’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors than usual and it is 80 degrees here and perfect spring weather. I think you would be fine if you got out of the house.

      • Many ppl are confined to apts, condos and townhouses.
        A very unnatural and unhealthy life.

        Not everyone lives rural.

      • Did you keep your social distance? Lulz! I’m not locked in the house. I am confined to the property. I live in a rural region. It’s an expansive property. So I’m not cooped up. We only have a few stores here. You know I am in the NorthEast. The City Dwellers in the major East Coast cities have fanned out, bringing their disease, and far worse, their grotesque behavior to the boonies. All the restaurants and little stores and places of amusement acre closed. There are literally a couple of stores in the vicinity – and that where the Orcs congregate. We stock up on supplies as a matter of course; it’s a pain to run out to a store ordinarily. So we are fine with supplies. We see our neighbors. The locals. People are scattered around, and we visited my Fam in a nearby town last week – but the Hubster wants us to avoid ALL contact with the City orcs, I don’t blame him, on one hand – but on the other hand I’m ready to kill for a cheese steak. There is a local diner, which has EXCELLENT food. Nothing to look at of course – but every thing come from local farms, and their food is wonderful. They are doing take-out – but the Hubster won’t even go for that. Because the Orcs have found the place. I’m ready to kill for one of their cheese steaks, though….heavy sigh….

  11. There are at least two strains of COVID-19.

    COVID-19-L has a very high kill rate and gives you no immunity.

    COVID-19-S has a very low kill rate and gives you immunity from both COVID-19-L and COVID-19-S. COVID-19-S is also much more contagious than COVID-19-L at least partly because of its much lower kill rate. In other words, for healthy people at least, COVID-19-S is a vaccine for COVID-19-L. That means that the shutdown has been a public health disaster that should end immediately.

    COVID-19-S is “just the flu, bro!” Preventing death is a race to make sure people get COVID-19-S before they get COVID-19-L. End the COVID-19-L curve by raising the COVID-19-S curve.

  12. Brad thanks for putting my comment front and center. Maybe it’ll get people thinking what is your motive to instill fear on a daily basis now for weeks.

    BTW it’s essential for everybody to ask questions that you personally categorise as conspiracy theorists. It’s OK to ask questions even about you.

  13. Dr Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator, told a local station he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus.

    Dr Jensen also disclosed that hospitals are PAID MORE if they list patients with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

    And hospitals get paid THREE TIMES AS MUCH if the patient then goes on a ventilator.

    In New York state

    “professional forecasters all projected that Covid-19 hospital beds would be a multiple of the beds actually needed.

    Notice not one model came in under the actual number… 55,000 to 136,000 projected … 18,279 in actual use

    They are all professional fearmongers who alarmed the country about a virus that appears to be in line with a severe flu season.”

  14. ‘Vietnam defeated the corona virus’

    They also defeated the Chinese, the Mongels, the Koreans, the English, the French, the Japanese, the Amerikans, the Australians, the Cambodians.

    Seems like history repeating aye Brad?

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