Coronavirus Could Attack Immune System Like HIV

Bat AIDS is back in the news.


“The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 could kill the powerful immune cells that are supposed to kill the virus instead, scientists have warned.

The surprise discovery, made by a team of researchers from Shanghai and New York, coincided with frontline doctors’ observation that Covid-19 could attack the human immune system and cause damage similar to that found in HIV patients.

Lu Lu, from Fudan University in Shanghai, and Jang Shibo, from the New York Blood Centre, joined the living virus, which is officially known as Sars-CoV-2, to laboratory-grown T lymphocyte cell lines. …

To the surprise of the scientists, the T cell became a prey to the coronavirus in their experiment. They found a unique structure in the virus’ spike protein that apparently triggered the fusion of a viral envelope and cell membrane when they came into contact.

The virus’s genes then entered the T cell and took it hostage, disabling its function of protecting humans. …

Doctors who had seen the bodies said the damage to the internal organs was similar to a combination of Sars and Aids. “

I haven’t heard much about this since January.

It seems to mostly kill people by destroying the respiratory system like SARS but it can also destroy the immune system like HIV and cause people to die from other types of infections.

Note: Maybe in this case we should be a bit more “nativist” and “xenophobic” so we can prevent a virus like this from entering our country and spreading like wildfire in our communities?

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  1. If the solution is to become nativist and xenophobic, then cuckservatism’ tools working for Mr. Nareeb at the local AM-PM might lose their jobs. Can’t have that!

    Look folks, a hobbyist can straddle a fence forever. A serious person, otoh, can only do it for so long. The only legal alternative for a serious person is to join the winners. You can start by changing your political registration to Democrat. Be the white guy in charge of “uplifting blax.” Or find an employer extolling diversity and inclusion with good pay and benefits. Move up to the big house on the hill. You’ll live with mostly whites and a few jews or east Asians, and maybe an affirmatively-gifted black or two. No more living with the riff-raff down in the valley.

    You, too, can be a Democrat or Republican contractor employing Mexicans for all the serious labor, pretend to work hard fo dat money, denigrate lesser whites for lacking your smarts and work ethic, cry about racism, send your kids to better schools, shop in safer and more aesthetically-pleasing locations, and let your home’s value do the segregating for you. You can play with your guns, own a monster truck free and clear, buy a decent pontoon (or much better!) for the river, let an outfitter do the actual hunting and gutting for you, shoot elk instead of squirrels, buy a freakin’ pulley bow with 95% let-off and snazzy range/distance sights for those amazing 5…er, 50 yard shots, etc. Nowhumsayin?

    Get off the fence and join the winners.

  2. Several months ago, there was a report at InfoWars stating that the new brand of Corona Virus was a bio warfare designed weapon from Wuhan labs, wherein the normal Covid strains had been spliced with some genes from AIDs to stick to the lungs of those affected harder.

    Mindful of the fact that Alex Jones is both a seer, a patriot, and truthteller and, as well, many times, a baseless fearmongerer and conspiracy addict, I put that in my pipe and smoked it, in case I saw another information from other sources that might confirm that.

    As of April 13, 2020, I have not seen another similar report, from anywhere in the world.

    Still, it remains that I read this Covid-AIDs connection at InfoWars, and that, at times, in a wide array of other issues, Mr. Jones has been way ahead of the curve in reporting, and or calling out things.

  3. As various researchers have shown corona-chan to be an engineered (and unholy) mix of SARS, MERS and HIV, this should surprise no one. Unless you believed the official narrative of the virus coming out of bats and other critters in a wet market in Wuhan, that is, which cohencidentally is where the main chink bioweapons lab is located.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed that doctors are reporting standard oxygen therapy (cannulas in the nose) seems to work better on this virus than ventilators? As corona-chan hits both the heart and lungs (like with COPD), ventilators are what should be needed to fight it. For some reason, ventilators seem to not be very effective against this thing. Engineered viruses don’t act as you might expect, though.

      • Methylene blue and vitamin C for treatment? Hell, give it a try! I do know that selenium fights off enveloped viruses like no other natural supplement does, so I wonder why that also hasn’t been suggested.

    • While I lean towards “probably zoonotic,” it DOES seem sinisterly well-adapted to bypassing most of our available defenses.

      1. Spreads via coughing and contaminated surfaces, thus rendering modern hygiene, waste disposal, and insect suppression moot. May be coughed out up to 27 feet away, linger in still air for up to 3 hours, and stay active on surfaces for a day or two (except cardboard, where it dies fast for whatever reason).
      2. Extremely contagious.
      3. Not deadly enough to stop its own spread by killing all carriers, but lethal enough to cause potentially serious disruption.
      4. Remains asymptotic but highly infectious for weeks before symptoms appear, if they ever do.
      5. Produces few antibodies in younger people, making military-aged and working-aged people susceptible to possible reinfection, and detection more difficult.
      6. May wreck the immune system for secondary effects to take hold if the initial infection doesn’t do the job.
      7. Resembles a weird hybrid of dangerous viruses.
      8. Comes from a city with a genuine, non-tinfoil biowarfare lab.

      It certainly resembles something that might be cooked up in a lab. Not saying that it is, and in fact think it probably isn’t (70%/30%), but still — sinister.

      • Sinister is exactly the right word. This thing sounds more horrific every day for a person like me with a vulnerable condition. But I’ve got a white guy job classified as essential, so I am still out and about every day.

  4. I’ve read that COVID-19 causes the immune system to kill itself! This makes me think that the virus has been weaponized, and is not a naturally occurring function/process.

  5. Brad, I don’t believe you were mistaken about the Coronavirus #bioweapon. For those who do contract it, they will probably suffer from lingering effects. Was it blown out of proportion, time will tell. It is a human engineered virus (HIV, SARS, MERS added) and therefore a bioweapon. I believe Trump already knows this but the public would never be told because they can’t deal with almost any negative that comes their way on a daily basis. The panic would be uncontrollable. When it comes to yourself and your family, treat it like the threat it is regardless of how things seem overblown.

    • It explains why the shutdown actually occurred as hard as it did in certain countries. Once the chief executive gets the truth its like, shut this down.

      • I’m not sure that we know for sure, seems if Trump was briefed this was artificial he would have reacted much harder. This would also vindicate his stance against China. Really, would people rather have had Hillary or Biden in charge? (whose son was set up on the payroll of a CCP Chinese Company as a phantom employee after he tagged along with Sleepy Joe on Air Force 2 during a diplomatic mission during the Obama years.) At least Trump has done something about China, tried to stop the wetbacks from pouring in, and has (((the media))) in full outrage against everything he does. Could he do things smarter and have more focus, sure, but as of now he is still the best option and certainly better than the Bush clan.

  6. Covid19 attacks the 1-Beta Chain of Hemoglobin and Captures the Porphyrin to Inhibit Human Heme Metabolism

    “The virus may first infected cells with ACE2 receptors, including immune cells. Immune cells produced antibodies and viral proteins. Antibodies and red blood cells generated immune hemolysis. Hemoglobin was infected and then attacked. The virus captured porphyrin and inhibited heme metabolism. Therefore, we believe that the damage of the virus to the human body is systemic, not confined to the respiratory system.”

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