Coronavirus Tea Party Begins

I knew this was coming.

It was inevitable that American conservatives and libertarians were going to start protesting the tyranny of NPIs (non-pharmaceutical interventions) such as lockdowns, quarantines, contact tracing through surveillance of data, segregating the healthy from the sick in the name of individual liberty.

Libertarians had an axe to grind against the vaccines which eliminated polio, measles and smallpox before the coronavirus pandemic happened. These are people who reject science while embracing paranoid conspiracy theories and who hate the idea of universal health care. “Government” is the enemy of classical liberals (conservatives) and fundamentalist liberals (libertarians), not the virus.

Liberalism is what is killing people though, not the coronavirus. Only 9 people have died from the coronavirus in New Zealand and 6 people have died in Taiwan compared to 25,195 deaths in the United States and 12,107 in the United Kingdom. Unlike the USA and UK, Taiwan and New Zealand chose to carefully regulate who could enter their countries in order to contain the virus. The same is true of Mongolia and Vietnam and other countries which recognized the threat, took it seriously and dealt with it. Third World countries which still have common sense have done a better job. The practical and obvious thing to do was to close their borders, quarantine the sick and tightly regulate international travel. New Zealand has done a national lockdown to eradicate the virus.

Here in the United States, Donald Trump and the conservatives and libertarians in his administration saw what was happening in China, then in South Korea, Iran and Italy and after consulting with their oligarch donors made the decision to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu” in order to avoid spooking the stock market. Anyone who died from the virus was ruled expendable. We let hundreds of thousands of people fly to the United States from hot zones and pass through customs without testing them for the virus. When the testing started to show that tens of thousands of people were already infected with coronavirus, there was no national leadership from the federal government and each state was left on its own.

25,195 Americans have died so far from coronavirus. The logical next step for conservatives and libertarians is to blame it all on a vast conspiracy and to wipe out all the gains from the half assed lockdowns which have limited the infections and deaths from the virus. These protests against the tyranny of the state will be followed by different regions going their own way in the second phase of the virus. The Northeast and West Coast will prioritize the health of their citizens and go their own way. The South and Interior West will prioritize the economy and go their own way. The Midwest will split between the two regions. The epicenter of the virus will shift through the summer to rural parts of Middle America.

At least temporarily (if Biden wins the 2020 election, this will rapidly change), we are going to divide the Union along the lines of the right to contract and spread the coronavirus. We will probably “Reopen America” before the virus is suppressed and end up in a second lockdown.

Note: I don’t believe “the state” or “government” is the enemy. I just want a competent government that governs in the public interest and has the capacity to deal with threats like the coronavirus. This whole crisis has reinforced my belief that xenophobia is our strength.

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  1. So are you saying that Northeasterners and West Coasters in blue states have the moral high ground over the working class plebs in the south and interior west?

      • HW turns out to be the vicious statist that

        heretofore we only suspected him to 2B.

        actual Corona-chan mortality rate: 3/10 of 1%. And

        most of that’s old urban boomercucks we can best do w/o.

        Long live Corona-chan!

      • I may disagree with my governor Pritzker on quite a few things, but I give him credit for the stay at home order and I’m glad he is taking it seriously.

        I would hate to be a citizen of South Dakota right now, that’s for sure.

      • I am a national socialist. I am 100% against your Jewish vaccines Brad. Which should be my God given right what I want to inject my children with. Go to hell.

        • “National Socialist.”

          I laugh at your pretension, old chap.

          You might want to note that the Third Reich pursued vaccination programs, despite the relatively early period, in order to inoculate as best as they could against potential biological attacks by the Allies.

          You’re a low-IQ libertardian. Even a libertardian would want vaccination if they were intelligent enough to understand basic concepts such as germs, immune systems, and rudimentary risk-benefit analysis.

          I’ll certainly be getting any vaccine that’s produced, since I have a desire to survive long enough to pass my genes on. You, on the other hand, are attempting to select against your own bloodline, apparently.

    • It’s the Boogafloo. It’s here. These hoax theorists will be backed into a corner very violenty and dogmatically.

      • Sad to see Cpt john get swallowed up in alt right group think (how many failures are you going to give them?)


        You already knew you could list corona as the cause of death without a positive test.

        Did you know that you can list corona as the cause of death even with a NEGATIVE test?

        HW believes or good friends in New York would never lie!

        I’m thinking HW never had the pleasure of seeing a New York hospital first hand: it is a multicultural ZOO!

        Dectuple Down!!

        • For me it’s not a matter of what I believe or don’t believe it’s the wisdom of the crowd at work I think that the lock down followed a kind of blue flu crowd formation and no doubt the opening will be the government sanctioning a large outbreak of quarantine breaking

    • Yeah, to be consistent, in order to properly ‘contain’ the virus from spreading, the southern and western states all must have strict shelter-in-place orders, just like new yawk and California (or even worse, michigan), so no outdoor activities like hunting, camping, or especially fishing.

    • Looks like the Cary, NC crowd to me. Transplants, half backs and probably a few college type Trotskyites.

  2. Diana Johnstone thinks and writes well on coronavirus: “Virtually all key aspects of any civilized society go contrary to the absolutism of individual rights. Every civilized society has some sort of legal system, some basic rules that everyone is expected to follow (…) These elements of civilization include constraints on individual freedom. The benefits to each individual of living in a civilized society make these constraints acceptable to just about everybody. The health of the individual depends on the health of the community, which is why everyone in most Western countries accepts a single payer health insurance system. The only exception is the United States, where the egocentricities of Ayn Rand are widely read as serious thought….” Source:

    • Thank you for posting that great article by Diana Johnstone. I used to think I was really smart until I started reading stuff from people like Hunter Wallace and Diana Johnstone.

      This “right vs left” way of seeing the world is blinding us to reality.

      Yes, open-borders, diversity liberalism is insane, but so too is the “government is the enemy” philosophy of Ayn Rand and her bastard children who call themselves “objectivists” and “libertarians.” There is nothing “objective” in Ayn Rand’s ideology: it is a philosophical “straight-jacket” that hinders critical thinking.

      When your borders are breached, (in this case, by a virus) and your cities are in ruins, talk of “tyranny” or the “stock market” seems at best superfluous, and at worst the mindless babel of a madman.

    • I made a similar point to a work associate of mine recently.

      Basically the gist of my conversation was that when you live in an organized society, rules are set and should be followed.

      If you don’t want to do that, then head to far northern Canada or Alaska and live “off the grid”.

      Yes it’s true that governments abuse their authority. History is replete with examples of this, however that doesn’t mean that all people in government or that government doesn’t serve a useful function for society.

      The libertarians would have us believe that the “private sector” can take care of everything and it’s all good and noble. What they conveniently forget is that the “private sector” has flawed human beings at the helm just like government does.

      Regardless of which you choose, it comes down to trusting people.

  3. “Newsom was the first governor to issue a stay-at-home order on March 19, following San Francisco, Berkeley and five surrounding counties, which ordered shelter-in-place three days earlier.
    At the same time, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, was dismissing calls for a stay-at-home order in his state, which now has the most coronavirus cases in the nation.”

    Liberal states are looking to open up now. As late as Feb, NY officials were telling citizens to go out in crowds and enjoy Chinese New Year & ignore “overblown” coronavirus threat.

    Truth is, governments everywhere are simply making this up as they go along – everything is reactive. Guess it has to be given our lack of knowledge about this lab-engineered virus.

    • There was a clash between medical necessity i.e. staying at home and avoiding Asians, particularly Chinese (if you can even tell the difference) and the globo-homo, multi-cult, diversity dogma of “equality” and only white people are evil, colored people are holy. Naturally, the dogmas of “equality”, anti-racism virtue signalling and all the other lies won, hands down. Now the piper must be paid but not by people like Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Cuomo or Bill de Blasio, by their constituents instead. Their constituents will still vote for them in the next election, even the dead ones in a place like NYC and SF.

  4. Another record POST-CORONA high on the stock market!

    Keep octupling down!!

    HW is on record: the lockdown was the correct policy choice!

    Freedom, liberty, and liberalism are the real disease!

    If only HW was as passionate about an Independent South as he is about fanning the flames of the panic!

    When you ask HW when we are going to get an Independent South, he will basically tell you: NEVER!

    <48 hours until 20 million unemployed over the common cold!

  5. Buy ammo.

    It’s 60% higher than it was in February but it’ll go up another 200% by the second round of the Boogaflu.

    If you’re still unaware of why you’re going to need so much, you’re behind the curve.

  6. “The only exception is the United States, where the egocentricities of Ayn Rand are widely read as serious thought….”.

    For the record (and for the what? Fifth time?) I’m of the belief that:
    1) people ARE dying, no doubt about it… but
    a) how and Why is this an engineered bio-weapon? WHO IS GUILTY???
    b) this is a scourge sent by God (that’s my main point, actually)
    c) that OD and HW are not totally in the wrong (just misguided and mildly duplicitous) – and I am in agreement where he has pointed out the fallacy of those who blather that our ‘Rights’ are being ‘violated’ and/or are ‘unalienable,’ especially in the wake of a plague of biblical proportions (see, b)
    d) that the lockdowns are unnecessary. They are, but they have been so sloppily implemented…..

    What I am against is
    e) having a godless moral order as the operating methodology, instead of a biblical one (See ‘b’, above) and the overt ‘fingers-in-ears’ denial that this is a judgement of YHWH God against all mankind, but especially the USA and the West. (which could be lifted, if prayer and repentance were tried….)
    f) having an orange moron (who yet could have done something) if ONLY the J-Left hadn’t had a death wish…and an untried Yid in charge, simply because he’s married to Drumpf’s whoring daughter…. while thinking of themselves and their social order, and for not giving a damn for the ‘flyover country’ folks.
    g) pretending that this is all ‘usual’ and ‘typical’ for a plague. Why are some nations/peoples not having any cases (Could it be because they are mono-racial, culturally unified, and not the partakers of the Jews’ multiculti religion? Just curious…); and why are Jews and blacks dying at greater rates (even though HW seems to think this is a conspiracy meme) in the US? What is the race of all the OTHER Western nations, of those who have died from COVID? Are they the ‘diversity enrichment folks’ or the native Whites?
    Are there similarities in genetic/racial rates of death, world-wide? Why is Iceland seemingly infected, yet immune? Why did Italy succumb? What is the genetic nature of this? Is it morphing, as well?

    It’s these unanswered questions (rather than the red-line middle finger graphs) that I want answers for….
    and I know I am not alone.

  7. The coronavirus has proven that all “Right Wing” politics is based upon economic cuckoldry to the highest bidder. There can be no lasting racialism or nationalism for sell-outs. Money talks and bullshit walks. Racialism is a con intended to sell false hope and bilk dollars from monied victims with spare change and keyboard clicks from underclass “losers.” The solution for losers is to join the monied winners on top of the hill. Hiring or managing Mexicans does NOT require you to live next door to them. Campaign and vote for the Democrats. Give your wife and children the life and social status they deserve. Celebrate equity and diversity! Deny your racist preferences with a clear conscious! Promote the Platinum Rule! Or campaign and vote Republican. Salve your guilty conscious (if you have one) and buy a monster truck to impress a certain category of ladies! Buy a boat and house in Lake Havasu! Talk shit at the gun store with other pork-bellies! Either way, let those neighborhood home values do the segregating for you!

  8. @HW: Banned Hipster is very shy, so he asked me to ask you how much Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are paying you to be pro-vaccine and pro-police state?

  9. Yea I think government that can govern is very important. That takes leadership and representing everyone. Govern even as a Moderate…or the middle. It’s much needed right now. The big Conservative groups called for reopening the economy and these protests popped up. Just like the Tea Party when Obama was President. I’m all for public rallies and protests. Just wish it was done 100% grassroots and not guided or directed by big Conservative groups. I’ve always loved how the C of CC put things….organize at the local level. Your father in law and the rest of the C of CC has always done it right. Local Local Local Chapters! That’s real grassroots! Deo Vindice !

  10. 25,195, yes exactly Hunter. If it helps you feel better. Meanwhile over the hills and far away, Lew Rockwell linked yesterday to gov stats showing that overall deaths are down this year.

    There is a reason for this, but you do not want to hear it. But everyone else knows by now, they are calling anything and everything a Covfefe-19 death, because it pays more. Yes. It pays more.

    But ok, 25,195. Exactly.

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