Coronavirus: 4/24


We had a +38,474 jump in cases today. We’ve also passed the 2004/2005 and 2014/2015 flu season death toll records. The 2017/2018 flu season record is 61,000 deaths.

Here are the latest numbers:

The South: 4/24

MS: 5,434 cases, 209 deaths

AL: 5,832 cases, 201 deaths

SC: 5,070 cases, 157 deaths

GA: 22,491 cases, 899 deaths

TX: 23,170 cases, 601 deaths

FL: 30,533 cases, 1,046 deaths

LA: 26,140 cases, 1,660 deaths

AR: 2,810 cases, 47 deaths

KY: 3,779 cases, 200 deaths

OK: 3,121 cases, 188 deaths

WV: 1,010 cases, 32 deaths

VA: 11,594 cases, 410 deaths

MO: 6,694 cases, 267 deaths

NC: 8,250 cases, 293 deaths

TN: 8,726 cases, 170 deaths

U.S. cases:

3/1: 89

3/8: 564

3/9: 728

3/10: 1,000

3/11: 1,267

3/12: 1,645

3/13: 2,204

3/14: 2,826

3/15: 3,505

3/16: 4,466

3/17: 6,135

3/18: 8,760

3/19: 13,159

3/20: 18,563

3/21: 26,138

3/22: 33,276

3/23: 46,371

3/24: 55,041

3/25: 68,203

3/26: 85,873

3/27: 104,671

3/28: 123,578

3/29: 142,070

3/30: 164,248

3/31: 188,530

4/1: 215,003

4/2: 244,877

4/3: 277,161

4/4: 311,357

4/5: 336,673

4/6: 367,004

4/7: 400,355

4/8: 434,927

4/9: 468,566

4/10: 502,876

4/11: 532,879

4/12: 560,300

4/13: 586,941

4/14: 613,886

4/15: 644,089

4/16: 677,570

4/17: 709,735

4/18: 738,792

4/19: 763,832

4/20: 792,759

4/21: 818,744

4/22: 848,717

4/23: 880,204

4/24: 918,510 <— YOU ARE HERE

U.S. deaths per day:

2/29: 1

3/2: 5

3/3: 3

3/4: 2

3/5: 1

3/6: 3

3/7: 4

3/8: 3

3/9: 4

3/10: 4

3/11: 8

3/12: 3

3/13: 8

3/14: 8

3/15: 11

3/16: 18

3/17: 23

3/18: 41

3/19: 57

3/20: 49

3/21: 46

3/22: 111

3/23: 140

3/24: 225

3/25: 247

3/26: 268

3/27: 411

3/28: 525

3/29: 363

3/30: 573

3/31: 912

4/1: 1,049

4/2: 968

4/3: 1,321

4/4: 1,331

4/5: 1,165 

4/6: 1,255

4/7: 1,970

4/8: 1,940

4/9: 1,900

4/10: 2,035

4/11: 1,830

4/12: 1,528

4/13: 1,535

4/14: 2,407

4/15: 2,763

4/16: 2,174

4/17: 2,535

4/18: 1,867

4/19: 1,539

4/20: 1,939

4/21: 2,804

4/22: 2,341

4/23: 2,325

4/24: 1,942 <— YOU ARE HERE

TOTAL: 52,185 dead

Listen to “Commander-in-Debt: Trump Owes $211,000,000 to Bank of China” on Spreaker.

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  1. I figured it out: RamZ’ portfolio took a big hit with the lockdown. Screw our grandparents, RamZ needs more material comforts without working. That’s for us drones to do.

    • China had this under control by mid-February.

      Unlike the United States, China quarantined Wuhan and locked down Hubei province for two months. 700 million Chinese in dozens of cities were also locked down to smother outbreaks in neighboring cities. New Zealand and Australia have also brought their outbreaks under control.

        • I was watching it closely in late January and early February. The situation in China improved in mid-February. The curve leveled off there. I remember it because I briefly thought at the time that maybe it won’t be so bad elsewhere in the world. A week or so later, it was taking off in Iran and South Korea

          • I would be very suspicious of anything coming out of the PRC. The very structure of communist hierarchy lends itself to false optimism in reporting. Hold everything you see about PRC/CCP as very suspect.

        • Apparently Hunter has bought into Chinese propaganda and is now defending them and shilling for them. This site has turned into a Chink propaganda outlet.

          • Chinese propaganda?

            We know that China quarantined and locked down Wuhan and Hubei province. We know that the United States did not quarantine and lockdown New York and New Jersey. The two countries have taken different approaches to handling the virus.

    • Hunter is just an extremely polemical writer.

      I like him very much, but I think when he gets fixated on something, he doesn’t let go until the evidence against it is overwhelming.

      *As well, for younger folks in the dissident right in general, this is all just an expression of (misguided) tribalism, kinda like the way they obsessively identify with their favorite sport teams.

      • 52,000 people have died in a little over a month during a 45 state lockdown. Coronavirus is now the leading cause of death in the United States. Nearly 2,000 people died today.

        LMAO what is the evidence that this is overblown? What is the evidence that this is like the flu? Something like 147 people a day die of the flu. Twice as many people have already died of the coronavirus as those who died of the flu this past year.

        • You personally have zero evidence of anything. You are just parroting numbers from the main stream media and communist China.

        • HW: Where/how are all these alleged victims being disposed of? I haven’t heard anything about funeral homes or crematoriums working overtime to keep up with the demand to bury or incinerate thousands of corpses, have you? And I still haven’t seen any footage of hospital corridors jammed up with corona patients due to a lack of beds. Why do you insist on believing in the worst case scenarios?

          • There are nearly 3 million global confirmed cases.

            1 million of those cases are closed and had an outcome. 20% of those cases ended in death. A sample size of 1 million is a more accurate indicator than anything else.


            So many many questions Spahnrachero. Perhaps it’s because the hospitals have reasonably good mourges and Resyk abilities.

            It’s one thing to argue about opening up for business it’s quite another to argue about death certificates and such. The reason that 3million didn’t die at auschwitz is that there’s no names, no bodies, no capacity to process.

            Hospitals have that mourge fridge burial cremation thing down to a fine art. Certainly in the numbers being bandied around for Covid.

      • “I like him very much, but I think when he gets fixated on something,”

        It’s called ‘concentration’ or ‘depth’. Someting totally absent from the obsolete media.

  2. The Flu truthers will now resort to claiming that the Coronavirus death tolls are grossly overinflated.
    Once we go back to work and the virus gets a second foothold the real fun begins. By October, every single person you know will eventually know someone who has died from Coronavirus.

    “You can deny reality, but you can’t deny the consequences of denying reality”.

    They actually BELIEVE that this is some organized global conspiracy to deny Trump a second term.

    • By October, every single person you know will eventually know someone who has died from Coronavirus.

      You’re a lying, worthless bastard

      • @Ron Are you frightened of numbers? Brad, has been very dispassionate in his use and presentation of the COVID-19 numbers. Brad has not exaggerated, or inflated claims based on numbers, nor has he used of intentionally incomplete information. While the other side of the COVID-19 debate sounds like financial planner babble.

    • “By October, every single person you know will eventually know someone who has died from Coronavirus.”


      “They actually BELIEVE that this is some organized global conspiracy to deny Trump a second term.”

      The irony is the flutruthers are ensuring that Trump, the Republicans, and Conservatives will get the blame for the above. They will be hated and unelectable for generations, if not forever. These people really are dumb!

  3. HW: Seeing as how the Demoncraps ( how I wish I could take credit for coming up with that !) have no serious candidate to run against Trump at the moment do you think it’s possible that Trump’s arch-nemesis Mark Cuban might step in?

    • They could run an empty suit against Trump at this point and they would win. All they have to do is call off the debates, just like they did to Bernie.

    • Creepy Joe will pick Michel Obama and he will have a accident in year 2 then we will have the Obama dream (nightmare) for possibly 10 years.

    • Trump will probably win in Nov. All he needs to do is kick off a war and he wins in a landslide.

  4. How do they know who dies from coronavirus and who dies from other medical issues? There’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available and the few Covid-19 tests around aren’t reliable.

    On one hand we’re being given the number of people who die from coronavirus every day and on the other hand we’re being told there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available to the doctors in the United States and we’re told that the Covid-19 tests aren’t reliable.

    So the doctors really aren’t testing the patients for Covid-19 as there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available. The Covid-19 test they do have we’re told is unreliable and we can’t be sure of the test results.

    But even if the Covid-19 test was reliable there’s a great shortage of the Covid-19 tests. So how exactly are the doctors making the death by Covid-19 determination? Especially as the symptoms of coronavirus are very very similiar to so many other medical problems, lung problems, heart problems, flu, common cold, aches and pains, fever, dry cough, nasal congestion, etc. etc.. So how do the doctors determine it’s Covid-19 killing the patients if the symptoms of Covid-19 are the same symptoms as many other medical problems and there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available and the few Covid-19 tests around are unreliable?

    As there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available and the few tests that are availabale are unreliable and flu symptoms, symptoms of the common cold, and Covid-19 virus symptoms, are the very same symptoms, how do the doctors differentiate between those who have the flu, the common cold, and those who have Covid-19 virus?

    When someone has a heart attack, how to do the doctors know it was Covid-19 virus that caused the heart attack? There’s a lot of causes for heart attacks. It could be any number of medical issues that causes a heart attack. How do the doctors differentiate between all the different possible reasons for a heart attack to make the determination it was Covid-19 that caused the heart attack?

    If someone is admitted to the hospital with symptoms of bronchitis or emphysema or pneumonia, the sypmtoms of all 3 are very similiar to the symptoms of Covid-19, how do the doctors determine the patient doesn’t have bronchitis, or emphysema, or pneumonia, but has Covid-19 virus in the lungs?

    If someone is 93 years old and dies in his or her sleep, how do the doctors determine the 93 year old died from coronavirus and didn’t die simply of old age? The patients aren’t being tested for Covid-19 as there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available — and the few Covid-19 that are available aren’t reliable. Even the doctors and medical scientists tell us the Covid-19 test is very unreliable. Can’t be sure of the Covid-19 test results. The medical experts are telling us that. I’m not saying that, the medical authorities are saying that. I’m just repeating what the medical authorities are saying.

    So there’s hardly any Covid-19 tests available, the few that are available you can’t trust the test results, Covid-19 virus symptoms are the very same symptoms as many other medical problems, so how exactly are the doctors making the determination their patients are dying of Covid-19?

  5. The Vietnam War : Started in China, China was behind the Vietnam War, every day of the Vietnam War the MSM media gave us the number of American casualties

    CoronaVirus : Started in China, China is behind it, every day the MSM media gives us the number of American casualties

    In this Covid-19 pandemic I’m reminded of the Vietnam War so long ago, in that both deathly situations were started in China [ as per the official government narratives of the two deathly situations Vietnam and the Wuhan Virus ] and we are given the number of American casualties every day.

    It’s like, wow man, it’s like deja vu all over again, man!

  6. So Corona is officially a nothing burger. We have this on authority from Cuomo himself.

    Blood samples collected from about 3,000 people indicated that nearly 14% had developed antibodies to fight a coronavirus infection, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at his daily news briefing.

    In New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S., 21% of the people tested had antibodies.

    Let’s do the math. 14% of 19.5 million is 2.73 million. 21,000 dead of 2.73 million is a mortality rate of 0.0077%. And mind you this is one of the worst affected areas in the world. ENOUGH OF THIS FAKE MEDIA GENERATED PANIC. Seal up the borders for the time being but let people get back to work. #NewDay2020

  7. The Trump-Kushnerian “Big-Bang Theory” is to re-open the economy with a “Big Bang”:

    “Georgia allowed barbershops, gyms, nail salons and tattoo parlors to reopen yesterday. The state will allow restaurants to open for sit-down service on Monday. Florida began to reopen its beaches last Friday, and South Carolina began to reopen businesses Monday. Oklahoma permitted some retailers to reopen Friday. Texas and Tennessee have likewise announced they would ease restrictions on business, with Texas Lt-Gov Dan Patrick declaring there are ‘more important things than living.’ None of these states meet federal guidelines for reopening, which specify two weeks of declines in the number of positive tests for the disease. But the moves by governors are consistent with Trump’s campaign for businesses to reopen with a ‘big bang’….” Source:

  8. Hunter says in the article Flu Cranks… “Let us set aside for a moment that nothing about the coronavirus is like the flu (it is a different kind of virus to which we have no immunity, there isn’t a vaccine available…” yet it appears MILLIONS of people have the virus and show NO SYMPTOMS, meaning they already have antibodies. What happened to what was left of the dissident right? You guys have become media narrative pushers. TRS, FTN, Richard Spencer, RamzPaul and Hunter Wallace have all lost their minds.

    I personally have family and friends in ICUs in New Orleans, one of the virus epicenters, and all of them are saying the only ppl sick are elderly with other cofactors. There are NO YOUNG PEOPLE SERIOUSLY SICK. Yes, they can get symptoms but they aren’t dying. Just like the flu. So give me a break.

    • 1.) This isn’t a Dissident Right website.

      2.) I don’t identify with the term anymore. I see now it is too broad and lumps us in with libertarian and conservative cranks, crackpots and conspiracy theorists. Specifically, I dissent from liberalism. I don’t reject all of science and medicine. I never signed up for debunking doctors or the weather, etc.

      3.) Far too much is being read into antibody tests that have high false positive rates.

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