European Coronavirus Deaths

Check this out.

Spain has 219,764 total cases of coronavirus. It is reporting 22,524 deaths, 92,355 recoveries and 104,885 active cases. Of its closed cases, which is half of all cases, 80% were recoveries and 20% were deaths.

Italy has 192,994 total cases of coronavirus. It is reporting 25,969 deaths, 60,498 recoveries and 106,527 active cases. Of its closed cases, which is about 45% of all cases, 70% were recoveries and 30% were deaths.

France has 159,828 total cases of coronavirus. It is reporting 22,245 deaths, 43,493 recoveries and 94,090 active cases. Of its closed cases, which is about 41% of all cases, 66% were recoveries and 32% were deaths.

Where is the United States? We have only cleared about 17.5% of our cases and we currently stand at 68% recoveries to 32% deaths. The global recovery rate of 1 million closed cases of coronavirus in the entire world is 80% with 20% of cases having resulted in death.

If we cleared all 925,038 cases in the United States and assumed a 20% death rate which is the global average, the death toll would be 185,007.

How far north of “just the flu, bro” will the coronavirus death toll ultimately go before the 2020 election? In order to stay below 61,000 deaths, which is the 2017-2018 flu season record, the death rate in the United States of active confirmed cases would have to drop from 32% to 1% in the next four days and no one else would have to get infected and die from this point forward.

Look at this way: March is now history. Of the 164,000 people who got the coronavirus in the United States in March and had a confirmed positive test, 32% didn’t make it.

Note: The 20% global death rate of confirmed cases has held steady for a month. The one million global closed cases is a third of all cases in the world.

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  1. The early end to social distancing measures and genetic mutation without a vaccine or immunity will cause the cases to rise well above what they currently are into the Summer and Autumn and possibly into next year depending on how many waves there are and their severity. At 20% of active cases resulting in death (a figure likely to increase in subsequent waves due to the compounding effects of a global depression) 200,000 deaths with social distancing measures is almost certainly the low threshold, and 2 million more than possible if social distancing measures are ended carelessly and too quickly. This has exposed a large and vocal segment of the “dissident right” as the modernists they are. This is grounds for removal of the president under the 25th Amendment. The video evidence speaks for itself, provides context, and fits with ample precedent. This should have been evident to everyone as early as 2015 and his candidacy should never have been supported. Our movement is much smaller than we think. But the conditions are forming for minds and hearts to change. It is in God’s hands.

  2. Your figures are off by 10x. Also, all other diseases have been cured here, only covid deaths in empty hospitals across the continent. We’re about to be force vaccinated with Gates’ poison which will result in millions dying over the coming decade. Gates owns 32 of 34 on the UK vaccine network, only cost him 200mil. He owns Witty and Valance who are keeping the country locked down and he’s given imperial college hundreds of billions including the moronic liar Neil Ferguson 16mil, who fed the government bs data to begin lock down. Economy tanked, civil liberties gone, intense surveillance coming, forced vax, immunity certs and digital tattoos, Gates 666 crypto based on your body activity. Need I go on. Wake the fuck up, at least before the food runs out in 4-6 months.

      • And even when a vaccine is available it’ll be offered to those over 60 almost exclusively. Its not going to be a shot anyone under 50 will be able to get until mass production happens. Like the Pnumonia vaccine old people are offered.

      • You are actually dealing with incitement from some source.

        Morgoth is getting pestered by similar characters. Charlie Mason avatars and empty rhetoric he replies to with falsifiable evidence and is met with silence.
        I’d be careful with words as there’s at least an attempt to get Morgoth to get in legal trouble by saying “yah break quarantine white boi!”

        I’d guess Morgoth is actually working his forklift job anyway but you get the point.

        Seems like significant portions of rural areas are ignoring social Distancing and Isolation at this point anyway. The unemployed builders are doing some cash in hand side work at the mo from what I’ve seen.

      • Again, your figures are inflated 10x. Morbidity rate in Italy is 12% of reported numbers giving a 0.1-0.2% death rate, the fking flu. The vaccine is coming and it will poison, tag and track you until they turn your credits or O2 off for non compliance.

        But you carry on listening to the mockingbird media as and when suits your perspective.

        You’ve just been imprisoned indefinitely because of the flu. The economy is being destroyed as is food production, supply lines and you’re witnessing the grand revealing of a nightmare surveillance state all while you deny what’s in front of your nose, parroting “their” death figures and taking points.

        The entire paradigm has changed and you don’t even realise it yet. How are we going to push back when we can’t congregate or have private discussions? How are we going to spread the word when all activity online is tracked and identifiable leading to harsh punishment for dissent? Think China on steroids.

        Time is short. Wake the fuck up.

    • Re: “before the food runs out in 4-6 months”: That’s the part I mostly agree with.

      Famine “of Biblical proportions” is spreading across Africa and the Middle East due to locusts, drought and the economic and social chaos of war, and now, the pandemic. China is struggling to maximize domestic food production this year, especially grain and meat, because it cannot count on foreign sources. This year China will be guarding its swine and poultry operations with cameras and weapons 24/7, against “alleged” spraying drone attacks by CIA-supported fifth columnists. The U.S. has been a major grain (GMO), meat and dairy products exporter, but that could change suddenly:

      “There has been a significant spike in suicides among American farmers, where the farmers’ suicide rate is now higher than the suicide rate among drug users. These suicides have become so widespread lately that they can no longer be covered up. Dairy farmers are usually at greater risk of suicide than farmers engaged in crop farming. The median monthly farm income earned by American farm households dipped to $ 1,325 in 2017. US farmers are very often either forced to sell their crops for next to nothing or simply destroy them (…) The same incredibly simple economic factor is leading to farmers committing suicide all over the country. The first problem farmers are faced with is the reality of having to sell their products at a price equal to the production cost or having to sell it at a loss. If they have not got enough money to feed their families, they will still have to take out a bank loan next year to pay for seeds, fertilizers and diesel, and to cover the repairs for farm equipment and machinery. These farmers run up a huge amount of debt that they will never be able to pay off. The credit organization sends debt collectors to their homes, who intimidate farmers and their families, make a show of them in front of their neighbors, and even make direct death threats. On top of these loans, farmers often take out a life insurance policy, as they are instructed to do so by the bank. Some companies only allow insurance payouts to beneficiaries if the insured commits suicide two years or later after the policy was issued. All too often after two years of debt and interest payments, farmers think that their families will at least receive a tidy sum and be able to pay off their debts if they commit suicide….” Source:

    • What numbers are off by a factor of 10? I challenge all flu-truthers: provide credible evidence that the numbers (confirmed by observations) are wrong by an order of magnitude, or otherwise, be quiet.

      • I, too, doubt that the numbers are off by that much.

        It is a psychological campaign, trying to make the victims demand to be killed, by playing on their ignorance of science, lack of community (atomistic individualism) and lack of self-discipline.

      • I can’t really speak to Europe. But here in the United States we’re not tabulating deaths caused by coronavirus, we’re tabulating the number of people who died after either testing positive for or being suspected of having it. We won’t know exactly how this screws up mortality calculations until we can compare yearly deaths for all causes this year vs years prior. We also started doing antibody testing to see how many people total have been infected in a few locations, Southern California and New York City. The analysis from So Cal shows a mortality rate under 1%. NYC hasn’t had the full work done, but over 20% of people in New York tested positive, if you divide by the number of deaths-with-covid by the population who had the virus the mortality rate is also under 1%, though it could go up as more people die.

        This showed up while googling, looks like in Italy they’re estimating 0.8% mortality, which is a lot higher than what’s coming out of American studies.

        Long story short though, this is an unusually deadly flu, but not something that justifies the apocalyptic mood of the West.

      • Will an Italian MP be considered credible evidence?

        There are also interviews with well known doctors stating deaths are massively inflated and the media are complicit in exaggerating the numbers, withholding information and downright lying. These reports from an ever increasing number of physicians across the country have begun to reach members of parliament who are not on board the Globohomo train.

        But you faggots carry on promoting the hoax.

        Spend those shekels while you still can Hunter.

    • Not quite correct. They did encourage distance learning, work from home and other measures. White Swedes will probably love quite anti social lives anyway. When we see the dead in a few months most of it will be stupid darkies who didn’t take precautions.

  3. Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa (Three most populist countries in Sub Africa) Have less deaths and cases compared to the West/ Far East!

    Chew on that HW!


  4. Hunter likes to ask: What’s the advantage to billionaire oligarchs, from a pandemic response that devastates the economic life of nations?

    Well, it turns out the profits for billionaires have been instant and huuuge:

    “American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic

    Their net worth is rising at a time when millions and millions of people are finding themselves out of work.

    In the same month that 22 million Americans lost their jobs, the American billionaire class’s total wealth increased about 10% – or $282 billion more than it was at the beginning of March.

    They now have a combined net worth of $3.229 trillion.”

    ‘Billionaire Bonanza 2020: Wealth Windfalls, Tumbling Taxes …
    American billionaires are $280 billion richer since COVID-19’

  5. European covid death statistics are deceptive as in most places

    Consider Belgium, having allegedly one of the highest per capita death rates in Europe

    The Belgian government admits a large portion are just ‘presumed’ covid like under USA and UK fraud-encouraging guidelines, no evidence

    2/3 of deaths are in elderly nursing homes, nearly all deaths are elderly, nearly all have serious pre-existing conditions

    In the most key statistic, there is for recent weeks an 11% spike versus the typical death rate … but this is consistent with a temporary spike in flu season deaths, accelerating the demise of elderly sick people by a few months … there is no clarity that there will be any higher death rate for the year

    Despite ‘nearly highest per capita death rate’ in Europe, Belgium is ending the lockdown in stages over next few weeks, people have had enough

    It seems covid is just flu-like, accelerating deaths of elderly and sick people, burning thru that group quickly, regardless of lockdown or no lockdown, and then fading … hitting some areas harder with pockets of unheathy people, e.g. Italy’s deaths did not multiply greatly out of the bad regions

    Maybe it will hit again but it is absolutely clear this spike in mostly elderly die-offs over some weeks, did not merit staging a total economic collapse, with outright starvation in some developing world countries

    Sad that a guy with deep Southern roots like Hunter, goes along with these fast-talking carpetbagger vaccine salesmen, direct successors of the snake-oil con artists of long ago

  6. So Corona is officially a nothing burger. We have this on authority from Cuomo himself.

    Blood samples collected from about 3,000 people indicated that nearly 14% had developed antibodies to fight a coronavirus infection, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said at his daily news briefing.

    In New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S., 21% of the people tested had antibodies.

    Let’s do the math. 14% of 19.5 million is 2.73 million. 21,000 dead of 2.73 million is a mortality rate of 0.0077%. And mind you this is one of the worst affected areas in the world. ENOUGH OF THIS FAKE MEDIA GENERATED PANIC. Seal up the borders for the time being but let people get back to work. #NewDay2020

    0.0077% and your asking me to commit economic suicide? My brother lost his job, I am worried about my medicine supply and food, and the world is going to shit for what exactly? Those are odds I can take. How long until the government just says f- it and goes for herd immunity? Or will they invest in more lockdown to bolster the surveillance state. With immunity certificates, microdots, micro tattoos, and even injectable microchips with your Gill Bates mystery cocktail, which folks won’t even work. By the time 18 month go by the virus will subtly mutate. It will still be the same nothing burger, but different enough that Gill Bates mystery syringe won’t work. However, it might make you sterile though. That’s something Gill have been advocating and effective done to large amounts of his vaccine consumers in the 3rd world, which I assure you he has no problem bringing to us. What’s the case mortality of the Flu? 0.4? We are at 0.0077% with Corona, its over.

    • Your point is correct but the math is off. NYC population is 8.4 million, so we’re looking at, current number, 17,000 NYC dead out of approximately 1,680,000 infected. So 1% mortality. But remember the 17,000 dead includes anyone who died for any reason while infected by the virus, so it’s going to give an overestimation of mortality.

  7. “Look at this way: March is now history. Of the 164,000 people who got the coronavirus in the United States in March and had a confirmed positive test, 32% didn’t make it.”

    That’s a fallacy. It takes about a month to recover from this for a significant fraction of people. People who got it in the last 2 weeks of March could easily still be sick but probably not going to die.

    Since deaths happen faster than recoveries, deaths are front-loaded in the numbers and make the percentages look worse. We’ll get a clearer picture once the number of cases really starts levelling off.

      • It could take 35 dats to recover. Technically. After around 14 days you know you ain’t gonna die. Rollery has a point. The old get killed quick.

  8. Who cares about the death rate in Europe. Who cares about anything about Europe. I’m an American I live in America goshdarnit and I’m proud of it! The french are cheese eating surrender monkeys, everybody knows that. I don’t want anything to do with Europe, thanks but no thanks. I went to my local Walmart SuperDuperCenter Store the size of 5 football fields last month and stocked-up on 10 years worth of toilet paper! So I know I’m safe from the ching chong vilus molecule particles flying around! Protect yourself from the ching chong vilus, make sure you got enough rolls of toilet paper to last you at least 8 years! When you’re in the store to get your toilet paper push as many people out of the way to get those rolls of toilet paper before they do! Be aggressive and get THAT toilet paper damn it! As much as you can grab! Then you won’t have to worry about catching the ching chong vilus! When you got a lot of rolls of toilet paper you got peace of mind, ?

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