Global Times: The Way Americans Treat The Elderly Is Heartbreaking

I’m enjoying the back and forth.

China is scoring a bunch of points in its ripostes.

Global Times:

“While people grieve over the misfortune, a thought-provoking question is raised: Why has the US, the most developed country with the highest level of medical, healthcare and nursing system in the world, failed to prevent the devastating fatalities among the elderly?  …

China has been adopting strict quarantine measures since January. Obviously, the US paid no attention to it. In February, when respiratory problems emerged among residents of the Life Care Center of Kirkland, Washington, a party went ahead anyway. Social distancing was apparently not in the center’s playbook. Soon after, dozens of elderly people there died of the coronavirus.

The way the US treats elder patients is heartbreaking. Take New York State, which requires nursing homes to readmit residents who have tested positive for the virus. To put it more bluntly, this is a policy which asks elderly COVID-19 patients to be sent back to nursing homes, or, in other words, sent to the frontline of a herd immunity experiment. 

Since the outbreak was first reported in China, there have been few reports of cluster cases at Chinese nursing homes. China does have relatively fewer care facilities for elder people compared to the US. But China has not lowered its guard on epidemic prevention and control in those centers.  

Take the community welfare house in Wuchang district, Wuhan. It established a epidemic prevention and control working mechanism right after the outbreak, cancelled all its staff members’ vacations and asked them to remain in their positions 24 hours a day. No one was allowed to go outside. Body temperatures of the elderly were measured twice a day. Other nursing centers nationwide have taken similar measures.

China has taken the health and lives of elder people seriously with specific treatments for them. China’s National Health Commission said among more than 2,500 diagnosed patients in Wuhan of over 80 years old, 70 percent of them have been cured. 

As the US judges China’s efforts in tackling the virus, they turn a blind eye to China’s experience, which proved to be efficient. On the day when news that US COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes topped 10,000 was released, politicians were busy condemning and shaming China, seeking to find out if the World Health Organization was being run properly, and fired Rick Bright, one of leading US vaccine development experts, for allegedly questioning hydroxychloroquine, a drug touted by the US president.  …”

The answer is that Trump was advised in February by Dr. Jared Kushner, Steve Schwarzman, Nelson Peltz and all the other Jewish private equity and hedge fund billionaires who finance the MAGA movement to “ride it out” and treat the coronavirus like it was “just the flu.”

They weren’t particularly concerned about the health of the American population before this happened anyway. Instead of “spooking the markets,” the plan was to just sacrifice tens of thousands of people and to explain it away with a “what about the flu” narrative.

Note: The GOP narrative has backfired as the virus has already killed so many people in such a short period of time that it is stretching the outer limits of plausibility.

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  1. Its heartbreaking how the Chinese treat their bats.
    I am personally sick of this corona crap and I say let’s reopen everything, full steam ahead and whatever happens,happens! Let’s roll the dice.

    • I agree with you, 30-45 days in nationwide lockdown is enough. If the virus hasn’t run its course by now then we’re all doomed anyway. Are you a Swede, by any chance?

      • @ ERIK & SPAHN…


        As things stand, I hear tell that 21 percent of New York Citiy-ites have developed antibodies for the Corona.

        Let’s get that number up before next Winter.

        I do not trust vaccines and will eat jail biscuits & gravy before I will accept being innoculated.

        My town has not a single documented case.

        Of course, my town has suffered no serious economic damage because The United States’ Government already destroyed our economy in the previous decades!

        Same for all towns around us – in all directions.

        • I doubt anyone under 60 would even be offered a vaccine anyway. It’ll be rolled out for pensioners like the pnumonia vaccines. The production couldn’t keep up nor provide for anyone outside very vulnerable categories.

  2. In a regular war mostly young people die. In this war it will be mostly old. I am not saying it is a good thing but this kind of war is the “better” of the two bad options.

    • Doctors (along with insurance companies) have to make decisions every day regarding which of their patients will receive life-saving care and which are going to be denied it. Age and overall health are deciding factors. They have finite resources and can’t save everyone.

      • Spahn – the fact that people are mewling about the poor old people – and quoting the Gooks – is bitterly funny. Firstly old people raised the children that dumped them into nursing homes. Secondly – why should millions of younger people have their ENTIRE lives ruined, to “save” 90 years olds – who have lived their lives, in nursing homes?

        • Sometimes it is best to repeat really really retarded ZOGbot shit like a lying retard in order to go along in order to get along.

          Everyone is gonna die of Somethang — If You are a ZOGling Boomer-whigger ass-clown it might as well be of the Rot, Whigger & jew ZOG-Virus.

          Even more to the point, even Boomer-whiggers are going to die of something. Why not the Boomer-Remover Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019 ZOG-virus brewed up at Ft. Detrick and planted initially in a wet-market 2 blocks from the Wuhan Biological Warfare Lab in September when ZOG knew that the bubble would burst? Show jewr patri-idiotcy in so croaking, cum-cum, cum-cum !!!

          I remember the 9-11 ZOG Twin Towers Plot where three skyscraper towers were taken down by two airliners, or something like that. I prove that ZOG Coonspiracy Theory is right by throwing two beer cans full of kerosene at three chain link fences and watching them set fire and collapse in a cloud of dust. However kerosene is expensive and I don’t want to poison the grass where my Poopy Dawg Buddy/Baalzepup shits so I fill the beer cans full of water when I test out the ZOG Conspiracy Theory and for some reason none of the chain link fences catch fire and implode as on 9-11. But a few piss-ants on the ground are crushed so that theory might be true.

          I wear a chicken-wire mask when I go out in pu[b]lic to filter out the chicken-sized viruses and feel safe. I go outside in the sun to plant my raised-bed gardens to enjoy the UV light. Like Bradifer we should pick and choose whatever is personally coonvenient in believing ZOG and let the rest go.

          I have a “D-g bless ZOGmurriKwa” bumper-sticker on the back of my pickup which I use as protective camouflage and won’t peel off like a Pat Buchanan sticker when he chose Ebola Gaids for Patsy’s running [pri]-mate back in 2000 And Patsy shit all over me back in July 2000 when I supported him.

          So a year later I shat back:

          So sometimes it is best to repeat really really retarded ZOGbot shit like a lying retard in order to go along in order to get along.

          Ever looked at a place housing old niggers? Most of them fat as hogs and without legs cut off from Type II diabedes. Looks like 155mm howitzer fire hit the entire sorry lot of them. When Sheniqua runs out of the EBT by the 23d of the month, well, then “Nigger — its the other dark meat” as opposed to whigger.

          When 9-11 cum along I knew it was ZOG what done it. Let Dumbya start two unwinnable wars with the Muzzies. Likewise with the ZOG-virus. Let the ZOGtards panic and destroy the economy they need to live like a mob of niggers burning down Ferguson.

          It’s The End of the ZOGland as We Know It — And I Feel Fine.

          Hail Victory !!!

        • You think the younger stock is worth saving? They’re morons, twerk better than they spell, listen to degenerative rap and glorify Negroes, don’t know the capital of North Dakota off the top of their heads, go into a trance with their iPhone, and believe miscegenation is cool.

          I’ll take the old, decrepit fools who were conned by politicians and industry but still maintained some form of decency throughout their lives. I don’t think any of the white folks in assisted living/nursing homes raised their kids to make sure they were dumped in the care of abusive Negroes.

  3. @Mr. Griffin…

    Why single out The Elderly, Sir, as being treated poorly by this country?

    It seems to me that you could make a case for every age group getting the treatment, if you will.

    • Good point. What about Gulf War veterans? They haven’t been treated very well. The poor white folks in Appalachia? Middle class taxpayers in California? Drug addicts and the mentally ill, who get sent to jail instead of receiving proper treatment in clinics or hospitals? Where I live there are a number of upscale assisted living facilities for old people and from what I can see the inmates are treated very well. Of course you’ll never find me living in places like that.

      I just found this statistic online. I don’t know how accurate it is but I think it’s close to the mark: for every one corona related death in the US 565 people have lost their jobs. Something to think about.

      • @Spahn…

        Thank you, Friend!

        To be clear, The United States’ Government has not descended to the very depths of a place like North Korea.

        On the other hand, they have made a war by pen against The South my whole lifelong.

        First they did not like the way we were organized.

        Shortly thereafter they did not like The Lord in schools, either.

        Round about then they decided we could not prohibit babies from being murdered.

        All the time they were shipping out economy, whilst keeping the borders open so that we would drown in drugs, economic despair, with the bonus of being replaced in our own lands.

        After NC said ‘no’ to gay marriage 66-34, then Texas 76-24, then Arkansas 84-16, they insisted we accord the sanctity of Holy Matrimony to Tom and Steve.

        Meanwhile, they have spent a fortune pursuing foreign wars under false premises.

        Too, they spy on citizens at every single turn.

        As well, they do not regulate online porn, so that our children are saturated in sexual thinking.

        And I have not even touched upon the issues of economic inequity!

        I thought I would say this, Spahn, because it highlights and buttresses those categories of folks you mentioned.

        I know more than a few of My Fellow Southerners get angry with me when I say it – but I have LESS than zero respect for The United States’ of America and, most especially, the misgovernment that claims to lead it.

        On a smaller note, I totally agree with you about living in ‘facilities’.

        I told my wife that, if I cannot do what needs to be done, or begin to become a burden, I am going upstairs to bed, where I will wait for death to overtake me from dehydration.

    • I think it’s because the prevailing narrative of the “it’s just a flu bro” crowd was “Fuck Grandma” in this things initial stages due to rumors that it would only really kill the elderly.

      It was a rather ghoulish take on a system that, in contrast to Asian society, has really left the elderly to fend for themselves. Traditional Europe used to be multi-generational as well.

      One of the comments made on a couple posts back was that we should sacrifice the old to help the young by re-opening the economy. There are multiple issues (the biggest being the government in America should pay you to stay at home) that make that unnecessary, but as someone who is “young” (not so much anymore but still in my 20s), I’d give all the money I have to be able to spend one more hour with my now dead grandparents. I also don’t want to see my own parents get sick and die from this because of all the ways to go, dying in a quarantined hospital bed alone would be one of the ways they wouldn’t want to go.

      I feel like American society especially has lost sense of that. I get it that some people need to make money to feed their family, but the young aren’t so fragile that the old must die. We’ll find a way without our parents and grandparents dying needless deaths. What the “it’s just a flu bro” people should be attacking is the government for not doing enough to assist people who need financial help during this crisis. They have trillions to throw into the stock market to prop up corporations but they can’t spare any for working Americans? Most of that money evaporated within a few days if not a few hours.

      • @Outlander, beautiful post. Traditionally Europeans were multi-generational.

        This is one of the reasons why, one disaster with several months out of work, and people are in lines at food banks in cities all over the country. People traded self-sufficiency for the lie of how great it is to work for other people and have ‘money’ and ‘experiences’.

        Anyone who throws their elders in nursing homes, if they have any other choices, is a shithead, for lack of a better word.

        And kids who are set to inherit a farm and ‘don’t want it’ are especially brainwashed IMO, that there is anything better than your own land, your own food, owned by your own family.

        There’s a girl on YouTube who said it well, ‘our ancestors didn’t live in tiny houses made of plastic and eat soy chicken nuggets.They lived in real houses, with their real families, and ate real food.’

        Re the Chinese though: they have a skewed way of respecting their elders.

        They don’t want to ‘shame’ their family by being unsuccessful, disobedient, and things like that. But they also have a cruelty culture too. If someone isn’t ‘useful’ you can throw them away, like a baby girl when they wanted a boy, or leaving old people to live alone in poverty and ill health.

        Most young people left small towns in China for work in big cities, often for American companies ironically, leaving their elders to fend for themselves. ‘Senicide’ in China is a huge problem.

        In other retarded news, The ‘Presidentiary’ wondered out loud if we can ingest disinfectant or UV rays to kill out this danged infection. Now there is an elder who needs less respect, and perhaps lots of care. I haven’t had a lot of time to see news on TV, lots of prepping for the May work season in AG, but that was a dinner-time gem of creepy-yet-funny awesome-terribleness.

      • Outlander, You are absolutely correct. I am horrified by the people who are saying that “it is just the elderly and those with compromised immune systems that are dying” as if these people are worthless and dispensable. Even if some Americans believe that the country should open up for business right now (I don’t), nasty statements toward the elderly and the sick make them lose any credibility that they might have.

        • Keep the country closed for business and soon there’ll be food shortages and shortages of medical supplies incuding medications, then the elderly will really suffer, and there’ll be alot more elderly dying, from starvation and from lack of medication.

          Keeping the country closed down will eventually effect the food production of the country and will also effect the trucking industry. If the trucking industry gets shut down, forget about it, there will be MASSIVE shortages of every essential thing we all need to survive, and the elderly will be the first ones to die from the shortages. If trucking is not shut down but food production is shut down, also forget about it : massive death will occur and the elderly will the first ones to die en-masse from the shortage of food [ and the lack of medical supplies, including lack of medications ].

          Keeping the country shut down is bound to have a very negative effect on food production and the production of medical supplies including medications, and eventually the trucking industry will be severely effected and then nothing will get transported. Practically everything we need to survive is transported by truck. And if the country is shut down the railroads will also suffer severely and the things we get from railroad transportation won’t be available either.

          If one truly cares for the elderly one would NOT want to shut down the country as the elderly will be the first ones to die en-masse from the shortages of EVERYTHING including especially the shortage of food and the shortage of medical supplies.

          • @Joe…

            i agree.

            Putting forth a continued defence against a proliferation of the virus is endangering folks, in a much greater way, in other regards.

          • Thank you, Joe,

            You are intelligent and experienced enough to be able to fore SEE. You can SEE what will happen beyond the next 2 seconds from now. Food shortages are already being MANUFACTURED. They are going to be real – unlike this manufactured “corona crises”.

          • Joe,

            It might be too late to comment due to the fast nature of these articles, but in Canada things are mostly closed down, the government is paying people laid off from work, and food supply is generally unaffected. They are closing a meat plant in Western Canada due to Filipinos there having Coronavirus so people are expecting a beef price increase, but other than that the food supply is fine.

            Again, government is the problem, not the people who are advocating for a shut down.

      • @ SC REBEL…

        Whites are cash cows, punching bags, and, in general, fodder for international corporate conglomerates.

    • This is true, however, Americans have a unique contempt for the elderly because having to care for them really cramps the lifestyle of a rootless economic pleasure unit.

      How are you supposed to move every couple years for a job opportunity in some cosmopolitan pleasure factory when you have to stay in your hometown to care for granny and pappy?

  4. The bloodthirsty psychos here willing to kill others because they’re going through the hellish torment of being inconvenienced are just as hateful and execrable as before.

    • @Boomer X

      The new police state is going to kill far more people than Covid-19. The lock downs are not being “inconvenienced” – it is the imposition of a police state like nothing America has ever experienced before and it’s only going to get worse. And it started before the Covid-19 outbreak.

      What we’ve seen is many on the “dissident right” are more than happy to turn over their liberties to Trump’s Jew handlers. Shouldn’t be surprising because they were all shilling for Trump since 2015.

      Now they act all surprised that Trump puts his Jew family and Jew handlers over them. How is that a surprise? It’s not like Trump wasn’t already a well known celebrity for most of our entire lives.

      Why did the dissident right scam people with Trump and are now begging for him to turn America into a police state?

      Oh right…

      • We already have the Patriot Act. We already live in a de facto police state with a pretense to personal freedom. Nothing you wrote changes the fact that some sick people are wanting to kill others because of their selfish, empty consumerism.

      • What we’ve seen is many on the “dissident right” are more than happy to turn over their liberties to Trump’s Jew handlers. Shouldn’t be surprising because they were all shilling for Trump since 2015.

        Now they act all surprised that Trump puts his Jew family and Jew handlers over them. How is that a surprise? It’s not like Trump wasn’t already a well known celebrity for most of our entire lives.

        Why did the dissident right scam people with Trump and are now begging for him to turn America into a police state?

        Oh right…


        Much of the so-called “leaders” of the “dissident right” are largely just juvenile, attention-seeking jokes — whose 15 minutes of “fame” were up when they were thrown off the Trump Train, the very Day After the Charlottesville disaster.

        Read Protocol 15, verse 6, if ya know what I mean, to get the truest understanding of what makes these legends – in their own minds – tick, and jump like trained seals to their better’s commands.

  5. Note how the Chinese realized that nurses and care workers are a vector for this disease. NOTE that the movement and contact of carers and nurses has been restricted. The Chinese realized that they are Angels of Death and a special category of spreader.

  6. USA ? ” the highest level of medical, healthcare system” ? USA ??? SERIOUSLY ?

    This is the western country with the worst healthcare system. More expensive than all others, and the less protective. How can right-wing US people be so stupid to imagine than state-controled healthcare would be Venezuela, whereas, with a white nation, it could be Denmark ?

    PS : btw, yes, politics is often to choose between two bads things. +/- 0.2% of old people dying or destroying the entire economy. Of course the second choice is the good choice, and the less hysyterical.


      “This is the western country with the worst healthcare system.’

      I generally agree with you.

      We do have fantastic trauma care, but, in chronic care we are one of the very worst – bilking people by ignoring them and or poisoning them, instead of making them well, or, if not then, then at least better.

      You cannot tell this to many Americans, however, because they are sold on The Medical Establishment just like they are on The Red, White, & Blue.

      It’s sad, but, most folks do not look into matters very much, but, allowed themselves to be preyed upon.

  7. Here’s a link to a trailer from Neil Oliver’s Scotland and the Klan.

    In the US you might need to link to BBC Iplayer to look at the trailer but maybe not. The full show is on BBC Iplayer which youwill need to register for. Obviously that not something everyone would want to do.

    However in the documentary I felt Oliver, while a Liberal gave Dr Hill a reasonable hearing. Hunter also appears in a panning shot form some protest.
    The documentary is full of rather interesting information. Oliver traces the ethnic origins of the South, looks as some notable characters among the planters and points out that whites were in fact disenfranchised after the civil war and that the ornery Scots fell back on their ethnic memory of dealing with Westminster and Anglo Tyranny to form resistance.

    What was most fascinating about this documentary however was the account of how the Kuklux Klan started as a theater and music group in Pulaski. It is well worth watching and might be a great subject for a post and a link to excerpts by LoS and a commentary by Hunter.

    • @ Captain John…

      Thank you so very much, Sir.

      I went to your link, and though I did not see anything with Dr. Hill, I did see some clips.

      I think Oliver’s premise about the Spirit of The Scottish Nation as an archetype for Dixie is incontestable, though, an often overlooked angle.

      For whatever it is worth – the Confederate Veterans in my state, NC, banded together under no name and worked with an elaborate system of auxiliaries to wage a war against the occupation by The United States’ Government in 1865, when they saw that the Surrender at Appomattox held no meaning for Northerners – the latter streaming down here as both Yankee Jewish Carpetbaggers looking for gold or Gentile Yankees of the Union Leagues determined to come here to ‘instruct White Southerners on how to be better humans’.

      If not immediately, soon enough these Confederate veterans would be referred to as, ‘The Scarlet Knights of The Ku Klux Klan.’

      They were a unique Klan, and an equal opportunity opponent, because, if you were for rule by The United States’ Government, you had two choices – stay out of the fight or get straightened out.

      Those who chose the latter option were not just Black, but, White, Republican and Democrat, High Class, Low class, Northern and Southern and, if they ignored their warnings they became garden mulch.

      In my small town, the headquarters of The Southern Resistance to New England Yankee tyranny is a small early 19th century Masonic Lodge building, outside of which took place some public lynchings of those who could not seem to fathom the idea of Southern Sovereignty.

      Just a few houses down is the house of Solon Borland – the leader of the militia that put down The Nat Turner Rebellion and a later general of The Confederacy for the state of Arkansas.

      Southern Nationalism is repressed here, but, always simmering right below the surface, only it is always voiced within the context of American Nationalism.

      You have to know how to talk to people and how to listen to their replies, in order to understand what they are really saying, that because the system of political correctness, over the past 70+ years, has made Southerners very self-conscious about speaking anything that approximates that actual truth of themselves or their lives – instead of the falsehoods that New York Jewish and New England Yankee Cultures wants so desperately for us to believe.

      In any case, the Klan remained a powerful voice in this town, and, indeed, all small towns around North Carolina until the recent turn of the century, when a United States’ Government destroyed economy led to most children of the Klansmen moving off to bigger cities – the result being that many local Klaverns fell apart.

      Many churches around here are dying for the same reason.

      The story of The KKK in Eastern North Carolina is much the same – from the early days in 1865, to the powerful Civil Right’s Era Klans that were the practical law in every town.

      What most do not know about Carolina Klans is that they not only clamped down on sorry-ass Blacks, they did the same to sorry-ass Whites.

      A perfect example of this is of White husbands who would not support their wives.
      They would be warned to fly right, and if they did not, they would be dragged out to the countryside and beaten within an inch of their lives.

      Same fate for those Negroes who could not stop pilfering or messing with White Women.

      The new system of ‘justice’ used around here substitutes mass incarceration for intimidation, the result being that many many more Sorry-ass Whites & Blacks are jailed than before, and most Whites do not feel comfortable on the streets at night – though, this feeling is less warranted in this town than in other towns around here.

      I have done a careful study of The Klans around here and all the reasons they used to exist, by interviewing as many old Negroes as old Klansmen.

      At any rate – thank you for the link!

  8. As usual, we’re not going to get to the truth as the role of Jews in the coronavirus pandemic is totally ignored so our understanding of the situation is going to be very skewed. And as our understanding of the situation is very skewed because a big part of the story, the role of the Jews in this pandemic, is not even mentioned let alone examined, we’re going to come to false conclusions and we’re never going to solve the pandemic.

    Can’t come to the truth of a matter when you leave out a huge part of the story and then expect to find a solution. Can’t find a solution when you leave out such an important aspect of the problem you’re trying to solve. Trying to solve a problem without examining the role of the Jews in the problem then expecting to find a solution to the problem, it’s joke. It’s a joke and it happens all the time with EVERYTHING. We’re expected to find solutions to problems when so much of the story is hidden from us, and the part that is hidden is always the role of the Jews.

    Us Whites deserve what we get, as so many Whites, most Whites, are totally fine trying to find solutions to problems when so much information is hidden so we can’t examine it and can’t make any kind of intelligent asessements of the situation so maybe we can solve the problem. No. We have to make our assessments about everything based on very very abridged official government/Jew mainstream media narratives. It’s all narratives, like a novel is a narrative, it’s all fiction. We’re expected to find solutions to problems based on fictional narratives concerning the problems. It’s exhausting. It’s a huge waste of time.

    Have a problem, want to solve the problem, approach the problem while leaving out a huge part of what caused the problem, make assessments about the problem while leaving out huge aspects of the problem, find a solution to the problem based on a fictional narrative as to what caused the problem, you finally convince yourself you found a solution the problem based on a false assessment of the problem and guess what, the solution you find turns out to be a disaster and even worse than the original problem. It happens all the time, it happens with everything. It happens with EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME.

    The great majority of Whites can’t name the Jew to save their White lives. They won’t name the Jew as they go looking to solutions to their problems. The leave out the role of the Jews in everything and then expect to come to a full understanding of the matter. Can’t come to a full understanding of anything when you leave out huge chunks of facts about a situation you’re trying to fully understand.

    The fact is : Chinese and Jews working together created the coronavirus pandemic. Leaving out the role of the Jews in creating this pandemic while trying to put an end to the pandemic or at least lessen the pandemic, you’re not going to succeed. You’re wasting your time. No one of importance in America, Jew or NON-Jew, is going to examine the role of the Jews in this pandemic.

    No, not all Jews are involved in creating the coronavirus pandemic and NO, not all Chinese are involved in creating the coronavirus pandemic, but the pandemic was created and started by Jews and Chinese working in collusion with one another.

    Of course, no one in Washington will ever mention the Jew role in creating and starting the pandemic, so of course we will never know the whole truth, which means we will never find a real solution, a viable solution, to the pandemic. The info we’re given is greatly abridged, is greatly skewed, so the “solution” based on abridged, skewed information, the “solution” is NOT going to solve much of anything.

    Hitler predicted it : If the USA wins WW2 that the Jews would hand the United States over to the Chinese. It’s EXACTLY what happened.

    Now, we’re expected to turn to the Jews for leadership on how we can MAGA so we can be stronger and richer than China, in the meantime it was the Jews who did everything they could do to weaken the United States so they could make China the leading country in the world. And we’re expected to believe that the Jews are going to save us from China. And Trump of course, although he’s better than Hillary who is totally beholden to the Chinese Communist Party, Trump will NEVER mention the Jew role in weakening the United States and the Jew role in making China the leading country in the world. His explanation of anything regarding China will always be greatly skewed. Just like the Democrats also.

    They, both political parties, they give us very skewed narratives, as no one will name the Jew. The two parties give us different narratives but both narratives are greatly abridged and skewed, the narratives are just edited and abridged a little bit differently. The narratives of both parties might as well be pure fiction, as the role of the Jews is ALWAYS left out of the narratives of BOTH parties. And the White NON-Jew lawmakers seem to be perfectly fine with us Americans getting pure fictional narratives and expecting us to find the truth and find solutions to problems based on fictional narratives.

    After two proxy wars with China, Korea and Vietnam, and after 50 years of making China a stronger richer more productive country than the United States, we’re expected to want to go to war against China. After two proxy wars with China, Uncle Sam fully well knew that China was a RIVAL country. After the proxy war with China, Vietnam, Uncle Sam decided to make China a leading country in the world, now we’re told China is an enemy country [ after Uncle Sam made sure to dismantle American industry and ship American industry en-masse to China ]. Hello! Uncle Sam knew that China was/is a rival country all this time Uncle Sam was making China a leading country in the world. Uncle Sam knew it because Uncle Sam fought TWO proxy wars with China. Trump will NEVER name the Jew, he will NEVER mention the huge role Jews had in weakening the United States and making China a leading country in the world, yet he will expect us to trust the Jews as we go up against China, even though it was the Jews who caused all this animosity with China in the first place.

    The Republicans won’t name the Jews and the Democrats won’t name the Jews and everything both parties tells us always turns out to be lies and falsehoods.

    I’m not an expert on Hitler, but everything he said about the Jews turns out he was right and he was right about his prediction : If the United States wins WW2 the Jews will hand the United States over to China. He was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    One can hate Hitler if one wants to hate him, but one can’t truly say he was wrong about his assessement of the Jews and one can’t truly say he was wrong about his prediction about Jews handing the United States over to China.

    And of course, our spineless, mercenary, venal, NON-Jew lawmakers go along with the Jews in everything. And a lot of lawmakers call themselves “Christians” and say they love the truth, because Christians [ supposedly ] love the truth — while they dump one lying jew narrative after another on us and smirk at us incessantly and tell us they’re working hard to find solutions to the problems that plague us, while they “work” finding “solutions” based on LIES , and they know it’s ALL LIES and they know their so-called “solutions” based on LIES aren’t going to solve a goddamned thing and probably will make things even worse.

    I don’t know if Hitler liked Christianity or not, but I do know : Hitler was a lot more honest than the Christian lawmakers we got. He was certainly A LOT MORE HONEST than the Jews in Washington. His prediction about the Jews handing the United States over to China if the USA wins WW2, that was RIGHT ON TARGET.

    I went off track a little bit. The point is : JEWS and Chinese working together in collusion created and started this coronavirus pandemic.

    But of course we will never hear about the Jew role in creating and starting the pandemic, just the Chinese role in it, so whatever solution(s) to the pandemic will be just more JEW vaudeville bullsh*t that won’t solve a goddamned thing but probably make things even worse. And may even start an outright war with China.

    Both parties are about JEW machinations and JEW scheming — and this coronavirus pandemic is a result of JEW machinations and JEW scheming [ in this case of the coronavirus pandemic, JEWS scheming with the Chinese ] .

    And : While the Covid-19 pandemic rages on and the country is practically shut-down because of the pandemic the (((Trump administration))) is ratcheting-up tensions against Iran. Sure, lets have a war with Iran — and maybe even also with China — while trying to solve the coronavirus pandemic! The JEWS got it made in the shade here in the good ole USA! The USA is now a giant JEW vaudeville show writ-large on the world, and what a putrid JEW vaudeville show it is.

  9. I abhor China’s practices. Their reverence for the elderly is why they are smarter and more patient than America and Americans. People who think it’s “acceptable” to sacrifice their parents or grandparents for the computer screen economy have shown their true colors & there’s no going back. They’re just not smart. The types of people who would inject household disinfectants to “own the libs”… It should be embarrassing, but we also know that these people have no shame.

  10. As someone who is approaching ‘elderly’ status, your column is disingenuous. God appoints when men die and when men live, He even says WHICH men will die and which will live – Matt. 24:40ff.

    To quote some godless Chinks, as if they were White Men, is blasphemous at worst, and merely sneaky at best, in order to buttress your position….

    Yes, tossing away grandma and grandpa as if their lives don’t matter, is awful. My wife and I are adamant that we are NOT going in to a nursing home. My father died in our family home, in his sleep. My mother did as well, as did my wife’s relatives.

    Is it ‘traumatic’? Yes. Death IS traumatic. Was it ‘too much’ for the children? Yes, see my prior answer. But, if one has a valid Faith (and only Christianity is valid, FYI) then one can deal with it. I cannot speak to the pagan, the agnostic, the atheist… but I know their mind. I once was one. All people of faith once were operational atheists….

    Nevertheless – Instead of using emotion as a means to hold up your edifice, Brad, try dealing with the facts, instead of ignoring the honest comments others have made, as well as myself. Maudlin feminine emotional baggage is NOT what we need in dealing with the COVID issue…..

    “Maybe a part of it is simply the godless nature of our society. I know very well that my grandma will be seeing Jesus when she gives up the ghost.”

    And then I read things in the Strib like this, and think, yup… Mostly the elderly… people like ME.

    “At least 12 residents of a large senior care community in New Hope have died of the novel coronavirus, representing one of the state’s deadliest outbreaks of the respiratory illness at a single site during the pandemic.

    St. Therese of New Hope, which includes a 258-bed nursing home with a troubled regulatory record, said it is working closely with the state Department of Health on a response to the outbreak. The campus also includes independent and assisted-living residences.

    ****The residents who died were between 82 and 96 years old, according to death records reviewed by the Star Tribune.”****

    But pointing this out to you, seems to mean NOTHING. You keep blabbing on and on and on, and on, and even have some inane commenters defending your bloviation! This next quote seems to sum up your entire ‘take’ on this issue, almost from the moment you began…

    “From fearful, compliant automatons the silence was deafening. Even much of the alternative media failed to ask the most basic questions, working off of medical establishment, government, and mainstream media assumptions, projections, and scare tactics.

    Perhaps the most distressing aspect of this whole ordeal is that Americans have surrendered to panic and propaganda without a shot.

    – “Surrendered Without A Shot,” Straight Line Logic, 4/6/20

    IF YOU WOULD JUST DEAL WITH THE AGENDA, and not JUST the disease, I might have more respect. But you are beginning to sound like some feminazi pink hat liberal woman, and not the man that started this blog.

    Meanwhile, BIG BIZ is making (If you’ll pardon the allusion) a ‘killing’ in its corporate profits, while American (NOT the Somalians- send ’em all back!) workers are laid off, fired, or effectively made pariahs by the Liberal assholes of corporations like Target….

    I am so confused at your apparent lack of either insight (or cojones) in this scenario, it boggles my mind. And it angers me. And then I read this quote…

    “Now that the global numbers are headed the right direction, there are fewer stories reporting, analyzing, or putting them in any kind of context. Instead, we get personal interest stories to divert attention—patients and their loved ones struggling with the disease, medical heroes, and how celebrities are coping with enforced isolation and idleness. Most of the numbers stories are about spikes up in new cases or deaths in various localities and countries. There are few personal interest stories about the newly unemployed, food line standees, or the heroes trying to keep their small businesses afloat.

    Instead of statistics of gerontes dead and gone, what about the attempts to destroy the world economy in favor of the Corporation, who could care less that your grandma just passed- “chalk it up to Corona, and keep the printing presses running!” It’s as distasteful as BF Pinkerton and his geisha bride in Puccini’s opera, Madama Butterfly, singing ‘America Forever’ with the American Consul, while a woman is destroyed by his ego and hubris. To this we’ve come…. Ugh…..

    • Seeing as how Fr. John believes there is a conspiracy to hide the truth that the earth is flat, it isn’t surprising that he has latched on to this relatively smaller conspiracy.

    • Concern for others over one’s selfish desires is a lack of manliness now? Tell it to Ayn Rand, you barbaric morons.

  11. Lets see now : One group of Chinese, the Chinese Communists, brutally KILLED about 45 million Chinese who were not Communists. In other words, the Chinese KILLED 45 million of their own kind. And there were many elderly Chinese who were brutally KILLED by their fellow Chinese. The Chinese KILLED in cold blood 45 million fellow Chinese, many of the victims were elderly [ many children also, children of NON-Communist parents ]. The elderly Chinese bruatlly KILLED in cold blood were Chinese elderly who didn’t like Communism, they were brutally KILLED in cold blood, A LOT OF THEM. But us Americans are the ones who get lectured to.

    The MSM of the world , owned by JEWS, didn’t lecture the Chinese when the Chinese were KILLING in cold blood millions and millions of their own kind in China, including KILLING in cold blood a lot of elderly Chinese. The JEW MSM praised the Chinese Communists, the mass murderers.

    The JEW-owned MSM also didn’t lecture the JEWS in the Soviet Union when the JEWS in the JEW COMMUNIST JEW Soviet Union were KILLING in cold blood millions and millions and millions of NON-Jews, including many NON-Jew elderly. The JEW MSM praised the Soviet Union Communists, the JEW-owned MSM praised the JEW mass murderers.

    We’re being lectured to by JEWS and Chinese who love mass murder [ especially mass murder for political reasons ] and who have no morality and no concept of the Sacredness of Life, is a bit much to take. We’re being lectured to by the ilk who ardently support abortion, they even ardently support post-birth abortion, and actually celebrate abortion, even post-birth abortion. A baby is born into the world, KILL the baby. We’re being lectured to by those who support that. And they couldn’t care less about the elderly either. They want to get rid of the elderly also, they’re drooling to get rid of the elderly. This ilk who are lecturing us Americans love the KILLING of babies and the KILLING of the elderly, to be lectured to by this ilk is a bit much to take.

    This ilk who ardently supported the mass murdering Chinese Communists and the mass murdering JEW Communists of the Soviet Union and still to this day find all kinds of reasons to “justify” the JEW Communist mass-murderers and the Chinese Communist mass-murderers are lecturing us Americans over how we treat our American elderly. I don’t buy it, their “concern”. Their “moral indignation”. What an act they’re putting on.

  12. In early February the officials thought this thing was contained to a handful of travelers hospitalized upon return from China in January. Most expected it to die out like SARS did. It was late February when it really started to spread in Europe and clusters started popping up in the US when Trump waited 10 days too long to take action. Still, the most important thing not being done is restricting travel out of the hot spots. Regions relatively free of the virus could reopen some economic normalcy with precautions if they didn’t allow people to travel freely. But without such restrictions, one part of a state opening up will be flooded with people needing haircuts from the hot zone, etc.

    • I thought right from the start that highly infected cities like NYC and New Orleans should have their roads, tunnels, and bridges blocked. Food and medical supplies could be left at a no-mans-land for pickup by whatever agencies would be assigned to the task. Counties with little or no virus could be allowed to operate at a fairly normal level with masks and gloves providing protection and inhibiting spread.Movement within state lines and between them would be dependent upon virus levels. And needless to say, ALL air traffic into and out of the country would be stopped. Americans stranded outside the States would be deposited on an island and kept in comfort until it was proven that they were not sick. And, early treatment with Hydroxychloroquine when someone did become ill.

  13. Well, dying from corona is probably better than the fate of many other elderly Americans. Stuck in a home and abused by Shaniqua and José.

    • I hate to point this out but the reason that so many oldsters die form this is bad care from careless carers. Hydration early on, food, teas etc would have made some difference.

    • @Dart, now it’s a mixture of both.

      They found a bunch of elderly people stacked up in a room in a nursing home somewhere who had died, this was also on the news the other night.

      From regular neglect to covid ‘nig’ lect.

      • Who put the oldies in those homes? Why? They sure did a great job of raising their kids to love them and care for them, didn’t they? They certainly taught their kids “Family First” didn’t they?

        I took care of my Mom, in her home, until she died. I upended my entire life to do this. My sister and nephew took care of my Dad.

  14. A few months ago the “experts” were telling us not to worry about it. In March the “experts” imposed “social distancing”, thus beginning economic and financial debacle. Now the “experts” are telling us, despite their best efforts to turn USA into the latest Worker’s Paradise, the virus will come back in the fall or winter. How many more months of this? How many working White people financially ruined? How many more months other serious illnesses are put on the back burner? The “experts” don’t tell us.

    Will anyone ask the “experts” at what point is the virus “treatment” worse than the virus itself?

    • There is loads of info on the absolutely disgusting backgrounds of Fraudci and Birx, the (((WHO))) and the Gates connections. Half of the people posting here-in, and the country, couldn’t care less. It’s all about CoronaPorn. They are either making lots of money from the suffering of millions – or are lazy parasites who think they are gonz tuh gits payed. Like some dumbass nigger.

      They don’t understand, or don’t care, that What’s Coming is FAR WORSE than all that’s gone before.

    • @more of the same

      Anyone who has been following politics over the last 20 years, and who considers themselves Right Wingers, should have figured out by 2009 – at the LATEST – that the “experts” in all these industries and professions are completely full of shit, and all they do is rubber stamp whatever the dominant (((narrative))) is. On almost every single issue of significance and importance, these “experts” contradict what we instinctively and/or empirically know to be true about the world. They fool gullible people into believing that insane, morally repugnant ideas and policies are actually reasonable and justifiable.

      The scientists and biologists of 100 years ago would have laughed at the idea that the races of humanity are all exactly equal in terms of potential and ability. But now, the scientists and biologists of the 21st century claim, as an absolute matter of fact, that all humans are exactly the same, and that there are no differences between the races. This alone should be enough for any Pro-White activist worth his salt to at least question the narrative that the “experts” feed us about COVID-19. But nope. Doctors like Anthony Fauci clearly have the public’s best interest at heart and couldn’t POSSIBLY be lying or pushing a subversive narrative. They are good clean people with good clean hearts who are just looking out for us little guys, amirite?

      Even if these so-called “experts” are telling the truth about the dangers of COVID-19, it doesn’t matter, because, as far as conservatives like me are concerned, their credibility has been so thoroughly annihilated that to trust them is akin to trusting a terrorist to let you go after he’s taken you hostage. Why would I trust such a person? What moral credibility does such a person have? And, moreover, since we’re talking about a disease here, do the facts justify the fear-mongering? The answer is “no way in hell,” not unless we want to cry crocodile tears over a death toll – 60,000 – that is insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

      As I said in a previous comment, COVID-19 has been a watershed moment for the Pro-White Movement, because now, we’re all making it clear what kind of a society we want to live in. For me, that kind of society is internally free but externally authoritarian: We should have a strong immigration policy limited to Europeans only, we should round up and deport all illegal immigrants, we should retroactively repatriate the descendants of those who illegitimately gained citizenship from the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act, and we should have a strong military with state-of-the-art weapons and technology which serves as a deterrent from anyone who would try to pull a 9/11 on us. We should eliminate all government welfare programs, which only serve to create an ever more dysgenic population. Our economic system should be set up to reward those who work hard and are creative, allowing them to reap all the benefits that come from doing so. Those who create successful businesses, be they a local mom-and-pop restaurant or an astoundingly successful super chain like Wal Mart, should be allowed to thrive. The government should pump billions or even trillions into space exploration that way we have an overarching civilizational goal to strive for and reach for, which will give our people something to do when they inevitably get bored from all the peace and prosperity we’ve created for ourselves. Bottom line: We should always be progressing and always be moving forward, not stuck in neutral, and certainly not pinning for bygone eras of resource scarcity and early death.

      • A 9/11 type attack doesn’t need to be “deterred”. You simply need a society that is intelligent enough to keep those types out in the first place. A healthy society doesn’t require the presence of jews or Muslims of any sort.

  15. The Chinese weld people in buildings, cremate “Corona Victims” alive – and bury victims of a train crash alive.

    Considering the way they treat animals – I’m ok with all of this.

    Hunter – you are cracking up.

    • We don’t know the context of these efforts.

      It seems that the Chinese sequestered old folks homes and sent nurses to live with the old in a sequestered regime. It worked to half the casualties they ended up with. THEY do have better initial idea of dealing with SARS outbreaks. That’s a fact. We have no understanding of the protocols for dealing with this from masks, gloves, to timing and methods of isolation.

      • LOL! Really – LOL! NOW you are making excuses for Chinese obscenities. Next you’ll babble about The Bolshie Jews in Russia and we don’t understand the context of Holodomor… pathetic eunuch.

        • I assume you are talking about that door being welded shut. Have you looked into the incident?

  16. This virus (and our inept, catastrophic response) has, I believe, laid bare our illusions. It is being reveled to us that everything we were taught, or thought to be true is false.

    Case in point; who would have ever thought that a “Godless Nation” like Communist Red China would have, and show more compassion to the elderly than the good o’ US of A? We were always taught that human life was expendable in Red China. That the Chinese, having no “Judaeo-Christian” basis for morality, had no ethics or morality to speak of. But which nation in 2020 sees the elderly as expendable? Which nation sees the old and sick as an impediment to building a strong economy with a McDonald’s and Starbucks on every block?

    On a different note…..

    Here is part 2 of my favorite films: movies which feature all-white casts and will not insult your intelligence or sensibilities. Films to enjoy during this Lockdown.

  17. The America the elderly have left us for their desires of comfort and wealth is heartbreaking. You know what really breaks my heart? the fact that young americans have zero future in this country. Thanks Boomers. You get no sympathy from me. Enjoy your black and Dominican old age home nurses.

    • Boomers generally seem to favour reopening shops. The silent generation are generally the ones getting killed. BTW if you get this as a twenty something prepare for scarred lungs and a bad heart afterward.

    • Blue – you mean you don’t want to destroy your entire existence for the elderly, who have already had their lives, or the sickly…who exist at the largesse of the healthy?

      You must be a psychotic conspiracy monger!

      Take the Gates Needle, Blue. Take the needle.

  18. Weren’t you going on about them incinerating people alive in January? I realize Hunter will gladly take the mark of the beast immediately upon introduction but starting to wonder if he already got access to it before the rest of us?

        • I doubt anyone under 60 would be offered it for a few years outside of cancer, transplant, diabetes and dialisis patients it’ll be a shot for senior citizens.

        • @Mr. Griffin…

          Agreed, but, what is NOT a conspiracy is that all U.S. vaccines are preserved in a base of Mercury, and when that is injected into you, especially children or those within diseases of an overactive immune system – such as Crohn’s Disease or Rheumatoidal Arthritus – the presence of the toxic heavy metal exacerbates the illness.

          Moreover, I do not trust the government.

          Never forget that this is a government which experiments on it’s own people.

          Think of the umpteen zillion veterans who were subjected to nuclear explosions in The Cold War, all the citizens who are subjected to cheap waste Flouride being put in their water, or those veterans who were ‘defoliated’ with Agent Orange.

          No, Sir – the list could go on, but, I not only do NOT trust the United states’ Government, I ESPECIALLY DO NOT TRUST THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT, which, instead of researching and marketing hail and salutory treatments for Cancers, continues to prefer to profit by managing the demise of folks with vivisection and yet another deadly heavy metal – Cobalt!

          And this is the very same Medical Establishment which, instead of giving people prescriptions for High Blood pressure with Hawthorn Berries (as does The German Medical Establishment) continues to prescribe toxins that annihilate a person’s kidneys and THEN … what do they do?

          Profit on that by building dialysis centres!

          No, Sir – The Medical Establishment is not only a very talented resource for this country, they also have a lot of predatory behavior for which to answer.

          They do not merit being trusted.

      • Your psychopathic ramblings have gotta stop.

        If a vaccine emerges it’ll be the property of the University of Oxford.

        If it’s offered all it’ll be given to those over 60 and to healthcare workers.

        They are not going to shoot up any one under 18 with it. And very few people under 40.

        Itll be offered to people with diabetes, heart disease and anemia.

        Get a grip.

        • Spring – you must have dementia onset. Gates and his pals Fraudci and Birx are all OVEr babbling about every one getting a Needle, and then you get a badge to be able to go outside.

          Come on. Normies are already on to this.

          Is the joowife telling you what to write?

          • There would be no point in vaccinations for children or anyone under 50. It would clearly be offered for old age pensioners over 65 Like the existing pnumonia vaccinations. I don’t think production would even be able to cover anyone except the very old and those with heart, diabetes, kidney comorbidities for several years. Even then there would be no point vaccinating anyone under 18 or under 40.

  19. Confucian morality does involve respect for elders and reverence for (worship of) dead ancestors, while modern, “post-Christian” Westerners ignore and forget them.

    As world leader in death-penalty executions, China is not entirely humane, although it does have a smaller prison population than the U.S., which leads the world with its for-profit mass incarceration industry. China has no mercy for those who break its laws, but fortunately the incidence of sociopathy and psychopathy in the Chinese population is much lower than ours, perhaps due to centuries or millennia of selection by removal.

    Their traditional diet of cats, dogs, bears, small rodents, exotic wild animals and animal body parts (as medicine) is cruel. Consumption of bears and other wild mammals, frogs, turtles, rattlesnakes, and even small song birds is not unknown in Western countries, but here the “victims” do not appear for sale (and even be slaughtered) in farmers markets. So there is one marked difference.

    The Chinese also practice FACTORY FARMING of pigs, cattle, chickens, fish, etc., but so does the U.S. and most of its allies.

    The poor environmental conservation record of China seems to be improving in recent years, while the U.S. is developing its remaining wilderness and arable land now at a record pace.

  20. Occidental Dissent Administration :

    Maybe someday the posts I sent in this morning Friday April 24, 2020, will make the commentary board. Unless my opinions are too dissenting in the Occident. Unless my opinions will make the Yankee Empire collapse and we can’t have that. Can’t take the risk of the Yankee Empire we’re dissenting against collapse — better to not put my dissenting opinions, too dissenting, on the commentary board for everyone to read. OMG! What would happen! OMG! The whole Federal Government structure would come crashing down!

    Be prepared : clutch your pearls, gurlzzz, he mentioned Hitler and *gasp* he actually had positive things to say about Hitler! One is ONLY allowed to mention Hitler if you have negative things to say about Hitler! Remember, everybody remember : We’re Americans so we only say negative things about Hitler! That’s basic Americanism and that’s one thing we do NOT dissent against! Remember that!

    And NEVER mention any of Hitler’s predictions about what would happen to the United States if the USA won WW2. BIG TABOO. He broke a BIG TABOO by mentioning a Hitler prediction! We’re clutching our pearls we’re so mortified!

    • @Hunter,

      This is what the comment section is like.

      Every Nazi-worshiper, every anti-vaxer, every nut case on this planet wants to defecate on your blog and hose-down any rational thought with their piss.

      The comment section….

    • @Joe…

      “Unless my opinions will make the Yankee Empire collapse and we can’t have that. Can’t take the risk of the Yankee Empire we’re dissenting against collapse ”

      Tell ’em, Brother, you tell ’em!

  21. At the philosophical level, liberalism is contempt for everything old and the focus on everything new. Since it’s inception liberalism has despised heritage and tradition. It’s only gotten worse.

  22. Lol the people who are pissed at Hunter look really stupid. They’d be torn to shreds in any other non-cuckservative comment section.

  23. Their “morality” is total BS. They are liars and vicious killers. I suggest you and every one else watch “American Factory, if you want to see how they’ll treat YOU Round Eyes.

    What’s really coming to the fore are how stupid and treacherous Whites are, to their own kind.

  24. The Republican Party cares nothing about Senior Citizens. The very political party that’s been trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare since the very beginning. The Republicans have cut the social safety net over and over and over again including putting crazy rules on getting Unemployment. Now all those stupid greedy Republican policies are showing just how bad thing are. People are filing for unemployment in record numbers and the Unemployment System literally can’t handle it. People are getting phone calls dropped or kick out of Unemployment websites because everything is overloaded. On a normal day it takes at least an hour to get in touch with somebody at Unemployment and the people are a bunch of pricks. Now it’s 10,000 times worse. The entire population is now seeing just how bad Republicans are for everything. The people should thank God for Democrats of old including FDR for creating the very country we have now. Good progressive economics that make this country great. What’s really pathetic is that “Conservatives” didn’t care about anything until recent when the Federal Government passed economic stimulus bills and made it easier (and get paid more) if you need Unemployment right now. Do the Conservatives protesting really care about people being out of Work because of one of the worst Pandemics in Human History or is it all about the Federal Government spending money for once that actually prevents people from becoming Homeless right now? God forbid the government actually spend money on domestic issues that helps Small Businesses and We The People. Oh but those same Conservatives had no problem with Bush fighting a stupid War on Terror for all those years that cost trillions of dollars! Deo Vindice !

    • @BRIAN PACE…

      Spoken like a true Dixiecrat of olde, Dear Brian, and, of course, how right you are!

  25. Wow! 71 comments! This column has really triggered the Jews. LMAO! You kicked the hornets nest Hunter.

  26. Considering the chinks were complaining about the number of old people just before this broke out makes me just a bit skeptical about their claim to be worrying about America’s old farts. And by the way, they evidently have a ferocious outbreak of their pet virus in Harbin now. And anyone who thinks they have only had around 3,000 deaths is ingenuous, to say the least. Add another three zeros to that figure and you might start getting close. Remember, too, they don’t count the people who died of the virus or starvation after being sealed into their apartments as WuFlu deaths, either.

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