Trump Claims Injecting People With Disinfectant Could Treat Coronavirus


Clean up crew has arrived.

Maybe we have all these problems in this country because our leaders are simply incompetent? I find that easier to believe than every doctor, nurse, medic, hospital, coroner and county health department in the United States being involved in a vast global conspiracy against Donald Trump.

Note: I see the death toll in Australia and New Zealand has risen to a staggering 79 and 17 deaths respectively.

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  1. This is what “Democracy” brings you: gross incompetence and buffoonery.

    The masses are not repositories of wisdom and intellect. They vote their “gut” irrespective of what kind of man they are voting for, or what his IQ is.

    This is a good depiction of American Democracy in 2020.

    • “This is what “Democracy” brings you: gross incompetence and buffoonery”

      This is what “integration” brings you: gross incompetence .

      (USA is a republic)

  2. “Maybe we have all these problems in this country because are our leaders are simply incompetent?”

    That is exactly the case. Of course the conspiracy folks will disagree with you I’m sure.

    • Many are incompetent but many are purposefully behaving like buffoons to fool the masses.

      What was it that Sec. James Forrestal stated to Joe McCarthy when he asked him why the US was screwing up everything in Indochina? “McCarthy, if we were merely stupid, we’d occasionally have to make a mistake in our favor.” McCarthy said it was a very profound statement for him.

      But once the globalists realized that McCarthy realized what was going on, it was the beginning of the end for him. Communism was their their goal. It’s why Gen. George Marshall deliberately delayed promised military equipment to Chiang Kai-Shek who was fighting Mao Zedong. The commies had to win and the United States military made sure they did.

      There’s a big difference between watching and observing. Observing takes time, patience, analysis, and an open mind.

      • Finally somebody gets it! I was wondering when somebody would bring up George Marshall! The fact of the matter is the United States made it possible for the Communists to triumph over the Nationalists. We are responsible for China being a world power! But McCarthy couldn’t see that it wasn’t about Communism. It was about Globalism and Communist governments are easier to mold than nationalist states because Marxist dogma already believes in internationalism and world government!

        “There does exist an international network of bankers and other super-capitalists whose object is to use their influence to create a system of world political and financial control…there does exist and has existed for a generation an international Anglophile network which has no aversions to cooperating with Communists, or any other groups, and has frequently done so. It is this power structure that the radical right in America has been attacking for years in the mistaken belief that it was fighting Communism.” Carroll Quigley. Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time.

  3. Up until now, it has been accepted that UV light will kill viruses and bacteria. But, COVID-19 may change all of that accepted practice, because COVID-19 came out of a lab, and may react differently than past germs.

    Trumpo got downright nasty yesterday when asked about the COVID-19 test results from SE Asia where heat and UV light are abundant. Fake news, maybe not.

    • As welcome as this info is, I do think that Trump ought to stick to oponing about opening up for business and avoid the halfcock remedy stuff.

      Just tell people get some sunshine and disinfect your kitchen bathroom and wash regularly. Then talk about shopping again, whistfully.

      Injecting disinfectant? Dude.

  4. Now you’re spreading fake libshit news rumors about Trump supposedly telling people to inject bleach or Clorox when he has never said this, yep you’re totally pozzed Brad.

        • Jeff and James.. The apostles from the church of Trump of Latter Day Israel… The Zionists. The word “pozzed” should have he uttered by anyone that still has Faith in Trump, after 3 disastrous years. Embarrassing.

    • Remarkably Trump actually said this stuff. I don’t even know why he’s discussing remedies at this point.

      All he’s gotta do is point out that folks are de facto ignoring isation and that we ought to be looking at opening up schools again etc.

      • yeah…we don’t need to listen to HW or (one of HW’s other past Great Enthusiasms) Drumpf.

        nice hot day today in central mexifornia, packed lunch, rode my bike 3 miles to local beach.

        local yellow tape all ripped down by people already there, everybody enjoying themselves.

        fah Q, Jews.

      • Schools are one of the last places that should be reopened (ideally they would never reopen). There is no rush to get kids back to the systemic child abuse and indoctrination that is public school.

    • MAGApedes like James are claiming across the Internets that Trump’s statement was “taken out of context” by the “Lamestream” media. Trump was correct when he said that he could shoot somebody in Midtown Manhattan and people would still support him.

      • I did interpret that statement to mean that he could shoot a Jew on 5th Avenue and he would not be losing a supporter shooting that Jew.

      • The UV light thing is a little more realistic but it’s essentially a blood dialysis You have to irradiate your 8 pints of blood with a jab in your veins.

    • Yeah he did say that. The only possible defense is to muddy the waters with his incoherent ramblings. It’s the same stupid thing we see the Democrats doing with Bidens stumbling verbal dementia.

      What exactly was Trump suggesting be injected if not disinfectant? Sunlight and ultraviolet rays?

      Clowns to the left of us and jokers to the right.

  5. Maybe we have all these problems in this country because our leaders are simply incompetent?

    In a democracy, people get the government they deserve and they deserve what they get.

    – Hunter S. Thompson

    • “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” — H.L. Mencken

      • I will see that quote and raise you one – “The best argument against Democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter.” – Winston Churchill

        • The best one is by Thomas Carlyle: Democracy is a political system in which the vote of Judas counts for as much as the vote of Jesus Christ.

  6. because our leaders are simply incompetent?

    Right, no such thing as “leaders”, American or otherwise, sometimes, being evil.

    Nooo, because being and acting evil requires malice, and forethought .. and .. drumroll .. that would mean it’s an icky, utterly impossible “conspiracy theory”

    Remember goys, whatever the Establishment, or the Jews do to you is due to mere incompetence, NOT out of any premeditated plan to do you harm


    • @SOUTHRON…

      It’s a bit worse than you ever thought, Dear Southron – it’s an 80/20 mix of high grade premeditated malice, blended with just enough incompetence, corruption, and general lawlessness to make it the best cemetery grade cocktail around!

      Yep, raise that there Stars & Stripes high and let’s toast our great nation!

    • Southron,

      Protocol 15, Paragraph 11:

      “In this difference in capacity for thought between the GOYIM and ourselves may be clearly discerned the seal of our position as the Chosen People and of our higher quality of humanness, in contradistinction to the brute mind of the GOYIM. Their eyes are open, but see nothing before them and do not invent (unless perhaps, material things). From this it is plain that nature herself has destined us to guide and rule the world.”

      I figured out within a month of watching The O’Reilly Factor, which was my foray into politics in September 2005 when I was 16, that Leftists, or Liberals, as they were known for years, have intentions which are hostile and vicious. No person with pure motives could possibly support the policies that they agitate for, or the ideology that undergirds those policies.

      Then, in 2012, when I got into White Nationalism, I realized that everything I hated and despised in the Left was being pushed by Jews, thus justifying and vindicating every White leader from the past who criticized them, physically attacked them, and expelled them from their countries. There is a metaphysical war being waged by Jews to exterminate the White Race, and although that will likely not be accomplished through concentration camps or bombing raids, it WILL be accomplished through race mixing us out of existence, and, while we are still a racially pure people, by breaking our spirits and our will to stand up for ourselves. The hostile intentions of Jews and their White Leftist lap dogs couldn’t be more clearer. White people who support leftism do the Jews work for them.

      As much as I oppose this diabolical master plan, and as much as I support my race in the abstract and wish to see us triumph over this ancient foe, I’ve come to the conclusion after this COVID-19 lockdown that our enemy is right about us in one important way: Most Whites really are goyim cattle, fit for nothing more than to toil for the Jew, make profit for the Jew, cloth him, feed him, fight his wars for him, and raise him supreme over the Earth.

      I literally can’t even with this denial of hostile intentions. The evidence is laid bare for all to see. Our governments are NOT incompetent. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Everything major that happens in the world is planned and calculated. There is no such thing as a “surprise” that shakes the system. If the United States government had the means to wipe all White people worldwide off the face of the earth, they’d do it in a heartbeat. Look what they did to Dresden in 1945. Look at how they integrated the schools at the point of a gun. Look at how they spent the first 25 years after WW2 passing law after law, and decreeing court case after court case, ALL of it designed to harm White Americans, ALL of it designed to lead to exactly the situation we find ourselves in today: Whites in decline, Jews and non-whites on the rise.

      But nope, it’s all incompetence. No hostile intentions whatsoever.

      If we as a race cannot recognize the intentions of the enemy, if we can’t see their schemes, and worse yet, if we fall into their rhetorical traps and do their work for him, then we deserve to be conquered and vanquished. We deserve the Serfdom at the hands of the Jews that is coming for us. The dark side of me sort of kind of wants to see the Jews win, since the strong must ALWAYS triumph over the weak, per the supreme dictates of Nature. But, since me and mine would be on the losing side, I wish instead to see the weak among our race be cast out and forgotten so that the race, as a whole, may survive.

      I’m sickened to my core by the very thought that any healthy, normal White person would support a hostile government run by and for the benefit of Jews and Leftists ordering them to stay in doors under the guise that it will “stop” a virus that has killed less people than died of car crashes last year. The priorities of Whites who support this lockdown could not be more deranged or slavish. In light of all that, I feel zero contempt or hatred for the Millyaneeehs and Billioneyyyes who received a trillion shekels to bailout the stock market. It would be poetic justice if these corporations and rich people not only forced the government to re-open the economy, but if they also immediately terminated any furloughed every worker who refused to return to work. If we’re going to act like spoiled, fat cattle, wailing for free money from the government, then we should be treated as such. We have proven ourselves unworthy of dignity, unworthy of respect, and, moreover, unworthy of any fiscal help whatsoever from the U.S. government while this Corona Lock down proceeds. Those who support this shut down should be forced to pay the fiscal consequences of it. Let them eat cake!

  7. Trump is a dumbass sometimes. But mostly what he is guilty of is unscripted, unfiltered, stream of consciousness babbling. That has been a good thing at times. I’ve cheered him on for popping off some zingers at people that a puppet-politician would never dared spoken. This disinfectant bullshit is the cringe crap that ultimately undermines everything.

    Having said that, he’s also been lambasted for suggesting that summer weather will rid us of the contagion. This isn’t an unreasonable speculation, yet he gets mocked for it.

    And then here is evidence that he may be correct:

    “I see the death toll in Australia and New Zealand has risen to a staggering 79 and 17 deaths respectively.”

    This is the trend in the entire Southern Hemisphere from what I’ve gathered.

    From what I’ve seen, even Brazil, with a population and geographical size that is comparable to the US, and plenty of urban centers, has only had 3,000 deaths, and they’ve had a shittier response to this than the US with 50,000 death toll. I’m sure that they’ll be hit very hard by July/August when their colder weather sets in.

    • Spengler – bingo Re: Winter in Brazil – if this thing is true to course – most of the population will be exposed and asymptomatic. And old and sick people will die. Brazil and Sweden will be fascinating case studies.

  8. Again, another mendacious, and in this case intellectually juvenile, post. Your OD offerings have become but a series of bored, hero nurse tiktok videos. All the more insidious due to their snarky disingenuousness. Just what about the definition of disinfectant, doesn’t apply here? And to all treatments of pathogens? Our people may yet recover a Nationalist spirit and an impetus to action, but it won’t be initiated by girly-man sites like this has become. Get back under your bed or your wife’s skirt. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out.

    dis•in•fect•ant d?s??n-f?k?t?nt?
    n. An agent, such as heat, radiation, or a chemical, that destroys, neutralizes, or inhibits the growth of disease-carrying microorganisms.
    adj. Serving to disinfect.
    Serving to disinfect; disinfecting.

    • The urge to come to the defense of a “conservative” that is being relentlessly mocked by the leftist media is very powerful, but understand that Trump has betrayed you and that Trump is your enemy. Trump cynically exploited white America’s anxiety over demographic decline to get elected and then used his authority as president to pardon criminal Jews and do favors for Israel. In his speeches Trump makes a point of mentioning what he has done for every group EXCEPT whites. The DOJ under Trump has persecuted pro-white activists and allowed them to rot in jail on bogus charges. Trump brought America to the brink of war with Iran, and has now allowed pestilence to kill fifty thousand citizens.

      Hunter is right to join the left in mocking Trump. Trump deserves to be mocked and ridiculed. We must use whatever tools are at our disposal to slander his presidency because reelection is the last thing that this con man deserves. And no it does not matter who his opponent is because voting for a second term of Trump is to reward treachery.

      So please stop making excuses for this fat Zionist turd. What he said was incredibly stupid, and you just make yourself look stupid by defending it.

    • So stick a UV bulb up your ass, another one down your throat (satiating the closeted needs IRL for those proclaiming themselves manly online) and tell us how it goes, NPC.

    • I can now see why Johnson bailed out on the public appearances. What good can come from the public appearances at this point?

  9. I watched the video. Trump didn’t say what you claim he did. He asked Birx if they would be testing the use of heat, light, and disinfectants. He said, mabe you can, maybe you can’t [test that]. He then said he is not a doctor.

    Did not suggest anyone do it. He asked if they would be testing it. He got no answer. It was a good question, btw, but they will not be testing anything inexpensive, only patented drugs.

    Sorry you repeated lies, Hunter. It is not the first time. For example, regurgitating CDC figures and claiming they are true.

    • If some African leader had said what Trump said you would be laughing your head off and holding it up as a prime example of the feeble negro intellect. But because it came from daddy Trump it’s just a well meaning old man tripping over his words.

      Why are there still people desperate to defend this clown?

  10. Trump didn’t say what the FakeSpin media says he said. Read what he actually said. It’s a bit tortured, in his rambling way, but you have to take six extra flips and a double-axle to twist what he said into “you should inject bleach.”

    Please quote where he said that. This is classic media manipulation. They paraphrase what Trump said to spin the meaning, then they reference their own fake news as being “evidence” of what Trump said. There is a very obvious meaning to what Trump said, and then there’s the “yeah but if you think about it in a totally twisted way, he said THIS,” and that’s what the media reports, and you repeated.

  11. “I see the death toll in Australia and New Zealand has risen to a staggering 79 and 17 deaths respectively.”

    New York City
    Population density: 27,700+ per square mile

    Auckland, New Zealand
    Population density: 3,400 per square mile

  12. Now you have put me in the ghastly position of defending Trump THIS ONE TIME – but he was throwing out suggestions. His verbiage was very poor. People do make poor word choices. He was making suggestions. FYI what do you think antibiotics are? Disinfectants for bacteria. .

    He’s right about light and UV rays. Hospitals are using UV wands to disinfect. When they aren’t making grotesque niggerish rap videos.

      • Spahn – I know. He speak very plainly. But if you study propaganda , and communication in general – everything is at a 6th or 8th grade level, I viewed that clip. Every one on the world is mocking him. I understand – but how would all the mockers do in his position?

        Americans, especially, have been deliberately miseducated for decades. As far as medical knowledge goes – Americans literally ONLY know what Talmud Vision has taught – that you go to a doctor or hospital – you are diagnosed within 8-15 minutes (commercial barrage) you get treated (more commercials every 8-15 minutes) something may or may not go wrong (commercial break) personal issues on part of doctor/staff /patient (commercials commercials commercials) issues resolved, patient CURED in 45 minutes – or once a year some-one dies. Because “authentic” (Commercials!) ,

        I’m really glad medical shows are on the wane. The level of expectations they set up was horrifically destructive. Biology, like life, is very imprecise.

        Back to Big Orange – I REALLY HATE DEFENDING HIM – but he was throwing out ideas off the cuff. He’s a big blowhard, and in way over his head – but most people would fare far worse. He was throwing ideas out there. FUCK the verbiage. Most innovation and inspiration comes from some-one “throwing it out there”. Inspiration can come form the weirdest places. Errr…Newton and the apple. Ben Franklin and everything.

        How do we know there isn’t some medicine or treatment that can be developed from “disinfectant”? No – we can’t mainline Clorox or bleach – but how do things work on viruses, and how can they be adapted to work?

        Every single day – I’m more on the side of Corona Chan Like AIDS – you get it from lifestyle choices. There’s a LOT of trash that needs to be put out. “Kindness” and “compassion” have created a hideous world of malformed, diseased spiteful mutants. Who need to GO.

      • Hey Spahn , remember 2016 when Blormf actually spoke rather intelligently ?
        Its almost as if the minute he took office his cadence and speech patterns changed dramatically to purposefully make him seem stupid and buffoonish.
        What a clown world that anyone thinks any of this is anything but totally scripted.
        Its like a horribly made B-horror movie.

    • Trump is a rambling half-wit – If I want to listen to a brilliant orator present things in a coherent, inspirational manner I pull up some videos of AH on YouTube. I cannot believe that people that fashion themselves as WhiteNats could waste one breath defending this race traitor, anyway.

      • If you truly understand Jewish Power and its corrosive effects there is no possible way you could still support Trump.

      • *gasp* c d has positive emotions about Hitler, it’s UNAmerican I tell ya’! I demand ADMINISTRATION delete c d’s Hitler-Worshipping Anti-American comment!

  13. First HW posts the most outrageous, unsupported, and ridiculous propaganda. Then he retreats to a fraudulently terse and staid response mode to all comments. How obviously pathetic.

  14. “I see the death toll in Australia and New Zealand has risen to a staggering 79 and 17 deaths respectively.”

    New Zealand population: 5-6 million

    Alabama population: 4.9 million

    • Mitigation strategies matter, which is why NZ had so few deaths. AL has had over 200. So what’s your point?

      • My point is that you can’t compare New Zealand, whose population is about the size of Alabama’s, and the United States. That’s why, in my somewhat-earlier post, I compared the population densities of New York City and Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand.

        Let me say that again: I was comparing New Zealand and the United States, not New Zealand and Alabama, as you seem obtusely to have concluded. Any comparison between New Zealand and the United States with respect to this contagion is meaningless–and not simply because of the population difference either.

        • Excuse me for not reading your mind or hanging on your every word. You still ignored the importance of how the virus was dealt with by the authorities in charge of a particular location. How convenient. Your obtuseness is showing.

          • I never excuse illiterates, for anything.

            I haven’t ignored anything. I’ve pointed out that our host, by implicitly comparing the Australia and New Zealand death tolls with the death toll in the United States, was ignoring the vast difference between New Zealand and the United States. The two locations can’t be compared with respect to this contagion.

          • It isn’t especially bright to use non-sequiturs for insults. Proving your intransigence, you still ignored an obvious relevant comparison. Good luck with curing your egomania.

          • Okay, Boomer X, I’ll use the smallest words I can think of …

            A comparison between the island nation of New Zealand and the state of Alabama, which is politically, economically, and geographically part of the U.S., is as meaningless as a comparison between New Zealand and the U.S. as a whole, even if the populations of New Zealand and Alabama are about the same size; so no, I haven’t ignored anything relevant. Anyone who wants what might be a useful quick comparison can Google the numbers for the U.S. and, say, the Western European nations, since the contagion erupted at the same time, in thousands of cases, in all those places.

            As someone fortunate enough to have been born with good health and the wisdom never to have trifled with it, these travails of an alcoholic, obese, diabetic America that doesn’t watch its blood sugar and consigns its elders to Medicare dumps leave me unmoved, even to contempt. Accordingly, I personally have no real interest in such Googling. Should the contagion reach me, well, such is life among fools.

        • I used a different source. Nevertheless I was showing that Alabama with a similar population has been infected to a much greater extent than New Zealand.

          • Excuse my bile, Cap’n.

            Flu-hoaxer dipsticks have to ignore glaringly obvious things like differences in mitigation strategies. They’ll do anything to avoid facing up to their warped selfishness and bloodlust. The cogdis in their sociopathic little minds over this has driven some of them rabid. I’d rather they just admit their inhuman barbarism and be done with it. Wannabe killers here, just be honest and say: My conveniences and indulgences are what matter to me, so everyone else can go to hell. Economics has replaced your humanity; just face up to that.

  15. This is just as fake as anything on CNN. If you watch the video you posted, you’ll see he’s asking questions, not making claims. I’m not overly concerned about Trump one way or another but this is quite dishonest. And I think you know it.

  16. One would think President Trump of all people would be especially careful as to the words he uses and to the way he articulates his thoughts and the way he communicates verbally. One would think President Trump would be careful about how he expresses himself and would make sure to articulate his thoughts in such a way his thoughts couldn’t be easily misconstrued. He has to know he has a lot of enemies who would love to twist his words around to mean things he didn’t actually mean in order to defeat him politically. He has to know that. That’s why it’s surprising he’s so careless when speaking.

    He many times says things which can be taken different ways. He says things that could mean ABC or it could also mean XYZ. One has to guess as to what exactly he means. He expresses himself in such an incoherent way what he says can easily be misconstrued. He many times is disconnected in his thinking, He will say one thing, then immediately say something else that has nothing to do with what he just said immediately before. Disconnected thinking. Unclear, muddled, and wandering, are his thoughts as he communicates verbally.

    I know he has a college degree, but one would never know it by the way he communicates verbally. The way he talks, the way he communicates, he sounds like he’s in grammar school and not very bright.

    One would think he would want to make himself very clear with no room for anyone to misconstrue what he says, especially as he has so many enemies. But he doesn’t seem to think it’s important to articulate his thoughts coherently. He has a big problem communicating verbally.

    MAGA means having a president who is incapable of communicating clearly. He communicates, he talks, like the old Italian and Jew bookies in the Bronx used to talk way back when. That’s who he reminds me of when he makes speeches or answers questions from the press, the old time Italian and Jew bookies in the Bronx. It’s sad to have a president who can’t communicate any better than a bunch of uneducated Southern Italian and Jew immigrant thugs and hoodlums right off the boat who go into taking bets in alleyways in order to make some money, to “make a living”.

  17. If that was sarcasm, then it was the worst delivery I’ve ever heard in my life. No inflection or body language cues at all. But the man never admits an error, so no surprise that he’d try to lie his way to an excuse.

    • The only charitable interpretation is that he’s worn out. The whole scenario is terrifying.

  18. Arg! They’ve already proven this to be a big fat nothing. 0.1-0.3% fatality rate. Yet we have Hunter panic posting daily about how we should be locked in to our homes for 18 months, starving and running out of medicines some of us need to function daily because a virus with a lower kill rate than the flu is creeping around. Insanity.

    • 1.) LOL @ people who think a 0.1-0.3% fatality rate is killing 1,800 to 2,000 people a day.

      2.) I’ve said on this blog that I personally don’t care about the lockdowns and see them ending in the near future. If the lockdowns end, those who supported “reopening America” own every single day that comes afterwards.

      3.) The virus has a “lower kill rate” than the flu. And yet, it has already killed over TWICE as many people as the flu this year in one month. Makes a lot of sense.

      • The virus spreads quicker than the flu, up to 3x quicker, but it has a lower lethality. I’ll admit, I sat on the fence for quite a while on this subject, your site being one of reasons why. However, at this juncture and with all due respect, this is no worse than a quick spreading flu. As for the mortality, the Eurostat is showing the exact same overall mortality as the last two years, and for the recorded Corona “deaths” they are taking people with 5 or 6 illnesses and claiming they died of Corona. It got so bad the media was labeling anyone half-way famous they could find and claim it was Corona, only to get blowback from the families. The stats are fixed. It took Iceland testing 10% of its population to find out what was really going on… That it was far more widespread, and far less lethal. Dr. Fauci wrote on Feb 29th to the New England Journal of Medicine that this was no worse than the flu. Hyrdoxycloroquin also works, being that its run out of its patent, and its not a Gill Bates vaccine scam the media is slamming it because big bucks for the Pharma Cartel are not to be made. They literally took a story of a man drinking fish tank cleaner and said he died of Cloroquin poisoning because the fish tank cleaner had it as one ingredient. There is no need to panic, only one thing should of been done, and that was to close the borders, other than that everything has been for nothing. Where I live on HongCouver Island we have 100 cases, despite all the Chinamen raiding the mainland in HongCouver. All you need to do is have proper migratory controls and this virus will take care of itself. The MSM is already changing its tunes. The one curve we didn’t flatten is the jobless rate, which spiked more that it ever has in recorded history. Meanwhile the hospitals are all empty on account to all elective procedures being cancelled and the low corona patient count. This is even the case in hard hit areas, because they literally evacuated the hospitals so they have excess room. The media has been hoaxing this, for what end? IDK, maybe to slang their vaccines or new patented pills, to promote a new surveillance state, or to socially engineer a new normal, where we have to show immunity certificates to leave our houses. Are you going to still say it was worth it when food and medicine stocks run out, and 50% of our employment is wiped out?

        • 1.) If the virus was less lethal than the flu, then it would kill fewer people than the flu. 52,000 people have died from this since March 15th.

          2.) Feel free to point out where 52,000 people have ever died in a single month from the flu in the United States.

          3.) There is no proof that “the stats are being fixed.” Deaths are being undercounted because most states aren’t including people who have died from the virus at home or in a nursing home without a positive test result.

          4.) Total deaths are sharply up in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and New York City. In every case, there are fewer deaths attributed to the coronavirus than the the total spike in deaths.

          5.) Iceland has a tiny population which is why it can test everyone and stop the spread of the virus. Most countries are too large to test everyone. The case fatality rate also varies from country to country.

          6.) 61,000 people died of the flu in 2017/2018. 52,000 people have died from this since March 15. This will eclipse the 2017/2018 flu season in days.

          7.) Bill Gates predicted a pandemic would happened as did the U.S. government for nearly 20 years. It was an easy bet. There will also be a major earthquake in Los Angeles one day.

          8.) The media hasn’t changed its tune. Trump is dropping in the polls.

          9.) There are coronavirus patients in the hospitals. It is not a hoax. Non-essential workers have been sent home to prevent them from being unnecessarily being infected from the virus. Similarly, elective surgeries have been cancelled for the same reason.

          10.) There is no hoax. The situation is exactly as it appears.

          11.) The coronavirus is infecting workers in meat packing plants which is disrupting the food supply chain. That’s happening because the virus is real.

          • #7) if you predict ‘something’ for a long enough period of time, its likelihood is more inclined to happen. 20 years? Is that supposed to a prescient, reasoned view from Gates? Pfffft. I like your site, but you seem to have stooped to the lowest common denominator to Fear and Panic blogging. I kind of expected more reasoned analysis here. Oh well……..I, like you, have a high tolerance for people who disagree for feelings rather than data.

            You also appear to fail taking into account assigning Cause of Death as Covid 19 in order for hospitals to receive more federal funding. I supposed the U.S. annual deaths due to attacks (500,000) will drop dramatically due to those deaths now being coded as COD to Covid.

            Oh well…..

  19. One thing the Trump Presidency has revealed to me is just how self-serving, irony-deaf and autistic some anti-Trumpers can be. Trump was being a troll-dick, his forte, even I could see that about 5 miles away.

    • He’s owning the virus now, to own the fall out.

      Touting cures is a foolish malpractice for a politician.

      Rest, sleep get sun, moderate exercise, good diet.

      He should limit himself to more generic advice.

    • At the end of it all all the MAGApedes are going to get out of the Trump presidency is pissing off the LiB-uR-uLZ – no troops home, no Wall, no immigration regorm, no ending the Fed, no pulling out of the MidEast- NOTHING.

  20. No question Trump can be clueless and insane when the conversation veers from economics. He simply talks too much because he has an ego the size of Texas. Trump always thinks his voice must be heard all the time. He is a pompous ass going back to his Howard Stern days.

    He was poor in the beginning with the virus mentioning cringe things like ” a few people” will die from the virus. But so was everyone else. Pig losi, Cuomo, Dr blasio. Democrats were so busy doing impeachment forever.

    That being said, Trump goes up against a guy literally senile who says things like “malarkey” and “beat him like a drum” and yells at random voters. A guy so bad he is being kept in the basement.

    I cracked up reading the wenches on ” The View” want to have Biden on the show a lot to push him. That could be the kiss of death showing face surgery Joe a good amount. Will he call his wife his sister? Will he zone out again on video and have his wife save him again? Will he make more and more gaffes? Yes. Plus he just sucks. Stacey Abrams? Kamala Harris? Elizabeth Warren? His vp choices? No thanks. Pompous Trump it is over pompous sell your soul Joe.

    America is run by an old folks home and it’s tragic. Trump pushing 74. Biden 77. Pig losi 80. Waters late 70s. Nadler 72. Feinstein 86. Grassley 86. We can mention more. Seriously, old people, get out of politics in your early 70s max.

    What a disgrace lack of term limits brings. Pelosi at 80 is literally drugged out and glassy eyed nearly every day. This is what happens when you are in politics forever and pretend you are not in the final ten percent of your life. All she does is hate Trump all day. Disgusting. Yeah Nancy, you are young like Aoc or Josh Hawley. Not!

    • I can summarize your far too long comment:

      Vote for the gay-friendly zionist who has failed his base time and time again since 2017.

      My advice: Do not vote for any of the candidates at the end of this year. None of them will be positive for white americans although one of them will try to say otherwise by lying like a filthy whore. The truth is that the creep with one foot in the grave is more honest about his intentions than the gay-friendly zionist.

      • I will keep this one relatively short, Gary. To say Biden and Trump are basically the same is a comedy act. If you don’t see that Trump is superior to Biden, that is on you. Plus Joe baby has dementia that will be exposed more and more.

        Just because Trump hurt your feelings does not change the fact he is superior to Biden on many levels a high school student can ring off. Voting for none is a vote for Biden. I’m sorry my comments have far more facts than yours. That takes time to write it. ?

        • The gay-friendly zionist will start a war against Iran if he is re-elected, while the living corpse is likely to forgo such a war during his first four years as a president. At the same time, the United States is likely to have de facto open borders if the corpse is elected. So I maintain that both candidates are terrible and that only an idiot can vote for any of them.

          • Good. You stay home, Gary. You can wait another 30 years for your superman president to show up since the immediate future will bring us pro Israel ( at least for the most part) presidents no matter the party.

            It almost gets boring citing the obvious reasons Trump is superior to Biden. Just because Emperor Trump was not your touchdown throwing god does not mean he has not moved the ball forward a bit. He has. Trump has also shown not to be a warmonger despite Democrats and others saying the opposite.

            Iran is no friend. Obviously you hate all Jews and Israel. We get it. Me. I can distinguish between treasonous Jews and and Jews like Michael Savage and Mark Levin. Also, good luck being an Israel hating Republican running for president needing Evangelical votes.

            Finally, it won’t matter soon with Biden. He is clearly toast with his sex assault proving to be real more and more. Leftists that he needs are already leaving him. That will only grow more and more. Next will be him stepping down or attempting to weather a massive storm while he implodes. Trump just needs an average recovery by September. So, you can stay home while the 10s of millions of us “idiots”look to push the ball forward by even a few more yards more by voting for Trump. Biden or any Democrat represents an interception and loss for the nation which is very unfortunate.

  21. I don’t normally subscribe to the “dry drunk” nonsense, but in this case with the family history of addiction Trump’s impulsive behavior with dumb tweets and musing about medical stuff that he should leave to the experts his behavior is like a drunk who can’t resist the impulse to pick up the sauce. Take two other alpha male leaders: Bill Clinton and Vladamir Putin, can you see either of them acting so impulsively? Both are cold and calculating and think things through, if Trump could stop the “tweets” etc, despite the media hatred I suspect his poll numbers would be at least 5-7 points higher. I suspect a lot of apolitical “females” see this impulsiveness through instinct as the signs of a hunter gatherer leader who will lead the tribe into danger without proper analysis.

  22. What is Biden picks Tulsi Gabbard? Then he could eat away at Trump’s based but Kamela Harris, Elizabeth Warren, or Stacy Abrams and just going to solidify his base.You would think the demon rats would at least try to win back red state America!
    PS: quit calling America a democracy. A real democracy is like Switzerland where the population can vote on issues in referendums. Here ii is rule by a hostile elite 24/7! How is that the will of the people or democracy? My ideal Ethno-State would be a mixture of Orania and Switzerland.

    • Good points, Heartland. The truth is Trump is lucky wacky Joe is the Democrat pick. There are tons of videos of Biden doing and saying moronic things to counter the Democrat and fake media assault on Trump. Plus the doo doo is rising with Biden and the sexual abuse allegations. More will come out. Count on it.

      Biden is a complete jackass. The Democrats were in such a rush to defeat Trump, they did the equivalent of playing prevent defense in football and very well could lose the game. If the economy even recovers by. 35 or 40% in September, Trump will win.

      Biden has given up on red states and is forcing a. far left woman on the ticket. That woman may feel very uncomfortable defending Biden as time goes on. Joe is the worst candidate they can choose.

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