Hasidic Jews Have Been Devastated By Coronavirus

Here is the latest wrinkle in the HOAX:

New York Times:

“One of the first people Shulim Leifer knew who died of the coronavirus was his great-uncle. Then his grandmother fell ill, as did two of his cousins. The man who lived next door to his childhood home died on a Tuesday, and by Friday the neighbor on the other side was dead as well.

Each neighbor was given a small funeral, with a handful of mourners standing six feet apart on their front lawns in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Borough Park.

The coronavirus has hit the Hasidic Jewish community in the New York area with devastating force, killing influential religious leaders and tearing through large, tight-knit families at a rate that community leaders and some public health data suggest may exceed that of other ethnic or religious groups. …”

Hasidic Jews are disproportionately dying from coronavirus. It has also killed a bunch of rabbis.

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  1. This is the first time (((Globalism Inc.))) has suffered from the negative effects of the globalism they forced on the rest of us.

  2. Rabbi Perlow was 89 years old. It’s natural for someone who is 89 years old to die. How many other Jews who died were elderly when they died from “coronavirus”? Probably ALL the jews who died recently were elderly jews who would have died anyway. I mean elderly people die, it’s natural for the elderly to die.

    It is not a tragedy when someone who is 89 years old dies. Maybe if Rabbi Perlow was 16 when he died that could be labeled a tragedy, but he was 89 years old when he died. That is NOT a tragedy. I am not losing any sleep over a bunch of elderly jews dying. I don’t care.

    • It’s natural for someone who is 89 years old to die.

      Says who…?!?

      Joe, the world lived in a state of perfection, where no one died, let alone ever got sick, before the Corona did her dirty deed.

  3. https://www.rt.com/op-ed/486224-covid-flu-lockdown-strategy/
    With each passing day, we learn more about the coronavirus. And some studies suggest that the virus’s bark may be worse than its bite. Now that the initial panic is over, maybe it’s time to reappraise lockdown plans.
    A recent Stanford University study found the Covid-19 infection rate is probably between 50 and 85 times higher than official figures had previously indicated. The study looked for antibodies in 3,330 people in Santa Clara County. Antibodies develop in the blood after someone has been infected with the coronavirus and cleared it. And a much greater proportion of Santa Clarans had them than official figures had at that point suggested.
    If the findings — which have yet to be peer reviewed — are sound, then it takes yet another thick slice off the mortality rate of Covid-19. It would now be something under 0.14 percent, putting it on a par with, or even lower than, the seasonal flu. Hence the good news.

    Calm down, relax, its just like the flu bro.

  4. Again goys,

    Jews never, ever lie!

    They may want to destroy you and your goyische societies, but dagnabitt, they’re going to destroy you FAIRLY & SQUARELY, and would never, ever do so in an underhanded, subversive way!!

  5. What’s the difference between lying scheming criminal Hasidic Jews and lying scheming criminal Chabad Lubavitch Jews? Is there any difference? Or, is Hasidic and Chabad Lubavitich two ways of saying the same thing, two different ways of saying “lying scheming criminals” ? Hasidics and Chabad Lubavitchers, ((( they))) all look alike to me. Except for Jared and Ivanka, those two Hasidic/ Chabad Lubavitchers are polished unlike their fellow Hasidic/Chabad Lubavitchers. I guess javanka can be considered Hasidic-Chabad Lubavitch anomalies.

    Ivanka changed her name to the JEW name “Yael”. She got so much plastic surgery not to look like a Jewess, then after all that plastic surgery so she wouldn’t look like a Jewess, she changes her name to a JEW name. Her name now is (((Yael Kushner))).

    If you see photos of Ivanka/Yael before all of the plastic surgery she looks even more Jewish than Barbara Streisand.

    EVERYONE in Trump’s family is a JEW, EVERYONE. So he’s a JEW also. He’s a JEW in his blood/DNA. He lies thru his JEW teeth when he tells everyone he’s a “Christian”, a “Presbyterian”.

    EVERYONE in Trump’s family is a JEW, his own daughter Ivanka was born looking more Jewish than Barbara Streisand even and Ivanka Trump went through a lot of plastic surgery to try to look at least somewhat NON-Jewish, and EVERYONE in Donald Trump’s family is JEWISH, but we’re expected to believe that somehow Donald isn’t a JEW. Yeah sure, whatever.

    I’m of Italian descent. I kinda look Italian even. I’m going to get a lot of plastic surgery so I can look like an Eskimo because I don’t want anyone to know I’m of Italian descent ; then after I go thru a lot of plastic surgery so I don’t look Italian anymore but look like an Eskimo I’m going to give myself the name “Luigi Scungilli”, this way everyone will know for sure that I am not really an Italian but an Eskimo! ?

    Joos are a HOOT!

  6. Hi, I’m a (((Classics professor))). You may know me from my hits, “Now we have to talk about pederasty,” “Please don’t tattoo that on yourself” and my number one single, “Greece and Rome were never ‘white’ and you’re not the heir to either culture, in fact you’re probably just trash.

    Yeah , the jooz would never belittle us or lie to us…nah

    Many nations get conquered but western nations are getting conquered in the dumbest way possible…

    Someone from an undisclosed western nation wrote-

    “my country paid airfare for invaders and intentionally left borders unprotected while my tax money helped support them as i kept watching tv programs that told me i was evil”..

    All racist white devils should love and embrace the idea of replacing a native people with infinity millions of outsiders who a) have no loyalty to the people of the nation they’ve infected, b) will use your laws against you wherever it benefits them, and c) have no gratitude for how you’ve let them subvert you….
    And none of this has stopped one bit during the gookFlu pandemic….
    Yeah , we don’t live in clown world at all.

  7. The obvious (White [sic] ‘Supremacist’) response to this news would be… “if it’s not 6 million dead, don’t bother me- I don’t care.” which would be fitting, based on historical times without number that Jews have been expelled, or asked to leave, or slaughtered, or….. Well, you know.


    The other less tasteless opinion would be, ‘But why?’ And here we have mention of the advanced age of many Yids, and their inbredness, causing all sorts of medical conditions that would/could give them lowered immunity…. etc.

    But the reality is, (((they))) die, just like other hominids. but they are not (in any way) either 1) God’s Chosen People – ie., Israelites, 2) related to Biblical Judahites in any way, [cf. Elhaik’s DNA research] or 3) deserving of ANY special favors, by either man, nor God. They’re just another pagan religious group, outside of God’s [YHWH’s] covenant. Only Chrisitans are God’s Elect, and have been for 2000 years.

  8. They’ve Holocausted themselves. The just couldn’t give it a rest for a little while from filling up the schmuck buckets and dancing around.

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