FT: Global Coronavirus Death Toll Could Be 60% Higher Than Reported

The explanation for this is … well, there is no other explanation.


“The death toll from coronavirus may be almost 60 per cent higher than reported in official counts, according to an FT analysis of overall fatalities during the pandemic in 14 countries.

Mortality statistics show 122,000 deaths in excess of normal levels across these locations, considerably higher than the 77,000 official Covid-19 deaths reported for the same places and time periods.

If the same level of underreporting observed in these countries was happening worldwide, the global Covid-19 death toll would rise from the current official total of 201,000 to as high as 318,000. …

In all the countries analysed except Denmark, excess deaths far outnumbered the official coronavirus death tolls.”

Deaths are being underreported.

If the coronavirus was “just the flu” and had a similar death rate, there would be no dramatic spike in mortality because it would kill similar numbers of people. It hasn’t.

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  1. “Excess all-cause mortality is the best way to get around this data quality issue and reveal what’s really happening.”

    Absolutely !

  2. Speaking of increased death tolls, I was surprised to learn there was a mass shooting spree in Canada last week. The guy owned a dental business, but had a fetsh for police and collected police cars and uniforms. When his business was closed for Corona Virus he cracked and went on a shooting spree killing 22 people. He wore a police uniform and drove a police car while doing it. Wild stuff.

    • “was surprised to learn there was a mass shooting spree in Canada last week. ”

      Nope, it didn’t happen.
      They have very strict gun controls in canukland. Those things don’t happen , when they take away ppl guns. Canada is SJW utopia, everyone lives an ideal peaceful life.

    • Alex – yup. No is paying attention to anything lese but CoronaChan. The shooter’s name was Gabriel Wortman. “Wortman” is Ashkenazi as can be.

      • MSM said for days that there was “no known motive”. No picture of the killer was ever shown that I know of. Obviously he wasn’t a “white supremacist” or had ties to right wing “hate groups”. Down the memory hole. Mass murder doesn’t matter unless they can blame it on a nazee.

  3. awesome. Given that the incidence of CV infection/antibodies is 10x higher than the jew.gov version, that means the death rate is still less than 1/10 of 1%. Let’s all

    run and hide! At any rate, it begins to look like Donald “I’m for lockdown and I’m against lockdown”

    Drumpf will be Corona-chan’s ultimate victim. TY,


    • Haxo, we could say the mortality rate is inflated because so many people are asymptomatic and not tested. We could also say the mortality rate is deflated for the reason Mr. Griffin describes above. The average seasonal flu has a mortality rate of roughly .1%. If COVID-19 has a death rate that is similar, how come IC units, morgues, and funeral homes have become stretched to the breaking point? How come there is such an excess death phenomenon that happens to follow the geographical patterns of the virus outbreaks? Even if the mortality rate of this coronavirus is only 1%, that’s still ten times deadlier than the flu (and a hell of a lot more contagious). What is your answer? To all fluthers, what is your answer? Please, I would like to know. I absolutely believe the elites will not allow this crisis to “go to waste,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a crisis.

    • we wantee ching chong vilus to attack ONLY whitey but one of our chinese lab techs in wuhan bioweapon lab makee big mistakee and now ching chong vilus lacist against darkies — and auntysemitee against hymie sheenies … we so solly …. our heebie jeebie hebrew partners in bioweapons production industry are not happee about our mistakee…. our partners, our partners in bioweapons production industry just happen to be of the jooish persuasion, ((( they ))) wantee ching chong vilus to attack only whitey … but we makee big mistakee in the lab and now ching chong vilus attacks hebrews and darkies…. now nobody happee — because nobody like lacism & auntysemitism, lacism & auntysemitism not nicee… so solly…. will be more careful next time, hopefullee…

  4. Also, the spikes in excess mortality rates show the effectiveness of lockdown.
    Look at how Italy has dropped and NYC, contrast that with places that haven’t implemented controls. These stats can be the most crucial in revealing which countries have the most effective methods of mitigation. I’d like to see these for Taiwan And Czechia.

  5. We need these same excess mortality stats for the US and the various states and major cities.

    What would also be helpful, would be excess mortality rates by age partitions and race ……… I’ll just sit and wait for Santa.

    ( if we lived in a first world country, CDC and NIH would be pouring out these tables and graphs.)

    • The first you’ll hear of the disparities will be the moment the law suits by Afua Hirsh and DeGrasse Tyson start flying.

      Dat virus be rayciss n shit.

    • The CDC does have death rates from corona-chan by race, but they’ve sorta hidden them by putting them with the deaths by state. Not that I trust CDC numbers anyway, and there is a definite PC bias there. For example, the “researcher” they’ve put in charge of the corona-chan vaccine is a nogwoman who has tweeted about how awful it is she has to give up her foreign vacations, how evil whites are, and the racist nature of disease treatment (and therefore the racist nature of diseases, I suppose). She got her job because she ticked the right boxes, not for her knowledge and competence. She’s an entitled negress that got ahead her whole life by screaming how awful Whitey is, then getting placated by supposedly-evil Whitey with unearned education and work opportunities. Don’t expect a good vaccine from that incompetent witch.

      • “She got her job because she ticked the right boxes, not for her knowledge and competence”

        The very reason America will sink to progressive lower and lower levels.

  6. Why Venezuela has the lowest rate of infections and death in Latin America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PJz87A3s3g (Note: The U.S. is preparing to overthrow Venezuela to take control of its world’s-largest oil reserves, and other resources, and to make an example of it for China, Russia, Iran and other unruly nations to see.) Ecuador, which has been gifted a Neoliberal regime by the U.S. has the worst outcome so far.

  7. It’s considerably higher than reported – in China’s case because they are repressing what they know, and in the case of The United States Government’ – because they actually have no idea.

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