Georgia Coroner: We Don’t Have Room For The Bodies


Who should I believe? Who is telling the truth here?

Is it a bunch of crackpots in the Dissident Right or the coroner of Dougherty County, GA?

Daily Mail:

“A coroner who works in one of Georgia’s hardest hit counties has revealed that there is not enough space to hold the bodies that have piled up as the state begins to reopen. 

Georgia became one of the first states to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions last week when Governor Brian Kemp allowed some non-essential businesses to reopen.

The state has recorded at least 890 deaths due to COVID-19 with Dougherty County recording the largest number of deaths than any other county at 108. 

Michael Fowler, a coroner in Dougherty County, where there are more than 1,400 confirmed coronavirus cases, said that though his area is better equipped than it was three weeks ago, bodies are still piling up.  

He also noted that funeral homes are also struggling to keep up with the number of deaths. 

‘They had said the same thing: We don’t have room to keep bodies,’ Fowler told WBUR.  …”

Washington Post:

“I’m always driving, going back-and-forth between nursing homes, the hospital, and the morgue. All these roads should be empty if you ask me. But now I see people out running errands, rushing back into their lives, and it’s like: “Why? What reason could possibly be good enough?” Sometimes, I think about stopping and showing them one of the empty body bags I have in the trunk. “You might end up here. Is that worth it for a haircut or a hamburger?”

You start to think that way as a coroner, especially now. I get fed up. I know the governor told us we could go ahead and reopen in Georgia. I understand businesses are hurting and people need to work. But I see these folks out and about and I wonder: “Is this another death I’ll have to pronounce?”

My work never shut down. I’ve been busier than ever during all this. For six weeks now, I’ve been answering calls in the middle of the night, taking pictures at the scene, notifying families, trying to get those family members tested. We’ve had more deaths in the last month here in Albany than we normally have in six months. This is a small community, but we’re ground zero for what they call community spread. Our greatest strength has been turned against us. We’re close-knit, social people down here. We shake hands. We hug. We go to church and hold onto each other, and this virus takes advantage and keeps passing right along. Our hospital is full, and they’re opening up another emergency unit to create more space. We had 200 more people test positive just last week. We’ve got so many sick in Albany that they’re shipping some to Atlanta to find space. My cousin’s up there now on a vent with this virus, and it isn’t looking so good. Nothing’s looking so good. We’re right in the thick of fighting this thing, but all of the sudden this is the time to reopen? This is the moment for a tattoo or a trip to the gym?

I don’t believe in getting hysterical. It’s doesn’t do any good. This is a numbers-and-facts job. But we have numbers and facts that are screaming out by themselves. …”


“I’m a coroner in Dougherty County, Ga., the county that currently has the most coronavirus-related deaths in the state. We’re located about two and a half hours south of Atlanta, and my office used to average one death a day. But now, I’ve had to bring in another part-time person just to keep on top of our cases. The pandemic has turned the city upside down. More than 50 people have died. A majority of the dead are female, and a majority of the dead are African-American.

The virus started spreading at a couple of funerals. Those individuals who attended the funerals went back into their neighborhoods, homes, and churches, and more people were infected. It hit like a bomb. Within a week, three people died in one day. All three had the same symptoms, so we had them tested and all came back positive. Ever since then, every day there’s someone dying with this virus. Recently, five people died in one day. I’m getting called different times of the night to go out and work a case, to try to figure out what happened prior to that person dying. Did the person have a fever? Were they coughing? Were they aching? Were they having difficulty breathing? So many phone calls are coming in now that it’s overwhelming. I’m getting very little sleep now. …”

Maybe he doesn’t care about his community.

Perhaps what is going on is nothing more than your average flu season and the coroner is part of a vast global conspiracy against Donald Trump?

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      • @Ironssides…

        I thought to say that, too, Ironsides, but, I thought there is no point arguing about an anachronistic Russian term for a successful farmer.

        But, now that you have made the point, I second it!

        The term, ‘Kulak’, has absolutely no application to Mr. Griffin.

        • “””….The term, ‘Kulak’, has absolutely no application to Mr. Griffin…..”””

          Well. Such thins are decided by genetic white liberals. Most people had not a paranormal skills centuries ago but they were called witches.
          Also today, nobody has NSDAP membership card but they are still called Nazis

          Words are changing over time but genetic white liberal modus operandi remains. So there is really no difference , is your life ruined because you are witch, Kulak or racist or xz341 or whatever word genetic white liberals invent next.

          2-4% of white people are genetic defects and they hate and want violence only because they are pure evil. This tiny group caused all disasters in the white race history. Until we don`t learn to recognize them, they take over all institutions we have and white race keep going from one madness to another. If we survive at all.

          Most people repressed as Kulaks had nothing to do with farming. Like in normal liberal democracy, Kulaks are found by witnesses. Like Holocaust criminals or Metoo sexists or whatever

          • @Juri…

            I knew you would have something to say on this, Dear Juri, and it´s an excellent point you make!

            Yes, ´Kulak´ is a Soviet era equivalent of the 17th century denunciation, ´Witch´, or, as things are today in this country, ´White Supremacist´.

            The semantics change with location and time, but, not the craven & despicable habits and patterns of denunciation.

          • @Spahn…

            “@Juri: I should like to know what Russians today think of Iosef Vissarionovich Dzugashvili?”

            I can tell you from personal experience with Russians, Spahn – a certain percentage of them are actually nostalgic for the days of Stalin – incredible as it may seem.

            Those who yearn for a new Stalin are usually (not always) hard-core nationalists types with a rural background, and more men than women.

      • It is possible he was telling him to enjoy his affluent peasants, whatever that might mean…..or an unfortunate side effect of Lysol injection therapy/staring into the sun to absorb them thar UV rays.

        Either way, most states are letting folks get ‘they hair did’ on May 1st. Just don’t trip over the bodies on the way home, it’ll mess up your do that you did.

        One thing we’ve always had as a country is our priorities straight. Attack dinky little shitholes to get their oil for (((Exxon-Mobil))), yes. Save our elders? Ew, we don’t care about those kulaks, we’ve been brainwashed to hate people born on the wrong date, even if they’re blood of our blood. Who needs people? Lets expend energy telling fellow Whites how much they suck, cuz opinions! Gen X vs Boomer vs Millenial vs Zyklon or whatever the heck we’re labeling kids with now, get um!

        Whether one believe in Biblical prophesy or not, that thing about people in the end times who don’t have the feelings of normal human beings, um yes. Evidence is quite abundantly available for this being the case.

        As for the mark of the beast stuff related to the vaccine (which we don’t know will even happen this is an odd virus and they’ve been working on SARS for years with nothing): most people are carrying a chip card and a phone with Biometric apps on it right now. The very same Christians who claim to be against these things often have all of these things.

        The ‘mark’ is to buy and sell, without it you can do neither. Whether that’s a real prophesy is up to people to decide, but it’s not a vaccine, it’s a paperless global currency if it’s anything.

        • Emily – all kinds of people DIE. Old, young, sick, healthy – people DIE for all kinds of reasons. The Frankenbug spreads very quickly. EVERYONE will be exposed. Not that testing is being done – it turns out that THOUSANDS have been exposed and are just FINE. The lockdown is merely impeding the spread – THUS PROLONGING THE LIFE OF THE VIRUS.

          Wearing masks, if you are healthy – LISTEN UP YOU – WEAKENS YOUR IMMUNITY. You are rebreathing all the CRAP your lungs are trying to exhale. Can you grass that concept, MORON?

          Because you seem to be a real idiot – injecting yourself with chemicals, based in MERCURY – is NOT healthy and it’s NOT THE SAME THING AS CARRYING A CELL PHONE.

          You, though? You wear a mask 24/7 and GET THOSE VACCINES! GET ALL OF THEM!

          • Quoting the delicate flower ‘Denise:

            “Wearing masks, if you are healthy – LISTEN UP YOU – WEAKENS YOUR IMMUNITY. You are rebreathing all the CRAP your lungs are trying to exhale. Can you grass that concept, MORON?

            Because you seem to be a real idiot – injecting yourself with chemicals, based in MERCURY – is NOT healthy and it’s NOT THE SAME THING AS CARRYING A CELL PHONE.

            You, though? You wear a mask 24/7 and GET THOSE VACCINES! GET ALL OF THEM!”

            1. I didn’t say I’d get the vaccine.

            I never take a flu shot, as there have been countless adverse reactions to it.

            I believe in vaccine injury as well, but I know they also eradicate disease. Many SIDS deaths are likely IMO vaccine injury deaths. But with all medicine, it’s a double-edged sword.

            2. You don’t understand the sail foam reference, which is regarding people saying the vaccine is a mark referred to in Revelations, hon. The mark would be something related to buying and selling, as I stated.

            As for the rest of the post,

            Yes, Denise, I can ‘grass’ that concept. I are a moron. U normal.

            When they’re done looking for a corona cure they might find something for your 24/7 period you are on, and murderous-y rages. Until then, you go girl. 🙂

          • Denise, don’t listen much to Emily Henderson. I think that she is Corn-Cobb’s Hump and possibly has had a busy day planting pinto beans and sunflower seeds in Sherwood North Dakota when she isn’t trolling bowel-Movement blogs or Rabbi Linder’s Virtual Colostomy Bag NNF or TraitorGlenn Miller NNF. Corn Cobb is so 2013 when the fracking boom in North Dakota was going to mean that the Little House on the Prairie was going to be held in Little New Nuremberg / CornCobbville. Now the fracking is over and it is back to planting Great Northern beans and sunflowers and thangs are back to bust out on the Lone Prairie.

            Maybe I am talking about some-one or -thang else or Emily decided to quit trying to ovulate and move on with her life.

            I keep on trying to coonvince Bradifer when he is not all Cunthair Walrus that a bunch of dead niggers formerly (which means no longer) living within a half-tank of gas from him is a GOOD thang rather than that LeRoy Tyrone Jenkins and MuhDikkk crossing state and county lines foraging for Whigger — Itz whuts 4 Dinner & The Other White Meat — and good & delicious for silverbacks, she-boons and niglets. But Bradifer is less than adequate for either tactical or much less strategic thinking. Head Orange ZOGtard Buffoon In Charge Bad Bad Bad is all Bradifer can coonprehend now a days.

            Hail Victory !!!

            Dichter Von Frankenwhigger
            Renegade Phinehas Priester

    • @Solidus…

      “The deniers will note that Fowler is a Negro and that therefore his assessment is invalid.”

      Yep, and they would be ridiculous.

      Never assume a man’s moral character by his class, what country he was born in, or his level of education, the size of the home in which he lives, the car he drives, the colour of his skin.

      I have met honourable and dishonourable people in every walk of life, everywhere on this globe.

      • Can confirm.

        Albany, GA is only an hour away from my hometown. They had the first reported case in Georgia. The reason why it is worse there than anywhere else is because the virus had more time to spread before the lockdown.

      • But Fowler is a Negro. Isn’t he? And we know Negroes NEVER EVER EVER are on the take, and will do things for money.

        FYI – this is from a month ago.

        There were 3 count ’em THREE TRAGIC HORRIFYING Cohen virus victims,,,,maybe possibly. Now there are 60 gorillion. Perhas that county only has 4 freezes in the morgue. In THAT county.

        Why aren’t other coroners in other counties weighing in? I have done through 6 pages with my browsers – and this is the only story that turns up! There are 157 coroners in Georgia. Fowler (what a PERFECT name!) is the ONLY ONE blubbering about the bodies Maybe something weird is going on in THAT county.

        From Wiki:

        “2010 census
        As of the 2010 United States Census, there were 94,565 people, 36,508 households, and 23,422 families living in the county.[12] The population density was 287.7 inhabitants per square mile (111.1/km2).”


        ” There were 40,801 housing units at an average density of 124.1 per square mile (47.9/km2).[13] The racial makeup of the county was 67.1% black or African American, 29.6% white, 0.8% Asian, 0.2% American Indian, 0.1% Pacific islander, 1.0% from other races, and 1.2% from two or more races. Those of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 2.2% of the population””

        Ruh roh This was in 2010

        “Of the 36,508 households, 34.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 33.7% were married couples living together, 25.6% had a female householder with no husband present, 35.8% were non-families, and 30.2% of all households were made up of individuals.”

        Fascinating. Demographics are fascinating.

        “The median income for a household in the county was $32,435 and the median income for a family was $39,951. Males had a median income of $34,444 versus $27,848 for females. The per capita income for the county was $19,210. About 22.7% of families and 28.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 42.7% of those under age 18 and 15.5% of those age 65 or over.”

        So Dougherty County, Georgia, had a VERY high percentage of poor Black females, and their Welfare spawn. In 2010. I’m certain things have improved, n’est ce pas?

        A Negro Coroner in a place like that probably make a whole lotta money, right? Let’s check his bank accounts. I wonder if he’s has recent donations from the Bill “Needles” Gates and Manlinda Foundation…..

      • I second this. I’ve met some good salt of the Earth blacks and some jerk Whites (aka suburbinite SJWs).

        If we are going to convince the normies to join us, we can’t speak in absolutes when it comes to race. The point isn’t or should be that we hate other races, but rather that we love our own first and foremost.

        Now yes the bell curve shows on average which races are more civilized, however when it comes to blacks in particular, they did better under segregation (IE less crime, less out of wedlock births, etc.) Segregation worked until (((they))) instigated things and stirred the anti white pot.

        I try to treat people with respect until or unless they give me a reason not to. That doesn’t mean that I let my guard down, I certainly don’t. But we aren’t going to win the propaganda war if we constantly project hate for others rather than love for ourselves.

        Just my two cents.

        • @SC REBEL…

          “If we are going to convince the normies to join us, we can’t speak in absolutes when it comes to race. The point isn’t or should be that we hate other races, but rather that we love our own first and foremost.”

          Amen, Brother – only mental defectives would want to join misanthropic curmudgeons who spew vitriol and think badly of all except for those who look like, dress, like, and espouse the identical views they do and have!

          Absolutely right again – being Pro-White, and or Pro-White Southern, has absolutely nothing to do with despising others, but, loving our own kind.

          The only people who feel they must blend hate for others with love for their own kind, not only cannot balance two thoughts at once, they really do not ‘love’ their own kind, but, are using that ‘love’ as a premise, facade, and justification for venting their homicidal unct, or just plain madness.

          I do not know how many times I have cringed online because of those who claim to be ‘Pro-White’, demonstrate a behavior and advance ideas that are the complete opposite of European White Cultural Norms.

          My only consolation, in this regard, is that there are, oh, so many of these types on The Left – many many more, in fact.

          Apparently there is no faction in Humanity that has the monopoly on dæmonic possession!

  1. We need to hear the truth – whether we like it, agree with it, or are pleased by the source.

  2. Last week we were told that coronavirus attacks men more than it attacks women. Maybe having testicles makes one more susceptible to getting the virus and dying from it. That’s what everyone was trying to figure out last week. Now it’s women who are getting coronavirus more than the men. Unless coronavirus attacks white men more than it attacks white women and attacks black women more than it attacks black men. wtf?

    In Europe, the victims of coronavirus are White. We never hear of any NON-Whites in Europe dying of coronavirus. We never hear of NON-Whites in Europe even getting coronavirus, let alone dying from the virus , but in the United States the coronavirus attacks NON Whites predominately. In the United States coronavirus attacks Blacks the most, in Europe coronavirus doesn’t attack Blacks at all. wtf?

    In the TIME video, the morgue is empty. Bodies are piling up but the morgue is empty. If the bodies are piling up in the morgue, so many bodies piling up the coroner and the workers in the morgue are totally overhwelmed by all the dead bodies, then how come the morgue is empty of bodies? There’s not even one dead body, there are NO dead bodies in this morgue where we’re told dead bodies are piling up faster than anyone can bury the dead bodies. Dead bodies are piling up in the morgue but there isn’t even one dead body in the morgue. wtf?

    • @Joe…

      What goes unsaid, Joe, is that many of these Negresses are extremely full-figured woman, and then some. They are sedentary, out of shape and, as a result of the diabetes type 2 they have – and all the medications they must take for edema, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure – they are extremely susceptible to a virus – particularly one that is a bit stronger than the normal.

      Let’s be clear – if you are healthy, this virus is extremely unlikely to beat you, but if you are not it is a very dangerous thing.

      • ” . . . What goes unsaid, Joe, is that many of these Negresses are extremely full-figured woman, . . . ” no, they aren’t “full figured women”, that term is now obsolete.

        Henceforth all obese Negresses shall be referred to as a “person of size”. For example the beautiful, gap-toothed Stacey Abrams, the true Governor of Georgia shall be referred to respectfully as “gap-toothed, person of size, rightful Governor (who was robbed) Stacey, senile Joe Biden’s future VP able to pound down 10 Lbs. of KFC and wash it down with a half gallon sized big gulp drink for breakfast when she wakes up at the crack of noon.

        • “” . . . What goes unsaid, Joe, is that many of these Negresses are extremely full-figured woman, . . . ” no, they aren’t “full figured women”, that term is now obsolete.”

          Heheheh, how about fat blubberous slob with more rolls of fat than a beached walrus.

    • @Joe “In Europe, the victims of coronavirus are White. We never hear of any NON-Whites in Europe dying of coronavirus. We never hear of NON-Whites in Europe even getting coronavirus, let alone dying from the virus , but in the United States the coronavirus attacks NON Whites predominately. In the United States coronavirus attacks Blacks the most, in Europe coronavirus doesn’t attack Blacks at all. wtf?”

      That is incorrect, many non-whites in Europe have died from it, so many in fact that the predictable political capital is being made from it by the usual suspects.

  3. In my town of 3,000 folks we have not had a single diagnosed case.

    The closest cases were 15-20 miles away, this at an old home, where 26 cases broke out a month back.

    That it happened was a fluke, this because a pastor, from a town in Virginia ’bout 45 miles away, had had open heart surgery and was doing very poorly – post-op.

    Unbeknownst to everybody, this reverend was infected with the virus, and, when he was brought to this very rural convalescent centre, he infected just about everybody, before he went on to The Lord.

    This old home where the virus struck, picked on the wrong old home, because this home is staffed by caring and competent nurses (Black & White) that got every single patient through, without a death or without having to go to a hospital.

    All except for the pastor – who, to no fault of the staff, died as a result of having been operated upon while incubating the illness inside him.

      • @Denise…

        The grapevine has not been so good as to pass along our coroner’s verdict, Miss Denise, so I cannot confirm how they view his demise.

        Be that as it may be, My Dear, the thrust of my story was his infecting the old home, and the good news that they were all nursed back to health.

        Have a wonderful night!

        • The pastor died from cardio-respiratory failure.

          Perhaps he was doing poorly, post-op.

          Perhaps he would have “died anyway,” in time

          SARS-CoV-2 finished him.

          He could be an uncounted victim of SARS-CoV-2.

  4. lol I can see the reframing now:

    Who are you gonna believe? Your White neighbors or an affirmative action hire Black man? Hunter Wallace has gone to the dark side.

  5. Lets say everything this man says is true. The main take-away is, “more people are dying than morgues have anticipated”. Big woop. Morgues, like any business, anticipate demand and operate based on that. So saying that the morgues are full isnt necessarily a big deal. None of this justifies destroying the economy.

    • How well do you believe the economy would be doing if we had millions of cases, overloaded hospitals, and a 10% IFR across most of the country? The belief that the economy would being doing swell if we just let everyone get pneumonia and/or die is very wrong. America’s house of cards economy would be screwed regardless.

    • If Lil Wayne told you that your house was on fire, and it was, you’d probably spray it down with water though. Doesn’t matter if a band of midget-gypsies says something if it’s true.

      • Don’t mind Spahn. It’s a long tradition of his to periodically remind everyone of what a first rank fucktard he is. You warm to it after a while.

        • I see Anglin ‘s favorite twink has resurfaced on this site, like a turd that won’t flush. “Fucktard” is exactly the kind of bitchy and unimaginative insult I would have expected from you, Silverstein. You can report back to your boyfriends Weev and Azzmador at the Daily Sewer and tell them your mission here has once again ended in failure.

          PS…Does Azzmador still make you Stormer Book Club fags wear those little red Nike sneakers with tight jeans, belly shirts and American flag bandannas?

      • @Emily…

        That’s right, Girl – the truth is the truth.

        Don’t matter whether it the loudspeaker is built out of Holly, Ebony, Jacaranda, Bamboo, East Indian Rosewood, or dang Pressboard!

        • @Ivan, yes, objective reasoning. A rare trait on the internets, much more likely to find trolls who aren’t using their names, who are obsessed with other posters and come at them Single White Female style, then get a hillbilly goon to make weird, mental patient rantings at them too. For to laugh.

          As for me, since it keeps being brought up, I’ve got nothing to hide since I do use my own name and stand by everything I’ve ever written: I had a certain criminal, who had become violent for the last time, removed from my home by police on April 24, 2019. After having my windows banged on, 23 emails, raving texts from two blocked numbers, and a hand-written note placed on my car, said criminal was told by Office Tollin of the Renville Co Sheriff’s Dept to leave me alone.

          Found out recently that there was half a year spent writing about me online and making up weird filth, Marty Lindstedt level weird. Suggesting incest and other insanity. In the course of the insanity, the person attacked Billy Roper, claiming he and many other people were sexing it up with someone they’ve never met. They blocked him as well.

          This is something he’s done lifelong, and will continue to do. His family can’t even have him email, text. or visit and will have police escort him away if he darkens their mother’s doorstep, due to his abusive phone calls with her, the brother, and sister, Catherine Petersen, whom he said he wants to kill.

          Now…..I was talking about Covid and supporting Whites who have always been against the same things I’m against, and for the same things I’m for. I pick which environment I write in, and I don’t call myself things like ‘Frankenwhigger’.

          As for fertility, I’m not the one who was infertile, it was the 68 year old. He’s had a HS Girlfriend whom he said was BPD, same thing he says about his sister and everyone who rejects him after he abuses them. But that’s his and his father’s diagnosis, along with Schizophrenia and Dementia.

          I worked with kids who have autism for 10 years and had helped some pretty bad-off kiddos get well. I have that mentality, of being able to help those I care about. But sometimes you can’t help, and that’s why a person’s own blood family wasn’t able to, nor was I.

          Unlike Marty, I cared about him and tried to help. I saw him cry, I thought he’d be able to overcome things that are wrong with him, but I underestimated the severity.

          So let’s see: no criminal record for Emily Henderson, check. not using a fake name, check. only has committed relationship for 3 years before having to get the person away from me, finally having to have help in doing so after trying to simply put his things out of my house and on top of his hoard hovel, check. Clean and nice home, two college degrees, small business owner, check.

          In a new and normal relationship, fertile according to my doctor, and adopting a Latvian baby whose parents died, check.

          The person to whom you are referring has been in and out of mental hospitals since childhood, was put out of the home due to being dangerous to his siblings via the suggestion of his childhood psychiatrist, used LSD in the Da Free John cult he was in, and has a history of attacking his neighbors even unto today.

          Before he was taken out of my house, he was in trouble for violently beating his dogs, I and others had turned him in, I tried to get them to help the dogs without a big public harangue. The ASPCA went through with an investigation. and also the hoard conditions (no toilet, no sink, rats, dog and human feces and rotting food, etc.) is considered animal abuse. I fed them for over a year daily and took them water, I could see every rib on Bella’s body when I met her and gave them the only bath they had the whole time I lived here.

          He had to leave ND to work because he attacked the people he worked with, a man even jumped out of the car at a light to get away from him. From a place called The Command Center, where I helped him fill out apps and get a job, and he attacked people in their cars on the job, and the man I referenced. Then a rock hit the windshield on the way to a job and he called police incessantly saying it was a gunshot fired at him, cuz famous.

          Constant paranoia, sexual perversion (wanting to bite, and biting, his partner), hoarding, hearing voices.

          He tried to gouge his father’s eyes out, I found out later. Over a car he’d sold.

          The reason I don’t talk about that is because he is mentally ill, documented as so, and most who know him know this. It is only an interesting pastime to the Marty and ‘Denise’ types who are mainly online to be abusive White trash, coloring the movement as such, not because there’s a pandemic and they wondered what the WN take was from anyone like HW who has exhibited having some sense over the years.

          One of the reasons Craig hates Brad and Roper is exactly that, I said they were two of the more decent folks in White Nationalism, and I stand by that. But it is what it is, mostly crazy trash who are used by the very people the crazies cite, SPLC, etc., to say we are all like you. We aren’t.

          There are criminal charges pending on some of this, since lying on people and uploading pics of their house, then taking pics from accounts all over the net and claiming they’re you, and suggesting people harm them, including referencing them being dead or wounding their head, is a crime. Not to mention it’s insane.

          But hey, even in a pandemic there are folks who would think their weird obsessions with all the people they might can goofily irritate are more interesting than the actual topics at hand, or even life itself.

          It’s not to those of us who can function in the real world, haven’t been in hospitals, haven’t been arrested, have businesses, are educated, have children, and ended up making something that could’ve been terrible into a great life. If you are actually a good person doing something right, things will work out, often times.

          As for me being assaulted by weirdos for my past choice of partner, um no, won’t be answering anymore and have limited time I’ve been here to boot. I will however keep my own belief intact, no matter what kind of crud some crudballs want to pull. Someone making up a name to write on the net and be weird, that’s it. Not much power to it. Unless one gives it some, and I don’t.

          It also doesn’t turn me into a murderous imitation of that behavior, having it directed at me. It does the opposite.

          Everyone normal take care now, and remember to cough into your elbow and love your families, they are everything.

          • @Emily…

            Thank you for having written so much from the heart. I’ll read it, digest it, and write on it, as the opportunity comes to me over the next day.

            God bless you!

          • I’ve never heard of you before, Emily, before you appeared on this sight. Many strange creatures are popping in, though.

            Your commentary is very anti-White. You characterize people you know nothing about as “White trash” What an Anti White slur! FYI – considering the history you’ve just revealed about yourself is far “trashier” than any choice I’ve made in my entire life. You also slur the colorful and hilarious Pastor L by comparing him the loony you chose to involve yourself with. You owe Pastor L an apology – but you sound too defensive and immature to own up to your slander.

            I’m not interested in your personal life though; your history is dreary and boring.

            What is annoying is the fact that you and so many other are parroting the destructive nonsense and misinformation ZOG is pushing about the Plandemic. The BS is being deconstructed minute by minute, and the fall-out from the STUNT is going to be…very unpleasant.

            Honest medical personnel are attacking the CohenaScam – but like creatures you, and, alas the Host of this once excellent blog completely ignore ANYTHING that counters ZOG’s (((virus narrative))).

            I am dismayed that good people are having their lives ruined by Zogbots like YOU. But it’s drawing to a close. People are rebelling against this attempt at a Communist tyranny – and are discovering all sorts of interesting info about the malevolent demons perpetrating this FRAUD. The future is going to be rather messy – but fascinating.

            Now tell me “why” no OTHER coroner in the entire state of Georgia is spewing the nonsense that this Mumblemouth Negro is spewing? Tell me WHY.

          • @Emily…

            Some years back, when I became involved with The Eastern Orthodox Church, I dutifully began the process of cleansing, or, as is said in the church, ‘sanctification’. Thus, a part of my daily prayer life was to examine myself from the perspective of finding what, if anything, was demonic within me, this in order to remove it.

            As a part of that process was that I also reflected on the actions of those many who had been in my life, from the time of my earliest memories.

            Also, I am a novelist of the paranormal, suspence, and southern gothic genres. Because of this I have interviewed many people, and watched many more interviews of those who work in the field of demonology.

            As a result, I can share with you these things – not everybody who acts in a disturbing way is mentally ill. No, M’am, some have a demon, or numerous demons inside them, while not being mentally ill, or in addition to being so.

            As church exorcists will say : there are two kinds of demon possession – ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary possession is a person who is not possessed by any particular demon, but, who, through personal choice, has become habituated to evil and sinful behavior. Extraordinary possession is one who is possessed by one or more unclean spirits, who, without any particular effort on the part of the person, drive the person to certain behaviors.

            Signs of the demonic that you can identify online are intense cruelty, a vicious lack of respect for others in the commentary, a love of pornographic and or foul and or dimeaning language that extends to lacing replies with words and invented terms of such. A love of murderous phrases, words, or sentiments that show support for those who have been murderous. A hatred for Chryst or Christianity

            In Romans, Saint Paul goes into great detail about the habits of those who are habituated to ungodliness, and, as to the possessed, you can read of Chryst, for example in the beginning of The Gospel of Mark, when Our Lord comes upon the Gerasene, who has been possessed by a legion of demons.

            I tell you this not only so that you can recognize the signs of demonic activity and stay away from it, or, if you cannot always stay away from it, to interact with it from a Chryst-like stance of kindness that makes it hard for the demons inside the one who is possessed to act out as fully as they would like.

            When Saint Paul tells us to bless those who curse us and to pray for those who hate us, he is not just telling us this for the betterment of the diabolical, but, for the protection of those who are not involved with the diabolic.

            Given the way human life is, it is impossible to live a life completely devoid of demons and demonic people. You will find them at the grocery store, on an internet blog or a porn site, or, more commonly in places of iniquity – such as bars, strip-clubs, and drug-houses.

            Sometimes you just happen to wind up sitting next to one at the DMV, while you are waiting to take a test.

            In such cases, (when you cannot distance yourself) it is best to be extremely polite to the person, all the way summoning the name of Our Lord Jesus Chryst quietly in your mind.

            The difficulty in dealing with the demonic, Dear Emily, is that the possessed usually have no idea of it, but, instead, are completely convinced by the evil inside them that that which they spew is perfectly sensical according to the world and according to their own will.

            The demon(s) has completely taken them in, and usually it occurred many many years before they came into your life.

            A trip to the county clinic and a handful of psychotropics will not help the demonic, for they do not have mental illness, per se.

            One of the trickiest things in dealing with those who are suffering from extraordinary possession is that they can seem quite good for hours, or, indeed, days at a time – and then, bang – suddenly they are frothing foul stuff at all around them.

            It is a great time for Satan and his apostates, because most people actually do not think he exists, or that disembodied evil exists, and, because of that, the demons run rampant.

            Well, I hope that, in some way, over the coming months or years, that which I have shared with you here will help you navigate.

            When you bump into someone demonic, just identifying them as such you understand that nothing they say or do is about you – but, only about what has happened to them. That so, you do not have to be hurt by their sadistic words and gestures, in the brief time you spend with them, before you can correctly distance yourself.

            Brief time is the key, because, in the end, distance is the only thing you can successfully put between yourself and the demonic, not just physical distance, but, behavioral, as well.

            Good night, for now!

  6. How about they stack the bodies at Flutruther RamZPaul’s house?

    I’m sure he has plenty of room in his compound.

    Way out in the Ozarks.

    Far away from any other people.

  7. Ahahahahaha I left this site for a few days I can not believe you are still lying about this. When will yoy admit you werw wrong? When Tel Aviv says its ok? Do you even follow any of the doctors since you like them so much who don’t believe in this hoax?

  8. It’s pretty obvious a lot of black pee po are not following social distancing rules. It’s also obvious many have prior health conditions especially with horrible diets and being overweight. Are they disproportionately smokers?

    That video of hordes of young blacks literally up against each at some house party cracked me up. It fulfilled every stereotype of them being anti authority, dumb and lazy. It reminded me of a few college parties of the school I went to where security and police had to be called in to remove primitives from the college building because they would ignore the end of the party and not leave. Here we are decades later. Things truly do not change.

    I am not saying all blacks are like this. Many are following social distancing rules and have done very good jobs on the frontline. The problem is always too many are doing a crap job. Too many are in horrible shape and are disgusting in approach and attitudes. Thus covid is saying, ” bleep you.”

    I take this virus seriously and know it’s no ” just the flu, bro.” I had it. It sucked.

    Is it any surprise places like Detroit and Atlanta get it disproportionately? Atlanta also gets Hiv at rates like Africa. I am sure Detroit is not far behind.

    This is a virus people have to be disciplined to defeat it. So no shock when undisciplined blacks or lunatic Hasidic Jews or your occasional wacky pastors get it. All the above can be rather arrogant at times. Coronavirus kicks the ass of such types or they spread it to the elderly or sickly.

    • Now that more and more people are being given accurate tests – it turns out to rather ineffective, as a virus, after all. Some people get hit very hard – but life is unfair and always has been. Most will never ever be ill at all, and it was NEVER worth shutting down anything – except the EVIL WHO and the far worse Needles Gates and Manlinda Foundation..

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