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  1. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    They apparently didn’t read the memo updating their sincerely held personal opinions.

  2. Diamond and Sil did nothing wrong – except the atrocious hairstyles – but to each they own Chinese weaves.

    The 5G thing is absurd vis a vis the CoronaScam – but they are totally on target about going outside, and doing things to STRENGTHEN immune systems. They seem infinitely more sensible than that Gates Conspirator Fraudci. FYI Tucka cited the fact that Fraudci recently told people to hook up for casual sex. WHHAAAT? No social distancing? Well he said everyone is doing to die of AIDS – so perhaps that shyster just wants to move things along…..

    ZOG is pushing the CohenaScam HARD. Why? You seem to know. Any thoughts in THIS “viral” video”


    These 2 fellows are ACTUAL doctors. They cite their credentials. They are infinitely more credible than MumbleMouth the Coroner Negro Minstrel from GA,

    Everything they say is in direct contradiction to every deranged Official ZOG Swill you are pushing. Thoughts?

    Long term readers, who care about you, are begging you to STOP. Please stop.

    • Damn, I was too late – tried to access the link you included but says was removed for violating blah blah blah. I can’t stay up to date like others are good at. I am usually 5 days later to the comment section compared to all others. I guess I don’t care enough? I can’t sit on stuff like that. People seem to live for notifications so they can race to be first, kinda crazy.
      I haven’t been to this website in over 3 years and thought the format was different? It seems different. However, the name Hunter Wallace sounds incredibly familiar, so I will assume he was writing back in 2015-2016, as well. Did something change? Did this site go a little light?
      Just asking.
      It was amusing for all of 2 minutes to listen to Diamond & Silk. I hadn’t heard them in a while. I saw them when they first started appearing on Hannity a couple of years ago, back when I’d catch a Fox show at night once in a while to see what the spin was. I never disliked them at first, but hearing them gush over Trump at this point is just too pathetic for words. They need a new shtick. They are likable but it is too unrealistic to try to maintain this Trump Maga BS and they are making themselves look silly. I also don’t like how ultra ghetto the one sister sounds. I know why they do it – they get paid to, but still, it is a total slap in the face to white people as we continue to be soft killed, vilified, and watch history be re-written and get to see how much all non-whites hate us when we didn’t do a GD thing to them.

  3. These token house negresses were probably a little too ghett-o for the FOX News audience, even though they shilled hard for jews and Zionism.

    • If this is what you bring out and parade as committed supporters then optics is purely make believe.

      I don’t have an opinion of Diamond & Silk one way or another other than their popularity is nothing more than stupid white folks despicably fawning over nothing. If they were white they would be total unknowns.

    • Spahnranch1969, I definitely remember this username from 2016 when I used to visit here briefly. I am out of the loop with Dissent so didn’t know in what context this video was posted. I was surprised to see Diamond and Silk and thought maybe it was sarcasm related or comic relief. It was funny to listen to them for 2 minutes. I can’t believe that podcast was an hour and a half. People tuned in and listened that long? I guess that explains why things are the way they are, good Lord.
      It was sorta cute in early 2017 to hear them coo over King Orange F, but now it is just sad. What kind of people is their following comprised of? Do they really have a genuine following? I say genuine because I realize these presstitute types all follow each other for numbers purposes only, so I honestly don’t know if these Ghetto Gals indeed do have a legit following? I don’t wanna know!!! Older white men??

  4. He and the Republican Party are playing this propaganda game during campaign season. That propaganda being that Trump is a White Nationalist and all other races are the enemy. Pure identity politics. However we know the GOP will never ever embrace White Nationalism or any care for the collective White Race. However the Americantard Drunk Conservatives will believe that Trump is a White Racist that’s for White People. All while Trump does nothing for us White People. He can’t even defend the nation against a Chinese Coronavirus…..he sure as heck will never save White America! Deo Vindice !

    • Unfortunately I think a lot of, ahem, “white nationalists” are going to fall for Trump’s horseshit all over again. “You want Sleepy Joe Biden in the White House? With Hitlery or Odummer as his vice president?”

      Half the white race isn’t even worth saving.

      • Perhaps those two obese Negresses can find a new grift now that the scoundrels at FOX heaved them overboard. Maybe that champion grifter Charlie Kirk and his black boyfriend can hook up with them on Tinder like the good doctor recommended. I wonder who would give whom a disease or two then.

  5. Trump tweeted out that Fox News is garbage, and told his fans watch OANN instead. Perhaps Fox News is returning the favor, by throwing out Donald Trump’s Minstrel Show.

    • Bingo. As the bodies pile up the MIGA crowd are starting to turn on each other. And it’s beautiful.

  6. I might be in the minority on this but diamond and silk are hilarious, the whole black female “umm hmm, okay, no they didn’t” sassy black bitch routine they got going on.

    They are no doubt gop inc black republicans for hire grifters but diamond and silk are genuinely hilarious and always get a laugh from me

  7. Rejecting science and medicine? So when doctors say that sheltering in place is the 100 percent wrong strategy and that the infection rate is far lower than Fauci and the others have claimed, are doctors against science and medicine? You done drank the Kool-Aid. Good luck.

    • If you are referring to that viral video out of Bakersfield, CA, don’t believe everything you see on FOX News. There is a legitimate debate here. But that’s separate from all the flat out quackery and conspiracy theories currently floating around the internet.

  8. I am glad. I always though they were offensive. Like and old time minstrel show. I also wondered about their IQ.

  9. Candace Owens bumbled her 80 IQ and fraudulent behind to a fortune and White House role even after she said Hitler did nothing wrong.

    Fox and the white house are loaded up with dancing black people on their payroll. Who is the gentleman whose only claim to fame is that he loved fried chicken and white people? Terrence Williams I believe. He turned that one post into big money and regular meetings with Blormpf.

    When you look under the army of bots and paid Trump Grifters on Twitter now, i would estimate that after the sexual therapy “DR” grifter who posts 100x a day, the next most regular are black people with a MAGA hat and Patreon account & black themed I LOVE TRUMP memorabilia…

    • Plenty of enterprising young black folk have made a lot of money just by wearing a MAGA hat on camera. It’s the easiest money next to selling on onlyfans, and they don’t even have to take their clothes off.

  10. That’s a shame. Diamond and Silk are pure grifters who say whatever MAGA cultists want to hear, so they can’t really be blamed for pandering to their audience. Not their fault that the entire MAGA base is composed of Q tards who enjoy watching black women shuck and jive, with guys like Hannity and even Trump himself throwing gasoline on the flames.

  11. Rejecting Science? You sound like Greta Thunberg and her rally to “Unite Behind Science”. Wooooow, do you believe in the Global Warming Hoax?

  12. I’m hoping for a situation where Batshit Biden becomes such a liability that his campaign must be “temporarily suspended” for unspecified reasons and he permanently disappears from public view. As a result Trump runs unopposed. Couple that with ongoing fears over the chink flu and the November election gets cancelled. This ridiculous country gets thrown into a political crisis that results in the destruction not only of the two party system but of the government itself. CA, OR and WA secede from the Union and form a new Pacific States of America. This is the kind of stuff that could have made a great Gore Vidal novel!

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