World Health Organization Fires Back At Donald Trump

Is he right?

Yes, the WHO declared a global health emergency on the same day that confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed SARS and Italy reported its first cases. The Trump administration declared a public health emergency the next day and created the current coronavirus task force.

In February, Donald Trump received critical intelligence though from Jared Kushner and Steve Schwarzman and other billionaire donors to “ride it out” and treat it as “just the flu.” This was the narrative for weeks on FOX News. The WHO never advised Trump that it was “just the flu.” It is not the WHO’s fault that six weeks passed with virtually no testing capacity for the virus in the United States or that Trump was furious with Nancy Messonnier for spooking the markets when he got back from India.

The countries which took the virus seriously like Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and many others haven’t had nearly as many deaths as the United States. China officially declared war on the virus, locked down Wuhan and over 700 million people. The first death in China from coronavirus occurred on January 11 and Wuhan was locked down on January 23. China sequenced and revealed the genome of the virus to the world on the same day as its first death.

The WHO isn’t entirely blameless here. Taiwan notified the WHO about the virus in December. The WHO was slow in officially declaring a pandemic even by its own criteria. It is not responsible for the way that Donald Trump responded to the virus. Mongolia and Vietnam listened and got it right. Donald Trump didn’t want to listen though because he was too busy cheerleading for the stock market. He didn’t pay much attention to the virus at all until the stock market began tanking in early March.

Here is the original press conference on January 30:

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  1. The WHO screwed up early on and issued several idiotic statements but eventually took it seriously and got it’s act together.

    Trump screwed up early and kept screwing up and looks to be planning on making a career of it.

      • They also said the public doesn’t need masks and they delayed declaring a pandemic for far too long. By the time they did it was obvious to everyone in any case.

        • At first, the CDC told us it was incredibly difficult to put on a mask, so don’t bother buying them, sheeple. Yeah, stretching a loop around each ear is only for the 150+ IQ crowd. Glad to see the gummint is filled with quick-acting, concerned people looking out for us.

        • Sharru whoever – those masks suppress the immune system. They cut down your oxygen intake. You exhale to clean out the crap The masks force otherwise normally healthy people to re-breathe in all the DIRT your respiratory system is designed to blow OUT. I feel genuinely sorry for the thousands of workers FORCED to wear dangerous masks. They need to sue the SHIT out of EVERY-ONE involved in injuring their health.

          • Bloodthirsty harpy.

            Viral loads are not equal.

            Large droplets of snot and sputum from an infected person contain more virus particles than his aerosolized exhalations.

            A mask is a filter. No filter is perfect. Some filters are better than others. Anything – a bandanna, for example – is better than nothing.

            Wearing masks protects one against large droplets of snot and sputum.

            Wearing masks protects others from you.

            Wearing masks reduces one’s viral load if exposed to an infected person’s sneeze or cough.

            A reduced viral load gives your body more time to create antibodies to fight the virus, assuming that antibodies are/can be created.

            More antibodies sooner = greater chance of survival.

            Doctors and nurses ain’t wearing masks to protect infected patients. They wear masks to reduce their viral load if infected.

            Anybody who says different is full of shit.

          • Sharru whoever – those masks suppress the immune system. They cut down your oxygen intake. You exhale to clean out the crap The masks force otherwise normally healthy people to re-breathe in all the DIRT your respiratory system is designed to blow OUT. @Denise

            You are so right about this, Denise

            Driver crashes after passing out from ‘excessive wearing’ of coronavirus face mask | The Independent

            Police in New Jersey believe a driver’s “excessive wearing” of a face mask to protect against the coronavirus caused them them to pass out and crash a car head-on into a pole.

            Police believe the driver passed out “due to insufficient oxygen intake/excessive carbon dioxide intake” while wearing the respirator.


          • @DENISE…

            “… those masks suppress the immune system. They cut down your oxygen intake. You exhale to clean out the crap The masks force otherwise normally healthy people to re-breathe in all the DIRT your respiratory system is designed to blow OUT…”

            My wife and I would like to thank you for passing along, numerous times, this specific information. Though my wife once owned a health-food and herbal shoppe, and though both of us are diligent followers of what is really going on in the world of health, we did not know what you have spoken here.

            We both appreciate how intrepid you are out sniffing out the truth and barking loudly at it for all to hear.

            You weren’t a Blue Tick Hound in a previous life, were you?:)

  2. Hunter, you are trying desperately hard to portray the American response as farcically inadequate. Yet the simple fact, based on hard numbers, is that America hasn’t done too badly at all. It continues to compare favorably to a number of European countries (including Belgium and Switzerland) in terms of cases per million and deaths per million. (Cue the conpsiratards who just KNOW — don’t ask me how, they just do — that the REAL deaths are much higher.) So even if the response could be described as inadequate, it hasn’t been uniquely so.

    And of course, the WHO’s recommendation not to close borders was a much greater sin than a politician imagining that it could be ridden out.

    • No, I have said for months now that liberalism, not the virus, is what is killing people. The same is true of the other liberal countries of Western Europe with the exception of Germany due to its healthcare system.

  3. The WHO is staffed with clowns. I don’t think either aisle of the Coronavirus Response would disagree with that. Anyone who was following shit back then knows that the CDC took it more seriously and were giving more accurate information than the WHO who basically went along with whatever China told them. It wasn’t until Kushner and Co started actively inserting narratives did the CDC start becoming untrustworthy.

    Donald is smarter than that WHO director. My dog is. That guy is a mouthpiece of the Chinese government and has no right to criticize anyone for their response to the virus. RamZPaul would be better as Chief Director at the WHO.

    • The CDC screwed up the coronavirus tests in February and they tried to stop the Seattle doctor from testing for the virus but she went ahead anyway. Nobody has covered themselves in glory.

      There is lots of blame to go around for what happened which is exactly what you would expect of a dysfunctional overly politicized government.

    • Good for you, Outlander. You’re starting to back away from the PLANDEMIC of long term Psycho Needles Gates, his own little cabal of Demented Darkies known as the WHO (they do what Massa Bill tells ’em to do), and his other cohorts. Good for you.

      Tell me about Gates and his adventures in India and Africa.

    • The WHO is staffed by specialists in creating famine and pestilence.

      Note to self. Build bug out bunker in New Zealand. That’s the Billionaire bolt hole.

  4. The Republicans and Trump keep putting the blame on China and the World Health Organization but we know it’s all because this country will never admit any wrong or never take responsibility for anything. It came from China and it could have stayed in China but Trump is a liar and always will be. He should lose the election because he didn’t keep us safe and he screwed his economy in the process. Deo Vindice !

    • Trump deserves to lose the election over this alone. There will be a lot of finger pointing and excuse making but he’s POTUS. The buck stops there. Own it Trump.

  5. Goys.

    We are literally seeing why we have borders and the moral, epidemiological, medical, economic, military, social utility of a hard ass enforcing a border. Except its a goofy looking chick who is a Liberal who’s stolen the credit. The Kiwis are ecological fascists underneath all the humanitarianism and huggy feely bullshit. Threaten their ecotopia? They’ll go to full War Emergency Power to protect their paradise.

  6. “The WHO isn’t entirely blameless here. Taiwan notified the WHO about the virus in December”.

    This is factually incorrect, although it was reportedly widely. Look into it. Its fake news.

  7. To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men, their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.

    Brock Chisholm – First Director General of the United Nations WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION.

  8. Saddened to see Oriental Dissent once again run interference for the yellow peril Chi-coms!

    The God Emperor has done a terrific job and has also CLOSED THE BORDER,. (Something Shrub should have done after 9/11)

    Far as I can tell Oriental Dissent is racially an EGG. White on the out-side but creamy yellow on the inside!

  9. WHO has the most to blame. COVID would be China isolated if it weren’t for these idiotic windbags. But now we are under totalitarian lockdown for a NEO-FLU when all that was needed was a quick isolated lockdown. Now the holocough will become legend and fear for many consumers of Schindlervision, like the poor 6 Million.

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