Coronavirus Trutherism

What is the IFR of COVID-19?

It is probably 0.5% to 1%, not 0.1% like the flu, which explains the deaths we are seeing. The fact is, if it was only as deadly as, say, swine flu, it would have killed a similar number of people.

A year ago, I could have never imagined this scenario of agreeing with Chris Hayes over Tucker Carlson. Just a few months ago, I didn’t anticipate that Trump would have to stare down a pandemic either. I assumed nothing big would happen and he would KAG his way to the 2020 election with Charlie Kirk. No one could have imagined a blackpilled scenario of this magnitude.

Note: As an INTP, this kind of problem is right up my alley though.

Hu Xijin is too smart to be on American television:

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  1. Brad, you need to return to sober critique and abandon this new alarmist stance.

    It doesn’t have to be a pissing contest. Mature rational adults can agree to disagree.

  2. So you agree that big-box stores stay open, mom-and-pop stores stay closed; that abortion clinics keep operating while churches are closed? It makes not sense and Tucker is right here–that’s not science, it’s politics.

  3. There is a disturbing trend I’ve noticed. In the UK the media are promoting the story of this old soldier called Captain Tom, now a breveted Colonel with an honorary commission from the Queen. He’s been fund raising by walking around in quarantine in his lovely looking house garden in Bedfordshire. Anyway, he he’s raised millions and is soaking up 24/7 news coverage. He is well on his way to being the official face of the pandemic. Yet of course he’s not actually been infected. Let that sink in. The PR flacks have managed to make a vigorous 100 year old man the face of a botched political decision by Boris Johnson and a botched response by a gigantic NHS (no thorough epidemiological surveys of general population for Covid19 at peak of infection.)

    Let’s clap the spiritedly game 101 year old man.

    Let that sink in. The entire lockdown may have been done to protect the image of the NHS, saving them from embarrassing footage of helpless gasping people in hallways at hospitals and nothing to do with stopping this disease cold by closing airports in time.

    The Floophers could be concentrating fire of the face saving shit that institutions and politicos have done instead of saying it ain’t happening at all. Instead of pointing out that racial distancing is a common good or that we have to look at the data, instead we have vast institutions failing to gather and present good data and at the same time refuse care to people who get sick.

  4. The Chinese know the Jews are at war with them too. The Jews are the ones who believe themselves to be chosen to hold dominion over all non-Jews and China’s rise is seen as a threat to the mentally and emotionally unstable Jew. How does the unstable Jew respond to a threat? It is right in front of you.

  5. This business with Xi Jinping’s Chicom Crud reminds my of what happen after Charlottesville when a bunch of people pointed fingers at each other over the ensuing debacle. It’s amusing and sad at the same time.

  6. Bill Gates-pushed lockdown and the massive ‘WFH’ Work from Home pivot, have resulted in huge profits for Bill Gates’ Microsoft, as companies massively adopt Microsoft’s corporate cloud computing services

    Adding greatly to the net worth of Gates himself and his billionaire friends

    “Microsoft Corp. announced the following results for the quarter ended March 31, 2020, as compared to the corresponding period of last fiscal year:

    Revenue was $35.0 billion and increased 15%
    Operating income was $13.0 billion and increased 25%
    Net income was $10.8 billion and increased 22%
    Diluted earnings per share was $1.40 and increased 23%”

    Deaths from life disaster impact stress of lockdown economic destruction, will far exceed deaths from coronavirus:

    “Virtually everything mandated by government to combat this virus is extremely detrimental to life, and this may be by design.

    The more stress evident, the weaker the immune system. When the immune system has to go into action in order to alleviate mental and physical symptoms due to stress on the body, this leaves the body undefended … people will get sick simply because of undue stress, stress now intentionally caused by this incompetent government.

    Unemployment causes stress, fear causes stress, financial problems cause stress, foreign agents in the form of vaccines cause stress, hunger causes stress, worry, isolation, and lack of physical activity causes stress, self-imprisonment causes stress, and any relationship or family problems due to these factors causes extreme stress.

    Wearing a mask causes immediate stress to the body due to restricting airflow, and anyone with a weak immune system or with any respiratory issues whatsoever, is very susceptible to harm in this circumstance.

    The bottom line is this; sickness and death due to the government response to this manufactured pandemic will be multiple times greater than the death toll due to this coronavirus.”

    People dying not from Covid-19 but from Lockdown-20

    • Re: “Wearing a mask causes immediate stress to the body due to restricting airflow”:

      Old farmers, miners, textile workers, welders and others who are disabled and dying slowly with dusty lungs wish that they had worn respirators at work all day every day.

  7. I feel as if everyone’s missing the big picture. No matter how much economic distress the lockdown might cause in the short term, as many whites as possible must be preserved, so they can see their descendants miscegenated out of existence.

      • Exactly, Captain–because obviously my post was unironic.

        You’re a wrecking ball to my high estimation of the English mind.

          • I took it that you were referring to me, because it’s not unusual for you to snipe at me even after any number of profitable exchanges we’ve had. If you weren’t sniping at me, then I don’t know what you were saying, and I don’t understand your follow-up either.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      You, My Good Sir, are exceedingly over the limit that has been set by the National Office for individual ascerbick wit & ironick quips!

      Try to rein thyself in, okay?

      We are no longer disposed for this kind of endeavour anymore, I hope a spot of contrition wilt constrain thee to realize.

  8. So what is the infection rate? It is 80 times more contagious than the flu? What is the overall death rate? Its seems even the experts cannot agree or do not know.

  9. The truth is the experimental virus hit the beloved multi-racial DIVERSITY cities of the one world order devil’s the hardest.

    White Europeans worldwide will eventually figure out that RACIAL DISTANCING is the only solution.


    2 Esdras:16:19

    Famine and plague, tribulation and anguish are sent as scourges for the correction of humankind.


    Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you do not take part in her sins, and so that you do not share in her plagues.

  10. Hunter, do you view those who still question the natural source theory as “flu truthers”?

    The natural source theory is settled truth in Western, mainstream media, although a wild bat or pangolin carrying this unusual virus has not yet been discovered – the closest relative found in horseshoe bats being only about 92% genetically identical to SARS Co-V2. I think the accidental lab release theory and intentional biowarfare theory are not yet completely implausible, considering the U.S.’s long, well-documented history of bioweapons research and development, stockpiling, and actual use against a number of countries over more than fifty years, and the large number of U.S. biological weapons-related (but “entirely” peaceful) biological research facilities currently in operation, mostly overseas in Asia, Africa and Europe: In Ukraine alone, the U.S. “participates” in the operation of no less than 15 biological research facilities: “Since these labs’ deployment, Ukraine has faced mysterious outbreaks of otherwise inexplicable dangerous diseases, such as the 2009 outbreak of hemorrhagic pneumonia, the 2011, 2014 and 2015 cholera outbreaks, and an outbreak of hepatitis A in 2017. In early 2016, at least 20 Ukrainian servicemen were reported to have died from a flu-like virus, with 364 more people succumbing to swine flu months later. The opposition stressed: ‘The Ukrainian people have the right to know about secret programs’: I do not understand why some have no burning desire to know “What is the origin of this pandemic?” I know, we must forget about history now, and live in the moment : concentrating on controlling and trying to cure it, and learn history later.

      • I think it’s very likely a synthetic virus. It’s hitting a sweet spot that’s too damned wierd.

        • It’s popular opinion in many non-Western countries, and also a common view (they say: “That’s the first thing I thought of”) among rural Whites in Pennsyltucky. Nevertheless it remains a natural disease until there is hard evidence to the contrary. The Chinese, Iranians, Russians, and others have been searching for it.

  11. Again,

    We just don’t know.
    The only solid numbers we have are the excess mortality figures.
    The other numbers are so questionable that any calculations based on those numbers produce little more than statistical noise.

  12. Who is John Galt? He is a corpse.

    John attend a “Lift the lockdown” protest rally a few weeks ago, without a mask or safe distancing. A young healthy looking woman standing beside him was a “non-symptomatic” harbinger of death.

    John Galt want her phone number; she gave him a death sentence instead.

    Of course in the larger scheme of things John was just a statistic; a fictional champion of individualism and personal liberty. He was the figment of a Russian Jewess, who despised any collective action or philosophy other than that of self-gratification. She was the virtue of selfishness.

    So as John rots in the ground, his mortal flesh; first consumed by Covid-19, is now a gourmet feast for worms, his comrades in the Tea Party and MAGA carry on; oblivious to this death, and that of 62,000 other Americans and counting.

    Tea Party Patriots must party like it’s 1776.

    Who is John Galt? He is a corpse.

  13. Well,well,well!Look what we have here!
    “ The World Health Organization lauded Sweden as a “model” for battling the coronavirus as countries lift lockdowns — after the nation controversially refused restrictions.

    Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said Wednesday there are “lessons to be learned” from the Scandinavian nation, which has largely relied on citizens to self-regulate.

    “I think there’s a perception out that Sweden has not put in control measures and just has allowed the disease to spread,” Ryan told reporters. “Nothing can be further from the truth.”

    • The reason that Scandinavia works so well is that there are no rules, but naturally the Scandies follow those rules scrupulously.

      See Jante Law on wiki. It’s an ideal for living. Copenhagen and Stockholm are two of niceyest places on earth because they are full of Danes and Swedes.

  14. Yea “smart” people sure not gonna be on TV in the US. Only those who follow the line as a Democrat or a Republican. The whole state run media in foreign countries is called The Associated Press here. However it’s not just the AP but the rest of the mainstream media. You’ll find a few good ones in the mainstream media (by that I include Fox News in that category) and that’s why having an educated view of things and being open minded in terms of hearing and embracing facts. Covid-19 is a serious deal just like the Flu was back in the day. Covid-19 was 100% created in a Chinese Lab and it got out. Fact. However the whole blame the Chinese think is incorrect because all industrial nations test have created and stockpiled Biological and Chemical Weapons over the years. Sames goes for Nuclear Weapons in industrialized nations. The US gets all mad because say North Korea or Iran have or will have Nukes…..but this country has plenty of Nukes. Why don’t we all run away from the giant Cliff the world is on and stop creating and stockpiling Biological, Chemical, and Nuclear Weapons. We can all live on Earth together…’s time for Peace and Respect in the World. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian Pace…

      Your plea, Dear Brian, is way too good-natured, humanitarian, and logical for this world.

      Try to be mean-spirited, churlish, and misanthropick like the rest of us…

  15. Some states are reopening, but others are extending their stay-at-home orders. MN was originally supposed to have reopened on May 5th. Today, the governor postponed it until May 18th. CA recently decided to extend their shutdown until June 1st. The protests against being homebound will now really begin ramping up the intensity level.

  16. Anglin was originally upset that Trump allowed the disease to spread, he switched tack to Trump apology mode for trolling/popularity.

    The big mistake is assuming that this so-called “shutdown” is actually going to have long term economic impact say the way shutting down Chinese production would. The US doesn’t actually produce anything, a few weeks off of leisure activities being paid for just creates some red ink when we swim in an ocean of red ink already. If Jews want to prop things up they will, if they want to crash them, they will, virus or no virus.

    I do think Trump’s addiction to lying (we need to understand that he is a sincere shitlib like his daughter) about numbers (and let’s face it, the shitlibs would gladly euthanize old people to pad death totals( will lead eventually to controversy about the overall death count. We had better hope this virus really does go away because Trump will go back to complete denial as soon as feels he can get away with it.

  17. Shitlibs (like NYC Jew mob puppets Trump and Cuomo) were the original deniers of the seriousness of this disease. Why conservatives always have to pick up what shitlibs discard is a mind-boggling phenomenon.

    • It’s completely fucking nuts to have gone into a denial mode. Although, almost everyone is in denial in certain ways from the mundane to the meta. My dad, I told him that Martial Law was coming, bought him masks, PPE, bought beer, staples and luxuries over to him in February. I week he’d eaten all the porridge he had on hand. Asked me to buy Quakers Oats. I was like, dad why didn’t you buy boxes of it, you had six weeks to get it done for yourself. He still didn’t understand what markets were like two weeks into the official shutdown. Or that this was even happening to interrupt shopping.

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