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  1. Hasn’t he all but admitted that it’s all about muh freedom with him? The statistics are secondary. If they help, he’ll use them. If not, well no crisis could be severe enough to justify exerting some degree of government control over his life anyway.

    He’s not a bad dude, and he’s entitled to his views. But that’s not a position I can support.

      • Nobody’s proved him wrong yet, and states are reopening. He was wise not to attack Richard Spencer, despite the latter unloading on him. If RAMZ proves to be right about this – and I admire him for sticking to an unpopular position from the outset, although I lean the other way – then Spencer’s cred is in the mud and RAMZ’s stock will break the NASDAQ ceiling.

      • I have a problem with him, but I can spot them and this movement can’t. Case in point, I didn’t vote or campaign for Trump in 2016.

        It is no mystery. RamZPaul has been echoing GOP talking points all the way. He isn’t nationalism infiltrating the GOP, he is the GOP infiltrating nationalism.

  2. What’s so hard about protecting your own folks? Just a couple months of discipline.

  3. The disheveled 60 year old nerd thing worked ironically for RamZ and allowed him to come across with a unique vibe during edgy takes ranging from immigration to greatest allies… But when he went ice cold and fully QTard “just the flu bro”, you suddenly realize there is no irony there. He is just an atypical Boomer sitting in front of dog eared paperback books from the 80s, claiming the sky is falling if the economy doesn’t open.

    • He doesn’t even have a book shelve. It looks like he bought his books at a rummage sale. I don’t care if he wears a suit his back drop is an unorganized mess I would be ashamed to show that clutter off. I bet if you go back in his older vids the books haven’t moved. Typical boomer hoarder.

  4. I’ll believe the flu-truthers when they start the “Coronavirus challenge” on social media.

    Start licking doorknobs already & prove how right you are.

    By December 2020, we will have AT LEAST 250,000 deaths from Coronavirus- and they flu-truthers will stick their fingers in their ears and scream “hoax!” (The ones that aren’t dead of course)

  5. So the conservative libertatians will get everyone infected in food production country. Then the people who are too sick to work will stop making food, and the ones who can still work will contaminate the food that is produced. So there will be a new food shortage, while at the same time people will be scared to eat the food that is in the supermarkets. So you will have hungry paranoid people + millions more infected all around the country + overflowing hospitals + less people able to work.

    In the world’s most heavily armed country, what do you think happens next? Will it be good for the economy?

    • Blompf shows who he really works for, when he invoked the Defense Production Act to force slaughterhouse workers back to work. Screw their fears and concerns, even though co-workers are getting sick and dying around them.

      The nature of the job is to cut up something like 1100 hogs an hour on the line, so workers have to be close together for efficiency’s sake. PPE hasn’t often been provided for the workers, and the close quarters means accidents like cutting other people often happens. Corona-chan can easily spread under the circumstances, and illness will increase mishaps and their deadliness.

      The meatcutters also have not received hazard pay or (often) any sick time, because of the unbridled greed of the company owners. Many slaughterhouses are in Iowa, and the governor there said that because of Blompf and the DPA declaration, people not showing up for work wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment. If you’re sick or burned out, too bad for you, peon. Tyson and their ilk are making money hand over fist, so suck it up for your masters. Don’t expect any extra pay or any help from your betters either, peasant. I hope some major social upheavals will be coming soon, ones that make the ungrateful, short-sighted and rapacious elites quake in fear.

    • Turf out the Mexicans and get whites in there and the disease will probably vanish there just as quick.

    • Remember rule one of this thing is STOP ALL NEW INBOUND INFECTIONS. If we had travel restrictions out of the hot spots we wouldn’t need the same lockdowns uniform nationwide and the “Flyover” part with food production could remain relatively functional unless a specific area needed to be locked down. The lockdown started too soon in some parts, problem is with inadequate testing and tracking we couldn’t really verify that places like Iowa really were as unaffected as they seemed at the time.

      Another issue is the globalists who have committed worse treason than the Rosenbergs by exporting our industrial base and substituting their fake “service economy” have a system that makes it a lot harder to go to work safely in a pandemic. A production line if precautions are taken can provide most of the people a chance to go to work and go home without much close interaction. Service jobs by their nature involve massive social contact.

  6. The selfish, sociopathic bloodlust shown by moneygrubbers like Ramz will not be forgotten. Those more worried about their wallets than their neighbors are scum I will never support or trust again after this crisis passes.

  7. If America needs workers Ramz is willing to gut hogs on Sioux Falls, right Ramz?……… Fat chance.

  8. Someone with such a nasally homo sounding voice like Ramz shouldn’t be calling other men or people ‘Karens’. He should of taken the L a month ago, seems that Swedish woman he was had as a cohost couldn’t take his bullshit anymore either

  9. I believe that video he refers to between the two doctors has been taken down by You Tube because it violates “Community Standards.” How ironic that the views and morality of some liberal millennial types in Silicon Valley determine what is and what is not acceptable for the rest of the nation!

    • The doctors made several points. It does look like LA has some kind of immunity. It’s odd but you’d expect LA to have been hit earlier and harder than New York.

      • There was a news report that the strain in LA is a weaker one from China. The one in NY is a much stronger strain from Europe. The stronger one has 270 times the viral load of the weaker one, and is far more likely to kill people. I have been wondering if the higher viral load makes the NY one more contageous.

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