New York City Police Take a Knee In Solidarity With Protesters

How did that turn out for them?

Look who is throwing molotov cocktails at the police in New York City.

New York Times:

“One night of behavior is not a basis on which to reject somebody’s ability to make rational decisions,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Gold said.

Colinford Mattis, a 32-year-old corporate attorney, and Urooj Rahman, 31 year-old human rights lawyer, are accused of torching a police vehicle in Brooklyn on Saturday during an eruption of violent demonstrations over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died after a white Minnesota police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air. …

This country has become a joke.

In this country, we are the “extremists.” We are the ones who benefit from “white privilege.” Meanwhile, it is a bunch of spoiled brats who the system is designed to benefit who are rioting.

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  1. Insanity. Well folks it’s a free for all now. Stock up on ammo and essentials. Civilization in America is gone.

    • Can you imagine how many black faces will be on TV now? We are gonna get flooded with this shit even more now. The goal is our subservience and some whites have already jumped on the bandwagon.

      • Our leaders are sure making it look like crime and violence really do pay! Can you read my mind?

        • The majority of whites are useless. They think music is hip hop, they rave about their football heroes, they get drunk, they are promiscuous. They go to college for things like Women’s Studies.

  2. I think it’s over. America is lost.

    If I had the money right now I would flee to Russia and to a sane country that would never let this happen. The group “Pussy Riot” got 5 years in a harsh Russian prison just for busting into a church and singing a vulgar song about Vladimir Putin.

    What do you think would happen to someone in Russia who burns a police station, or loots a store?

    Or runs over police with a car? Or defies curfew orders?

    Would Moscow police officers or the FSB (Russian Federal Police) be hugging and kneeling with vandals, arsonists, and looters?

    America is not a serious country anymore.

    If I could, I would be in Russia right now: a country free of Negros and Antifa, and one that still has their sanity and moral compass intact.

    • I agree. I’ve been thinking about leaving the country for Central or Eastern Europe for a while now.

      The problem is I’m not in a position to do that now.

      Things are going to get a lot more unpleasant soon, I suspect.

      • @SC REBEL…

        If you live in Podunksville Palmetto State, you have little to worry about.

        There will be plenty of time for you to skedaddle to your wife’s kin.

        Make you plans now, so that, if, 5 years from now, things have gone Soviet Way, you will have your option.

        • I don’t live in SC anymore, I’m in Yankee territory.

          Honestly right now I’m looking to at least get out of the Chicago area and into rural WI. That will buy some time for sure, but eventually, it won’t be safe anywhere for us.

          • I’m a Wisconsinite…almost anywhere north/northwest of Appleton is cool. Avoid southeast and southwest and ALL of the larger cities…vibrant diversity alert!

    • It’s also how you get a Pinochet. The late Sam Francis called it Anarcho-Tyranny. It’s what we have now and it can’t last long. It’s an unnatural state of affairs.

    • It is.

      But like we in the 1917, now your guys do not understand what is really going on.

      Donald must let them loot and burn and kill as much they want until people understand that they are not misled good people but pure evil.

      When you resist too early then many people think that you just crush good legitimate opposition. Madness must go long enough until every last dumb fool understand who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

      This is shitty tactic but there is not such thing like victimless safe war. People must understand that they are not fighting for Government but for themselves. When Trump is losing, then he just moves away with his money and spend the rest of the life like Russian aristocracy 100 years ago. Living off with his money in some good place.

      Average Joe has nowhere to go and will be ripped apart by white liberals. Jews and diversity will do what they always did. Jews giving the money and diversity doing the dirty work. Like Jona Jakir with his Chinese mercenaries in the Russian civil war. Wall street financed Jew in charge and diversity fighting the war.

      Should I tell, what happened when what white liberals did to Jona and Trotsky and lot of other rich Jews with foreign mercenaries became useless ?

      • Great post, thanks Juri – I just went off the read up quickly on Iona Jakir on Wikipedia:

        “In October 1918, he served as a member of the Revolutionary Council of the 8th Army in the Southern Front and simultaneously commanded the Southern Front’s several key formations in operations against the Don Cossacks of Pyotr Krasnov.[1][2] He carried out Lenin’s order of persecution against the Cossack civilians and the extermination of almost half of the male Cossack population.[1][4] The war against armed combatants plus the terror against the civilians were coming together in the Russian Civil War. Encouraged by the Bolshevik theory of class struggle, Yakir, like other members of the Communist party, took part in terror. For his services, he became the second individual (after Vasily Blyukher) to receive the highest Soviet military award of that time, the Order of the Red Banner (engraved as No. 2).”

  3. When Jason Kessler did his Unite the Right outside the Whitehouse it occurred to me, and I I think I referenced the observation here, that the counter protesters could have very easily sacked the Whitehouse there n then. I was thunderstruck that they did not do so. Came within an inch of storming the palace here though didn’t they?

  4. WNs used to worry about America turning into Brazil.

    Hah, even Brazil is looking better than America today.

  5. It is not just NYPD – donut inhalers across the JewSA are prostrating themselves before their Negro Masters

    • Its such pathetic cucky bullshit. I don’t call them zog patrol for nothing, they serve elites side with lefties antifa and use unnecessary force police brutality on everyone BluesLives Don’tMatter Also where is cops protecting small businesses and houses during “protesters” burning buildings and looting? Thats right no where
      Fun fact Did you know the kneel on neck thing with full body weight for 5-10 minutes is very popular with Israeli soldiers on Palestinians? The more you know! These aren’t good people folks

    • No wonder there was a offer to accept 14 trillion in reparations. What’s prostrating without an offer on the altar?

  6. The cop giving out the hugs, that is Terrance Monahan. They are just like us, the Irish are just like us. What a laugh.

    • Trump waves the Bible at Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and asks them where in the Bible is the word Pope? Pelosi wets her Italian Catholic panties in fear. Biden’s Irish Roman Catholic head spins, and green shit comes out of his ears and mouth. Trump should do it more often. LOL.

      • Jesus Christ, another anti-Catholic like Bobby boy up there. Nice job helping to divide White people.

  7. It’s to be expected that hired guns, mercenaries, will switch sides, take a knee, or whatever else works.

  8. Just read a antiwhite article written up from James Martin a senior Jesuit priest on George Floyd Riots and the horrible sin of white supremacy and white privilege at his site called America magazine. What a absolute piece of liberal shit scum this guy is

    I know there are decent orthodox and good catholics out there but These uptown new york Yankee Catholics are just such pathetic liberal cucks just f*ck them I’m starting to hate Catholics just as much as Krafty is after reading that shit, what is wrong with these people?

    • They never had to work a real job or put up with anything. They just see other races on TV and in commercials.

  9. “Democrat cities”

    People just refuse to face facts. Cities don’t suck because they are run by Democrats. They suck because they are full of orcs.

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