A Burning Nation


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  1. I just saw CNN complaining about riot squads going against “peaceful protestors.” Meanwhile, CNN has an entire national guard platoon surrounding their building. I really don’t understand how CNN can still exist today.

    • Isn’t the right to peacefully protest a white man’s law? Oh, that’s right they aren’t peacefully protesting.

      • Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the more white people hang around blacks the more black they become? I mean the whites.

        • If you see three ghetto black girls and one white wigger girl in a restaurant, you can bet the wigger will act five times as ghetto as the others just to prove she hood yo.

          Always annoys me when regular white people start getting a black lilt in their voice & “talking black” when talking to blacks. So patronizing and disgusting. Disrespectful.

          • You can see every day how often white people imitate blacks with the hand signs and gait. White sportspeople, white Hollywood vermin, even white politicians.

            They’re not us. We should let them miscegenate until all obvious signs of white are gone. This way, there’s no fooling anyone.

          • “Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the more white people hang around blacks the more black they become?”

            No, really ? They use to have a thing to prevent that, called segregation.

      • Anti-White liberals are a weird bunch because they hold that liberalism, a political ideology particular to Western European Whites and more specifically to Anglos, is universally valid in all places and times. So they believe that White Anglos developed the highest and most perfect political and moral philosophy to ever exist, that White Anglo culture is a universal ideal, but that Whites themselves are pure evil under this same moral philosophy.

        You can actually see how they idealize White Anglo culture in liberal fiction. The non-whites are all written as if they are just especially capable White Anglos. Star Trek is a good example because it is a progressive liberal utopian sci-fi universe. It is multiracial, but all of the non-Whites in the universe just behave and think like White Anglos, such that if you replace the non-White characters with White actors nothing would seem out of place. This is also the boomer “anti-racist” conservative ideal. They want non-Whites to behave identically to Whites and they become extremely upset and confused when this doesn’t happen. All of the conservative “based black guys” are just blacks, often mulattos or quadroons, who have sufficiently assimilated White Anglo culture.

        I don’t expect most people to ever be consistent in their views because most people are too stupid for that, but the anti-White liberal is especially strange.

    • “I really don’t understand how CNN can still exist today.”

      Judy, judy, judy……judy privilege.

  2. This will eventually go away but it will come back time and time again with increasing frequency and violence until it destoys the United States.

    • This has set a new precedent. I agree it’s gets worse from here on out.

      Burning down a police station sets a tone, they will get tired but I agree, it will happen again and get worse.

      • That’s why we need to prepare, network and protect our families, friends, neighborhoods and communities.

      • Burning down a police station. What could be more symbolic of the anarchy our “leaders” justify as “protest”?

    • @Heartland…

      “This will eventually go away but it will come back time and time again with increasing frequency and violence until it destroys the United States.”

      I agree. It will ebb and flow, until areas, and or larger communities (such as states) start to take responsibility and resume their sovereignty, as a side-effect of the deterioration.

      • Look for white refugee flows out of these riot torn areas. Whites from NYC to upstate NY and New England, from Atlanta into northern GA and TN, from LA to out of CA anywhere else etc. This will further collapse the left wing power centers as their meal tickets flee leaving the orcs behind to pay taxes, go to jury duty, work as plumbers, electricians and the trades in general to make everyday life possible. Ha ha, just kidding.

        With the power of diversity I expect to see places like NYC, LA, etc. having utility failures i.e. electrical, water, gas and few (white) people available to fix them and only at exorbitant rates. The nogs will soon be complaining that they live in “food deserts” and they will be correct, they will be living in “food deserts”. With their tiny brains they will either not see the connection between their violence and the “food deserts” or simply refuse to acknowledge that they wrecked what they need to survive. Fuck ’em.

        Let’s hope the next winter is a bitterly cold one. We will see then how much fun it is to riot when the seasons change and everything around you is burned out. Maybe the lily white liberals can take Jevontus, Shaneequa and their little nogs into their homes for the winter, they would then enjoy diversity up close and personal.

  3. Curfews are useless unless backed up by lethal force.

    The black African mob and their Antifa allies understand that this is a war. Either they win, or we do: there is no middle ground or comprise with arson and murder.

    In 2001, Bush understood that half-measures and “dialog” would not sate a Nation that was looking at a smoldering ruin in NYC. His moment in history had arrived, and he didn’t talk or tweet: he acted and spoke with all the lethal force the US could unleash short of nukes. America wanted vengeance, and Bush delivered it in spades.

    Sadly, Trump is no “W” and America, is thirsting for vengeance on those who laid waste to our person and property in the past few days. I seriously doubt he is up for the job.

    This, is what Trump should do, if he were but a real man, a real leader.

    • The massive cover-up afterward was an indication he was derelict in duty but that’s only if you believe he had no clue of what was going on from the beginning.

      I never did see a wing span imprint on the Pentagon nor the remnants of the wings if they couldn’t make it through before or after the collapse. Just saying…

    • Dubya is still the worst President in our history by a long chalk. 9/11. Iraq. Afghanistan. Real estate crash. 5 million jobs to China. Sheer arrogance and incompetence.

    • Your hero Dubya
      Former president George W. Bush called on the US Tuesday to take a hard look at its “tragic failures,” citing racial injustice in America in a statement addressing protests which have roiled the country over the past week.

      “It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country,”

      • He is not my “hero.” I was just pointing out that he did not sit around and talk and tweet when NYC was on fire: he answered with US guns. Trump has yet to show me that he possesses anything like Bush did in 2001.

  4. I have been told that they just saw on television a bunch of law breakers go up to a barricade manned by police. The criminals said they would withdraw from the barricade if the police knelt. The police knelt. This was Dallas I have been told.

    I have no words to express what I think of the United States. Rioters I understand, there are always riots in many countries but this level of groveling by the authorities is beyond my understanding. At this rate they will burn the country to the ground while the police watch.

    • The police in a lot of these Leftist cities lean Left themselves. They’re screened that way. Great benefits with lots of overtime go with the right ideology.

      It’s not real white men. Believe me, real white men – and real white women – want the shackles removed and would deal with this problem the correct way. I’m even more astounded at the amount of pathetically gullible white thingies. I will not go down with these fools.

      • Snowhitey,

        Excellent response. All my family and friends including my anglo friends are outraged over the riots and even more so with the lack of government response.

        I could rule this country better by throwing darts blindfolded on what decisions to make.

        • Thanks. I’ve seen so many black riots in my lifetime that I am somewhat desensitized to the destruction but not to my inner rage. They have been getting away with so much and rewarded for so little that the fury is cumulative. My sights are on the white ones. They’re our real problem. In fact, they’re everyone’s problem.

          • Snowhitey,

            Congratulations. An interesting video. Unusual perhaps to find courage in alliance with a politically incorrect cause.

    • “Wherever there Whites, everything is going up.”

      Yep, except where there are armed Whites.

    • Cops taking Kaepernick kneels in hopes of appeasing rioters, unfreakingbelievable eh? It’s at times like these I most fervently hope there is a hell, because it’s crystal clear to me who deserves to burn in it.

      • Silver,

        I can imagine Hell easier than imagining Heaven. If I were to call your authorities worms would you be insulted?

        • Yes, but only because it’s a huge miss. Come on, Cristina, you can do better than that! Think harder…..

          • Snowhitey,

            If I were to say traitors would I be warmer? I still think at the local level they are not so much aware of an overall agenda as much as they are cowards.

            So enlighten me. It is getting late and I am starting to fade.

          • I liked your answer although we both know it is only one facet. They’re part of the old machine so it doesn’t really matter. Their gig is up but they just don’t know it. I believe we’re going through a paradigm shift. I also believe law & order will be restored in one way or another.

            No, you’re not fading. Not at all. Sometimes you’re just too gracious.

      • more of the same,

        Yes it is. Unjust violence is barbaric but groveling is twisted and degenerate.

  5. Dozens of cities all across the United States at the same time being instigated by Antifa. Is this an insurrection?

    • “Dozens of cities all across the United States at the same time being instigated by Antifa. Is this an insurrection?”

      No. It’s only an insurrection when 19th Century Southern Whites vote for secession. Or when modern Southern Whites vote for dogcatcher, or insist that they have the same legal and political rights as Minnesotans, Michiganders and New Yorkers. Or when cattlemen in the Transmississippi West complain about Federal control of most of the land in their States.

      Niggers and Yankees rioting under the orders and direction of Jewish Anti-Fa Kommissars and political officers is just Democracy® in action.

    • ANTIFA planned too attack and loot Coeur d’Alene, but a lot of armed Whites took to the streets. ANTIFA was a no show.
      Must have had dental appointments.

  6. Rioting and looting is happening in towns like Davenport, IA and Sioux Falls, SD?! Was Mayberry burned to the ground, too?

    • Many of those smaller cities in Heartland, USA have been turned into wog heaven over the last thirty years or so by the Federal government. They have been enriched by diversity from places like Somalia and south of the border. Big bidness and the U.S. Government, a match made in Hell for the rest of us.

      • Davenport has been much more culturally enriched than Sioux Falls (18% black and brown for the former, 8% for the latter). But the photos and videos of rioters I saw from the two Midwestern burgs were mainly of White people. Sometimes, White trash can cause problems as well.

        That doesn’t cancel out anything you wrote, 12AX7. I’ve seen how Somalis and Hispanics can ruin small towns in Minnesota. That’s why I wouldn’t have minded seeing US Chamber of Commerce and Congressional buildings get burned to the ground.

  7. Day after day of war being waged between the Left and Right with close up audio, video — who would ever want to go back to too “tame”, “lame” spectator sports. We are in a war and it is getting hotter with the Left destroying more and more of our stuff as if there is not a pay back coming. The domestic terrorist group ANTIFA needs to be totally wiped out and we need to take back and restore all that they have destroyed.

    May God Save the South!

  8. David Duke, Don Black, Dr Pierce, Rockwell and scores more , predicted this 50+ years ago.

    They were just too foresighted for the populace.

    • The populace were too busy shopping, watching jewish entertainment, drinking beer, and worshiping black sportsballers to even care, let alone pay attention.

  9. every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints…hope you catch my name.

  10. “Hundreds of people are looting stores down 5th avenue,”

    I’ll take a Rolex Submariner, plz.

  11. It is now and insurrection. A direct attack on Trump. Does he fight and start droning the leaders or does he punk out?

  12. Re: hired guns taking a knee:

    Career mercenaries switch sides when in danger, or for better pay, better opportunity.

  13. Can we just have the Chinese invade us and take over militarily? At least we would have law and order. I means seriously, how could that be any worse than this?

    • “Can we just have the Chinese invade us and take over militarily? At least we would have law and order. I means seriously, how could that be any worse than this?”

      You don’t know what you’re saying.
      The Chinese have the order and unity to genocide.
      Guess who their target will be ?

    • @SC REBEL…

      “Can we just have the Chinese invade us and take over militarily? At least we would have law and order. I means seriously, how could that be any worse than this?”


      I understand, but, I think invading Iraq on false premises and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of civilians is worse – much worse.

      The Patriot ACT, a complete abnegation of everything The 4th amendment ever stood for has got to be the worst.

      CIA-MSNBC-CNN-FBI Russiagate is worse – downright embarassing, if you ask me.

      Having the statues of our heroic Southern forefathers taken down, just to calm some agitators, is worse – and downright disgusting.

      Being told we would have E-verify and Mexico would pay for a wall, only to be told in February that we needed another million plus non-White special workers brought in, is so ‘worse’ that it is infuriating.

      Being told by President Obama that he was all about traditional marriage, and only about that, then to have him run up the LGBTQ flag a few years later is pretty dang bad, too.

      I could go on, but, I guess what I am saying is that I’ve gotten so accustomed to a diet that is both worse and embarassing, I have grown kind of numb to it all.

      What about you, SC, are you numb yet?

      • I’m getting there. Not quite there yet.

        Honestly, I just want to live to see all of these anti whites get the justice they so wholly deserve.

        But it’s wishful thinking.

        • @SC REBEL…

          Thank you for your reply. I understand how you feel. All of us have been taking on the chin for so long, we yearn to see some kind of reaction.

          That said, I’ve grown numb to constant capitulation and losing.

          While it’s easy to find circumspect Whites, online, it is not easily done in real life.

          Most of my neighbours, even though they are bright and educated people, are working with an information based in their brain that is vastly fictional and or failed.

          They cannot hear, or contemplate, anything else than the bad stuff they’ve been fed in their minds.

          At any rate, be well!

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