Anarchists Vandalize 54th Massachusetts Memorial On Boston Common

As we have said for years now, any monument will do for the mob and the destruction will not stop with Confederate monuments. These people aren’t offended by history either.


“The Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial was one of 16 public art works damaged when thousands of protesters swarmed Boston Common on Sunday night.

A $3-million dollar restoration project for the sculpture dedicated to the African American soldiers who fought in the Civil War was granted clearance just last week. The outbreak of the coronavirus had delayed the project.

The conservator’s recent prep work protected the front of the bronze relief with plywood, but its granite backside was vandalized with four-letter words and phrases including “Black Lives Matter,” “No Justice, No Peace,” and “Police are Pigs.” …

The Shaw Memorial captures the likenesses of the first African American volunteer infantry unit – the 54th Massachusetts Regiment – that fought after Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Their colonel, Robert Gould Shaw, advocated for the men to join the war because they desperately wanted to fight for freedom. If the soldiers had been captured in battle they could have been enslaved or killed. Their heroic story was recounted in the 1989 Hollywood film “Glory.”

“They did fight in a major battle at Fort Wagner. And many of them were killed, including Shaw,” Vizza said. They were buried together in a mass grave. …”

They don’t even know their history.

This is what happens when you summon demons.

If we had done this, it would have provoked national outrage. The people who did it would have also been charged with hate crimes. It would have been a big story about “race in America” too.

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  1. American schools only teach the holocaust and the underground railroad in history classes now.

    • The Shaw Monument is a great work of art by the Irish sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. All the figures in this sculpture are so life-like and full of spirit that when you stand before it, you feel as though the young man and his negro soldiers do really march by! I hope it will be restored to its original glory.

      • The Shaw Monument is a great work of art

        True. It is one of the finest sculptures in the USA. New England in general has beautiful monuments, e.g. “The Minute Man” in Concord, and Nathan Hale statues at Yale University and New York City Hall.

        By contrast, most of the Confederate statues in the South are worthless pieces of garbage like that ridiculous-looking Forrest statue in Nashville.

    • Hey, they need a mass of idiots to serve as their slaves. Idiots are easy to lead down the path slavery and slaughter.

    • I’m a millennial and even when I was in school we barely covered any of the war. It was basically weeks covering slavery and pictures of blacks with scars on their backs, the underground railroad, Harriet Tubman, etc. Then Abe Lincoln beat the evil southern racists and freed the slaves. The end. Can’t even imagine how bad history classes must be now.

      • @DART…

        You are very right to recognize that that through which you metriculated was no history class, but a lesson in half-myths and and full on fairie tales.

      • Yeah, basically between “honest Abe” and MLK there was nothing. They don’t teach real history anymore. It’s all anti-White indoctrination.

    • Buy silver if you can’t afford gold. The internet goes down and you’ll have nothing with cryptos.

  2. The New England Yankees, especially the smalltowners and rural amongst them, are going to reap the bitter seeds they sowed when, decade after decade they, as a cultural whole, conspired to put down The White South and raise up the banner of International Nihilist Nutbaggery.

    Yet, it is still not too late for them to get right and see their United States to a new/olde Confederacy Sovereign States right.

    Will it happen?

    I doubt it.

    The habits of lunacy loom large in determining future choice.

    • @Ivan

      New England does not control the United States. If y’all want to secede and become “sovereign” Confederacy, go ahead and try. It won’t be New England that will be stopping you.

      • @Aekan…

        I respectfully disagree- though we, Southerners, mistakenly serve this nation, this nation is run by two constituencies in a perfect collusion – the New England Yankees and The New York Jews.

        It’s a long history, but, suffice it to say, I have nothing against your kind, I just do not want to have Dixie to be subject to the ideas that y’all lace y’all’s government with.

        Thank you for the thoughts and encouragement!

  3. You are correct Hunter, the Black mob and their Antifa allies are woefully ignorant of history.

    As I watch America being burned, looted and vandalized, I keep hearing from the media and the political class about “constitutional rights” and how Americans must protect everyone’s right to “demonstrate” and to “protest.”

    But I do NOT believe that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are a “suicide pact.”

    I do NOT consent to committing mass racial and cultural suicide based upon an archaic, 18th-century document written for another time, and another nation.

    • @Geir…

      Are they ‘ignorant of history’, or do they just hate it because it was a script with Whites in a role that was not submissive and slave?

    • “I keep hearing from the media and the political class about “constitutional rights”

      Never heard that during the c’ville rally.

      • @Arian…

        White Southerners, or those who stand with us, are in a special class from whom The Constitution no longer applies.

        They seem to think that this will endear their union to us.

  4. Maybe they’ll burn down John Brown’s house, too. Or the Massachusetts State Hoise.

    It’s hard not to feel a little Schadenfreude. It’s fun to see the Yankees hoisted on their own petards and getting a taste of the shit that they’ve shovelling down our throats for the last two hundred years.

    • @James Owen…

      Again we are on the same frequency, as we said practically the same thing.

    • When the “civil rights” movement began it was the virtuous North against the evil, “racist” South. After they got the laws they wanted they promptly turned on the North. Divide and conquer.

    • “. It’s fun to see the Yankees hoisted on their own petards and getting a taste of the shit that they’ve shovelling….”

      Trivial compensation for all the suffering of racial destruction.

  5. My favorite part of the whole move of Glory is watching those sons of bitches get cut to pieces and blown to bits on the battlements of Fort Moultrie. I would like to think one of my ancestors was fighting there obliterating that regiment at the battle.

  6. Need to link all these crazy Lefties to the domestic terrorists Antifa and Soros and have them all thrown in jail for a decade or two….

    May God Save the South!

    • @Banned…

      Certainly the help of the Good Lord would be a great thing, but, to tell you plainly, we, Southerners, could save The South, if we just make a serious search for our lost testicles.

  7. The American government could put down antifa any time they want to but they haven’t? What does that tell you?

    The inside wants this for some future large event.

    • @Robert…

      That’s exactly what I’ve thought for years – antifa just another extra-legal proxy layer of Uncle Sam and Satan Inc.

  8. One methed up ngr triggers civil chaos across our nation.

    This is not the mark of a stable society.

  9. Historic sites and museums, even ones that honor blacks, are usually well kept and quaint looking. For those reasons alone they will be targeted and burned. No place will be allowed to not look like a ruined garden apartment complex with rank foot-high weeds or a burntout strip mall.

    • “No place will be allowed to not look like a ruined garden apartment complex with rank foot-high weeds or a burntout strip mall.”

      Hey, respect black culture !

      • @Arian…

        Ironically, that is precisely what they, The Left, think of us.

        In the end, that is why the country must be divided up into at least two – so that both sides can follow their particular vision without annoying the other to death.

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