Star Trek Deep Space 9 Predicted 2020

Is it a conspiracy?

How did they know?

It was actually the year 2024 in this episode.

Note: Read this and this.

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  1. You know Hunter, I enjoy DS9 and all of Star Trek, but this episode rubbed me the wrong way.

    The “gimmies” the “dims” and the “ghosts” looked like middle-class whites which is a far cry from what you see in homeless areas in California.

    Curiously, Star Trek made an episode in 1967 that would NEVER see the light of day in 2020.

    Could you see anything like this on TV today? I think not.

    (By the way, this episode “Patterns of Force” feature Kirk and Spock: Both are Jewish. )

      • I was wondering if the actor playing the bad guy, the second in command, looks suspiciously like George Lincoln Rockwell?

    • I have never seen a single episode of a single series from the Star Trek mythos. It simply never interested me, even when I attempted to watch television or streaming media versus reading and an endless stream of Bitchute and YT docs. The Sopranos, Rome, The Wire and King of the Hill are the only shows I have ever watched in their entirity although during the lock down I started The Last Kingdom and Vikings. I have really enjoyed the former quite alot after one season.

      Is old Star Trek worth watching? I have read a few books on the concept of “the prime directive” which is interesting and in itself violates the Western Worlds interaction with the Third World

      • It is hit and miss. As with all Star Trek, each episode has different writers and directors, each with their own political world view. Some episodes are straight up Marxist garbage about equality and redistribution of wealth. While other episodes are almost advocating from nationalism and racial realism points of view. So yeah, it’s hit and miss, but Star Trek, for about 80% of the time, engages the intellect.

        This episode below is one of my favorites. They arrive in a 20th-century “ancient Rome” and have lots of political and philosophical discussions. I highly recommend, “Bread and Circuses.”

      • Gene Roddenberry stated that he was opposed to space exploration. Star Trek was his vehicle to promote his moral authority. Every episode has 2 attributes: 1) the moralizing aspect of the story, 2) some kind of character arc, so you will continue to watch. Knowing that, just watch any episode, and you will see psychological warfare in action…

  2. Conspiracy or odds? I am going with odds. You push out this level of orchestrated media propaganda (same week ignoring 3 major cases of black on senior citizen violence alone to go with dog lady, Jogger, and Gentle Giant pornstar felon) and academia propaganda for decades while also importing the third world and lowering the native white population down to around 50% from 90%?

    No PhD from Harvard required to figure this out.. I watched that last Purge movie by the way and still can’t believe it was made let alone got public release. It couldn’t be any clearer that whites are evil and need to be. . you know. It made me sick that people think like this

    • I watched that movie(for free) knowing it would be a white demonization/black revenge fantasy. It was even worse than I expected. I’m not surprised at all that Hymiewood made it. Whites are being absolutely pummeled with self-hatred propaganda. Most of them are clueless about who is making it, and it looks like most of them are falling for it.

      • Look at 90% of films from the past four to five decades. Even “Glory” the film mentioned above in the article. Objectively an excellent film with good character you grow to care for and an incredibly climatic ending. Yet the agenda is still thick throughout to the point if youre black you feel like your ancestors won the War of Northern Aggression singlehandely and that you are a victim. Most normal whites who dont realize the agenda feel guilt. Everytime. Thirty years ago you had the occassional Norma Rae, Shindlers List or Amistad. Now even Star Wars and Marvel are jam packed with social justice messaging

        I still like Glory though. If they really wanted to do a number on whites and blacks they would do a film about the “Battle of the Crater” during the siege of Petersburg. That is ripe for anti white sentiments

  3. Hell yeah it’s a conspiracy on a schedule. These Jews have been working on this stuff for a long time.

  4. Thomas Chittum, in his book “Civil War 2”, predicted it would start in 2020. His predictions in the book were hit and miss, but he may have been generally correct on this one. He did predict it would start in Los Angeles, though.

    If you have not read it, it can still be found on PDF.

  5. Since covid19 I’ve been catching up on old star trek episodes and trailer park boys among other things. Finished ds9 first now I’m on voyager. I’ve recently been building my daughters a doll house.

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