Racist Liberals Are Under Attack By The Mob

They called us racists.

We were just ahead of the curve!

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  1. I respectfully disagree with that Krakow pixie. America was great 1789-1913. They call the American century the 20th century. No, it was those 125 years that were great. How could anyone not thrill to the pioneers, the riverboat gamblers, the Texas Rangers, the sodbusters, the Mormon migration, the Union Pacific, the Monitor vs Virginia, Silver vs Gold, New Orleans, Tecumseh, labor riots, Geronimo, the Erie Canal, steamboat races so reckless the passengers didn’t care if the boilers exploded and killed them, Nullification. Cute little girl, you know not of what you display!

  2. I mentioned in the other piece about the phenomenon of black people filming everything now. If they are ordering a sandwich the phone is out. God forbid if you have an arguement with them, expect to be plastered on the news as the new face of hate for being upset that an uninsured 19 year old plowed into your car with a license. It doesn’t matter and to raise your voice is racism and therefore the most important aspect. Its terrifying.

    I was thinking it would be nice to see these self hating people… The white girl with the “decolonize america”. The Jewish man who screeds about “white supremacy” The politicians and celebrities like Stephen Colbert who celebrated whites becoming a minority soon. But then i realized self debasement is the ultimate gratification for these broken lost people. They will get off being filmed while apologizing for raising their voice while denouncing their family and ancestry.

    And the politicians, athletes and celebs? From Ann Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, Drew Brees, etc. They will be living in their own gated communities have private security and have final media say so they will be fine regardless

  3. The irony of a Polish girl holding an “America was never great” sign, written in English instead of Polish, in support of an American political movement that makes no sense in Poland, and which is a result of her parents (likely just a single mother) being completely saturated in American popular and political culture. These people are already Americanized and partially assimilated to American culture and modes of thought, to the extent that they use the imperial language rather than their native one.

  4. Hunter, as I said once before, if you were a liberal or putrid Romney/Graham clone. you would be living large working for Fox or the Cuomo News Network. Between getting my coronavirus news from you over the past few months, your general news articles have been stellar. Short and on point. Each sentence is like a baseball hitter not taking a pitch but rather hacking away and continually getting hits. Great stuff.

    Anyone surprised these serpents would not stop at Confederate monuments? Anything white and not deemed 100% ass kissing of blacks, women, dark latins and homosexuals will come down. We will get Malcolm x, Harriet Tubman, Che, Margaret Sanger, Obama instead.

    Remember when Elijah Cummings passed away and he got buried with the most important leaders in history? I always remember his screech at the Trump impeachment hoax hearings with” C’mone. Mayyyyynnnnn!!” When John Lewis passes he will get the same absurd first level treatment with his comical ” cybil rots” career. Once again showing to never ever make an idol of man.

    What will be most disturbing is the transfer of huge money to blacks. I see even ball bouncer Michael Jordan forked over 100 million to “the blaxxx.” ( think of the absurdity that a guy who played basketball has that kind of dough). Imagine the robbery that will take place? More rich community activists. I am sure the great vanishing devil Al Sharpton will get his share. Remember when he was fat?

    Police department budgets will now be handed over to black people to steal. Ridiculous rich white people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet will give large sums of their money to black people. Buffet said he is giving the majority of his wealth to Gate’s organization upon death.

    But really it’s not all bad. People on the right have been mentioning overzealous police for years. With all these upcoming curtails on them, that should make at least some impact.

    Don’t feel sorry for these capitalist dirtbags who have been as bad and worse than the boogeyman socialists. Capitalist whores imported the third world for cheap labor. They instantly buckle when whites are targeted in boycotts. They have created insane wealth disparity; pay lower taxes than Joe Blow. Have taken sports away with ridiculous costs and bowing to black players.

    . Sooo, if this black lives communist bowel movement targets uber capitalism, well, good. Pre Ronald Reagan the super wealthy were paying 80 or 90% tax rates. How has it worked out for Merica once the wealthy could keep it all?

    I remember years back reading absurd editorials speaking how business could not afford eight bucks per hour for workers. Lol. Capitalism became a scam that forces whites to marry later, owe a ton and put off having kids and imports insane amounts of immigrants. The robots can’t come fast enough. Hardcore communists have not hurt the white family as bad as the glutton in the suit and tie representing “business.”

  5. Re: “Capitalism became a scam that forces whites to marry later, owe a ton and put off having kids and imports insane amounts of immigrants. The robots can’t come fast enough. Hardcore communists have not hurt the white family as bad as the glutton in the suit and tie representing business”:

    Capitalism was always capitalism (usury), but “we” didn’t notice or care when it was mostly looting third world countries. Now it is the public sectors of first world countries, our own valuable public assets, that are being looted. The strangling noose of privatization, consolidation and monopoly grows ever tighter.

  6. Who on here remembers the Adventures of Cybil Right by GLR which traced the life of a mythical black welfare queen?

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