Why The Coronavirus Is Winning

The coronavirus is real enough.

We are currently in a global pandemic. Nothing has changed.

New York Times:

“The only thing it wants is targets,” a George Mason University Ph.D. candidate in computer science, Adam Elkus, wrote of the coronavirus in March.

“It does not think,” he went on, “it does not feel, and it lies totally outside the elaborate social nuances humans have carved out through patterns of communication, representation and discourse. And this, above all else, makes it a lethal adversary for the West. It has exposed how much of Western society … is permeated with influential people who have deluded themselves into thinking that their ability to manipulate words, images and sounds gives them the ability to control reality itself.”

In each stage of the American response to the coronavirus, this delusion has been at work. In the first stage it was liberals and portions of the public health establishment (including, fatefully, key decision-makers in New York City) who treated the virus as something to “be spun or narrativized away,” trying to define the real contagion as xenophobia or racism rather than the disease itself. …”

The response to the virus has changed though.

The Left has returned to its original position at the outset of the pandemic which was that racism and xenophobia were the real virus. In late January and early February before the virus ravaged Lombardy and New York City, the Left’s position was that social justice was more important than public health and that the virus was stoking racism. This is why the Left opposed Trump’s travel bans.

American liberals now all agree that public health and fighting the virus should take a backseat to their ideological obsessions. In the case of the liberal Right, it is the stock market and consumerism. In the case of the liberal Left, it is crusading for social justice. The liberal Right is correct to accuse the liberal Left of hypocrisy and political grandstanding in the name of science and public health. The liberal Left’s religion of wokeness has completely triumphed over its concern for science.

Just look at the scenes above and below. This IS NOT about science or public health. It is a BIZARRE and DANGEROUS religious cult enacting public humiliation rituals and punishing sinners for violating its table of -isms and -phobias. These are iconoclasts vandalizing monuments of Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Robert E. Lee. It has nothing whatsoever to do with history.

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  1. Steatopygia is a primitive condition whereby the buttocks of a female swell up to unbelievable proportions. Guess which race exhibits it.

  2. Louisville is burning 40 miles away but my steak is medium rare and my glass of lager can barely stay half-full. Take the grillpill boys 🙂

      • I think I read somewhere that HW’s bookshelf has some forbidden texts. Looks like it’s time to clean it out, especially Kipling and get some of that great Negro literature instead. I hear Maya Angelou’s drivel is available on the $0.99 table outside the front doors of the bookstore.

      • Thanks for giving me the idea of grilling later on today. I’m thinking burgers and lamb steaks. Some salad as well.

  3. Dude, let the corunka thing die already. You did what you could with it, rightly or wrongly, but it’s done. Riots are far more real and will have much more disastrous effects than the corunka, let’s not revive it eh?

      • Don’t listen to these people Hunter. Lots of us come here every day to see your corona virus updates.

      • I don’t think the US will collapse within the next year or two. America still has the most powerful military on the planet(10 aircraft carrier battle groups), a damaged but large industrial base, and an intelligence apparatus which will do everything it can to shut down genuine threats to the American Empire (which is the glue that holds the Liberal International Order together).

        And on a social level, most White Americans who aren’t supportive of the Woke Agenda are going to remain apathetic so long as Trump is in office. He’s put them back to sleep.

        My prediction is that things will rapidly change for Americans after Trump’s time with the Republican Party ends. He’s the one who energized the ‘Right’ and without him the Republican Party will rapidly decay & splinter in the face of an emboldened left. I’m guessing this will happen around 2022 or 2026.

        Btw, what are your thoughts on future Canadian balkanisation?

        • Remember, the American military is majority non-White, with a high percentage of non-White women! Most of whom could not handle either complexity, or fear. That stuff with Blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans with clip boards, computers and logical thinking is for entertainment purposes only.

          Today’s Military is not composed of White Protestant young men from rural and small town backgrounds.

          I wouldn’t expect much from the Catholics either, because of their allegiance to their non-White co-religionists, if push comes to shove with a foreign power. Esper just gave us a taste of Catholic military leadership.

    • The protesters have access to the same pandemic data we all have, that being 40-50% of all the deaths are nursing home residents. They are no longer afraid of it, but they still do their virtue-signaling part by wearing masks outside. (Which really isn’t necessary.) See the Michael Tracy photo “These whites are now seated in prayer” for peak absurdity.

      Masks? Only Leftists wear masks!

      During the peak of the 1968-69 pandemic, you had the Left protesting the Vietnam War in mass groups, and nobody was afraid even then, and no masks either. Nothing has changed in 50+ years, except facial attire.

    • Dude, let the corunka thing die already. You did what you could with it, rightly or wrongly, but it’s done. Riots are far more real and will have much more disastrous effects than the corunka, let’s not revive it eh?

      Hunter Wallace has the same initials as Herbert West, and they both have a fascination for reviving dead things.

      • You realize that new corona infections jumped from around 20,000 per day to more than 40,000, right?

        We’ll have groids coughing their lungs up in windrows soon. Which of course will be blamed on witchcraft, er, White privilege.

        • I was just being sarcastic. You are, of course, right – a lot of these groids are going have their “I can’t breathe” experience soon when Corona Chan starts working her magic. That might lead to even more violent chimpouts from the nogs and the kikes.

          • A lot of the corona virus deaths are hidden due to other factors – Fentanyl Floyd also had covid-19 – who knows if that was a contributory factor in his death or not; the drugs in his system were sufficient to kill him but we really don’t know the full effects of covid-19.

            Also virus transmission is a lot more likely indoors rather than at outdoor events. If we are going to see a second wave, it will be in the fall or winter most likely.

  4. click on those twitter links and go to reddit or instagram…you will see an army of people who are just about ready to start going after anyone white with violence.
    Should you be afraid?
    I know i am not looking forward to having to defend myself from orcs and white guilt leftists and then again in a rigged judeo court system that hates my genetics.
    Good times ahead.

    • I realized this awhile ago walking through the fallen towns and city my family built almost two centuries ago which is now minority white. These people film everything now. One of the Indians i know was complaining to me that his customers film every exchange from buying Newport’s to claims of “you didn’t pay for that”. If someone accuses me of whatever, best case i get plastered across the media worst case i get dragged to the pavement by the mob.

      • When I worked as a cashier, blacks would try to pull crap like saying I short changed them. They would always persist, even after counting the drawers and checking surveillance video, just claiming that I was a racist and had stolen their money (I was young and leftist at the time and not really racially aware at all). If it happened today they would probably just film themselves accusing me and I would be cancelled by an online mob and fired. Working in customer service jobs has probably made more Whites racially aware than anything. Waiting tables especially. I did that too and the blacks would just try as much as they could to torture the White wait staff and then tip some pocket change (if they tipped at all). Not even the black waitresses wanted other blacks in their areas.

    • I am optimistic that we will be seeing peak negro within the next decade. The changing racial demographics in the USA are reorienting the lines on the racial battlefield, and I don’t think the negro will be as useful to the progressive coalition in the near future. Latinos are a much more important demographic for them, but have not yet been politically mobilized in proportion to their numbers, and they are not really keen on negro worship. If you judge just by media exposure and political power, you would assume that the black population is several times larger than the Latino population. Latinos are currently vastly underrepresented.

      Negro worship up until now has been more about using them as a totem in the White liberal religion, not about the power blacks themselves bring to the progressive coalition, since they do not vote or donate in large numbers at all. Instead the cult of the negro is used to pull in White liberal votes and political donations. Negro utility in that capacity will be diminishing as the demographic power of Whites wanes overall, and so their representation in the progressive coalition should fall proportionately. It’s like if you suddenly introduce a new species into an area, it can entirely change the ecosystem of the area. The Latino is the new species and will disrupt the old well worn black-white racial ecosystem that has held previously.

      • So the last whites will be put into the ground by Latinos rather than blacks. How comforting.

        • Not so sure about that. Latinos are not as racially resentful of Whites as negroes are overall, even though it exists to an extent. Even negroes are not naturally as resentful without the constant media agitation. Latino countries tend to be functionally White supremacist societies, in that being White is seen as a positive and Whites are elevated in society. Latinos in South America want to “whiten” themselves and have whiter children, buy skin whitening creams, and they even have high demand for White sperm at sperm banks. The big question is whether the Jewish masters of opinion can succeed in turning Latinos into foaming at the mouth anti-Whites, but that might not happen. There are some woke Latinos right now, but that is because they are trying to curry favor, which will become less necessary for them as they develop their own political consciousness and power. And there is also the fact that the university system as it exists right now is a dinosaur that can’t possibly continue the way it has for so long. The loan scam can bring the whole thing down at some point, after which the church of wokeness will not have any power behind it.

          I think the maneuvering for American Whites in the future is in ensuring the country becomes something more like Brazil and less like South Africa. Not ideal in either case, but that is the price of Whites collectively sticking their heads in the sand and dumping on any of us who tried to warn them or do anything about it for decades. I’ve already moved on from blackpilling about immigration and gone to trying to figure out ways Whites can survive as a minority. We need to become robust enough that we can survive and thrive whether we have a state or not. Things look bad right now, but we can always work for better and shouldn’t ever give up.

  5. We’ll find out within the next two weeks whether COVID was overblown. If thousands of protesters don’t start keeling over, we’ll know the threat was exaggerated.

    Where’s Fauci btw? Seems to have gone underground this past week. Why isn’t he front and center warning people?

  6. Bow down and worship the Black Gods. It will never be enough. Planet of the Apes is the endgame.

  7. I don’t even blame people for going down the path of conspiracy theories. The American medical experts have been completely worthless from the beginning of this crisis. Telling people not to wear masks, then telling them to wear masks, then telling them that racism is the real virus, and on and on. People who don’t have the ability to look at and analyze data are then left rudderless.

    American scientific experts have blown their own credibility to smithereens just like the media did, then they are surprised and upset when people don’t take them seriously anymore. The coronaflu conspiracies and fake news should not be surprising to anyone. They are a natural consequence of our politicized science and partisan media. They have many deaths on their hands because they decided to play politics and put themselves in the role of political correctness police instead of doing their jobs.

    • This is a byproduct of being a multi-racial dysfunctional empire which is ruled by hostile elites. They treat us a though we are children and/or low IQ criminals who have to be lied to and manipulated for higher “enlightened ends”.

      This doesn’t happen in actual ethno-states like Japan for example.

  8. The Death Of Stalin is on Netflix and is a real good flick. Just what the doctor ordered at my house.

      • Laughter is good medicine. Our civilization is not dying. Our cities are dying. This absurdist comedy only happens where it is allowed. Huntsville Alabama said “no” and the police chief is not apologizing. “Grill and chill” is good advice.

  9. Yes, the fake left is forgetting all about the real pandemic now that it has a better hammer. (That is only the fake left however. The REAL left, which is “So far left that it is right,” remains focused on the right target.)

    Global Times (China) says: “The United States is getting into a vicious circle which will see a worsening epidemic, surging protests against racism, and a recession featuring mass unemployment as the country nears the presidential election. But the President fails to deal with any of the problems efficiently that trouble the American public, but instead focuses only on his own election”:


    “In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 headlines in U.S. media were replaced by nationwide demonstrations and violence, generating a delusion that COVID-19 is gone (…) The protests are flaring up the epidemic (…) participants of the protest, mostly young people, may not be fatally at risk from the virus, but they could (WILL) transmit the virus to their family members, the elderly or children….”

  10. I showed my grandmother that picture in Dallas of the statue of a Texas Ranger being taken down and I asked her what she thought. Our family suffered Ranger racial insults in the late 1930’s when they entered houses/apartments of Mexicans without search warrants and abused Mexicans while looking for a Mexican rapist of an Anglo girl. Naturally, they would not have done that looking for an Anglo rapist of a Mexican girl.

    Anyway, my grandmother was angry. She thought it was ridiculous to remove that statue. She said the Texas Rangers had done way more good than bad. So the authorities are giving in to mobs who have never suffered caca in their lives. Or just the threat of a mob.

    As an aside my grandmother said the Mexican rapist was killed and tortured for his crime by Mexicans.

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